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Kostenlos ohne anmeldung sexfilme
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The night was cold, The house was quiet and felt oh so lifeless. It was the complete opposite though you see, My mom was in her room sleeping, So I assumed. You see my mother isn't the prettiest woman, nor is she one of the most attractive but growing up she was always the center of my thoughts, Should they be sexually, or just women in general. My mom (Kathy) stands about 5'3" with dark hair that comes just 3 inches above her waist. She's equipped with a decently sagging 36C breasts and a butt that looks like it was something when she was young, Giving me the constant urge to want to just grab each cheek and squeeze with all my might.

About myself, My names Jimmy but most people just call me Jim since it's shorter.

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Next to my mother I stand a towering 6'2" with a medium build, not fat but nor any 6 pack Joe. My father passed away when I was 4 and now me, my mom and my step sister and step dad live in a 3 bedroom house together. My step father (Charles) was out of town picking up my sister. She was staying at families house to get away for a little while. As I laid quietly in my room, I wondered what my mom was doing, was she sleeping?

Thinking about something? Who knew.

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When I'm bored, My mind thinks about many things at once. When A mental clip played in my mind. It was me getting out of the bathroom and walking into the living room. I saw a slightly blurring image of my mom sitting on the reclining couch enjoying her daily soap operas. I noticed that the night gown she had on today was one she wore very rarely.

It was purple with yellow and white flowers and gave a decent look at her day ago shaved legs this one had buttons on the front from top to bottom, and came to only 3 or so inches below her knees. Suddenly the thought came to me, she wasn't wearing a bra!

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The last time I saw her was when she was watching TV in the living room, I remember her breasts parting slightly to her sides as well as hanging lower on her chest than they usually do. I can always tell when she's not wearing A bra, because her nipples are usually poking out and boy does that turn me on.

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The night slowly drifted on and the house became colder with it. Soon enough my usual thin blanket wasn't going to cut it and I was forced to get up and find something more suitable for the cold or shiver the entire night. As I got up from my bed and approached the door, I felt my cock sporting a nice tent in my basketball shorts I wear to sleep. I figured my mom's asleep and it's pretty dark, so I didn't see any reason to tuck it in.

Opening the door to my room, I walked into the hall and turned on the light as I made my way toward the small closet on the other end. As I approached the closet, A sudden voice startled me. It was my mom, speaking through her slightly open bedroom door she curiously asked why I was still awake so late in the night. I replied by saying my room was getting too cold for me and I just wanted to grab another blanket to keep warm. She didn't say anything for a moment but I heard something suddenly that sounded like metal buttons being clasped closed.

After A few moments of that, She asked if I'd like to join her in the master bedroom. I thought nothing much of it, so I walked in turning on the light to get a view of everything.


She went on explaining how it was warming due to the area heater she has and the thicker blankets on her bed. I quickly slipped under the covers. As I got comfortable, I accidently brushed my leg against hers. Just a short while later, we both fell soundly asleep under the warmth of the covers. I found myself awaken in the middle of the night by my mom rolling over onto my left warm. She rolled slightly more and in this position was spooning me ever so slightly.

In an effort to not wake her I just put my other arm over her, this way we kept warmer and was still comfortable.

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In doing so, My fingertips landed right in the middle of her left breast. I could feel her firm nipple under my index finger and instantly felt a surge flow through my body and begin to wake my cock. With my cock lightly pressing against my mom's butt, I tried to think of things to calm myself and hope my swelling cock would deflate. My efforts lasted a whole 5 seconds, Till my mother slightly stirred and her nipple moved around under my fingers.

With all the excitement surging through me, and my adrenaline steady flowing I mustered up an ounce of man and did something I never thought I'd have the guts to do. Spreading the fingers of my right hand, I cupped my mother's left breast into my hand and squeezed a little.

From my mother came a dim moan, surprising, because I was expecting to get slapped across the face and kicked back into my cold room. Thinking from the pleasant moan she gave, I thought she enjoyed me feeling her breast. I moved my right hand back and with both hands I gently took hold of both breasts and slightly squeezed, as not to wake her.

Another pulse went through my body causing my cock to press into my mother's crack slightly. Keeping my Raging penis from entering my mother's love canal, was just a few layers of thread. Suddenly A gasp came from my mother and she instantly sat up in her bed and stared me dead in the eyes. With a hint of anger in her voice, she asked what on earth I was doing? Extremely hesitant to answer, I mumbled out an I don't know.

After rubbing her head for a moment as if she'd instantly gotten a headache she asked what make me want to touch my own mother in a sexual manner.


I laid there quietly for a minute, thinking how on earth to explain myself. I had made up my mind, I'd pour myself out to her, explain everything. So I went on to tell her how she'd always been my main fantasy, That whenever I'm horny or need pleasure it was the thought of her that I went to time and time again.

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"I've never been more attracted to any woman in my entire life than I am to you mom", I said as she looked into my eyes. What came next took me by complete surprise. I felt her hands come up and grab both of mine and place my palms over both of her breasts.

She cupped my hands over her nice pair, signaling me to grab and explore then as I wished. So heck, I knew this was probably never going to happen again, the fuck with it I went to town! I moved my palms to the side and rubbed her braless nipples over her night gown with lust. As I did this, I could feel the bumps in her nipples, it felt like there was nothing between them and my fingertips. Her now completely erect nipple was poking out at attention and boy did I take notice, and so did she, moving her head down to look at my hands fondling her.

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I paused for a moment, and processed what the fuck I was doing, in doing so my mom said "why'd you stop?" That snapped me back to reality Oh sorry mom, I just never thought you'd let me touch you like this is all, I said.

A small giggle came from her followed by, Well don't tell anyone! I'm sure she knew I wouldn't tell another soul, but in my mind I was thinking "no way I'd ruin my chance of this happening again" After A while of just feeling her breasts she looked at me and said "let's try the real thing now" And proceeded to open the mental buttons on her night gown, I wanted to help her to get it done quicker but didn't dare ruin the moment by rushing her.

Even though it was pretty dark, I could just make out the outline of her breasts, Kind of saggy but hey, for my age any boobs were well.boobs. I quickly grabbed a firm hold of them, it was amazing how much better they felt without anything covering those two luscious breasts. All of the sudden, she kissed me! I didn't know what to do but my mind made a choice on the fly if you will, kissing her back was the only logical thing to do. I mean if I just sat there, with my boobs in her hand and her trying to suck my face, well it was a 100% guarantee to end the moment and probably bring up thoughts of great regret.

I felt something above the covers moving, it was her hand! As I felt it moving along the bed, I knew it reached its destination when I felt my mom rubbing my now hard cock through my shorts.

I broke the kiss with gasp, my hold on her breast's loosened. Lay back and let me do what you've imagined me doing for years, she said in a low but sexy voice. So as any kid would, I laid back on the bed as she reached into my pants and wrapped her slightly cold hand around my dick. I flinched, the cold of her hand was unexpected, but completely welcome. My mom straddled my legs and looked into my eyes with one hand down my pants and began stroking my cock. In the back of my head I was thinking "She's going to let me fuck her!" but I knew that was probably pushing it.

Take off these shorts, the elastic band is making it uncomfortable to stroke your warm meat my mom said. I got up INSTANTLY, and my shorts were on the ground in no time, the warm but still a little cool air in the room made me want to get back on the warm sheets of the bed.

I spread my legs so for a better feeling, and to make it more comfortable on her. Up and down went her hand on my warm cock, the feeling was indescribable, here I was getting a hand job but not any ordinary hand job. The fact that it was from my most only enticed the feeling so much more. I felt my balls tighten and I knew what was coming in the near future. With one more long strong, I felt my hot cum streaming up my cock and out of the head on to my mothers hand.

OH FUCK YES MOM!!!!! I can't tell you how good it feels cumming all over your hand. After any orgasm I have, I felt so tired suddenly, My eyes began to close. I was drifting off to sleep after my powerful orgasm, My attempts to stay awake were hopeless.

I wanted tonight to be something allot more, but my body was ready to rest. I shut my eyes one final time for the night and fell into a deep sleep.