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Se folla su novia culona en las montantildeas viacutedeo completo en hd
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Ginny walked very carefully up the stairs. Each step was made with careful consideration. She didn't want Paul to be aware of her presence just yet.

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Actually she was dreading the upcoming conversation. She wanted the option of backing out at any time at this point. This had to be done and she knew it, no matter how hard it was. If anyone was going to tell him about it, it would be her. Paul and Ginny had been best friends since the second grade.

He pushed her out of the swing and she had punched him square in the jaw before tightening her blonde pigtails and reclaiming her rightful position on the playground. Somehow after that they were inseparable. He was practically her brother and now he needed help. She gently approached his door, which was ajar. She silently peeked in before speaking. He was sitting cross legged on the floor gently clicking away on his laptop. His credit card rested on his knee as he tapped deliberately with a single pointer finger.

She knocked very softly and pushed the door further open. What she saw was appalling. Her life long companion sat in the middle of a room full of dirty dishes.

DVDs sat stacked upon empty pizza boxes. She glanced briefly at the covers before looking away in disgust. The barely clad women looked happy to be so, but she imagined that they weren't really. She imagined a life of drugs and strange men, a life without privacy or love. A few more glances around the room revealed countless copies of every pornographic magazine imaginable. Some of them weren't even in English. She wondered how he had procured some of these items.

She stopped surveying the room and looked at her dear friend. He was still tapping away at his keyboard as if she weren't standing directly over him.


A girl named Brandi was standing, covered only by strategically placed house plants, smiling and inviting Paul to just enter his credit card information and enter her world of forbidden pleasures. Is this what he really wanted; some girl with fake auburn hair and equally fake breasts? It made her feel something strange at the thought that he would rather absorb himself in this airbrushed world then even turn around and say hello to her. She couldn't identify the emotion exactly but pushed it aside in favor of the reason she came here in the first place.

"Paul…could we please talk for a few minutes?" She said it meekly as she sat on his bed. "Shoot." He responded, still while looking at the screen. "I just thought that you should have a little bit of warning. Your family has organized an intervention on your behalf. They plan to confront you this evening. I know how you hate surprises and I didn't want you to get angry and say things you really didn't mean to a room full of people." She sat awaiting the response to this new information.

She waited and watched and saw absolutely nothing. "Paul? They are going to come in here and tell you how you've made them all feel and then they are going to take all of this away from you.

They will lock you in a room somewhere to get all of the pictures and videos out of this house. They will take your laptop, your credit card, your TV…all of it." "Why are you telling me this now?

I know you don't approve either so you aren't giving me time to hide all of it." He said it with a cynical tone she had never heard him use towards her before. He said it all while still looking at that laptop.

"I wanted to give you the option of giving it up on your own before they started treating you like a child again. You're a 21 year old man Paul, you should be given the chance to act like it. You should be given the option to step back and look at yourself and say 'what am I doing…why am I wasting my life this way?" She had stood up as her words had become more heated.

"I've already done that and it doesn't matter." He looked away at the floor briefly before returning his gaze to Brandi. She had had it. "Will you look at me when I'm talking to you?" she kicked the laptop away from him, forcing his attention up at her finally.

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She saw that his eyes were red and dry from staring at a computer so long. It broke her heart to see him like this. "Ginny what's the point? The only girlfriend I ever had was sophomore year.

Real girls don't like me. All I ever am is a great friend or worse-big brother figure." What? Had this been his driving force all along? She knew that Becky Fromayer had broken his heart but I guess he never really showed how severe it had been.

He had turned to these fake girls after her then. He had thought that fake girls wouldn't be able to hurt him. They may not have broken his heart, but they certainly had hurt him in other ways. "You have to be kidding me! Becky Fromayer? That blonde bitch from highschool has turned you into this? Paul…you're 10,000 dollars in debt you can't pay off. You don't leave this room, and you stopped talking to me. To tell you the truth, I feel incredibly selfish, but that's the part I can't get past." Ginny was beginning to tear up, "I miss you.

What do I have to do to get you to look at me? Do I have to act like the girls in your videos?" There was a pause as Paul watched the girl he had shared his life with cry in front of him. He wasn't sure if what he wanted to say was appropriate, but he wanted to say it anyway. "Would you?" She just stared at him for a second. "What?" She almost whispered it.


Had she heard him right? "Would you be like one of the girls in the videos for me? I would throw it all away for that." Her first instinct was to get angry. The thought that he would view her at her most vulnerable and then make such a request shocked her.

Her next instinct was to do exactly as he wished. After all, it had been a bit of a secret desire of her own. Who knew her better? Who had always been there for her? It was an entirely logical match.

Without another word she began to unzip her top. She began very reluctantly.

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She was nervous. At the halfway point she stopped and stared at the floor. She had no idea what she was doing. At 20 years old she'd never had sex before, and had only ever removed her clothes in front of other girls. As she stood there, he slowly rose to his feet and approached her.

Their eyes met briefly and he took over where she had stopped. He unzipped the light blue shirt all the way and gently pushed it off of her shoulders, casting it aside. He stood back slightly to take in the sight of her in just a pair of hip hugger jeans and a bra that had been made to look like denim. Her C cups looked absolutely perfect and in proportion with her rather slim waste.

She wasn't model stick thin, but she was by no means fat in any way. He knelt down before her and began unzipping her jeans. She lightly rested a hand on his shoulder as she stepped out of the garment, on leg at a time. Her lacey red thong panties were a sharp contrast to the blue in her bra. He slowly ran a hand up and down one of her perfectly shaped and smooth legs.

The tone of her skin was a porcelain quality that he admired far more than the standard bronzed look of all the girls he was used to. It stunned him for a moment before he finally reached around to unhook the bra keeping him from seeing her breasts in all their glory.

The bra fell to the floor and he was unsure if he could contain himself. He stepped back to take her in. She misinterpreted his movement away as disapproval and moved to cover herself. "No" he said hoarsely as he reached for her arm to direct t away from in front of her nipples.

They were beginning to harden with the chill of suddenly being uncovered. She allowed her arms to drop to her side again as he walked in a semi circle around her and then back, roaming over her with his eyes all the while.

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He couldn't keep himself back from her any longer and practically charged over to her. He pushed her down to the bed into a sitting position and knelt before her. Without a word between them he leaned in to place one gloriously perfect nipple into his mouth. She let out the sexiest little whispery moan he'd ever heard. He reached up as he gently sucked and grabbed at her breast and with one squeeze her hair fell from the clip it had been held in.

She shook it down as she grabbed at his torso.

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The hem of his shirt was in her hands and she began to lift it slowly. The sensations he was creating as he moved from the first breast to the other were causing her to shudder slightly, making simple movements into difficult tasks. She succeeded in getting his shirt up to his neck, forcing him to break contact with her skin to allow the garment to be pulled free.

He took his next opportunity to plant small kisses up her stomach and between her breasts all while laying her down on the bed before him. He began playing with her lacey little underwear, hooking his fingers in near her hips. She giggled. "Paul…no, that tickles!" "Tickles huh? Well I'll fix that." He swiftly removed the impossibly small red number and continued his kissing in there stead. Her giggle very quickly dissolved into labored breathes.

As his mouth approached her now throbbing clit he paused just north of it. He blew gently on it and then moved back up her body. There was no rush. He had waited for this, now she would wait as well. He ran his hands all over her body; touching every part of her, save for the one place she most longed to be touched. "P…please…" She mustered a plea for an end to the teasing. He whispered into her ear using the breathiest tone he could, "Please? Please what?" all she could do was whimper in response.

He smiled and continues to whisper "Please what Ginny? You have to tell me what you want…I am not a mind reader." He had begun to remove his pants and boxer briefs as he whispered. He had to sit back from his whisper torture to fully remove them, revealing to her the thick eight inch rod she was dying for. It surprised her, yet did not discourage her at all to see that he was uncircumcised. "Please…I want you…please." That was all he needed from her and he positioned himself over her.

She placed a hand on his chest, stopping him momentarily. "Will it hurt?" He looked into her eyes for a moment before answering her "Probably, but I promise I will be as gentle as I can be." She nodded and spread her legs for him. He placed himself between her knees and lifted her legs up to his waist.

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Slowly he placed the tip of his aching member into her impossibly tight pussy. It felt great, but he knew he had to control his urge to just fuck her without regard. She cringed and dug her nails into his arms as he pushed further into her. The first cry of pain made him instinctively pull back.

"I don't think I can do this" she said with a grimace on her face. "I promise you, if you just make it through this first part it will be worth it." He looked at her.

She had always been remarkably petite, standing at only 4' 11" and weighing about a hundred pounds. This act was never going to be an easy first time affair. He looked back at her. "I'm going to start again okay?" She grabbed onto his arms again and nodded back at him. He started slowly pushing back in again. The previous lack of movement had almost made him forget he was inside a warm wet pussy but as soon as he started again, he quickly remembered.

The more forward he went, the tighter her faced scrunched, but she had stopped objecting. When he was half buried in her, he decided to pull almost all the way out and start again. Better to ease her into things. Such a small girl was not going to take such a large cock her first go round.

To relief on her face was quite visible as he left just the very tip inside her. He started again, this time a bit faster until he hit uncharted territory. Once again, the going was slow but he finally made it all the way inside. He was impressed that she could take an eight inch dick at all, even if it had been slow.

Now completely inside her, he wrapped her legs around his waste and began pumping in and out, slowly at first to see if her pain would give way to pleasure. The look on her face slowly relaxed as the pumping picked up speed. It was when she began to moan that he was sure it had worked. "ooooooh oh Paul" He felt so good now inside of her. The pain had been excruciating but she trusted him and had thus allowed it. She was so glad she had.

She had never felt something so incredible before in her life. With each stroke she felt her passion mounting. He picked up the pace. She cried out as the speed increased and increased. Harder faster, he was unstoppable. "Oh oh oh…oh God don't stop!!" She screamed and dug her nails into his back, pressing his body onto her own. He was sweating quite a bit by now and panting like a dog.

He slowed down a little bit for just a second and then sped up again. He did a couple more times, drawing things out and teasing her. She begged him to finish her off. "oh God Paul I'm so close. It feels so good!" "How good." He replied as he slowed down yet again "oh don't stop. Please…its so good Paul.

Oh I can feel every inch of you inside me." Hearing that made his cock twitch just a little and he knew he was close too. He pulled almost all the way out very slowly as she just whimpered for more and then very very suddenly, he thrust all eight inches of manhood right to the hilt into her pussy. She let out a loud scream as the cock impaled her. He thrust faster and deeper than he had before as she screamed and grabbed at sheets around her.

She bucked and thrust her hips up until she went almost entirely rigid. Her orgasm roared through her as her eyes rolled back and her ass lifted off of the bed.

Paul felt the already tight pussy walls begin to open and close around his penis and he could no longer contain it. He shuddered as he shot his load deep inside of her. They both shuddered as they remained locked a few moments longer and then he finally pulled out of her.

They lay sweaty and spent on his bed. "So…how did you like it?" Paul asked as he rolled his head to look at her." She smiled as she continued breathing heavily with her eyes closed. "Lets do it again." She said.

With a laugh Paul rolled over to kiss her on the neck. "Maybe later…did you forget my whole family will be here in under an hour?"

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