Fat gay boy porn movie xxx and huge cock cumshots only alone He was

Fat gay boy porn movie xxx and huge cock cumshots only alone He was
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Ryan, His cousin Kara, and his aunt Misty go shopping for new clothes. New Family Secrets VI We got to the mall about 6:30pm and headed inside. We were walking and Misty asked where we should go first and Kara said we should hit the Buckle first. We went in and Kara picked out a few things and said she wanted to try them on.


So we went to the dressing room and she grabbed both of us by the hand and said she needed our opinions. She pulled us both into the small room and closed the door.

As soon as the door closed she grabbed her mom and kissed her forcefully and started unbuckling my pants.

Soon we were all three naked and feeling each other up. I pushed Kara to a kneeling position and stood Misty in front of her. With one of her feet on the bench Kara was at the right height to eat her mothers pussy. I walked up behind Misty and pushed her to where she was slightly bent over. I took my rock hard cock in my hand and aimed it at her wet pussy. I slid my dick into her pussy as she moaned, as Kara started to play with her mom's tits while she tortured Misty's clit with her tongue.

I grabbed Misty's hips and started thrusting into her hot tight pussy.

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With the stimulation from both of us it took no time for Misty to cum. I could feel my nuts tighten up so I pulled out of her pussy. I slid my dick between her leg thrusting until I came in hard blasts on Kara's face. Kara came from the rough rubbing she was giving her clit. As we got dressed Misty asked Kara if she liked the clothes.

She said she did and misty said "good because with the mess we made I'll have to buy them anyway". As we walked out of the dressing room one of the ladies that worked there was watching us. We walked up to the register and dropped the cum covered clothing on the counter "we will take all of these" Kara said with a big smile. The cashier took each item off it's hanger and folded it up and put it in the bag and rang up the total.

We all three walked out hand in hand laughing about the girls face, when she noticed the cum on the clothes. "Where to next my loves" I asked as we walked along the lobby. I wanted to go to the sporting apparel store to get some new shoes and under clothes for football practice. In the store the girls had me try on a few of the items I picked out. The girl working there smiled at me when I took off my shirt to put on the under armour shirt I picked out.

Her smile caught Kara's attention and she walked over and grabbed me around the waist from behind. She kissed me on my shoulder while glaring at the cashier with a fuck off look plastered on her face. Me and Misty kind of laughed and misty said "calm down baby he's going home with us" Kara shocked us both when she said "I only share my toys with who I want and I don't want her." We paid for the items and headed out of the store as we were walking out Kara grabbed the receipt balled it up and threw it in the trash can just outside the door.

She turned and told the girl that the only number I needed was her's and walked back to us grabbing our hands.

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We went to a few more stores after that one. We were at the last store when we heard the announcement that the mall would be closing in half an hour.

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"well then we better hurry up" Misty said grabbing our hands and rushing towards the mall restrooms. She pushed open the mens room door I checked to see if it was clear which it was. They hurried in and locked the door and started kissing and groping me and each other. I let my pants and boxers drop to the floor and started to undo Misty's skirt.

She panted out that there wasn't enough time for that and bent over the counter pulling he panties off. Before I could move Kara had her tongue shoved in her mothers pussy. So I pulled down her shorts and panties and shoved my dick deep into her pussy. She let out a loud moan as I kept pounding her hot tight pussy. Kara started to shake and she stiffened up as she came on my cock.

I pulled my throbbing cock out of her and walked up to Misty. She dropped to her knees and took my cock into her mouth. Kara grabbed her mom's hair and pushed and pulled her head up and down. I shot what little cum I had left into her mouth.

Kara pulled Misty's head back and kissed her swapping my cum with her. We were composing ourselves when we heard the closing announcements and left with our bags in hand On the drive home Derrick called Misty to see where we were.

"Almost home" she chimed with a big smile. We pulled up and said good night and headed to my room. I awoke to my alarm clock blaring out a counting crows song that I liked.

"It's gonna e a good day" I said to myself as I got up and headed to the shower. After getting dressed and heading down to breakfast and Misty, Kara, Kyle and I had breakfast.

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We finished and heard Kevin yell that it was time to go. Me and Kara kissed Misty goodbye and headed to Kevin's car. We stopped and picked up Jennifer and Kayla on the way. The three girls showed me around to where my classes would be and then to my locker.


I shut my locker and heard a familiar voice ask if I was ready for football tryouts today. I turned to see Curt and a few other guys from the football game. He told me that they had a week long tryout for the football team during the last semester of school. This was so that the graduating seniors could give us some pointers.

I told them I was more than ready. "that's the spirit" I heard Kevin say from behind me. He told me that he expected good things from me. With that I headed to my first period class and was surprised to see Jennifer sitting in my class.

It was English which I didn't mind she motioned for me to sit next to her. During class the teacher introduced me to the class and asked me if I played sports. Before I could answer Jennifer said "he plays football and he's very good just like his cousin Kevin." The teacher asked if my cousin was Kevin Jackson. I told him that he was and he said "well we can't wait to see if your as good as he was." By my third period class I had found out that my cousin was a football god.

I ran into Kara and Kayla on my way to lunch. They asked if I wanted to join them for lunch since we had the same lunch period. I agreed and as we got our lunch and sat down I told Kara that I didn't know that Kevin was so popular.

"Yeah he's the golden boy around here" Kayla said sarcasticly as Kara lightly elbowed her ribs laughing. "What would they say if they knew he was gay" she said with a kind of bitchy tone.

"What" I almost yelled as Kara put her hand over my mouth. Kara told me that Kevin was gay and no one knew but her Kayla and Misty. I was shocked to say the least but I was cool with it. After lunch I went to my next class which was Biology. I got lucky and Kayla was in my class. I thought I might have a chance to hit on her without Kara finding out. We talked most of the class about our lives. How my parents died and how her parents were divorced.

By the end of the class we knew quite a bit about each other. I headed to my last class which was weight training. I found out it was mostly football players in this class. Kevin and Curt were both in my class which made me feel better. They told me that the football coach was our teacher for the class. Coach Ryler was a huge man almost 7 foot tall around 350lbs shaved blonde hair and looked like a body builder. "So this must be the Ryan I've heard so much about the last couple of days." Coach Ryler said as he walked up and shook my hand.

He told everyone else to continue their usual workouts. He left Kevin and Kurt in charge and told me he wanted to introduce me to the other coaches. We walked down the hall to the teachers lounge. Where I met a few coaches then he introduced me to Coach Layne the linebackers coach.

"This solid young man is Kevin's cousin Ryan coach and he is trying out for Kevin's old position" Coach Ryler told him. He introduced himself and told me that he couldn't wait to see if I had what it took to make the team.

After school I met up with Kevin and Curt at my locker and we walked to the football field. Those of us new guys got issued our pads and practice gear. While the seniors checked theirs in for the last time. After we were all dressed and headed to the field I trailed behind.

As I approached the doorway there was Kara she pulled me to her and kissed me hard and said good luck. She told me there was a surprise waiting for me if I made the team and walked away.

After the first day of tryouts Kevin and the coach called me into the coaches office.


I closed the door and took a seat as directed coach told me that what he had to say stayed between the three of us. He told me that I was on the team that the effort I put out was more than he could ask for. I thanked them shook the coaches hand and Kevin patted me on the back and told me to go celebrate. I planned to celebrate but not in the way they meant, I went to find Kara.

To Be Continued. P.S. For those of you who like to criticize my grammar. If I cared that much about it I would be writing real books. I prefer to write for my perverted fans so if you don't like it don't read it. For those of you who give constructive criticism thank you.

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