Blonde amateur fucked on couch in office

Blonde amateur fucked on couch in office
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Once when I stayed in a hotel, I woke up in the morning as usual dressed only in a pair of silky, green, ladies knickers. Extra big to give a generous room for my penis that had the tendency to get stiff quite often in those days because I had not been shooting for a couple of weeks.

I did some morning gymnastics and this was enough to give me a real hard on.

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Just by curiosity I opened a door that I had not seen the night before. There was a full glass behind and. there was a young woman just starting to move in the bed in the other room. My first impulse was to quickly close the door but then it went through my mind that it was a one-way mirror and that the manager used to put the most sexy girls in that other room and then having a good time to watch them.

Perfect indeed to be behind a mirror where these women used the mirror on the other side to dress and undress and do whatever. So I decided to leave the door open and enjoy what ever I should be able to see.


My hard on was very excited and stood magnificently straight out inside the knickers and giving a dot of precum at the top showing through the thin fabric.

I did not need to wait long before the beautiful creature in the room went out of bed, dressed only in a short baby doll pyjamas with no panties. She started to dance around the room probably to some music that I could not hear and now and then coming up in front of the mirror and I got a feeling that she was looking strait at me but, of course, she just saw herself in the mirror. I could not help to back a little at first but then I stayed just in front of the glass and getting very horny of what I saw I started to stroke my cock slowly from outside my silky outfit.


What a morning!! After her dancing she took off the baby doll and was stark naked.

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It was a wonderful sight to see this brunette with firm brests, slim figure and a full bush where I could see her cunt in front of me when she stretch herself in front of the mirror with her arms up. I started to feel how my precum made my knickers wet and some drops came on the floor. She now put an armchair in front of the mirror and sat down and started to play with her tits and the pussy just a meter from me.

I took a chair in my room and put it opposite hers. I sat down and leaned back precisely as she did.

We were like real mirror pictures only with the big difference that I had my big, wet cock standing up in front and she had her, as I now could see, wet pussy. It was a fantastic feeling to see her look into her own eyes, giving me the feeling that she looked into mine.

The same when she looked down on her pussy in the mirror I got a feeling that she looked at my cock. The feeling got me to feel so horny that my two weeks cum was on the way. She took a good time to play with her nipples, which seemed to make her very horny because she started to move her legs against each other and making fucking movements with her ass.

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What a sight! I now had to calm down and hold back my cock from bursting. Then it was time for her to start massaging her clit.

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Slowly on the outside first but soon she got her finger deep in and starting to fuck herself hard. I saw her mouth move so I imagined some horny sound s coming from her lips. Faster and faster she worked her pussy and so did I with my cock and.

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there we were coming at the same time. She raised up and moved her chair back and so did I. Then I stood with my cock gradually relaxing in my green knickers with a big spot from my cum.


She went to the closet and took out her dress, which only consisted of a half-see-through blouse and a very short skirt. She put her clothes on and finished with putting a pair of high heel shoes on her feet.

After putting a few things in a small shoulder bag she came up to the mirror. Ok, I thought, she just want to have a last look on herself before going out, but.

Guess what. She looked me straight in my eyes and blew me a kiss, gave me a naughty smile and went out through her door. I was standing like a sheep for well a minute in my green, wet knickers and a hard on totally gone.

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I realised that it was not a one-way mirror. It was just a glass and she had seen me the whole time but letting me believe that it was a mirror on her side. What a foxy woman. She gave me many wet dreams for a long time to come and had my penis to produce big loads of cum in my knickers of the night. Later, when I stayed in this hotel, I tried to get the same room, but when I managed, the door was always locked.

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