Hot blondie takes bbc in her pussy

Hot blondie takes bbc in her pussy
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NOTE: This is a romantic love story and may not appeal to all readers. Consider yourself warned. Big Belly My buddy Tim and I decided to go to the beach. We prefer Sandy Hook National Park in upper New Jersey.

They have a nude beach there with lifeguards, concession stand, and restrooms too. This particular beach also has clothed sunbathing too and they are side by side. The only thing that separates the two so called beaches is a sign that said, "You may encounter nude sunbathers beyond this point." Its not like there is a wall or anything you can obviously see tits and peckers galore. Tim and I really like to watch the girls play volleyball. There is nothing better than a bouncing set of big boobs.

We brought a cooler full of beer and ice and a couple of bags of potato chips. We also brought a couple of those cute little beach chairs, a big umbrella, some sun block, and our favorite music. We didn't need anything else. We planted ourselves on the beach about halfway between the concession stand and the restrooms.

The female traffic there is pretty steady. There were two cute girls right in front of us as we faced the Atlantic Ocean. They were on their bellies with their feet toward us and with their bare pink asses exposed to the sun.

As Tim and I often do we sized them up and picked out the one that we liked best. We had been friends for years but we never seemed to pick the same girl. I often wondered why. I think it was because I always tried to pick cute sweet girls while Tim picked cheap easy sluts.

Each to his own! Being ever the gentleman that I am I asked the one that I had picked out if I could rub some suntan lotion on her back so that she wouldn't burn.

Tim was right there as usual offering his services to the other girl. The girls looked at one another, smiled, and then accepted our offers. Great! My girl said that her name was Angelique. Tim's girl was Bernadette. I started with Angelique's neck and shoulders and worked my way down slowly. I rubbed the lotion into her shoulder blades and down her spine. I rubbed it into her lower back but seemed to hesitate about venturing further onto her very nice bare ass.

I looked over at Tim and his hands were everywhere. He looked like he was trying to get them in her pussy and it looked like she was trying to cooperate with him too. I was sure that he would get lucky before the day was over. She still wasn't the girl for me. Angelique sensed that I had stopped and told me that I could keep going, that she didn't mind. So I applied some more sun block to my hands and started to rub Angelique's ass.

She had a fine ass. It was just soft enough to allow my hands to knead it. I took a little liberty of running my finger down her ass crack. She cooed as if she were enjoying it so I got a little bolder and ran my finger down to her asshole. That caused her to moan softly. I ran my finger up to her waist and paused for a moment before sliding it back down her crack again.

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I went further and further down her crack each time. Just as my finger slipped into her pussy I panicked and stopped. I then started rubbing her gluteus maximus in big circles with my palms and ran my hands down both of her legs all the way to her feet.

Then as if on instinct I went back to rubbing suntan lotion into her ass crack again. As I got a finger in her vagina she moaned again and told me how good it felt.

So I went lower still and eventually found her clit. As I worked on her clit she squirmed and seemed to enjoy it tremendously. After her orgasm subsided Angelique thanked me and said that, that had been her best orgasm in months. I told her that it had been my pleasure. We both looked over at Tim and Bernadette again.

They were practically fucking right there on the beach. Hey, there was no practically about it they really were fucking right there on the beach. Bernadette was moaning and groaning loudly and attracting the attention of the people around us. Tim was doing pushups on top of her a mile a minute then he let out one big grunt and then collapsed on her breasts smashing them out flat.

Poor Bernadette pounded her fists on his back, called Tim a bastard, and pushed him off of her. Angelique started laughing and said that Tim apparently had cum before she could. Then Angelique said something about all men being alike. I casually mentioned to her that she had cum once already and that I hadn't.

She laughed and said that just maybe all men weren't alike after all.

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I told her that I really was different from most men she had met and how sensitive and caring a person I really was. I told her that I like to wine and dine my women, send them flowers, love notes, and open the car door for them too. Angelique smiled up at me and told me to prove it. So I told her that I would love to have the opportunity to do just that for her.

Then Angelique rolled over so that I could put suntan lotion on her front. As Angelique rolled over I was stunned.


I couldn't help but noticed that she was as round as they come. I'm sure my eyes widened and my breath caught. Angelique was pregnant.

She was very pregnant. Her big belly had been in a hole that she had dug before we arrived. I tried very hard to stay composed but I wasn't sure if it was working. Then I put some lotion on my hands and I rubbed it into her belly.

I felt the baby move once and it seemed like a small miracle. I looked at her swollen breasts as she breathed and at her hard dark nipples too. I also looked at her puffy pussy with her full lips trying to open up. Then I slipped a finger down to her clit and watched her close her eyes.

Angelique was a very special woman. After I gave her a second orgasm and had covered her entire front with suntan lotion I invited her to sit in my beach chair under the umbrella. Then I offered her an ice-cold beer. She said that she shouldn't drink alcohol but she took one anyway. Tim and Bernadette had walked off together somewhere so I sat down in Tim's beach chair.

Angelique and I talked about everything. She was twenty-eight years old, single, and didn't exactly know where the father of her child was. She assumed that he was in Iraq with his Reserve Unit. After she told him that she was pregnant she never saw him again.

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She didn't want to see him killed but she said that she wouldn't mind if he got shot in the ass though. Then Angelique laughed. Bernadette was her twenty-five year old half sister.

They had the same father but different mothers. Angelique was also a Registered Nurse and had very good medical insurance. She was in her third trimester, which meant that she had just entered her seventh month. Six months down and three more to go. We discovered that we had a lot in common. We both like the same television shows, the same authors, and we have the same taste in music too. So I invited her out on a date Saturday and she accepted.

Angelique talked a lot about being pregnant. This was her first pregnancy. She told me all about how her breasts are swollen and sensitive all of the time and how her pussy craves attention, also all of the time. She was thankful that I had given her two of the best orgasms that she had in quite sometime. I promised her that I would give her several more before we left the beach and she liked that very much.

So I got closer to her and started to give her another one as she finished her beer and belched causing us both to laugh.

A nosey lady on a blanket near us said, "You shouldn't be doing that in public.


It's disgraceful." I politely lied to her and said, "Madam, my wife is pregnant and about ready to pop. She is having contractions and back pain and this is the only thing that seems to relieve the discomfort." Then to my utter amazement the woman said, "Oh my God. I'm so sorry. I didn't know. That happed to me too and I remember that my husband refused to help me. The bastard! If you don't mind I can help her.

I'm bi-sexual. I swing both ways." Angelique whispered in my ear, "Is she for real? First she bitches us out and then she wants to eat me out." I whispered back, "Let her.

I'd really like to watch that." Angelique smiled at me and then said to the lady, "Yes thank you. Maybe you can help me out. My husband's finger is just about worn out but I still have that damn itch between my legs. By the way my name is Angelique." The woman smiled and moved her blanket closer to us. She slipped her finger into Angelique's moist pussy pushing my hand away. As she took over the massage of Angelique's clit she said, "I'm Edwina but most people just call me Winnie." I watched as Angelique closed her eyes and then squeezed my hand as her next orgasm hit her.

It was a good one too maybe even better than I had given her. Angelique opened her eyes afterward and said, "Oh Winnie thank you very much. That was exactly what I needed. Honey, she is almost as good are you are at masturbating me in public.

Winnie, I'm sure that my husband would love to repay you for doing that for me, wouldn't you honey. Come and sit between us and use both of your hands on us at the same time.

Please." Then she winked at me and blew me a kiss. First I offered the girls a cold beer and took up a position right between them and facing them. I wanted to look at their tits, at their pussies, and I wanted to watch the expression on their faces too Angelique was a real beauty with the face of a Greek Goddess and I was sure that she had the figure to match.

Right now her belly was enlarged to give birth to a baby girl that she was going to name Charlene Elizabeth after both of her grandmothers. Her belly button had been turned inside out and was interesting to see like that. Her swollen breasts were stretching her skin just as much as her belly was. I now realized how women got those stretch marks, obviously from being stretched to the limit.

Her breasts were trying to support themselves as they had tried to do for most of her life however at the moment they were content with her belly holding them up. She said that her nipples were getting very sensitive as her milk ducts formed to feed the baby as soon as she came out. It was Mother Nature at her finest. My finger was opening up her pussy lips a little bit but not all that much.

They too were swollen and puffy and moist from all of the suntan lotion and especially from her leakage. I got the impression that she had shaved her pussy in the past but it was now a delightful little forest. I turned to see that even her ankles were swollen and I felt sorry for what she was going through. Then I realized that millions of women all over the Earth were going through the very same thing at that very moment.

It was nothing short of a miracle to be able to bring life into this World. However I was also very glad that us men didn't have to go through it. Then I turned my attention to Winnie. She was older than we were at about forty-five or fifty.

She was definitely a fine looking woman and she was letting me finger her pussy in public on a nude beach where anyone could see us. Her face was a little weathered and starting to show her age but she was still certainly a real beauty.


I suspected that she could still turn heads in an evening gown at the theater or the opera. Her breasts had sagged, as I would expect with time. After all gravity works! Her nipples and areolas were much darker than Angelique's nipples were. Winnie had faint stretch marks on her breasts from childbirth too. Her tummy was flat and tanned. Her pussy was shaved bald and she had more faint stretch marks on her inner thighs near her pussy.

She had mentioned childbirth but I wanted to know more about it. I asked, "Winnie how many children do you have? Can you give my wife and I any suggestions?" Winnie then said, "Well I have three children. I breastfed them all and I certainly recommend that for as long as possible. It gives you mommy time and a bonding that you can't get any other way.

I'm single and live along now after my husband hired that sexy little slut as his secretary. The best part is that she left him for a younger man too. The bastard deserved it. If you would like to come to my house for a visit I'd be happy to have you.

We can fool around too if you wish. If you thought my finger felt good you should feel my tongue on your clit." Angelique said, "I'd really like that. Honey would Friday fit into our schedule?" I lit right up at the prospect of watching these two women making out and said, "Yes honey, that would be fine." Then both women stopped talking and just started to moan and coo in pleasure as a wave of orgasms came over them.

My finger was a blur as I rubbed their clits into submission. Each girl slipped deeply into multiple orgasms. Their eyes were closed, their heads were rocking back and forth, and their breasts were heaving from the heavy breathing that they were doing.

They were holding hands too and sharing their bliss with the other through osmoses. I watched as the two women shook their asses in the chairs. Their tits jiggled too. Then finally they both pleaded with me to stop so I did.

After a minute or two of recovery Winnie said, "Angelique you have a keeper here. Don't let him get away." Angelique took my hand in hers, gave me a squeeze, and replied, "I don't intend too. He is certainly one in a million." I said, "Angelique I love you." And I meant it too even though we had only known one another for just a few hours. Angelique replied, "I love you too and I can hardly wait till we get home.

I can see that you need a good fuck to take care of your problem. That was the first time that I had noticed my erection. I had been too involved with their pleasure to even think about my own. Now that I knew that it was there, it hurt from being so swollen with blood. I smiled to myself as I wondered if I would get stretch marks on my cock from this.

Angelique reached down and started to jerk me off. Winnie covered me with a towel so as not to attract too much attention. When I shot my cum Winnie's hand was there to catch some of it. I had dribbled on Angelique's hand too. Then I watched as both women licked my cum off their fingers.

Winnie kissed us both goodbye on the lips and gave us her business card. She said that she was looking forward to Friday and then left. Angelique and I laughed about pretending that we were married but I felt that it really could happen. There was absolutely nothing about this woman that I didn't love including the fact that she was pregnant. Perhaps her pregnancy was what I loved best about her. Angelique said, "You know something.

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I could really fall for you." That's when I said it loud again, "Angelique, I think I really do love you." Just then from behind me Tim said, "No fucking way! I leave you along for a couple of fucking hours and you up and fall in love. What to fucks wrong with you anyway!" I smiled at Angelique and squeezed her hand then said again, "Angelique, I love you." Angelique replied, "I love you too." The End Big Belly 129