She taking that dick gangbanged freak fest new

She taking that dick gangbanged freak fest new
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I picked up a couple and was taking them back to their hotel. They were both kissing and playing with each other in the back. I know cuz I watched and I'm glad I have my GoPro on because he spread her legs and I got a nice shot of that pussy.

I seen him insert a finger and then lick it off and she was kissing him and she was rubbing her own breast. I got stiff and had a hard time driving with my cock leaning sideways into my pants. I thought about opening my zipper and letting it out, but the last time I did that, the damn zipper cut into my cock that was not a fun thing at all. I saw them whispering about something and then the boyfriend leaned up to the driver's seat and said, so what do you think of my gf Well, I didn't lie I told him "she's fucking hot… you're a damn lucky man" He said, "well she thinks your cute too and she wants to fuck you" Well, shit, I almost ran into the back of the truck in front of me.

I said "what?" He said, I want you to fuck my gf while I watch, is there some place secluded we can go where no one will bother us" I said, "yeah, I know a spot" Then he leaned back and I heard him say, "yeah he wants you" I looked in the rear-view mirror and made eye contact.

I said, "Why don't you hop up front here and give me a blow job while I get us to that spot" She shimmied her ass up over the console and when her ass was level with my face (we were at a stop sign) I leaned over and licked her bare ass. She wasn't wearing any panties and when she felt my tongue on your ass, she leaned back further.

I took my hands off the wheel (no one was behind us) and I grabbed a hold of her ass and shoved my tongue up inside her pussy. Now I got a pretty long tongue and I tasted her wetness and I felt my cock hardening. I took my one hand and slipped 2 fingers into her pussy and started sliding them back and forth, my other hand went under you and I caressed your clit. I heard her moaning. I kept that up until a car got behind us and I released, but not before I rammed both of my fingers hard and deep up inside of her.

She screamed out and then I slapped her ass and told her to sit down. As we started moving again, she reached over and unzipped my pants and then unbuttoned me. She reached her hand into my pants, my cock was hardening nicely and I heard her gasp "My gosh, look how fat that is… damn…" I maneuvered the seat back a bit so she could get her head in between me and the steering wheel and then she brought my cock out all the way.

I can't get all of that in my mouth" she said. I said "not many can, so just suck off the head best you can.

I reached over and put my one hand on her tits and started playing with them. I looked back at her bf and he was jerking his meat, I'm sorry, but he had a pretty skinny cock… I looked at him and he was watching his girlfriends head going up and down on my rod.

I guess she found a way to unhinge her jaw. She kept sucking me and stroking with her other hand and I asked her if she wanted me to cum quick or long.

She said "I want to taste it soon". So, I squeezed off a bit of pre=cum and I heard her slurp that up and go back to sucking me. Her hand was going up and down my whole shaft as she sucked away. We got to the spot and I parked, but I let her continue sucking me. I backed the van up and hid it from view. I then reached over and took off her shirt. I wanted a good view of those tits.

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She released her hold on my cock as I pulled her shirt off. Oh my, what great tits. I wanted to press my face into them and suck on her nipples, then she went right back to sucking on my cock. Sucking it harder and faster. I felt my nuts constrict and I leaned back and let it shoot right down her throat.

I then said let's get in the back. Now my seats fold into the floor so while I was getting the middle seats folded down, her bf was stripping her skirt off. I climbed in to the back seat and motioned for her to join me. I let her sit down beside me and I started kissing her passionately, my tongue exploring her mouth and my hands running over those wonderful tits lifting them up and then playing with her nipples.

I moved my left hand down to her pussy and she opened up her legs to me. I kept kissing her mouth, her lips I sucked in and out and then I went down to her neck sucking it here and there. I heard her moan, when I inserted my middle 2 fingers into her pussy.

Palm towards her shaved cunt. I rammed them in and out slowly at first, my thumb toying with your clit every time my hand rammed home. Her breathing became labored and she was actively moaning and moving all over the seat. I picked up the pace with my hand until I was jack hammering her pussy.

I felt her arch as my lips found her tits and started sucking on your pert nipples. They stuck out far and I sucked them out and then let them spring back.

Your boyfriend was in the back with us, but he was kneeling up at the front of the van. He had taken off his pants and was jerking on his cock. All of a sudden you let out a scream and I felt your orgasm soak my fingers and palm and run down my arm. I slowed my fingers at this point and went to kneel between your legs. You said you wanted my dick, but I just shook my head. "This is my van and my wants being met, just lay back and enjoy.

I stuck my face into your crotch, pulled back your labia lips and from the moonlight pouring into the van I could see the pink wetness that lay there. I started sucking on your clit and then I inserted one finger into your pussy and one finger I played with your taint. You arched and screamed a little and I tasted and felt pussy juice easing out of your pussy.

I lapped that up and went back for more. I then inserted my middle finger into your pussy and got it wet and then inserted it up to the 2nd knuckle in your ass and made a come-hither movement with that finger.

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My other finger was in your pussy and I could feel my finger moving in your ass as my pussy inserted finger pressed down against your pussy walls.

I started licking your clit and I heard you moan, I could feel your heart beating faster.

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I kept this up, my tongue on your clit, my finger moving just a little in your ass and my other finger in your pussy, slow easy movements in and out.

I heard your quickened breath as you got ready to orgasm again and then I stopped and I kept everything inserted, I just stopped moving. I waited until your breathing shallowed out again and then I started licking your clit and moving my fingers fast this time in and out of your asshole and in and out of your pussy, faster and faster. You were writhing all over that seat and moaning loudly now. Your back arching as I continued faster and faster, when I felt your body go rigid I stopped and took my face away from your clit.

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I kept everything inserted I just didn't move them. I looked up at your face and you were looking at me your eyes wide and your mouth breathing hard. I pulled out the finger out of your ass and reached up and played with those breasts and your nipple.

Your breathing had slowed, so took out my finger that was in your pussy and brought both of them up to your breasts. My one hand was soaked with your orgasm so I wiped them off on your chest. When your breathing was back to normal, I released your tits and moved my head back down there and started sucking on your clit.

Then I released it and took my tongue and licked you like an ice cream cone from your asshole to your clit and then back down again. I continued doing that until I heard you breathing hard again. I inserted 1 finger into your soaking wet pussy and started making huge circles inside of your pussy.

Not in and out, but round like a circle, widening your pussy hole and then I took my lips and sucked hard on your clit. You screamed and pussy juice oozed out of your pussy. I kept that up until your pussy lips were spread wide open and then I went down and stuck my long tongue up inside there. You gasped as you felt my tongue delving into the inner most reaches of your pussy, You were so hot, so wet and you tasted so damn good.

I put 2 fingers up in your pussy, palm facing down and started finger fucking just your pussy. I moved them slowly at first and when you started breathing heavier I went faster and faster.


You were almost gasping every time my fingers went deep. I pushed downward with my fingers when I went in and then almost lifting you off the seat I lifted when I pulled out. You were screaming some guys name, which I assume was your boyfriend as I continued this for several minutes. I didn't get anywhere near your clit. Your breathing was in gasps now, pussy juice was running out of your pussy and down my arm, I stopped the up and down pushing and just went back to fingering you fast and hard.

You lifted your ass of the seat and screamed and I stopped abruptly. You didn't cum. You looked at me and called me a fucking bastard. You said "Stop doing that you fucking bastard, you need to fucking stop it right now. Then you called out your boyfriends name again said for him to fuck you.

You said "You get over here and kick his ass and fuck me. I can't take no more of this starting and stopping shit." You were breathing hard, your face was bright red. Your boyfriend started coming forward and I looked at him and said "You sit your ass back down before I knock it down, you said she's all mine to do as I please as long as I don't hurt her.

Does she look hurt" He shook his head and sat back down. I looked up at you and then leaned in and kissed you tenderly on your lips. My bare masculine chest, my muscles rippling, I pressed them against your lovely breasts and kissed you deeply and sincerely. I felt your body loosen and the tension ease out as I continued Kissing you. I moved my hand back to your pussy and while kissing you I started rubbing your clit.

You moaned into my mouth. I slipped my other hand down and tickled your taint. Every time I touched it I felt your body tense and then release once I moved it away. You were nearly ready… Your breathing was back to normal as I stopped kissing you, went down and kissed your breasts, your nipples, lifted them up and kissed and licked the crevice of your breasts, then kept going down until I got to your clit.

When you felt my tongue on your shaved area, you tensed and then when I stopped you untensed. I took my finger that was tickling your taint and moved it to your asshole. I inserted it gently as your asshole had tightened back up in your anger. I inserted one then 2 of my middle fingers into your pussy and started moving them slowly back and forth.

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I looked up at you, my mouth sucking on your clit, my one finger in your asshole and 2 fingers in your pussy. I started moving all of them together, while increasing the sucking pressure on your clit. Faster and faster I went, you closed your eyes and started writhing on the seat, you arched your back but couldn't cum, your eyes went wide open.

Your mouth opened to say something but you were speechless. I imagine you felt like you had to orgasm but couldn't. I felt your pussy muscles clenching my 2 fingers. I sped up the movement. You were screaming that you wanted to come but you couldn't. You started crying. Just little sobs, and breathing harder and harder. I abruptly stopped and pulled totally away from you I sat back on my heels looking at you. Your body was in the throes of an orgasm, but there was no pussy juice oozing out of your pussy.

Your breathing was in gasps, your hair was plastered to your head sweaty. Your nipples were sticking out about an inch, your tits were bouncing from your hard breathing. I leaned up and kissed you one time and then I told you to turn over and put your knees on the floor and your head on the seat. I then lifted your ass up and I started rimming your asshole with my tongue and then inserted one finger up your ass.

I spit heavily up in your ass and then I put another finger into your ass. I started finger fucking your asshole and I felt you moving your hips back and forth. I then reached underneath you and found your clit and squeezed it tight, but didn't release it. You gave a little gasp. I then took my other 2 middle fingers and inserted them into your pussy.

I once again started out slow and then increased the pressure, you were gasping for air, moving your hips faster and faster trying to get more of my fingers in your pussy. I felt your body tense quickly this time and I stopped. You got off of your knees and I pulled out all of my fingers. You sat down heavily on the seat and looked at me your legs wide open. You looked at me and said, "why are you doing this to me" Before you could finish that sentence, I kissed you deeply, my tongue pushing your tongue back into your mouth I then moved down quickly to your pussy and started licking your clit.

As soon as my tongue hit your clit you moaned. I then inserted 2 fingers palm upward deep inside and I lifted the tips of my fingers until they were pressing on the roof of your pussy. I kept pushing them upward and I took my other hand and pushed down in the area that is about 2" below your navel, but about one inch above your clit. While maintaining that pressure.

I moved to the side and looked up at you. You made eye contact, your eyes wide your mouth breathing a little heavy and you said "What" I said, "Get ready, your about to squirt and cum" You said that's impossible I've never done that before" and before you could finish that sentence I stared fingering your pussy with those 2 fingers, faster and faster I finger fucked you.

I was slamming my hand in and out of you, my palm on each inward stroke slammed hard up against your clit. My other hand pushing down. You were almost hyperventilating your breathing so quick. I kept fingering you harder and faster and then you arched your back I released the pressure on your abdomen and kept fingering you.

You screamed so loudly and you squirted an orgasm then drenched your boyfriend. I heard him say what the fuck and I kept jack hammering your pussy with my hand and you kept squirting and screaming. I kept that up for a minute then I slowed down and fingered you slowly. You were crying again, but not from frustration of previously, but because your senses were on overload and you screamed once more and squirted again.

Your boyfriend had moved out of the way of the first squirt, but now he came up closer and was looking at your pussy.

I rammed my fingers in fast and furious and you screamed, arched your back and squirted again catching him in the chest and face. He quickly moved out of the way. I pulled my fingers out and put my face down to your pussy and licked your juices and then licked your clit. My cock was damn hard this whole time. I gently licked you and lapped up your juices. I then got between your legs and put the tip of my cock against your pussy. You shook your head, but didn't say anything. I inserted my fat head into your pussy and your eyes opened fully.

I then slowly inch by inch inserted until I was all the way in and my chest was against your chest, my face up near your face. You looked at me, leaned forward and kissed me passionately and then wrapped your arms around me and said Uber driver will you make love to me.

I think I love you… I started moving my fat cock in and out of you. You said, "I know I love the way you make love, I'm sorry I was mad before" and then you kissed me again.

I was moving my hips slowly just back and forth and then I kissed you one time and then I reached back and took hold of your ankles and lifted them up and spread them wide. I did this on the back stroke and then I rammed my cock forward and even deeper. Your eyes flew wide open and you let out another scream and I picked up the pace. Faster and faster I plunged deep inside of you, on the back stroke I would take it all the way out except for the head and then plunge it deep inside of you.

Your body was now moving all over the seat, your fingers clawing my back and I started moving my hips side to side and in and out. Slow at first and then faster and faster. I felt you cum and you didn't scream, but your mouth was open you were breathing faster and faster.

I kept doing that and I felt myself getting ready to release. I pulled your legs back in and dropped them down a bit so that you were gripping me tighter, I slowed down the tempo. I reached behind your back and lifted you up off the seat and while my cock was buried deep inside of you I flipped you over and now you were sitting on me.

your breasts where I could suck on them and told you, "you're in charge now, I want you to make me cum". Well, I figured you wouldn't be able to go the distance, but you bent your knees and started riding my cock up and down. I kept playing with those tits, kneading them and sucking on the nipples. I felt your pussy juices running down my legs My breathing was quickening and I felt your fingers tickling my nut sack and your body moving up and down on my cock.

You put your hands on my shoulder and pushed back a little bending my cock backwards. Then you started rocking forward and backward.

Tickling my nuts and I was ready to cum… You then leaned into me wrapped your arms around my neck and I put my hands on your hips and was raising you up off of my cock and back down. You leaned in even further and kissed me. I felt myself cumming and I did. I shot my load deep into you and I felt your pussy orgasm at the same time. Then you sat down on my lap, my cock up inside of you. You kept kissing my lips, my face, my lips. Then as you felt my cock softening you pulled it out and stood up.

I went to stand up and you pushed me back down, got down between my legs and tried to take all of me into your mouth.

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You got the first 6 inches into your mouth, but couldn't get the rest without gagging so you just kept sucking that up and down and I grew harder and harder. Y0ur mouth was jack hammering my cock and your other hand was playing with my balls. Faster and faster you went, it was my turn to breathe hard. I lo0ked over at your boyfriend and I seen him loose another load of cum. Your ass was down near the carpet and I looked over at your boyfriend and when I made eye contact I looked at his cock and then my eyes looked at your ass and I nodded at him.


He understood and he came over and lifted your ass so that you were on your knees. You tried to pull off my cock, I guess to see what he was doing, but I kept your head fully on my cock and then when he shoved his hard cock into your pussy. I heard you gasp and he started banging your pussy. You went back to sucking me and he was fucking you harder and harder.

It didn't take long and I heard him moan and I seen his body stiffen. While he shot his load into you. I pushed your head down so that you took my whole cock and your face was in my pubes and I shot my load down your throat. All 3 of us stayed that way for a few moments and then he pulled out and sat back down with his back against our seat.

You lifted off me, cum dripping off your chin and I leaned back in the seat. After about 10 minutes of sitting we silently got up, got dressed. I got into the driver's seat and I drove back to your hotel. When I got to the front door. Your boyfriend looked over at me and said how far do you live from here. I said about 20 minutes and then you said, "well why don't you come up to our room and you can leave in the morning.

I'm sure you are tired and it wouldn't be safe for you to drive in this condition. I know I can barely walk" I parked and somehow, we made it up to the room and we all stripped down and climbed into the king size bed. I laid down and then your boyfriend and then you on the other side. We turned off the light said goodnight and went to sleep. The next morning when they alarm went off we all woke up but didn't get out of bed. I must admit it was a bit awkward. I always wake up with a hard on and this morning was no different.

Then I rolled over and my cock brushed up against your husband's ass and then he turned his head and said…