Diminutive legal age teenager porn movie

Diminutive legal age teenager porn movie
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These are the adventures of a married couple and an encounter that changed their lives forever but in a most unusual way. I welcome all comments both positive and negative and also welcome emails on [email protected] with ideas for stories. After the Party Part 1 Carol and I had only been married for 6 years when it happened. It wasn't meant to happen like this and indeed we hadn't gone out looking for it. Carol and I both thought that we adored each other and wanted no more than we already had in our short married life, but tonight it was all going to change.

Carol was much younger than me, I am 43 to her 27 and I suppose I was her first real boyfriend having met her when she was only 19 and taken her virginity a year later. I had been back from a military training camp and the party was at one of the clubs in the Barracks. Having dressed in my casual jeans and top, I looked up to see Carol, my very curvy wife in a white cotton dress that was off the shoulder on one side and seemed to stick to every curve of her body.

Buttons adorned the front of the dress and were open just enough to expose a generous helping of her breast flesh. And as far I was concerned they were all the right curves in all the right places. And this was something that first attracted me to her. And whilst she was very well endowed at the front (more of the initial attraction) to my mind tits could never be too big!

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Carol's curvy arse was another attraction and I knew I would have to try hard to keep my eyes, let alone hands, off my pretty young wife. With her dark hair curling down around her shoulder and her big brown eyes made up to perfection she looked absolutely delicious. We travelled in a taxi to the event and paid the driver before entering the hall and throng of people that were there. Having gotten them both a drink I sat alongside Carol and smiled at her.

Paul a friend from my unit and the same age but a little taller than me and similarly built was first on the scene as he made his way towards our table. I could see instantly that Paul's eyes seemed to be stuck on my wife's fabulous breasts but that didn't bother me at all. Paul had been divorced a few years now having been caught by his wife sleeping with a young female soldier.

Besides it was quite a turn-on that other men liked to look at my trophy wife. Of course Carol didn't know this fact, like so many other thoughts and ideas that Peter had. It was his little secret along with a hundred more that were even more diverse and perverse than that one.

But then he was a dirty older man with a gorgeous sexy younger wife and what a trophy she was! But then Carol had secrets of her own too! Paul and Carol started to chat as I went to the bar and got some more drinks. As I stood waiting for service I looked back across the room to see them deep in conversation and my mind started to wander.

I wasn't gay, well at least I thought I wasn't. I certainly didn't fancy any guys. But then with all the time that I was away from home with the Army and with access to the internet and chat rooms I had developed a liking for looking at and talking about big cocks. And I loved to wank and chat to men on chat rooms about sucking and wanking.

The last time that Carol was away I had even tried her dildo in my arse just to experience it, a painful experience for me which I didn't see repeating again too soon.

And although I had never actually touched another cock I did fantasise about sucking or being throat fucked by 2 big cocks. And what was more, to have my beautiful curvy wife Carol watching got me even more excited. But tonight I was with my wife and best friend and we were all drinking a lot. I watched Carol dancing very close to Paul and could not contain my excitement (nor my erection) imagining Paul with Carol in our marital bed.

"Listen Paul&hellip.!" I smiled as I heard the 'last orders at the bar' being called. "Do you fancy a nightcap at our place? We're getting a taxi home and you can stay, or go on from our place?" "Sure Mate!" Paul grinned and drank the last of his beer directly from the can. We both turned to see Carol walk back over to us clearly worse for wear from drinking.

She smiled and gave me a big kiss as I led her and Paul out to the waiting taxi. Once at home Carol sat on the sofa and started to doze. I sat alongside her with Paul opposite, both of us drinking beer. "Is she sleeping yet?" I asked as I sat with my arm around her but unable to see her face. Paul nodded with a smile. Immediately I flicked the TV channels to a late night German channel featuring a busty blonde and 2 big black men and equally big black cocks.

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"Fuck me Pete, you watch this sort of thing all the time?" Paul laughed. "Of course!" I replied. "Wouldn't you?" "I dunno Pete." Paul looked at me. "Dunno if I'd need to do that if I was married to Carol!" There was a moment of silence between us as we looked at each other and then I smiled and raised my glass. "Well here's to all tastes!" I grinned.

The film continued and I reached my hand a little lower and cupped one of Carol's huge soft breasts through her dress. "So you like tits then?" Paul looked at me then at my wife. "Oh fuck yes!" He grinned. "Wanna see these?" I looked down at her from my vantage point as I felt my erection starting to push into her back.

Paul simply looked back at me in bewilderment. "Are you serious?" He asked.

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Without replying I reached around with my other hand and flicked open the top button of Carol's dress then another button. Almost immediately her soft pale breast flesh seemed to have a life of its own and surged forwards pushing the dress open. "Fuck!" Was all that Paul could say as he watched me undress my drunk wife.

"You like?" I knew that I really didn't need to ask as Paul was now sporting a big lump in his jeans and ignoring the TV to concentrate on my actions.

Another button was flicked open and Carol's white bustier came into view. It was clearly too small for her and barely held her huge breasts in place as I continued to pop the buttons and we both became increasingly aroused. The bottom of the bustier came into view showing Carol's plump tummy adorned with a red jewel in her belly button and then matching panties came into view.

Paul could see from where he was sitting that Carol had little or no hair on her pussy as the thin silky material sat flat against her lips. His cock was now rock hard as he looked at this beautiful curvy woman being uncovered by me, her horny dirty older husband. Finally the dress was completely open and I pulled it apart to show off my wife's full underwear including black lace top holdups that sat perfectly on her pale thighs and ran down her legs to her black heels.

Paul stood and I immediately saw the shape of his erection through his trousers. It appeared a lot larger than I had imagined.

I felt my mouth start to water as I gazed at my best friend in a new light. I had often imagined (and dreamt of) seeing my best friend's cock rock hard. I had seen it in the Barracks communal showers a few times and it appeared large even when flaccid but now looked even bigger and much more exciting. "Show me her tits in full!" Paul suddenly said as he started to undo his belt and zipper on his jeans.

I reached up the front of his wife's bustier and pulled on the bow that was tied just between the cups. It immediately came undone and loosened the lace that was intertwined down the front of the garment.

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The fat heavy breasts needed no encouragement to show themselves now and practically forced the bustier to open as the lace unravelled. Within seconds Carol's huge pale breasts bounced out of their captive state and her large nipples came into view. "Fuck!" Was all that Paul could say once again as I watched as he pulled a massive rock hard cock from his trousers and started to ease his hand up and down the long thick shaft at the sight of Carol's breasts. My cock was now rock hard and sticking directly into the back of my wife, made this way by the sight of my wife but also the sight of my friend's cock being wanked over my wife.

But then……………………it all seemed to go wrong. Carol moaned softly and moved slightly. We both froze, me holding Carol steady with a hand on her naked left breast and Paul standing just above her with his cock rock hard in the hand.

And Carol opened her eyes!


She seemed dazed and confused! She looked up at Paul and then down at his cock! Then she looked down at herself and then up at me quizzically. "What……………&hellip.the…………………um!" I went to speak then noticed Carol had a twinkle in her eyes as she looked up at me and then back at Paul's cock.

Her lips were slightly parted and I could also see her nipples seemed to be starting to harden. Paul went to retreat back to the seat but I stopped him. "Wait!" I said as I took one of my wife's hands in mine and reached it over until it was just above the massive cock on show.


Carol smiled at Paul as she reached down and closed her fingers around the thick cock head. "I take it you like my tits then Paul?" She grinned. Paul's cheeks reddened and he smiled almost apologetically. "Well perhaps you'd like to see more?" She said, suddenly standing and letting her dress fall to the floor. "Follow me!" She said firmly before turning back to me. "And you can come too, but just to watch!" She grinned. Paul was directly behind Carol's fat bum cheeks as she walked slowly and seductively up the stairs towards her bedroom and I followed, entranced in my own imagination as to what was about to happen.

I could see that Paul was only just behind her wiggling bum and his cock was still rock hard and sticking out of the front of his jeans.

My cock was also rock hard inside my trousers. We reached the top of the stairs and Carol turned to Paul sliding her fingers around his thick shaft. "Come with me!" She purred in his direction before looking back at me. "You wait in the spare room until I call you." With that she turned and entered the bedroom with a smiling Paul following her in.

I felt dejected as the door closed on me but decided I would do as I was told and entered the room lying on the bed next to the adjoining wall of his and his wife's bedroom. I slowly stripped down to my boxers in the hope that I might get some action from her (or even him) that night. But this wasn't what I wanted and I ventured out onto the landing again before leaning down to look through the keyhole of the door as the sight of Carol came into view.

Carol's bustier had now been discarded as had her thong as I watched with increasing excitement. My wife's heavy breasts were now completely exposed.

She was leaning forward with her hands on the headboard of the bed at an angle to the door. I watched, my cock now free from the boxers and in my hand as Carol looked back over her shoulder almost preparing herself for what was to come. Then her body jerked as she looked behind again with a look of pure pleasure in her eyes.

All I could see clearly was her head and shoulders which were jerking rhythmically, her long hair and fat breasts swinging back and forth as Paul was pounding his big cock into her tight cunt from behind her aggressively. She dropped her head down and I couldn't see the expression on her face but it was obvious when she came, she tensed with her arms locked straight and she threw her head back towards her new found lover before arching back.

Immediately Paul, supposedly my best friend, reached around and placed a big hand over her cunt lips and rubbed her clitoris as his other hand groped at her fleshy breasts.

My cock jerked in my hand as I heard Carol literally scream out in pure unadulterated pleasure as she came again and again. I watched through my spyhole as Paul grabbed Carol's practically naked body and turned her to the side glancing briefly at the door.

I quickly darted my head away before peeping back through. It was then that I could see his enormous erect cock thrusting into her. He seemed so strong and so aggressive and Carol was clearly loving everything that was happening to her. Paul placed his large hands gripping my wife around her waist and she started sliding herself up and down his long thick shaft. As he lifted her up I could just see her cunt lips being pulled as they clung to his thick shaft as she slid up and down on it.

I was rock hard but feeling quite sad and pathetic as I continued to watch the show. Paul turned Carol to face the door again and this time he rammed his massive cock home all the way making her scream as all around 10 inches of his solid meat entered her.

He stopped fully inside her with his dick buried full length into her and lifted her up pressing her hard against the headboard of the bed. I watched as she turned her face to kiss him and after a long and deep kiss he finally lifted her off his cock. I could see it is still fully erect and nearly came there and then. It was literally dripping with her juices. "Now suck on my meat you dirty slut!" I gasped as I heard what he had called her recalling that she would never have let me call her anything like that.

I saw her drop to her knees in front of him and start sucking vigorously on his fat dick. All I could see through the keyhole now was the top of Carol's hair bobbing back and forth and I imagined her mouth making the most of the meaty feast she was receiving. Ten minutes went by as she fought to try to take as much of his cock into her slutty mouth as she gagged continuously while sucking and licking Paul's monster cock.

I retired to the spare room to hear them grunting and groaning as they fucked. Suddenly my mobile rang and with a pre cum stained hand I clicked on the receive button. "Peter you can come in now!" I heard Carol say before the line went dead. Excitedly I approached the room and could still hear the sounds of their sex.

Carol's loud moans of rapture coincided with a sloshing noise and behind that a lower, deeper moaning and grunting. I was waiting outside the door and heard the sound of Carol cumming harder than I knew I had ever made her cum.

Then I heard her shouting. "Oh fuck, yes. Please Sir! Yes I want it! Sir, please cum in me, for fucks sake cum in me, please, oh god yes Sir, please!" I suddenly now hated what was going on in the room and couldn't understand why Carol was calling Paul 'Sir'.

But with my little dick as hard as it had ever been I knocked on the door and tried the handle and the door opened. The sight that caught my eye was a magnificently sculptured back of a well muscled man with a pair of my wife's slender shapely stocking covered legs wrapped around his waist, crossed at the ankles.

The shoes on her feet were locked tightly together from ankle to toe. Her heels were pushed hard into his buttocks, her calf muscles taught and quivering as she used the pressure of her feet to force him into her. His buttocks were clenching and relaxing as though he was still cumming. After a few moments he swung a hand round to her ankles and gently prised them from his back and her feet fell to the floor.


He slowly rolled to one side of her and as he moved I could see his enormous, semen streaked cock sliding out of my wife. Not until he was alongside did the huge cock head finally pop out of her cum drenched and well used cunt.

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His magnificent cock lay across her stomach, still half erect and dripping wet with a mix of his and her cum. Her cunt was gaping and pussy lips looked swollen and red. Carol had a look of bliss on her face at that moment with his spunk still on her lips and dripping from her cunt.

She looked at me with a dazed grin. "Peter, don't just stand there, shut the door and get that fucking tiny dick out!" She scowled. "Let's see if I can feel you fuck this juicy cunt or are you just going to stand there like a sissy and cum in your pants again?". I felt my cheeks flush and looked startled by her words. Embarrassed I pulled down my boxers and my cock sprang out. "Well come on then…………………fuck me if you're going to!" Paul looked at me and I noticed his cock starting to thicken again.

I obligingly knelt between her legs and pushed my engorged and throbbing cock towards her swollen pussy lips. The tip began to slip between the spunk soaked flesh and then she parted her legs and sucked me in with no pressure and no pushing from me. "Fuck me then, Pete!" She demanded as she watched the pathetic sight of me, kneeling between her legs.

The thick cock of Paul was still resting on her stomach and he leaned down to take hold of one of Carol's fat tits in his mouth and took a nipple between his lips. I looked into my wife's joyous eyes with her lips parted and almost smirking at me as she eased the tip of her tongue out to lick Paul's sperm off her lips.

With the sight of this I suddenly shot my load into her mingling with the cum already inside her. As the sensation of the most powerful orgasm I had ever had subsided the embarrassment hit me. I wasn't a brilliant lover but I thought of myself as having a reasonable control at least until now when I had witnessed her being fucked, properly fucked by a giant cock in comparison to my 5 inches.

Carol looked at me in disgust and turned to Paul. "He's already cum… he usually lasts a bit longer than that!" Paul laughed. "Well you need a real man with real meat!" He laughed as his cock twitched and started to harden as I watched both of my wife's hands slide back around his thick shaft. "Fuck off back to the spare room Pete, it was a waste of time asking you in!" Carol scorned. "I want to feel Paul fucking me more before he needs to leave!" She looked at me with disdain.

"Or do you want to stay and watch and see how a real man fucks?" I looked from my wife to Paul and back again and dipped my head.

"Can I stay?" "Sit over there then!" She replied firmly pointing to a chair in the corner. I obliged my cock now wilting. "Now Sir!" Carol grinned at him as his cock reached its full hardness again. "Can you please fuck me again and make me cum hard?

Please?" He smiled at her and kissed her. "Yes Slut! Climb on top of me!" I heard her scream again as she slid down his pole and rubbed her fat tits into his face. I left the room and went into the spare room again. I was awoken by the front door being closed and entered our bedroom. My wife was under the covers and appeared to be sleeping. I pulled the covers back to look at her and she suddenly turned to me. "Who said you could come in here?" She asked. "What……………&hellip.I thought………………&hellip.um!" "Well think again!" She cut me off in mid sentence.

"You can only come in my bed when I say so!" She suddenly grinned up at me. "Now come in!" I climbed in and could feel the heat of her body against me. "Did you enjoy that?" I asked still feeling hurt.

"Of course I did!" She snapped back. "He made me cum 5 times!" "Why were you calling him Sir?" I asked. "Because he is my Master!" Carol giggled as she reached down to her well used cunt and slid her fingers inside bringing them out smeared in Paul's cum. Licking one she tasted him again. "This is a real man's cum!" She pushed her hand towards my face.

"Taste it!" I immediately turned my face away. "I said fucking taste it!" She shouted.

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"You always expected me to taste yours by swallowing it so taste his cum or I will make you taste it the next time we meet." I looked at my wife with growing unease. "Fucking do it!" Licking her fingers obediently like the weak husband I am I tasted him. "Next time?" I queried. "Yes Peter!" She smiled. "He is coming to the house next week and the week after and the week after……………………………&hellip.!" I heard her giggle.

"Now you always wanted to go down on me when I have cum inside. Now's your chance!" Her eyes were big and brown and just the sight of her body was making my cock hard. "Do it Peter!" She said patronisingly and if you are a good boy then I might let you wank over my tits!" And she did…………………………………………&hellip.!

To be continued.