Faith Leon What A Slut

Faith Leon What A Slut
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The pretty petite figure glided down the street as if she was floating on air, her short, blonde, hair glistened in the sun's rays, tiny locks of her bobbed hair fluttering in the slight breeze.

"Today was a good day" she thought to herself. Sam, (she didn't like Samantha), had finally got a job. The head carer had actually told her at the end of the interview. She had been for 4 interviews since leaving school 3 weeks ago. Sam felt like she had won the lottery, as it had been hard for her at interviews, with her being timid and shy. The residential home for the distinguished older man.

Sam thought it was a bit over the top, just another elderly care home. She closed her room door in the apartment block, for that's all it was, just a room. Bed sink microwave all in one room, it wasn't much but it was her little world.

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There was a shower but she had to share it with the rest of the floor of apartments, she didn't like doing that. She had to find a place of her own, in her last month of school, her Aunt was selling up and moving, letting Sam know she wasn't welcome to go with her. Sam started preparing herself for Mondays first day at work, it was only Friday but she was so excited she couldn't help herself.

She thought she had done well, as there was a serious lack of work in her town. On Monday she had got up early to dive into the communal shower before anyone else was up, it had worked. Now back in her safe little room she looked at herself in the mirror, her vivid emerald green eyes twinkled at her through her long eyelashes, she put on her lacy black bra covering her ample breasts, Sam might be 4foot 6 and petite but her breasts, firm and uplifted jutted away from her body obscenely. She matched her bra with matching panties, purely as they were her best underwear and newest, next she pulled her jeans up her slim lily white legs, she never did like the sun, besides her pale skin complimented her blonde hair, she threw her polo necked sweater over her head, the close fitting garment hugging her trim body, when Sam viewed her reflection she never saw the petite female who had the body of a lithe siren and the face of an angel, she saw the usual Sam, she was ignorant of her sweet beauty.


Sam entered the care home, quickly finding the head carer, who gave Sam her white short sleeve cotton work coat, Sam eagerly slipped it on, it fitted snugly. Next she was shown around the home, after ten minutes she was introduced to the owner of the home, an old stern lady who looked like she should be in a home herself. "Glad to meet you young lady," the owner said while scanning Sam over. Sam smiled, and then looked at her feet, unable to keep eye contact.

She found the grim women frightening. "Just a minute, what on earth are you wearing under your coat?" Sam looked up anxious. "Jeans and a sweater, Girl? That's not good enough, into my office now," she bellowed. The old women opened the door, motioning the timorous Sam in. The owner walked round and sat in her chair, leaving Sam stood in the centre of the room. "Your first day and you present yourself like this, I'm not impressed. If you're going to work in my fine establishment, then I expect high standards, girl." "I'm sorry." the owner never let her finish.

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"If you want to work in this place you had better do as I say when I say it, don't think any other employer in this town will want a girl with your attitude, especially when I send them a bad reference of your failings." "I'm sorry." "Oh shut up girl.

Now take those jeans off and that sweater." "But." "I said shut up. Do as I instruct you," she bellowed Just then there was a knock at the door. "Yes come in," the old women said sweetly. When the door opened an old man who must be in his 80's rolled in, in a wheelchair. "Ah Mr Shap, how are you? When the frail old man unshaven and grubby noticed Sam his face lit up, he hadn't seen anyone so sweet in a long time.

Sam could smell the stench of piss, drifting from him. The old women looked back to the timid girl toes pointing in looking down at the floor. "You girl, carry on, I never told you to stop." Sam looked up, she was terrified. She slowly slid her coat off, throwing it over a nearby chair, then gingerly pulled her sweater off her arms then up over her head, revealing her young perky breasts enclosed in her lacy black bra.

She awkwardly kicked her shoes off, and then undid her jeans button sliding the zipper down it loudly echoed round the room. Causing her face to blush and her eyes to fill with tears as her humiliation grew. The old man watched with wide eyes, mouth open in awe at the young nymph. Sam tentatively pulled her jeans down, quickly holding on to her panties as they nearly joined her disrobing jeans, she turned one way so as not to show her bum as she bent over then realising she was showing her young breasts more, she whimpered in frustration, but in her dilemma, unknowingly she had shown both to her elderly audience.

When she had finally removed the cumbersome jeans, she stood up with her hands in front of her panties, trying to secure some modesty.

She continued to stare at the floor, not wanting any eye contact, her face was becoming crimson in her shame. "Put your hand behind you girl," the old women ordered. The young girl very slowly moved her hands; she closed her eyes hoping it would aid her anxiety. "Now turn to face Mr Shap." Sam slowly turned to face the disgusting old man. He was staring at her dumbstruck, drool was weeping from the side of his mouth. "Now open your eyes and look at him." With her face still pointing to the floor, Sam opened her eyes and looked at the grubby smelly old man in the wheelchair; she had never seen the look in a person's eyes like he was looking at her it caused a shudder down her spine.

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"Now go closer to him so he can have a better look at you girl," At first Sam's legs wouldn't move, and then she suddenly found herself right in front of him, she had moved without even feeling herself move. She watched the old man look fervently at her semi naked body, she thought she was going mad as she could feel his eyes touching her, she shuddered.

"Now remove your bra, girl." Unbeknown to Sam, she had become accustomed to doing as the old females voice instructed, without thinking she reached round and undid her bra, threw it to a chair, then put her hands back behind her again, she still watched the old feeble man, as his eyes bore into her young naked breasts. As she breathed heavily her breasts lifted and fell. Sam new this was all wrong, she should be grabbing her clothes and running home, but the old women's compelling voice was in her mind coercing her subconscious to do her will.

Sam felt like a puppet. "Now remove your panties, girl." Again Sam did as the voice commanded, she slid her thumbs into her panty elastic and slid them down her fine slim legs, her eyes never leaving the old man's eyes, as he watched and witnessed the revealing of her pussy to him. Sam noticed underneath the piss stained trousers his cock was straining in the fabric. She had another shudder down her spine. "Now open your legs, girl, let Mr Shap see your girly delights." When she opened her legs the old man took in the vivid spectacle before him, at the top of her mound there was small soft blonde fuzz, below were the sweetest perfect pink pussy lips which were glistening with moisture.

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"Open your pussy with your fingers, girl." Sam reached for her lips and pulled them apart, letting the wide eyes of the geriatric bore inside her. "Mr Shap would you like to touch the girl intimately, you don't have to if you don't want, I understand, we don't know where this girl has been." Hearing this, Sam degradation grew more, she kept her lips apart then watched a bony shrivelled dirty finger snaked forward, Sam wanted to recoil away but her pelvis edged forward.

When the finger touched her pussy, a slight moan of pleasure escaped her mouth. The bony finger slid inside her, Sam bit her lip, he slid it out slightly then back in, the filthy geriatric was fingering her. "Virgin," for the first time the old man had actually said something. "Really? That's not surprising, can't see many men wanting her," the old women adding to Sam's humiliation.

Sam in her confusion had tears welling up in her eyes, but her pelvis was moving to the rhythm of the old man's finger, she could feel a wetness running down the inside of her legs, her pussy was sopping wet, Sam could feel a strange build up of pleasure starting in her pussy then radiating out like ripples, it kept growing in intensity, she started to breath heavy like a panting dog, but just then.

"Stop Mr Shap, would you like to remove you manhood from your trousers and show it to the girl?" Eagerly the old man stopped playing with Sam and pulled his cock out, looking into Sam's eyes. Sam had never seen a real cock before, apart from pictures at school; this one was the same apart from the stench. She watched him stroke it, aiming it in her direction.

Aiming it at her pussy that she was still holding open. She watched his eyes looking at his cock then at her pussy. She could feel her pussy muscles clenching inside, pussy juice was flowing out of her. She realised her clenching pussy was wanting to eat the cock, gobble it up inside her. Sam's head was spinning in confusion, what was wrong with her, she couldn't control her body anymore.

She wanted to scream and run, but her body wouldn't move. "Does the new girl want Mr Shap's cock?" With all her will power, Sam managed to shake her head. Making a whine like a forced no. "Oh, that's not good, get down on your hands and knees facing Mr Shap, girl." Sam struggled to take control of her body, but it wouldn't happen, she got down on her hands and knees.

"Now place the cock in your mouth." Sam's head went forward and her mouth attentively, took the old stinky cock. "Now fuck your mouth, girl." Sam's head went up and down slowly and tentatively, letting an inch or two of the disgusting cock in her mouth, her eyes closed trying to dismiss the foul taste.

"Take it down deep, girl." Suddenly with a crack of intense pain, Sam gave out a muffled scream, the old women had laid a cane across her buttocks. "Now take it deep in your throat, I don't want to see any part of it visible." The Kneeling girl took more into her mouth, it was pushing into her throat, making her want to gag. Another crack on her bum made Sam leapt forward, squealing, impaling the stinky cock down her throat.

The old women grabbed hold of her head so she couldn't pull it back releasing her full throat. "Listen to me girl, relax yourself, and relax your throat muscles, breath through your nose." Sam listened; her puppet body did as it was instructed.

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Her nose was nestled in the piss stained trousers of the old man, nauseating her senses. "Stay there girl, don't you dare move." Sam heard the women move away, when she returned the old women wrapped tape around Sam's head then around the back of the chair holding her in place.

"There we are, I am so pleased to be able to show my new girl her place in her new employment. Mr Shap would you like a cup of tea?" The old man nodded. Within a few minutes she returned with one normal size cup the other was a large cup.

"Now you make sure you drink it all up Mr Shap. They sat there drinking their tea like everything was quite normal; Sam had been held in place on his cock for fifteen minutes now.

It had steadily been deflating, it was still lodging in her throat but slimmer in size. The young girl never moved from her place. Ten minutes later the old man started groaning to himself, that mornings drink plus the large one he had just finished had swiftly worked through his system and was now threatening to leave his body.

"It's ok Mr Shape my young staff his employed to assist in your toileting, you carry on." Sam's eyes bulged when she felt the release of piss leave his penis and cascade down her throat, with his cock still deep in her throat, her gullet made no barrier for his warm liquid.

She started to breath heavy through her nose. She couldn't see the relaxed contented smile of relief on the old man's face. Sam started to mummer on his cock; her belly was filling up now, as he had a full bladder to release. Sam felt a finger on her pussy, someone was rubbing her clit, her legs moved further apart to allow them better access. She started to groan herself now with pleasure; it was such a humiliating and degrading event.

As the cock carried on filling her bloated belly, her clit was dancing on the old women's finger, the young girl was twisting and turning her pelvis trying to gain more pleasure from the finger. Suddenly a hand came down hard on Sam's bum, Sam grunted in shock, then another slap, then on the other cheek, one slap after the other rained down on alternate cheeks, Sam grunted and rocked forward on to the cock, forcing an extra half inch down her throat, She imagined the cock growing even longer and reaching down into her belly to stir up all the piss that was now making her belly visibly bloated.

Sam was getting near to a climax now, her moans and grunts were getting louder and more urgent, the finger was flicking her clit violently, making Sam swirl her behind more aggressively, Sam was trying to pull back off the cock so when the spanking hand hit her she would be thrusted forward and down on to the urinating cock. She closed her lips tight around it and started to suck the now dribbling old wrinkly penis, to the young girls displeasure the piss was coming to an end, but then the cock was growing urgently, now bloating her throat, the feel of its huge girth was bliss to Sam, it clicked a switch deep in her womb she started to climax, moaning and grunting loudly in a higher pitch, just as girl cum wept heavy out of her pussy, Sam felt the cock convulse and jets of hot male cum sprayed down her throat, Sam's groans turned into a long muffled screams, girl cum sprayed out of her own pussy over the pleasuring finger, down her legs and onto the floor.


Sam collapsed in to the geriatrics lap, exhausted. A full 30 minutes later Sam came back to consciousness, her body was wrapped in a warm blanket, with her arms in side and her legs up against her chest.

She was half laid on a couch and half lay on the lap of the old women, who was stroking Sam's face and hair. "Ahh! Welcome back my girl; you were looking so peaceful there. You really are a beautiful little thing," said the old women smiling at her. Sam was shocked at the lovely compliment.

"In fact here, you relax and snuggle into me," the old women lifted her shirt up and pulled out one of her breasts, pushing the wrinkled nipple towards Sam's mouth. Sam still a bit dazed opened her mouth and received the nipple gently, unconsciously she started to suck, she was even more confused when warm milk filled her suckling mouth.

"Oh yes that's better, it's quite uncomfortable when ones breasts are full, you have your fill darling." Sam continued suckling on the old women's breasts, she was becoming very relaxed, the milk tasted so sweet and comforted Sam so much her eyes slowly closed, sending Sam into a contented sleep. The old women looked down at the sweet pretty girl who lay, still suckling even though she was fast asleep, watching her cute lips feeding on her breast was such a glorious thing to behold she vowed she would do this regularly." Yes I will invest in a breast pump," she thought.

An hour later Sam's lips were pulled from the now dry breast.


The old women replaced it with a syringe and squirted the liquid inside the suckling mouth, the lips started to suck again."This girl loves this," she thought to herself. She presented her fresh breast to the craving young mouth, which fumbled slightly before latching on proper; Sam gave a sigh in her sleep and feed on the old breast, eagerly.

After the old women was sure that the drug from the syringe had taken effect, she laid Sam down on the coach, removed the blanket, leaving the vulnerable girl naked. The old owner went to her desk and made a few phone calls. An hour later the drugged unconscious girl lay naked on a surgical table with her feet in stirrups.

There had been some changes to Sam, first was the ear peace inserted deep into her ear canal, allowing the owner to talk directly to her, when ever and where ever.

Also a Small ring had been pierced through the hood of her clit purposefully forcing out her clit to the extreme. There was a tattoo on her left breast reading in beautiful italic writing; ' This body is the property of the residential home for the distinguished older man, under strict control of the homes owner it is to be used as the elderly residents see fit, for any purpose they wish.

This body will not deny any request or order or use, thus requested.' The old women looked at the naked girl, with a smile. She was thinking how she looked just like her mother, when she was here, well until the oldest resident at 103 years old surprisingly got her pregnant. After the birth the baby was brought up by an old friend of the owners, but now it's back and all grown up, looking stunning. " Made by the home for the home," she chuckled to herself. Two days later Sam woke up all dazed and confused, not sure where reality stopped and dreams started.

She was on her back looking up at a few flying teddy bears above her. Turning her head she realised she was in a babies cot, and the cot was definitely in a nursery. She sat up awkwardly, she couldn't believe her eyes she was dressed like a baby. Sudden shock hit her when she realised she had a babies dummy in her mouth, she wanted to spit it out but it seemed to be strapped around her head.

It slowly came back to her, her new job at the home. Her first day, the old women and the old man in the wheelchair.

She felt her pussy throb, her face became flushed when she realised how she had climaxed in ecstasy, through the humiliation and disgusting things she had done. She realised now. She was still there, all this baby stuff, it was more of the same. Would you like me to continue? Let me know how I'm doing.