Amateur blonde girlfriend with big tits sucks and fucks

Amateur blonde girlfriend with big tits sucks and fucks
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I wake up with my arms wrapped around my beautiful wife's naked body. I can feel her chest slowly rising and falling as she breathes. She's still fast asleep and I can't help but admire how beautiful she looks. Her hair is a mess falling over her shoulders and across part of her face. It just makes her look so damn cute. I press my own naked body up a little tighter against her. I can feel my cock pressing up against her warm ass. My dick is slightly hard, since I just woke up.

This also makes it more sensitive and pressing it up between her ass cheeks feels fucking amazing. I let out a deep breath savoring the way her body feels up against mine. I gently work my hand that is on her stomach up towards her chest. I move it slowly and gently, trying not to wake her up. This is made even harder by the fact that the hand that I am is on the arm that is underneath her. My hand reaches her breast and I slowly wrap my fingers around it.

I can feel her nipple pushing up against the palm of my hand and it feels amazing. Her breasts are huge, the nicest D cups that I have ever seen. Her nipples are a nice size normally protruding a little bit but when their played with they stick out amazingly far.

I ever so gently work it back and forth, feeling her nipple slide across my hand. My wife starts to stir a little and I stop running my hand along her breast afraid that I might wake her up. She shifts her body around a little, resulting in my dick getting pressed into her ass further, before she drifts back into a deeper sleep. I keep my one hand on her breast while slowly sliding my other hand down to her pussy.

My hand slides down to her mound of pubic hair and I slowly run my fingers through it savoring the way it feels against my skin. I play with it for a little bit with my fingers and enjoying every second of it. I slowly work my middle finger towards her magical slit between her legs. It's slightly moist and extremely warm. The slightest feeling of it against my fingers causes my semi-hard dick to become fully erect instantly.

I slide my finger down a little farther until it's resting just on top of her clit. I know the slightest motions here will wake her up instantly. I also know it will drive her crazy. I slowly press my finger against it applying a little pressure not to hard or soft. Just enough pressure to the point I know she likes it at.

Her pussy instantly started to moisten further and I could hear her starting to moan. I looked back up at her face and I could see her eyes starting to open slowly. "Good morning," I whispered into her ear. "Good morning to you too baby," she giggled back at me. I rubbed her clit a little faster and started to play with her nipple now that I had some form of approval.

She started to moan a little louder and I leaned in to nibble on her ear lobe a little. "God yes," she moaned at me. I slide my finger down her clit a little towards the opening of her pussy. I slid my finger into her now dripping pussy and felt it slide in with ease.

It was so warm and wet my finger felt amazing inside of it. I wiggled it back and forth relishing in her moans every time my finger pushed against the wall of her vagina. I stopped nibbling on her ear and brought my hand holding her breast out from under her body. I slid my finger out of her puss and threw her on her back before climbing on top of her.

I could see the excitement in her face as she knew that I was about to rock her world. I leaned down and kissed her lips passionately. Before long though, I started working my way down towards her neck. I used my tongue generously before picking a spot and sucking on it.

I sucked as hard as I could, trying to get a hickey on her neck, to mark her as mine.

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After leaving what I knew would be a solid hickey on her neck I licked my way down her body over her breast and to her nipple. I licked it from side to side listening to her moan. I sucked her nipple into my mouth and started nibbling on it a little.

Next I shoved as much of her gigantic breast into my mouth as I could. I sucked and bit and listened to her moans. I slowly slid my mouth off of her boob and continued to work my way down her body.

I got to her stomach and ran my tongue all over it; I ran it in and out of her belly button before settling my mouth onto her side and sucking. After leaving another hickey on her body I ran my tongue down between her thighs. I ran my tongue along the side of her pussy where her legs started.

I could tell that this was driving her crazy buy I wasn't ready to give in to her physical needs just yet. I started to kiss all around her pussy, occasionally teasing her with a gently kiss to the top of her pussy. Suddenly I felt her hands on the back of my hand pushing it into her pussy. I wrapped my arms around her thighs and threw my face into her clit. I started licking it back and forth and heard her start to scream in pleasure. When I finally sucked the whole thing and the lips of her pussy into my mouth, I thought her screams would tear the place down.

She was thrusting her hips as high as they could go into my face. I heard her screams and could feel her body rapidly climbing towards her climax. I used my arms around her legs to push her hips back on the bed and started ever so gently nibbling at her clit inside my mouth.

This must have felt pretty good because she let out an insanely loud scream before cumming all over my face. As she came I moved my mouth from her clit to the opening of her pussy and shove my tongue deep inside the pulsating walls. I could feel the juices flowing down her walls and into my mouth. They tasted so sweet and I couldn't get enough of it.

I continued shoving my tongue deep inside her for several minutes, savoring her now much quieter moans. I could feel her pussy dripping and finally I couldn't wait another second I had to get my dick inside her. I slide up onto her and grabbed hold of my dick lining it up with the opening of her pussy.

I shoved it in fast and hard. I wanted to see her mouth open in a mixture of shock and pleasure and I wasn't disappointed. As soon as I slammed into her, her jaw dropped and she had a look of ecstasy in her eyes. I wrapped my arms around her head and gave her another passionate kiss before sliding my dick in and out of her fucking her gently. She started to moan a little louder, occasionally pulsating her pussy practicing her kegals. The walls of my wife's pussy grabbing my dick as I fucked her felt amazing and the juices of her pussy flowing over my dick felt really fucking good.

Slowly I picked up the pace fucking her harder and harder. My morning wood made my dick even more sensitive and it felt super amazing.

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I started fucking her as hard as I could and started making out with her at the same time. This resulted in an incredible make out session which was occasionally interrupted by her screams of pleasure into my mouth.

Finally I told her to cum and when she started to climax my ultrasensitive dick couldn't handle it anymore. I filled her pussy with the biggest load of my life and couldn't bring myself to take my dick out of her.

I gave her a big passionate kiss as I felt my semen slowly seeping out of her and onto the bed. "Get up, your making a mess everywhere," she said through a smile.

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"By the end of the day were going to make a mess everywhere sweetie, so don't even worry about it," I teased her.

"Is that so," she teased me right back. "Yeah it is, no clothes and no showers, we gotta make a baby today, so we can't risk anything getting out of you," I told her half jokingly.

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"Deal, since I know you'll enjoy it and it can't hurt," she shockingly answered. "Now I gotta go pee," she continued on. And I slid my limp cock out of her, and rolled over so she could go use the restroom. Once she entered the bathroom I got up and walked over to the door leading to the toilet and peeked through the crack and the side of the door trying to get a good view. I heard the stream of piss start for a moment than stop. I didn't have the best view and really could only see her hands on her thighs and her sitting on the toilet.

"Well if you wanted to watch you should've just asked," she gently scolded me. "Come in and get a better view, this day isn't ALLLL about me. I'm going to do some special things for you too," my wife cooed at me.

I opened the door slowly and walked in. I positioned myself directly in front of her and looked down at her pussy. I didn't have the best view but I knew I would be able to see the piss from this angle. "Is that where you want to stand or would you prefer something else," she asked knowing I didn't have the best view.

I knelt down and bent my head over a little. At this point I was only about 3 inches away from her pussy width wise but 6 inches down from it. I could feel her legs heat around my head. "Go ahead," I told her excitedly. She put a hand on the back of my head and I watched as her piss started to flow from her body. It was one of the kinkiest and hottest things I have ever seen. When she stopped I watched it slowly drip into the toilet.

At this point I knew she was done so I decided to take a big chance and hope it paid off. I got my head as close as it would go and gave her pussy a good lick to dry off the drips of piss. It tasted so good and I think I felt her moan a little. "You're so bad," she said as I pulled away. "I know and you love it," I quickly chirped back.

Scene 2- We're cuddled up watching tv together, we just finished up breakfast and all the food is still on the table. I felt my dick start to stir being pushed up against my beautiful wife. I knew it was ready for round two already. I just hoped my wife could handle it. "Ready already," she asked teasingly. "Hell yeah if you want," I excitedly answered. "Grab the syrup," she ordered. I did so instantly not knowing where this was going.

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I handed her the syrup obediently. She pushed my back onto the sofa and I laid down watcher her sexy naked form work its way on top of me. She opened up the bottle of syrup and slowly poured a little onto my dick. "Oops we can't have that stickiness in my pussy now can we," she said seductively.

In moment her mouth was taking my cock into her mouth. She sucked feverishly, trying to clean all of the syrup off of my dick. She sucked my dick for about 10 minutes every second being pure bliss. As soon as she would get me close to cumming she would back off and start me all over again.

After my blissful blowjob she climbed off of me and grabbed a strawberry and slowly and seductively slid it up into her pussy. It left a trail of juices all the way up an inside her. "Come get it you naughty boy," my wife challenged me. I eagerly flipped over and went to trying to get the strawberry out of her with nothing but my mouth. I could get my tongue inside her and taste it but couldn't get it out. "Keep your mouth open at my pussy babes," my wife ordered me after several minutes.

I obediently obliged her command and waited for her next step. Slowly I saw the strawberry push its way out of her pussy as she squeezed it out. When it finally came out I caught it in my mouth and eagerly ate it. It was the best tasting strawberry of all time. My wife grabbed my arm and pulled me towards her.

With her other arm she pulled the curtain behind her open.


"Put on a show like we did before," my wife told me recalling when we had fucked with the curtain open in the middle of the night. But this was the day, but she was proving a point. She was so turned on she just wanted to be fucked and didn't care if anyone wanted to watch or not. That was up to them, she was going to get what she wanted. I was happy to give her what she wanted, and I really didn't care if the whole world saw, I was going to be damn good.

I put my cock into her pussy and started fucking it hard right away. I was fucking her about a million miles an hour and had no intentions of slowing down. She screamed her pleasure as loud as she could and grabbed onto my hips helping me thrust harder into her. She was matching my thrusts with her hips.

Every time I slammed it there was a loud THWAP! Everyone in the whole building had to know we were fucking. I felt her cum once and than twice. I grabbed her legs and held them over my shoulder which quickly caused her to cum a third time. "God fucking yes, I can't handle this anymore, cum in my already," she screamed at me at the top of her lungs. "Tell the whole world were fucking and call me master and I'll cum in you," I respond as I crack the sliding door open slightly so the sound could go outside.

"Fucking cum in me master! Your cock feels so fucking amazing and I need you to cum in my fucking pussy master," she screamed as loud as she could. At this point I couldn't handle it anymore, I slammed into her one more time and could feel her pussy pulsing.

I let my cum shoot up inside her and held my cock in her. "How many times did you cum," I asked her with a smile. "Once," she smiled back at me. After seeing my doubtful look she elaborated a little more "I never fucking stopped cumming until you came in me. That's why I couldn't handle it, I almost fucking exploded. That was the best sex ever". Please comment and rate!