Blonde MILF Jolene gets her face splattered with cum

Blonde MILF Jolene gets her face splattered with cum
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The Right Nigger Bitch By Millie Dynamite I had worked the streets for over seven hours and I was dead on my feet. All I wanted was a stiff drink, a warm bath, and sleep. My little school girl outfit coupled with my young appearance had made me quite popular that night.

I had over fifteen hundred bucks left after my damn pimp took what he called his. Of course, being a crafty bitch, nearly a thousand of what I had left he didn't even know I had. I had walked away from him after he took his share just like I was going home. When I was certain, he wasn't around I cut back into an alley and made my way to my stash.

Resuming my journey home, I walked up the stairs to my second story apartment. It was a shithole apartment, in a shithole part of town. The only AC was a stinking window unit swamp cooler, they did little to cool the stifling heat of August even at two in the morning.

I fumbled with the keys to the front door. When I unlocked the door and opened it, a man from behind grabbed me and forced himself into the apartment with me. "Let go of me!" I cried. He held onto me roughly as he slammed the door. He waved a gun in my face as he reached back and latched the door and attached the chain. His hand moved across my face hitting me like a clap of thunder. Forcefully he threw me up against the wall.

The tears flooded my eyes as I began to sniffle. My heart pounded in my chest. I was afraid of this man. Sometimes you just know when a guy isn't just playing at it.

"Please don't hurt me, please just leave and I will forget you were even hear," His reaction was to slap me again. My head bounced off the wall behind me.

"Shut the fuck up, do as I say, and I won't hurt you. Got it, nigger?" I nodded agreement. His eyes roamed over my body as his mouth curled into some evil, distorted grin. "What a beautiful little school girl uniform you have on.

That white blouse sets off your chocolate skin nicely, nigger!" He leaned in close to me, smelled my perfume, sweat, and I'm sure some of my clients cum as well. "You smell just like the whore next door," the man stood tall. He leaned into me as his hand held the gun and guided it over my trembling body.

He traced its cold steel barrel over my tits. "Bedroom," he barked his command at me. He yanked my purse from my hand and dug my money out shoving it greedily into his pockets.

Stepping back he dropped the bag to the floor and waved his gun for me to move. I walked toward the bedroom dreading what was going to happen. I don't like men. I don't like cock at all. I only fuck men for money. He looked like any other john to me. I didn't know him, I didn't want to know him.

I knew he was going to be mean and rough. I turned around to face him in front of my bed. The man ordered me to sit on the bed. He put the gun on my bedside table and turned to me drooling. "Looks like I picked a good one tonight. Never raped me a nigger before, got me the right girl this time," the word stung me, a fucking nasty white rapist calling me a nigger.

He brushed my long pink hair out of my face kissing me on the lips.


He pushed his thin white lips to my dark, full lips as he clutched at my small tits through the white button up shirt. I cringed at his touch, it repulsed me.

"Don't like me to touch you huh, I get it. You sure are a beautiful nigger ape and fucking young. How old?" "Seventeen," I told him adding two years to my age. His hand crashed across my face and decked me to the bed. My lip had a trickle of blood on it as I instantly lurched back upright. Glaring at him I stuck my tongue out and licked the blood up. My tears flowed freely and my small chest heaved from my quiet sniveling.

"Lie to me again and I'll cut your lying nigger tongue out of your mouth. I have a knife too bitch!" He reached down and touched his ankle. It's in his boot I thought as the jerk kept talking, "Now, once again, how old are you?" "Fifteen," I mumbled looking up and to the right thinking in my mind. I just turned fifteen three days ago. "Truth?" "Truth, I just turned fifteen," his hands went to my white cotton shirt and he jerked it hard.

The buttons flew off the shirt falling to the floor. He continued tugging it till he pulled it off my body.

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He clutched my cotton bra between my tits and pulled it. My body jerked with each pull but soon the material rent with an awful tearing sound. The material stung me as it tore off my body. Licking his lips, he stared at my naked breast.

He roughly held my tits, fondling them, squeezing them and at last mashing them painfully in his large rough hands.

He leered at me as he hurt me, all the while saying, "You're young enough to be a real fucking school girl." "Please don't," impulsively covering my breasts with my arms.

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Again his hand hit me across the face and I crashed to the mattress again. I used my arms and pushed back up, slowly, deliberately, I covered myself again, "Please stop." "What the fuck did I tell you whore?" he growled at me.

"Shut the fuck up, right?" I nodded and looked down somehow ashamed. I sell my body and I was embarrassed for him to see me. CRAZY right? "Now put your arms down," following his instruction, I lowered my arms so my small upturned breasts hung naked for him to view.

"Spread your legs for me." My body tensed up with fear as I parted my legs under the pleated skirt. His eyes leered at me. Spittle ran out his mouth over his lip and down his stubble covered chin. He dabbed the nasty sleeve of his checked shirt over his mouth and chin. "Wider!" arching his eyes as I spread my legs further apart. The gun was inviting to me, but too far away. With no warning, his hands grabbed my panties and ripped them off my body. The chafing of the fabric burned against my skin, shooting pain across my hips.

I yelped but kept my legs apart afraid he would hit me again. The man took his gun off the nightstand and held it against my left tit. I couldn't help but shake, I was terrified, because it was going to be my second time to be raped that year. "Let me have those tits." He pressed the gun against my abdomen as he took my left nipple into his mouth. He sucked hard nibbling on it. I winced with pain. He moved to my right nipple holding my breast with his free left hand and squeezed mercilessly.

"Ouch," first the pistol stung my tits as he hit it across them, then he slapped them with the palm of his other hand. For good measure he backhanded them again with his free hand. He pinched his forefinger and thumb around my nipples and squeezed until I cried hard tears. I could tell he enjoyed my pain.

Like a sick aphrodisiac, it built his lust.


"I can't wait to fuck your nigger cunt. I hear niggers can make their cunts nice and tight. Extra muscles I guess. They tell me, nigger's got good cunt muscles," He lowered himself to look at my pussy. I still held my legs spread wide. I whimpered feeling him rub the muzzle of his gun over my pussy lips. With a quick hard shove he drove the cold metal barrel inside me.

My pussy lips parted allowing the gun in deeper. "I can't believe I never fucked a nigger before, never raped one. Bitch, I'm almost twenty-five years old.

Better make it a good first time for me." The threat was there, veiled but not that hidden. He intended to kill me no matter how I pleased him or displeased him. "Please, take that out of me," I begged him for I was afraid he would pull the trigger. He rubbed the cold blue steel of the revolver deeper into my slit.

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His lips moved over his teeth until he grimaced in a Joker-like smile. "Only if you promise to be a good, obedient, little nigger whore, don't disappoint me nigger slut," he pushed the cold metal barrel further into me.

I sat there frozen terrified he might pull the trigger. No sooner had I nodded my agreement and the gun was gone from me. He returned it to the bedside table. The barrel glistened with my juice.

"See I know working girl's like you want your daddy to fuck you hard when you dress this way." The man stood up and pulled his shirt off. I looked up at him tears still streaming down my cheeks. The thoughts of the other men who had raped me flooded me. I hated him I wanted him dead, but there was nothing I could do. His body was adorned with tattoos on his chest and down his arms. His jeans were tight against him, so snug I could see his enormous erection bulging through.

Large and muscular, tall and strong he could destroy me, that fucking cock would hurt in the best of circumstances. I was terrified of him now. One tattoo said, "Kill the Cunt." The man got back down between my legs. He began to rub his fingers over my button hood, he coaxed my clit out then traced over it, roughly.

He moved down to my pussy lips his face inches from me. Without warning he plunged three of his fat fingers inside my hole. He looked up at me his hateful face scowled at me, "This is what you want, isn't it?" I shook my head in protest.

"I know you're a little whore. But whores like it or they wouldn't do it. I hear nigger whores like it the best!" I gasped when his fingers entered deeper inside.

Tears fell down onto my pleated skirt as I looked at him feeling powerless. He licked my clit and sucked it while fingering my pussy-slot. It felt so dirty when he did it. "Mmm…I've never tasted anyone so filled with other men's spunk before." I held my breath as he slid his fingers in and out of my hole.

My body betrayed me as the pleasure spread through my crotch with his thick, nasty, fingers deep inside me. I felt his mouth on me and more tears filled my eyes. Against my will it built and I slowly began to orgasm. I felt my body shudder my hips wanted to shove against his mouth. I felt the desire build and I tried to hide it from him. I didn't want him to know he made me cum. The man buried his tongue between my pussy lips and licked intensely. "Mmmhmm, you liked it didn't you?

Look at this pussy, dripping with other men's spooch and oozing your own cum." He slapped it hard a few times making me sob more. He moved to my face and kissed me again, those nasty cum covered wispy lips pressed against my fat lips.

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He pressed his bulging hard cock against me through his jeans against my pussy. Tasting the men I serviced from the day and myself on his wet lips caused my humiliation to grow. The man stood undoing his jeans. He fished out his fat pecker then grabbed me by the hair on the back of my head and shoved his fat grotesque cock at my face. "Suck me, nigger child," the big and fat prick moved towards me. He grabbed his cock with his free hand and bitch slapped my face with the fuck stick.

I refused him, I wouldn't open my mouth. He rubbed the engorged prick along my lips letting his pre-cum exude over them. I tried to turn and pull away. He slapped me again and grabbed his hand around my throat. "I said 'suck me' you fucking monkey whore." His tight grip choked me and I quickly opened my mouth. His hand still clutched my throat. He heaved his cock into my mouth and lunged his hips back and forth.

"Ooohhh, that's right, that's a good nigger girl, suck me. I was right you are the right girl." He moaned fucking my mouth. His dick was so big I could barely fit all of it in. He was pushing it far to the back of my throat making me choke on it. I struggled and managed to pull away from him freeing my mouth from his member. This angered him and the son-of-a-bitch grabbed me by the hair again. "Where the fuck do you think you're going?" Letting go of my hair he seized me by both of my arms.

He shoved me down hard on the bed.

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I couldn't stop crying. Again the bastard slapped me across the face several times. He just kept smacking my tits and face. Then he brought is knees up and used them to spread my legs wide apart.

Holding my arms down the man vigorously forced his huge cock into my pussy with one massive thrust. "No," I felt his cock plunging into me and his massive weight pushing down on me. "Please stop, please, you're hurting me." The girth of his immense prick was so large I felt like it ripped me into. He shoved it hard into me as he humped me so violently the bed shook.

The friction of his shaft sliding in and out of my tunnel hurt and tears continued to flow from my eyes. "Please stop, it hurts, please." The bed post slapped the wall while the frame creaked and squealed with each of his intense heaves. A deep throaty laugh filled the air of my apartment as he maniacally screeched in my ear.

He breathed heavily into my ear. "Oh, fucking yes, your cunt is so fucking tight. It's those extra nigger cunt muscles right whore," that terrible laugh again, "Your tears turn me on you fucking porch monkey." He placed his hands around my head, His thumbs held my eye lids open and his elbows pressed roughly down on my tits.

All the while he pounded his cock into me. His weight pressed on me hard making it hard for me to breathe. His knees kept my legs spread. The grotesque cock plunged deeply in my unwilling hole. The pig pounded into me as I screamed out in pain. He covered my mouth up with one of his stinking dirty hands as he kept hammering into me. I felt him trace his tongue over my cheek licking up my tears.

"Oh shit bitch," he snarled as he hammered away with out one ounce of mercy. My eyes glanced down and that was when I saw it. His jeans crept up over his boot and I saw the handle. I couldn't quite reach it. Goddamn it the fucker was just out of reach. Fuck I couldn't catch my breath! Shit he had to give me breathing room. I squirmed sucking hard trying to breathe. I couldn't fill my lungs, couldn't get any air. I felt the room swimming.

I was going to die here he would kill me with out even meaning to. "You like it don't you nigger bitch? I can feel your slick cunt, honey." I cried and shook my head. I tried to push him off me, but he was too big and strong for me. "No, please. Please stop, I can't breathe," I croaked it out.

Again that awful laughter as he shoved himself deep into me. He rose up off me and hammered in even harder.

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Holding himself up with his hands, he pumped in and out of my tight wet hole even harder than before. The mixture of my juices and the men's cum for the day kept flowing. I felt myself tightening my pussy around his shaft while he continued to fuck me. I wanted it over and developed a plan. I tried to make him think I was climaxing. I moaned and groaned as I ran my tongue over my fat lips. Breathing in I sucked the air hard and heavy. My body shuddered and shook in what appeared to be a massive orgasm.

My hand reached down. My fingers wrapped around the handle of the hunting knife. I pulled it out of the boot sheath. I smiled at him and rubbed his hair with one hand. "I made you cum again, didn't I?" His laughter became hysterical as he still poked his throbbing cock in and out of my snatch.

My pussy twitched and throbbed in pain. I looked away from him and blinked more tears from my eyes. The man climbed off the bed and pulled me to the edge. He held my legs up and apart, my skirt was gathered up around my belly. "God you're so fucking hot.

Nigger bitches are always so fucking hot, can't believe I haven't split one open until now." He pinched my left nipple with his right hand for a moment making me wince with pain again.

My nipples were hard. I closed my eyes hoping he would stop and leave, but he didn't. I didn't want to do this. The fucker wasn't stopping.

Instead he rubbed the head of his cock against my pussy lips. It was slick with the mingled juices. I couldn't help but feel aroused but not from his ugly prick. I looked at him wiping the tears from my eyes. I watched the sweat trickle down his tattooed chest across the dirty tat "Kill the Cunt." His firm body looked chiseled and his tattoos only emphasized his exceptionally molded physique. At first I refused to give into the desire. He was a stranger. If I did this I had to live with it.

I decided to give him one last chance. "Please stop it. I don't want you to do this anymore. Can you please just leave? Please?" It came out in sobs. I could feel his erection push up against me again. "Nigger bitch, I haven't even busted a nut once.

Not yet I ain't, and I got three or four loads in me!

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I ain't near done." His cock seemed to grow even larger as I whispered. "Please, stop, or I promise you this, you will be sorry." I felt a little cum spurt out. "I'm about to lose it in you! Then, bitch, I will fucking rip your ass open." I closed my eyes for a moment and then reopened them with a determined look on my face. He shoved in again and his cock began to spit spunk. "Not going to happen," I shoved the knife into him. Hard muscle fought the blades entrance but I shoved hard with hate.

Pulling out I thrust it in again. Even harder, deeper than before, then I yanked it out and thrust it back in. The look on his face was that of surprise. He pulled back his cock shot more semen it spewed in me then across my pussy.

I shoved it in again even harder, deeper into his tough six pack belly. His cock was out of me now and stumbled backward as he gushed over my legs and his warm blood spurted over my body. I moved to him and again I thrust the long knife blade in. He twisted toward the bedside table.

Jumping to my feet I kicked over. The slide across the old hardwood floor and landed at my closet door. His knees quivered as I shoved the blade in his back right next to his backbone. I hit bone and his legs quivered and fell on his knees. Holding himself up with his hands I began to thrust the knife in his asshole. His lip prick hung under him slapping his belly every time I shoved the knife in him. "Please stop," his voice was week and the words came out in breathy rasp. I shoved the blade deep in his ass and twisted it around.

Yanking the sharp blade out I drove it home again and again. "Naw, I'm going to rape you with this." I pulled the knife out only to plunge it hilt deep in his ass again, "You fucked with the wrong nigger bitch, white boy." Hunching over him I held the knife between my legs and continued to rape his ass with knife. He collapsed on the floor and just kept fucking him with the knife. I kept whispering in his ear, "Fucked with the wrong nigger bitch!"