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Amazing bouncing booty latina hardcore and big tits
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STEPHANIE TWIST CHAPTER 1 ________________________ "THIS SIDE OF NORMAL" Growing up, Stephanie Twist always thought it was funny how very appropriate her last name was. One of her very first memories was a neighbor boy twice her age convincing her to give her very first blowjob.

He pretty much taught her everything there was to know about sex before she was even seven years old. He moved away about a year and a half later, but even though he had tried more than once, she remained a virgin. He had simply been too big, and she was too small. It hurt too much for her when he tried to put it in, and he had been worried someone might hear them. As she got older, his name faded from her memory, but she never truely forgot him.

How could she?

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What he had done to her affected everything in her life from that point on. It was pretty much inevitable. It was like sex had been implanted in her brain right next to her ABC's.

It was a part of her. Most people have no idea what it's like to go through childhood knowing way more than all the other children. It really didn't take long to realize that it made her different from all the other kids on a very basic level. It turned her into a lonely, quiet child, and all that she ever really wanted was acceptance. She wanted a friend to share her secrets. Not an easy thing to do at such a tender age. When they're young, most boys think girls are gross, and all little girls want to do is play with dolls, and host fake tea parties.

She tried to find a "friend" a few different times, but while the first boy she experimented with was curious, he lost interest quickly. She felt a little disappointed that he didn't find her body more interesting than video games, but it wasn't the end of the world.

She played around with another boy and his older sister briefly, but then one girl told her that she gross, and threatened to tell her mother. That was enough to scare her, and afterward, she tried to repress the urges the other kids didn't seem to have. Of course that was easier said than done, and by the time she was twelve she had already become morose and moody. Stephanie's mother could tell that something was wrong, but no matter how much she tried, she just couldn't seem to get to the heart of the matter.

Eventually she became desperate enough to send her to a therapist, but Stephanie remained tight lipped, insisting that nothing was wrong. They knew that she was holding something back, but there was nothing they could do. She simply refused to talk about it. She wouldn't even admit that there was a problem to talk about. Instead of facing the truth, she begged and pleaded for almost two years before her mother finally relented. In the end, they were simply too poor, and she was paying too much for something that wasn't working.

Stephanie had alway been a very stubborn and willful child, and when she set her mind to something, there was simply no changing it.

That was around the time that boys finally started to get interested in girls, but the intenisity of her own urges actually frightened her. She wanted to have sex so baddly, she was worried about how baddly she might want it after she actually knew what it felt like. In the end, she decided to wait, and so she slowly cemented her place as a social outcast.

To say that she grew up to become a sexually frustrated teenager, is like saying that Ron Jeremy has a dick that isn't small. A massive understatement if ever there was one. Sex was just about all she ever thought about, and she was already worried that she might be turning into a monster. A sex monster. By the time she turned fifteen, she was wound just about tight enough to snap.

She was already addicted to porn, and she was masterbating anywhere from seven to twelve times a day. She was almost always horny, and she had gotten so used to rubbing herself that it was barely enough to take the edge off these days. She was sorely temped to borrow her mother's dildo, but she had refrained from penetrating herself because she didn't want to break her own hymen. She knew it was stupid, but she just felt like that would be taking her own virginity, and she just wanted one thing in her life to happen normally.

She should have known better. Stephanie just wasn't a normal girl, and even then she was already beginning to realize that she never would be. Being normal is over-rated anyway. Everyone remembers their first real crush, and Stephanie's was no different.

A new girl named Phoebe moved to their school, and there was never anyone sitting next to Steph at lunch. She just st down and started talking, and some days Stephanie felt like she had never stopped. She talked a lot, but Phoebe was very friendly and likable. She was warm, friendly, and so incredibly beautiful, inside and out, Stephanie found it impossible not to like her. For Stephanie, it was love at first sight.


It felt like she'd been sucker punched, and before she even realized what was happening they had become friends. Phoebe was almost infectious, and it wasn't long before just thinking about her made Stephanie smile.

Stephanie's mother instantly noticed the marked improvement in her mood, and she knew exactly what was going on. She really didn't expect her secretive daughter to tell her anything, but she had to try anyway. "Who is he?" She asked bluntly at dinner one night about a week after she met Phoebe. "He who?" Stephanie almost jumped as she banished her daydreams to figure out what in the world her mother was talking about.

"I know that look," Virginia chuckled. "You're in love." Stephanie couldn't help but blush, which only served to amuse her mother even further. Now she was absolutely positive that she was right, and there was no way she was backing off. The problem was; On one hand; Steph didn't want anyone to know.

But on the other; She desperately wanted to tell someone. She didn't dare tell Phoebe, and what she really wanted to do was sing it from the mountain tops. "I'm not trying to be Mother Buttinski," Virginia tried when Stephanie just stared at her. "It's just that you've pretty much been acting like you're walking on sunshine lately, and I'm curious to meet who it is that makes you feel that way." "You already have," Stephanie felt like she had to force the words to come out, but she had already made her decision.

Her mother had never been anything but patient and understanding, and even if she couldn't bring herself to tell her everything, it was time to let her in. She took a deep breath, gathered her courage, and then just spit it out. "You met her when you were leaving for work, the day before yesterday." Stephanie actually felt like cringing as Virginia just stared at her, but it was too late to turn back now.

"Her name is Phoebe." "She seemed like a nice. girl," Virginia finally replied slowly. "She is," Stephanie admitted.

"So you're. gay?" Virginia had a hard time making the word come out. "I guess you would call me bi-sexual," she replied meekly, almost as if she expected her mother to hit her. "I like boys. but I like girls too." "Are you." Virginia wasn't even sure she wanted to ask.

"Are you sexually active?" "No," Stephanie actually almost laughed. "And I'm probably not going to be anytime soon. Phoebe has a crush on Brad. He's on the football team with her big brother, and he's just so dreamy." "So.

She doesn't even know how you feel, does she?" Virginia asked saddy. "We're friends," Stephanie smiled with saddness in her eyes. "It doesn't have to be more than that. I just. I like the way she makes me feel about myself, and she already does that every day. I wish I could tell her, but just I can't." Stephanie was almost suprised when her mother just came over and gave her a big hug. There had been a distance growing between them for some time, and it seemed smaller now.

"Well, I'm glad you told me," Virgina was just elated that Stephanie had finally opened up to her about something. "I hope you know you can tell me anything, baby. I love you, and nothing is ever going to change that." By the next summer, Stephanie and Phoebe were pretty much inseperable.

It didn't take long for Phoebe to realize that Stephanie was keeping things from her, but to her credit, she never pressed the issue. Steph was glad for that minor miracle, but she knew that a sweet, innocent girl like Phoebe would never guess the truth anyway.

At least, not until the night everything changed. They had sleep-overs quite often, and Stephanie had developed a very bad habit. She would lie beside Phoebe at night, watching her sleep, and masturbate while she fantasized about her. The danger of getting caught was part of the thrill, but she certianly wasn't prepared for it when it finally happened. Phoebe was so beautiful. Her long black hair looked like silk fanned across her pillow, and her curves were already sinful for a girl who had just turned sixteen.

All she ever slept in was an oversize t-shirt, and Stephanie was keenly aware that she was quite naked underneath. That night, Stephanie knew that she was letting herself get a little too enthusiastic, but Phoebe was the type of person that could have slept through an earthquake.

She was breathing hard and moaning as she neared orgasm, and she couldn't have been more suprised when Phoebe suddenly rolled over an gave her a very strange look. "What are you doing?" Stephanie froze like a deer in headlights. "Nothing," she replied a little too quickly. "Didn't seem like nothing," Phoebe told her seriously. "Were you. playing with yourself?" "No," she snorted and tried to dismiss the notion in a very unconvincing manner.

"I wasn't." "Yes, you were," Stephanie felt decidedly uncomfortable as Phoebe stared at her, but she really wasn't prepared for her next question. "What does it feel like?" Stephanie opened her mouth, but for a moment, no sound would come out. "Haven't you ever." "No," Phoebe shook her head softly, and Stephanie loved her even more for being that innocent. "Does it really feel that good?" "It feels even better when someone else does it for you," she couldn't even believe she said it.

She knew that she could be putting their friendship on the line, but she also knew that she would never have a better moment to take her shot. "I could show you if you want." "Wouldn't that be. gay?" Phoebe was obviously hesitant, and Stephanie was suddenly worried about the way her friend was looking at her. "Pheobe," Steph forced a chuckle as her mind whirled, trying to think of a way to backpedal. "With the way you constantly talk about Brad, I thought you liked boys." Stephanie was so scared, her heart was simply racing, and then she looked down and realized that her big, thick nipples were jutting through her shirt proudly.

She crossed her arms instantly, and prayed that Phoebe didn't notice her face flush with embarassment. The last thing she wanted to do was alienate her only friend. Phoebe was the only thing that kept her sane most days, and she couldn't stand the thought of losing her.

"Have you seen Brad without his shirt on?" Phoebe grinned at her. "That's something worth talking about." "Then you're not gay," Stephanie told her with a lopsided grin. "You must be bi-sexual." "Then what does that make you?" She elbowed Stephanie in the ribbs, and then drew a gasp of suprise from her as she straddled her.

Suddenly she could feel Phoebe's warm, naked thighs to either side of her own, and it was all she could do to keep her cool. "Tell me or you get the tickle treatment." "I'm a dendrophilliac," Stephanie replied with a straight face, keeping her arms crossed tightly even though the pressure was making her nipples ache.

"What's that?" Phoebe's face screwed up in confusion. "It's a person who has sex with trees." Stephanie couldn't help but grin at her expression. "Tell me the truth!" She demanded as she dug her fingers into Steph's sensitive ribbs, making her squeal and squirm. "I told you." Stephanie was having a hard time keeping my chest covered and fending off Phoebe's tickling at the same time. "I like a big, hard piece of wood." "You are so dirty," Phoebe's eyes narrowed dangerously.

"Remember! You asked for this!" She dug into Stephanie's ribbs even harder, and she finally couldn't take it anymore. Her elbows came down to push Phoebe's hands away, but it wasn't until she saw her friend's eyes fly wide that she realized what she had just done.

"Good lord, Steph!" Pheobe gasped. "Are those your nipples!?" Fuck. Why hadn't she kept her bra on? She usually wore a thickly padded bra for this very reason, because she certianly didn't need one for support.

Even though she was about six months older than Phoebe, she had never developed much in the way of boobs, but she would eventually discover that her huge nipples got her almost as much attention as a giant rack would have. Without the bra, you could see them through her shirt even when they were soft. When they were hard, like they were right then, they jutted out proudly, almost as if they were begging to be noticed.

Phoebe would have had to be blind not to notice.

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At first, Stephanie didn't know what to say, but then Phoebe stopped her heart with four little words. "Can I see them?" What was she going to say? No? Butterflies hell. Stephanie had bats in her belly as Phoebe got off her so that she could pull her shirt off. Suddenly she felt completely exposed laying there in front of Phoebe weraring nothing except her white cotton panties, and she prayed that Phoebe didn't notice how wet they were.

She still wasn't sure how far this was going to go, but she had already decided that it was Phoebe's decision to make. "Wow," Phoebe muttered. "I'm actually kind of jealous. My nipples are just little pink nubs, like my mom's." "I would trade them for your boobs anyday," Stephanie replied dryly. Phoebe had a pair of nice, perfectly rounded C-cups that Steph would have killed for.

"At least you don't have the chest of a ten year old boy." "Like you don't get any attention," Pheobe snorted. "Jeff Marks follows you around like a puppy, and you should hear how my brother talks about you." "You're brother?" Stephanie was almost suprised enough to forget the fact that Phoebe was still staring at her almost freakishly large nipples. Jake was seventeen, he was the starting quarterback for the football team, and he was gorgeous.

All the girls at school wanted him, but he already had a girlfriend, Cindy. She was the head cheerleader. She was drop-dead beautiful. And she was a raving bitch if ever there was one. "Ever since you cut your hair short," Phoebe nodded. "I know he's dating a blonde, but he has a thing for red hair. He's told me how much you remind him of Mila Jovovitch, and he has posters of her all over his walls.

He loves those crazy, gross zombie movies." "Seriously?" Stephanie couldn't help betraying her interest as she sat up. "I've heard him say some things I'm embarassed to repeat," Phoebe laughed. "He can be pretty freaking disgusting." "Now I have to know," Stephanie told her.

"Spill." "He said, and I quote; I'd like to sink my teeth into her ass, get lockjaw, and let her drag me to death. At least then I'd die happy." Stephanie laughed at Phoebe's imitation of her brother's deep voice.

"Hell, I'd eat a pile of her shit if she'd let me lick where it came from." "Oh," Stephanie wrinkled her nose in disgust. "That's gross." "That's Jake-speak for; I think she has a nice ass," Phoebe laughed. "You have a nice ass," Stephanie reached over and smacked her butt lightly before she could stop herself. "I look like I'm more bone than meat.

He can't possibly be into me, just look at his girlfriend! Cindy's built like a freakin' supermodel. You're just messing with me!" "I speak the truth," Phoebe acted offended that Stephanie would dare accuse her of lying.

"You like him too, don't you? I knew it. I guess you aren't gay after all.


You're probably just using me to get to him." "I've never gotten to use you," Stephanie said quietly. "If I had, I would have thought of something a lot better than using you to get to Jake." "Such as?" Phoebe looked like she wasn't sure if Stephanie was being serious or not.

"I can't," Stephanie's voice caught as she reached for her shirt. "You have no idea how important your friendship is to me. I don't want to lose you." "Lose me?" Phoebe stopped her by grabbing her hand. "Do you really think I think so little of our friendship? Just tell me." "I like you more than your brother," Stephanie couldn't even look at her. "I like girls and boys." "Get out!" Stephanie jumped and yelped in suprise when Phoebe grabbed her left nipple and gave it a good tweak.

Her mouth fell open in genuine shock as she stared at Phoebe in disbelief. "That hurt!" Stephanie protested, unsure if she wanted her to know how much it also turned her on. Every fiber of her being was screaming at her to go for it, and at that moment, she couldn't think of a single reason not to. "My nipples are extremely sensitive!" Stephanie growled playfully as she tackled Phoebe to the bed.

"Let's see how sensitive your nipples are!" Phoebe was giggling so hard, she didn't put up much of a fight as Stephanie rolled her over and yanked her shirt off over her head.

In fact she could have stopped her just by putting her arms down, but she didn't, and that made Stephanie even bolder. She tried to grab her tiny pink nipples, but Phoebe grabbed her wrists and they continued to wrestle. On a spur of the moment impulse, Stephanie reached down and gave her left nipple a good, solid nip with her teeth. Phoebe squealed in shock, and then rolled Stephanie over so that she was the one trapped beneath her.

Phoebe held Stephanie's arms down above her head, and they both knew who was stronger. Stephanie was only about ninety pounds with her clothes on, and Phoebe outweighed her by about twenty-five pounds. Not that Stephanie had any intention of going anywhere just then. Phoebe's magnificent breasts were right in her face, and she suddenly realized that she could feel her bare pussy against her abdomen. It wasn't until that moment, when she felt her hot moist core pressed against her, that Stephanie realized that Phoebe was just as turned on as she was.

"It feels like you bit half my nipple off!" Phoebe accused, making her smile at the thought that both of them had a nipple that was throbbing deliciously. "Does this make it better?" Her voice was full of lust as she leaned forward and sucked the nub she had so offended into her mouth. Stephanie loved the taste of Phoebe's skin, and she was absolutely thrilled when Phoebe moaned in response. She immediately switched over and quickly gave her other nipple the same treatment, then she buried her face between those beautiful breasts and started tongue kissing her way up the middle of her cleavage.

"Steph," Phoebe groaned as she she shivered and broke out in gooseflesh. "God. That feels incredible." "You think this feels good?" Stephanie chuckled as she gave the nipple she'd bitten a little more attention, keeping both her tiny buds as hard as rocks.

"Give me five minutes with your butt in the air and I'll blow your mind." "Steph," Phoebe groaned. "Stephanie. I don't think we should do this." Stephanie pulled back, feeling like she had just been slapped in the face.

Phoebe didn't want her. Of course she didn't want her. Why would she? Phoebe was so innocent she had never even masterbated, and here she was acting like some wanton slut. What had she expected? Damn it, and damn her own impulses! She knew better! For a long moment, Stephanie couldn't even breath as her mind spun in circles. "I'm sorry," Phoebe said quickly, getting flustered when she saw Stephanie's reaction. "I just. I mean, it's not you.

This is just happening too fast, and I. I don't want to do anything we might regret." "Yeah, sure," Steph barely heard the words as she scrambled for her shirt and pulled it back on. "I get it." "Steph." Phoebe's tone was pleading as Stephanie headed for the door, but she couldn't stop. She felt like she was going to burst into tears at any moment, and she simply couldn't bear the embarassment if she started bawling in front of her.

She tried not to think about how sexy Phoebe looked, kneeling there on her bed, completely naked. Just like she tried not to notice how baddly her hand was shaking as she reached for the doorknob. Her heart was pounding so hard, she thought it was going to burst right out of her chest, but she did her best not to let it show. She turned back and offered Phoebe a weak grin, even though she couldn't actually make herself look at her. "I-It's okay," Stephanie told her, praying Phoebe didn't notice the crack in her voice.

"I just. I have to go to the bathroom." She couldn't get out of there fast enough. Part of her was angry at herself for caving to her desires.

Part of her was angry at Phoebe for letting it go that far before she stopped it. And then there was the part of her that was just exausted with trying to pretend to be something she wasn't. She was tired of trying to repress everything and be "normal." What the fuck was normal anyway? Once Stephanie was in the safety of the bathroom, she broke down completely. She just melted into a tear stained heap on the cold tile floor, and she felt so incredibly pathetic.

It really wasn't one of her finer moments, but she lay there for a long time before she was finally able to collect herself. Phoebe knocked on the door at one point and asked if she was okay, but she just said that she didn't feel well, and told her to go back to bed.

Stephanie could tell that Phoebe stood there for several more minutes, and she remained as quiet as possible until she left. Once she was sure she was gone, she forced herself to get up and pull her act together.

Eventually, she headed back to Phoebe's bedroom, but she felt so stupid, she couldn't bring herself to go inside. The thought of facing her friend right then terrified her, so she did an about face and decided to crash on the couch in the living room.

Only, as she passed Jake's room, she got a little.


ahem. distracted. She noticed that his door was cracked open, just a little, and she just couldn't seem to help herself.

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CHAPTER 2 _____________________ "ALWAYS FINISH WHAT YOU START." Stephanie knew that she should just keep going, but her feet edged her closer to Jake's door, almost as if she had no say in the matter. She peeked through the open door, and saw that the room was still dimmly lit by his computer screen.

She couldn't help but grin when she saw the Resident Evil posters featuring Mila Jovovitch, and then almost laughed when she noticed that his screen saver was a picture show of various nude women. What really drew her attention was Jake. He was sprawled across his bed on his back, and the only thing hiding his naughty bits was a thin white sheet that was just barely covering his groin and his right leg.

All the rest of his finely toned body was completely bare to her hungry gaze, and she was instantly wet again. Good Lord he was hot. She hesitated, but all she could think of is how many times she had heard Phoebe say that Jake was almost impossible to wake up. She was a deep sleeper herself, but Jake slept like he was in a coma. Sometimes, their mother even resorted to throwing water on him to wake him up in the morning.

What would it hurt to just take a peek? She knew that she was about to go masturbate, and her orgasm was sure to be that much more intense if she had a little something to feul her imagination.

Well, hopefully it wouldn't be too little. Stephanie gathered her courage and slipped into Jake's bedroom, closing the door quietly behind her. If Phoebe came looking for her again, she certianly didn't want to be caught perving on her brother. She had no idea how her friend might react to something like this, but at the moment, she honestly didn't care. She was too transfixed by the contours of Jake's leanly muscled body, and the burning desire to see what was under that sheet.

On some level she knew that she should turn around and leave, but she was simply too horny to stop and think about what she was doing. Instead she found herself creeping across the room toward his bed. Was he wearing underwear under there? She had to know. As she drew closer, her eyes raked his entire body slowly, as if she were trying to memorize every detail.

He had the same dark hair and eyes his entire family had, and he kept his hair trimmed in a short, stylish fashion. His features were chisled perfection, almost as if he were some artist's bronze statue of a god had that had come to life. She had honestly never seen a more attractive man. As far as she was concerned, Jake made all those Hollywood stars look like a bunch of bums. Tenatively, she reached out and pulled the sheet aside, ever-so carefully. Inch by inch, she slowly exposed his manhood to her hungry gaze, and her breath caught in her throat.

Oh. My. Lord. Commando. He wasn't wearing anything beneath the sheet, and the sight of his flacid cock nestled in his dark pubic hair made her flush with excitement. It only looked to be about four inches soft, but it was about as thick as a cuban cigar, and she knew that it would get bigger when he became aroused.

He would probably be at least six or seven inches when he was hard, but all men were different. It wasn't the biggest cock she'd ever seen, but at that moment, she didn't even care if it got any bigger at all.

He was so fine, she just wanted to devour him. She was so turned on, she could actually feel her juices dripping down the inside of her thigh. She told herself that this was enough. It was time for her to slip out of here quietly before she got caught, but instead she found herself sitting down on the edge of his bed. Her hand was already seeking the aching bud of her clit as she gently pushed the sheet further aside, and she was almost overwhelmed by the desire to touch him.

She hadn't touched a real cock since. well, a long time ago, and the idea of rubbing out an orgasm with his dick in her hand gave her a thrill that few could imagine.

She was fully aware that this was probably the dumbest idea she'd ever had in her life, and she decided that if she was going to do this, she should give him a "test," to see just how deeply asleep he really was. Covering him back up first, she nudged his arm slighty. If he woke up, she figured she could make up some kind of story to explain why she was here, but he didn't even budge. Unsatisfied, she nudged him in the ribs, and called his name in a normal tone of voice.

"Jake?" Stephanie called nervously, nudging him harder this time. "Jake!" She cringed at the loudness of her own voice. He still seemed oblivious, but she certianly didn't want anyone else to hear. She was almost satisfied that she could go ahead with her plan, but before she dared to risk it, she reached out and slapped his thigh, a lot harder than she actually meant to. Jake didn't even flinch. He really was a deep sleeper, and now she felt confident enough to continue.

She exposed him once again, and after a moment of hesitation, she took his soft cock into her hand. She enjoyed the spongy feel of his meat, and she started working it gently, biting her lip to keep from moaning as she rubbed her clit in a slow, firm, circular motion. Even though he was completely out of it, his flesh responded to her touch, and his rod was getting harder by the second. She was absolutely mesmerized as his cock grew bigger, and harder, until it was throbbing deliciously in her hand as she stroked it's length.

He had grown to at least twice his original length, somewhere between eight and nine inches, and it was probably three times it's original thickness. Wow. She certianly hadn't been expecting that.

Feeling it grow thick and hard in her hand was such a thrill, it pushed her straight over the edge and she shuddered as her orgasm tore through her. It was the most intense one that she could ever remember having, and she moaned even though she was trying desperately to hold it in.

When the crashing waves of pleasure finally subsided, she flushed with embarassment and shame over what she was doing. She knew that this was so very, very wrong, but she still couldn't stop stroking his cock. He still hadn't shown any signs of waking, and that only made her even more brazzen. Dare she risk tasting him? The head of his cock was starting to glisten with pre-cum, and the the thought of taking him into her mouth filled her with lust.

Before she could have second thoughts, she bent down and licked up a dollop of the clear liquid. The salty taste of him sent a thrill through her, and after a quick glance to make sure he hadn't stirred, she took the entire, thick head into her mouth.

The taste of him, combined with the situation, and her rapidly gyrating fingers was making her crazy, and she moaned around his shaft as she took it as deeply into her mouth as she could. She shivered and tensed as another orgasm radiated through her, and that was when she got the suprise of her life. Hard, steely fingers were suddenly gripping the back of her head, forcing his cock deeper into her mouth until the thick head lodged in the back of her throat.

She gagged and struggled to pull away, but the hands were relentless, and when Jake's hips thrust upward, his thick cock was suddenly in her throat. Her eyes bulged and her lungs started to burn, but he still didn't let her pull away until after he'd tickled her nose with his pubic hair.

She coughed and sucked in a lungful of air around his meat as he let her withdraw until just the head was in her mouth, and then he rammed himeslf right back down her throat. She struggled as he held her there, slapping at his stomach and pushing at him, but that only made him groan in pleasure and thrust into her mouth even harder. "Yeah," he groaned. "That's how you suck a cock, bitch." By the time he let her pull away, she felt like she was going to pass out.

She coughed and gasped, and she didn't even realize what he was doing until he had already torn her shirt off over her head and thrown it to the floor.

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Then he was pushing her down onto the bed, and his crushing weight pinned her beneath him. "This what you wanted you raunchy little cunt?" He mumbled against her throat as his strong hands crushed her small breasts cruelly. "You want some of this?" He slapped his rock hard cock against her abdomen, and then laughed at the expression of fear on her face.

"Please, Jake." Stephanie was terrified at the way he was acting. A hundred senerios had run through her mind about what might happen should he wake up, but this hadn't been one of them.

"I'm sorry. I d-didn't mean to." "Suck on my dick while I was sleeping?" He chuckled with a dangerous gleam in his eye. "If you didn't mean to, why don't you go ahead and explain how that happened by accident?" "That hurts," she gasped as he twisted her nipples painfully, not even wanting to admit to herself how much it turned her on.

"Stop it! What do you want? I said I was sorry!" "I don't want your appology," he replied huskily as he sucked one of her nipples into his mouth and nipped it hard enough to make her squirm.

"I want a peice of this tight little pussy." "No," She responded instinctively and tried to get away from him as he used his knee to push her legs apart. She wanted this more than she would ever admit, but he was scaring her. "Stop it, Jake! I mean it!" She couldn't have been more shocked when he slapped her, and she stopped struggling instantly. She was suddenly petrified, and she couldn't even form a protest when he suddenly grabbed her with his strong hands, and flipped her over onto her stomach.

"I've had my eye on your hot little ass for awhile," he growled as he literally ripped her panties off. "Keep fighting and I'll stick my cock in there instead. You came in here and started molesting me, remember? You aren't backing out now, you little tease." "Please don't hurt me," Her voice shook and there were tears in her eyes as she felt his thick prick probing between her legs.

The head found her sopping wet pussy easily and she winced as she felt the tip push against her tight opening. "I've never. I. I'm still a virgin." "Not anymore," he grunted and thrust about four inches of his rod into her with one stroke. She howled painfully as he tore through her hymen, and he clamped his hand over her mouth to muffle the noise before he pulled back and sank himself in to the hilt. She felt the head of his cock hit her cervex as his groin slapped against her hips with a loud clap, and the pain was so much more than she had imagined.

If it hadn't been for his hand, her scream probably would have scared the neighbors. It felt like she was being torn in half, but at least for the moment he seemed content on just being inside her, and she was grateful for that much at least. Jake slowly took his hand away from her mouth, and ran it through her short red hair.

She gasped as he grabbed a handful and wrenched her head to the side, but then she broke out in gooseflesh and moaned softly as his lips found the side of her throat again. She honestly wasn't even sure how she felt as he nibbled at her earlobe, and the thumb of his free hand traced her sensual lips.

She was scared, excited, turned on, and pissed off all at the same time, but she couldn't deny that his hot breath and deep voice in her ear sent chills through her "Goddamn, you are tight," he groaned.

"I know that hurt, but the worst part is over.

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If you scream like that again, you'll find yourself gagged with a dirty sock. Understand?" "Yes," she nodded, wincing as he shifted his weight and his cock moved slightly inside her. Her body was slowly adjusting to the invasion of his big, hard rod, and it still hurt, but not so much that she couldn't marvel at how incredible it felt to have him inside her.

It felt like she'd been waiting for this moment her entire life. Somewhere deep in her damaged soul she felt complete for the very first time, but somehow she'd been hoping that it would be a little more romantic. It wasn't long before Jake's patience was at an end, and he started moving.

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At first he was doing little more than grinding against her hips, but then he pulled back ever so slowly. He withdrew until just the tip remained inside her, and then slowly sank himself back in.

She had to grit her teeth against the pain, but a whimper escaped as he slid all the way home again. His right hand was still in her hair, cupping the back of her head, but the other slipped between her and the sheets to find her breast, and he clamped her aching left nipple between two fingers.

"Look at me," he told her in a husky tone. She complied without thought, twisting her upper body slightly so that she could look up at him. He leaned close so that he was staring right into her eyes as he withdrew just a few inches, then her eyes almost rolled into the back of her head as suddenly he gripped her breast almost creuly tight, and then thrust back into her more forcefully. She couldn't help but gasp, and then she growled like a feral animal as she glared at him.

She understood his game now, and could see the mischevious gleam in his eye as he offered her a devilish grin. He was in control. Right now, she was his posession, and he could reward her with pleasure or pain as he saw fit. Jake started to fuck her in slow, steady strokes, and she couldn't help her body's natural reaction. She gasped, grunted, and tried to squirm away, but his hands moved to her shoulders to hold her down as he changed to short, hard thrusts.

"Jake," she begged.

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"Please. Not so hard." "You think that's hard?" He chuckled as he went back to grinding against her ass. "You'd rather have it nice and slow, like this?" "Yes," she whimpered as the waves of pain subsided as they were replaced by something else. She reached down to play with her clit to intensify the pleasure, and before long she was really starting to get into it. That seemed to be exactly what he was waiting for, and she almost protested as he withdrew.

She wasn't sure what he was doing, but then she squealed as he flipped her over like she was a toy. Jake pushed her legs apart and settled to his knees between them. As she stared up at his hungry gaze, she was struck by how devilishly handsome he was, and a chill ran up her spine as spat on his hand and rubbed it over the head of his cock.

She had seen that move so many times watching porn, but she didn't think she could get much wetter. The insides of her thighs were slippery with her juices, and she could feel the wet spot on his mattress under her hips. She thought she was ready, but as he entered her, her eyes went wide and her mouth fell open, which promped him to lean down and give her a scorching kiss. She groaned into his mouth as her arms went around his strong shoulders, and she gasped as he settled against her.

He left a warm trail of kisses down her neck, over her chest, and her back ached up off the mattress as he sucked one of her big nipples into her mouth. He seemed to enjoy how sensitive they were, and the way he could make her jump and gasp so easily, and by the time he grew tired of it, his continued rocking had fantastic little waves of tingles racing all over her body.

He started stroking in and out of her slowly, and she gasped and whimpered at first, but when his thrusts grew more forceful, the noises she made slowly got louder.

Then he put her legs up over her shoulders and almost bent her in half as he really started to fuck her. She couldn't help the loud squeal that escaped as her nerve endings went into overload, and he was true to his word.

The next thing she knew, he was stuffing a wad of cloth into her mouth, but the moment the taste hit her she knew that it wasn't a sock. It was her torn panties, and what she was tasting was her own juices. A moment later, she discovered that gagging her had probably been a good idea. He really started to fuck her in earnest, pulling back and slamming himself home with increasing vigor. She screamed and howled until her throat was raw in the first few minutes, and he even had to put his hand over the cotton because it wasn't doing a very good job muffling her cries.

He pounded against her harder, and harder, and for several moments she was afraid she was going to choke on her own underwear. She was having trouble sucking enough oxygen up her nose to satisfy her lungs, but then his hands went to the backs of her knees, and he pinned her beneath him as he began to really drill her with his entire length. She spat her panties out so she could breath, but she only managed a single breath before an earth shattering orgasm tore through her, and suddenly suddenly couldn't breath at all.

Her mouth gaped open, but no sound came out, and her eyes rolled back as every muscle in her body tensed. Stephanie had givin herself tons of orgasms over the years, but they had been nothing compared to this. It felt so good, it was almost too good, and she alternated between wanting it to stop and wanting it to go on forever. Stephanie began to shudder and convulse, but Jake didn't show her any mercy. He just kept pounding her until she felt like there was a jackhammer inside her.

Her first orgasm had barely even subsided when she came again, and this time she really thought she was going to die. He had her pinned to the bed with his entire weight, and she couldn't even try get away from the relentless assault, but then she heard him grunting and gasping, and she knew what was about to happen.

"Please don't cum inside me," she begged. "I'm not on birth control." "I didn't plan on it," he pulled out suddenly and withdrew. She had no idea what he had in mind until he drug her over to the egde of the bed so that her head was hanging off the side. This time when he entered her mouth, he was slimey and wet with her own juices, and it was at the perfect angle to just slide right down her throat.

It hurt a little, and her body convulsed as it tried to gag, but there was also something thrilling and dirty about it. When he twisted both her thick nipples at the same time, she would have screamed if she had been able to, but it was hard to make any kind of sound with a thick cock lodged in her throat. She squirmed and tried to squirm to pull away, but he grabbed the sides of her head and started fucking her face almost as hard as he had fucked her pussy. His balls were slapping her right in the face, and she very nearly passed out because he didn't seem to think she needed to breath.

Then he shuddered as he buried himself in her throat one last time, and she felt his cock pulse and jump as he blasted his hot load straight down her throat. Finally, her pulled out and let her go, collapsing on the bed beside her as she choked, coughed, and tried to catch her breath.

Both her throat and her pussy were sore, but she was still in complete nirvana, riding the aftershocks of that last orgasm. She had never even imagined that she could feel that good, but as she lay there recouperating, she started to feel more and more uncomfortable. Her best friend's brother had just forced her to fuck him, and she had to admit she loved every minute of it, but it also made her realize that she didn't know him at all. It had almost seemed like he knew she hadn't wanted him to stop, even as she said it, but what would have happened if she had fought harder?

What if she had been more determined to stop him? Would he have hurt her to get what he wanted? Her struggles had only seemed to turn him on even more, and he definately enjoyed being rough. Had he done this to other girls, or was this situation unique because of what she'd done?

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What kind of man was Phoebe's brother? To be fair, Stephanie knew that she was by no means innocent in this case. What she had done was just as bad, and as rough as he'd gotten, she had never even dreamed that her first time would be so utterly mind blowing.

Jake was obviously experienced, but he had never struck her as particularly mean before. He hadn't even hesitated when he found out he was taking her virginity, and though he had shown her some consideration, he certianly hadn't been very gentle about it.

Even now there wasn't an ounce of remorse on his face. He didn't seem at all worried that she might tell someone. He looked like he was going back to sleep! Part of her was afraid of him, but to be honest, she found him even sexier now that she knew he had a dark side. She certianly had one, otherwise she wouldn't have been in his room in the first place. Without knowing what else to do or say, she grabbed her shirt off the floor, but he stopped her cold when she reached for the doorknob.

"Steph?" She stopped and turned back to look at him. "This wasn't a dream, was it?" "No, it wasn't," she replied softly. "I'm sorry," he told her solemnly. "I'll make it up to you next time." "Next time?" She couldn't quite believe what she was hearing. "Are you serious? What about your girlfriend?" "You like to live dangerously, don't you?" Stephanie snorted at his audacity. "Baby," he sat up and winked, giving her an evil grin that sent a chill down her spine.

"You really have no idea." Stephanie didn't know what to say, so she didn't say anything, and just hea "What about her?" ded for the couch in the living room. Phoebe would be mad at her for not coming back to her bedroom, but she just couldn't face her after what had just happened. She was afraid Phoebe would see right through her, and she was worried about what she would think when she found out she had fucked her brother. She wasn't dumb enough to think she could hide it forever, and she had to wonder if she had just alienated her friend forever.

Phoebe was a very understanding, forgiving person, but Stephanie wasn't sure if this would be too much. It didn't even matter if Phoebe forgave her or not. Stephanie had fucked her brother, and now she felt like she had betrayed her friend. She wasn't sure she deserved forgiveness. What had she done?