Upskirt flashing black pnties stockings in hotel tube porn

Upskirt flashing black pnties stockings in hotel tube porn
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Hey guys and gals-This is my 1st story, so constructive criticism only please! Also—This is a story of 2 people under the age of 18 having sex. If you are not into that, please leave. This story is not intended for audiences under 18. If you are under 18, please leave. This story is entirely a figment of my imagination. None of it actually happened. Tags-teen male/female, teen female, water-sports/pissing, young, consensual sex. That's all I can think of. I was over at my friend's house one day, and it was about midnight.

We were about to start watching a scary movie when his 12 year old sister, Anna, came in. "hey-do you guys mind of I watch the movie and camp out down here with you?

Mom's sick, and she keeps waking me up." My friend, John, and I looked at each other "Sure, I guess. ." he said. She smiled wide and hopped down next to us on the couch. The movie was scary, but she held up, although she was only 12. We were both 15, so we weren't scared much at all.

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But, since I was next to her, she was naturally leaning into me. I didn't mind. I like a 12 year old as much as the next 15 year old guy.

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After the movie was over, the three of us spread out on the couches with our sleeping bags, and we drifted off. .

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After what felt like only a few minutes, Anna was shaking me. She was crying. "I'm having nightmares. Can I sleep up here with you?" She was maybe five feet tall, and no more than 60 pounds, so she could fit.

I nodded, and rolled over. She snuggled up behind me, and I drifted off again. A few minutes later again-i felt her poking me again. "Gary - I wet my pants." 'Oh Jesus Christ' I rolled my eyes. Goddam it. "Well. .what do expect me to do about it?!" "Can I. .crawl in with you?" "whatever." I replied, just wanting to go back to sleep. She crawled in, and I felt the wet hem of her nightgown.

"Jesus Anna! Take off the wet stuff!" "Oh, right." I heard the rustling of fabric, and then I felt her naked body as she crawled in behind me. I was about to drift off when she started crying again. I turned toward her, and my boxers (all I was wearing) were pressed against her stomach.

"Anna. .why are you crying?" "I. .OMG." "What?" "Is that your penis?" "Ummm. .yeah." "Can I touch it??" "Um. .it probably wouldn't be good." I felt her hand on the tip of my erect cock.

"Oh, Anna. What are you doing?" "I'm touching your cock." "Yeah, I got thatbut why?" "because I always liked you. And you are letting me sleep in your sleeping bag with you, so I thought I'd repay you a little bit. .". "Anna you can't do this! You're only 12 years old!" "I won't tell if you don't." she said, and started giving me a handjob.

"Oh. .

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Anna. That feels great, where did you learn to do this?" "Well, I've practiced on my mom's dildo.

How do you like it?" "Wow. That's pretty good for no practice to speak of." I grabbed her hand, and removed it from my dick. "What?" she asked. I unzipped the sleeping bag, and flipped her around so we could 69. "Oh" she moaned seductively, "I see." and she started sucking on my cock as I ate her pussy with relish. "Ohh Gary eat my pussy OH!" she cried into a pillow.

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I was feeling just as good. Being given a blowjob by a 12 year old was something else. Her moans grew louder. "Oh, OH, OHH, AWWWW" she cried, as she came in my mouth. "Anna," I warned her, "I'm gonna come. Soon. In your mouth." In response, her pace quickened. All other feelings vanished as I came, hard, in her mouth. We lay there for a moment, basking in our relationship.

Then I grabbed her, and turned her again, so now she was facing me, our heads as together as two people with a 2 foot height difference could get. My wet cock slipped into her virgin pussy as I lowered her onto me. "I've already broken my hymen," she said, "so just drop me down." I cheerfully obliged. Her tight pussy was almost too small for my cock.

If she hadn't been so wet from piss and cum, my cock wouldn't have fit. But it did, barely, and the sensation I felt was the greatest I had ever felt.

The friction was incredible. "Oh, Anna. You are so tight!" "I should be. This is my fist time without my own hand." I laughed, then gasped as she slid up and down my cock.

It wasn't going to be long before I came. I grabbed her hips, and pumped her up and down. We were both gasping into pillows, so we wouldn't wake anyone else in the house. I was heaving her up and down., and her pussy was sliding on my cock.

"Oh, I'm cumming!" she cried, and I felt her juices flood my cock. It drove me further toward climax as I continued pistoning her up and down. "Anna, I'm gonna cum. Are you on the pill?" "No, you're gonna have to pull out. Come in my mouth!" I nodded, and felt my climax approaching. I pulled my rock hard cock from her tight pussy, and deposited it into her waiting mouth. I grabbed the back of her head and viciously fucked her face. I pulled back to make sure she was OK with the rapid fucking of her mouth.

She smiled from around my cock, and I continued. I came.

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It was the hardest I had ever come, probably because of the image of the petite 12 year old sucking her own juices off my cock. We collapsed on the couch, my wet and dirty sleeping bag under us. Then John moved, and we knew we had to clean up. She put her nightgown back on, and I threw on my boxers.

I re-zipped my sleeping bag and crawled into it, feeling her juices all around me. She had crawled into her sleeping bag, and we drifted off. . In the morning, I was in the bathroom, brushing my teeth when she poked her head in the door.

"Gary?" "Hummh?" I grunted through a mouthful of toothpaste.

"It never happened." She said, and closed the door. Part 2 cumming soon! Also, a Part 1 from Anna's point of view!-- Foghorn Cockhorn