Brasileira Amadora Quintal das Amadoras

Brasileira Amadora Quintal das Amadoras
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I was just moving in the last piece of furniture into my aunt's new apartment when the pizza guy came. That was her reward for helping her move.

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A pizza. Yeah money would have been good, but I can't complain too much over pizza. I was setting down the couch as she walked to the door to pay the man. As she walked by I stared at her from top to bottom. Oh yeah that was my other reward for the day of hard work. The chance to stare at my beautiful aunt.

My Aunt was named Pam and I thought she was beautiful. Most people on the other hand don't.

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See she is a large girl. She is about 5'8 and 225lbs, so she isn't a small woman. I believe that's why she is single.

A lot of guys don't appreciate her beauty, but her nephew does. She is 48, has long brunette hair and green eyes.

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At 48 her D cup breasts have started to sag, but no more than any other woman. She was stunning, but her ass was the greatest part about her.

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It was very big. Wide and stuck out behind her so much you felt like you could sit on it while she stood up. It was stunning. She turned around after she paid the guy, and I quickly stopped checking her out. "You ready to eat". She asked me. "Yeah I'm really hungry." We walked into her small kitchen and sat down at the table and started eating.

I realized I wanted something to drink so I got up to get a glass of water, and I saw the top of her pale white ass crack showing from where her jean have slid down. I stood there speechless just staring until she asked me "Are you sure it was okay me asking you to do this." Uh yeah of course." I said as she caught me of guard.

"I didn't have anything else planned". "I have asked other people, but nobody would help. I guess they were all to busy." "Any time my aunt Pam needs my help, I will be glad," I said as I sat down. After I said this we exchanged lingering smiles, and then she appeared to become a little sad.

"I guess I wouldn't need your help If I were married. I would have a man to do it not my 17 year old nephew." I looked at her and saw the sadness in her eyes as she looked towards the table. I tried to think of a way to make her feel better when I decided to try some truth. "I've never kissed a girl." I blurted out.

She looked up at me. Yes it was true. I had ever kissed a girl, which of course means I had never come close to sex.


I wasn't a very sexually active teenager. I always thought it was because I was ugly, or unlikeable, or something that. Really it was just that I get nervous around new people, especially girls. And since first impressions are very important, everyone remembers me as a bumbling idiot. "Really?" she asked me. "yeah not once, and I'm going on 18 years old. I bet by the time you were 18 you had kissed plenty of guys." "Well yeah I did, but none of that matters now.

I haven't had sex in 5 years." She stopped. " I'm sorry I guess that's too much info huh." I was sitting in front of my beautiful aunt, who was sad that she wasn't married and just admitted she had not had sex in 5 years.

All of that time that I spent fantasizing and dreaming of her at night, had come to this moment. I realize this Is my chance. I was going for it. "You know aunt Pam, there is one more thing you could do for me for helping you move." "yeah what's that." "let me grab your ass." She looked at me in shock. "What." I had very few seconds to make this work. "I have been looking at that ass for years and I just want to touch it so I can get it out of my mind.

I mean it's so gorgeous. You, Your so gorgeous." She stood up out of her chair and grabbed me by my collar and I stood up. She pulled me to her body and her breasts touched my chest.

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She looked at my eyes and then closed hers and thrust her lips to mine and kissed me. Even though I had never kissed a girl before I felt like I knew exactly what to do. My tongue found a way into her mouth and explored. We stood there making out for minutes and I felt like I was in paradise. Eventually she stopped and looked at me.

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"Now you have kissed a girl." She smirked and walked away from me towards the bedroom and stopped at the door way. She turned at me winked, and patted her ass, and walked into the room and shut the door. I stood their confused. What no that can't be it. I won't let that be it. I'm not gonna leave.

I walked towards her bedroom door and opened it. There she was, knelt down on all fours on the mattress on the floor, with her clothes in the corner of the room. Her white ass was in the air. I could see her pussy lips and asshole.

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Her head was cocked and looking at me. "Well come on." She said. My pants were down to the ground and off before she could finish talking. I got on my knees behind her, not even bothering with my shirt. I grabbed her ass with my hands and started to shake it and slap it. My dream had come true. I reached down, grabbed my 6 inch cock and tried to find her pussy. My hands were shaking and couldn't get it in, when I felt her reach up between her legs and grab my cock.

"You know what to do right? She asked me. "Yes ma'am." She guided my cock inside her and I gasped. It felt like nothing else.

Warm and moist with the wall of her pussy squeezing my cock. I grabbed her hips and pulled out a little and trusted as hard as I could and she let out a little moan. I pulled back out and back in finding a good rhythm.

She started to grunt.


"Oh that feels so good after 5 years." I smiled and started to slap her right cheek which caused her to scream. I kept thrusting inside her when I felt that familiar feeling coming on as hard and fast as it ever had. I cocked my head back and yelled, ohhhhh. "Aunty Pam, I'm gonna cum." Go ahead cum in your aunt." Then I felt spurt after spurt of cum go inside her and it stopped.

I continued to fuck her for a little and then I fell over on the mattress beside her and so did she we laid there for a while and she said, "I think you will be ready for more in a little while."