Pelon de brazzer folla a caliente colegiala en la direccion de la escuela

Pelon de brazzer folla a caliente colegiala en la direccion de la escuela
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CHAPTER 1 "For a scientist, David you're not very observant. We're bringing back six new residents. I'm pregnant again!" I looked into those beautiful pale green eyes and told her how much I loved her. I really did—I was the luckiest man in the world. I kissed her then leaned back as we took off, soaring into the sky.

I reclined my seat as I told Hosi I needed sleep. "Somebody keeps me awake all night," I kidded. She blew a kiss and I fell asleep. I was suddenly awakened by Hosi squeezing in to the seat with me. We were there maybe fifteen minutes when the flight attendant told us we had to have our seatbelts fastened—turbulent weather ahead.

I unlatched my belt, ran it around Hosi and pulled it tight to refasten it. Hosi squeezed even closer into me. I looked up at her—words were unnecessary.

I put my arm around her…laid her head on my shoulder and we fell asleep again. Unfortunately, I couldn't caress Hosi's breast. I couldn't wait for some privacy so I could demonstrate my love for her appropriately. We were awakened hours later by the attendant who told us we were about to land.

Hosi returned to her seat; we moved them into "the full upright position," and waited for the landing in Brazil. Our diplomatic passports enabled us to move swiftly through Immigration and Customs. We had our bag so we grabbed a cab to the American Consulate. Once again we were granted admission and escorted to the Consul's office.

"Hello, again," I began, "Secretary Spillane requested we return these to you. I doubt we will need them again." "Yes, I received a cable from the Secretary. He is most appreciative of your efforts on behalf of your country.

I have no idea what you did—and I don't really want to know—but he has given instructions to hold the passports here in the event that you will need them again. Also, I've been instructed to inform you that your mother has been sent to Gitmo and will stay there unless you intervene. Does that make any sense to you?" "Yes, unfortunately it does. My mother tried to kill me. If it weren't for Hosi I'd probably be dead now.

Please tell John I said thanks, but I have no intention of doing anything for at least the next year. Then I don't care what they do with or to her. Thanks for your help; I do have one more request." Knowing that the Consulate had all kinds of communications equipment I asked if someone would send a message to my brother.

I gave them the time and frequency along with the brief message; it went out and was received at 9:00 that night.

Hosi and I found a small hotel; on the way she asked me, "What is 'gitmo?'"I explained it was short for Guantanamo Bay, a navy base on the island of Cuba, which was interesting because basically we were enemies. I explained the history and how the U.S. had established a detention center there for terrorists." "Is your mother a terrorist?" "Not really, but when you attack someone with diplomatic status I guess that's terrorism.

I'm sure she was more surprised than even we were. Truthfully, I don't really care." We checked in for the night. The first thing she did was turn on the TV; luckily there were no ADULT programs, not that Hosi needed them.

After a plain vanilla start she had begun to show considerable imagination, wanting to try everything. Some of the positions she told me about were physically impossible for mortal men.

I only prayed she didn't learn about BDSM. We went to a rodizio—an all-you-can-eat Brazilian barbeque restaurant—for dinner. The waiter stood there unbelieving at how much Hosi could eat. She must have had the world's fastest metabolism because she never gained even a single pound. Having slept on the plane we went out looking for some nightlife—anything so long as I didn't have to dance.

So, of course, we wound up in a bar/club where there was loud music and crazy Brazilian dancing. I loved looking at it—it was sexy as hell when other people did it--but I knew from past experience that I looked like a scarecrow in a tornado. We sat and listened, ordering two beers until some guy came and asked Hosi to dance. I waved her on—I knew she could take care of herself and I wanted her to have a good time.

Unfortunately that good time took a nasty turn when the guy put his hand someplace where only I was given permission to go. She slapped him, but the impact was more like a punch from Mike Tyson. He looked up startled from the floor to see Hosi stomping away, coming back to me at the table.

"You've got to stop killing off the population," I kidded her, but I kept an eye on her erstwhile dancing partner. He got up and walked away, but soon he was gesturing wildly to several friends who stole glances in our direction.

Rather than turn Hosi loose I asked a waiter for the manager. When he came I acted indignant that my wife had been groped on the dance floor so badly that she had to slap her assailant.

I pointed to where they were standing. Next thing I knew they were being escorted out. I prayed they'd have the good sense to leave. They didn't; they were there in the street when we left. "Gentlemen," I began in my best Portuguese, "why don't we just call this a misunderstanding? My wife felt you insulted her and she reacted. Probably we're all square. Let's not overreact." Naturally, there were some really insulting remarks aimed at my manhood.

I had to explain in English to Hosi who was incensed, just what I wanted to avoid. She gave me her shoes and shooed me back to the building.

It was brutal—I couldn't watch. In less than a minute all three men were lying, bleeding in the gutter. Hosi was just putting her sandals back on when the police arrived. I explained what had occurred and why, finishing by saying we didn't want to press charges.

The officer laughed, agreeing that they had probably paid the worst punishment already, being beaten by a girl. I translated everything for Hosi—everything but that last comment. We didn't need her assaulting a policeman. We were just about to walk away when he asked how she did it. "Karate expert," was my answer. He nodded knowledgeably in response. We walked slowly back to the hotel, arriving there in five minutes.

I led Hosi to our room; it was pretty much what I would have expected in any medium to large city—small, quiet, and somewhat worn. I collapsed on the relatively small double bed. Hosi fell on top of me. "You know, you should be more careful, being pregnant, and all." She pooh-poohed me, telling me that I was being silly. "You worry too much, David. I could handle them while I was giving birth. They were sissies."  "Maybe, but some day they'll have guns and you'll be dead.

Then what will I do? What will Kela do?" That was all I had to say. She knew I'd survive, but her daughter&hellip. she was contrite. "I don't know what came over me, David. I love it when you touch me there, but I don't want anyone else to do it." "Then what you needed to do was leave the dance floor and come back to me.

He would have gotten the message and nobody would have gotten hurt. Remember, this is supposed to be 'civilization.'" She looked at me, saw that I was kidding and we both laughed. We rolled around on the bed and when we stopped we looked into each other's eyes. We couldn't get our clothes off fast enough. I ripped my shirt over my head and threw it—no idea where. I'd worry about it later, maybe tomorrow. My shorts were shrugged over my knees and past my ankles. Somehow Hosi was way ahead of me.

She giggled as she pulled my boxers down my legs. She threw them into the air and dove onto me. "Is it OK if I touch you…there," I asked kiddingly. "David, you can touch me everywhere and you can do anything you want to me." I looked again into those marvelous green eyes and whispered, "I love you." "Well, then, why aren't you fucking me?" "Well," I said pensively, "I think that first I want to lick and suck your breasts and then I want to lick and suck your delectable pussy and then I think I'll finger your ass." That got her attention!

"And then…maybe I'll fuck you. Since that will take a while I think I'd better get started…OK?" By now she was laughing hysterically. I moved down to what she laughingly referred to as her "blobs of fat." God, they were gorgeous, so beautifully formed…so terribly sensitive.

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I lowered my mouth, kissing her all over her breasts before moving to her areolas. Hosi's weren't huge, only about an inch and a half in diameter, but they were incredibly sensitive.

Touching her areolas was more exciting to Hosi than touching, rolling, and pinching her nipples. She always squirmed when I licked them or touched them with my nose. I suckled each breast, actively reminding her of our lovely baby daughter. I moved farther south, licking my way to her navel. In my experience most navels were just there, you know--something in the middle of the belly.

Hosi's was a major tourist attraction, right there in the middle of her six pack abs. Best of all, she was so ticklish there. Just run my tongue around it and she would squeal like a pig while she jumped around the bed. I kissed her abdomen and moved between her silky thighs. As much as I enjoyed the sensation of her smooth skin, that's just how much she enjoyed the touch of my whiskers—go figure!

It never took much to get Hosi wet—a kiss, a caress, a cute joke, or my arm around her waist. After all this her cunt was like the Nile in spring, flooding the banks. Her thighs were covered in juice. I licked them clean, but it was a losing proposition.

I took on the flow at the source, drinking directly from her cunt. I had just pushed my tongue into her tunnel when she shouted, "STOP!" I looked up, confused.

"Turn around. You're not doing all that to me unless I can get even. Send that cock up here so I can suck it." How could I argue with that kind of logic? I spun around and lay on my back. In a second Hosi was on top of me. "It would be so easy to wrestle with you, David. All I'd have to say is 'I'll suck your cock," and you'd be on your back in a second." "Bad joke," I replied, "I hope your cock sucking will be better than that." "You're usually satisfied, aren't you?" She leaned down to kiss the tip and then my cock disappeared.

That was my signal to dive into her cunt. We went at each other for more than five minutes when I took a quick break, "If you keep that up we're going to have to postpone the fucking." "OK, but you have to take care of me." "Don't I always," I asked as I dove back into her cunt. "Yethhh," Hosi replied, her mouth full of hard cock. I rammed my finger into her, rubbing her G-spot furiously while I sucked her clit between my teeth. Hosi began to shudder and shake as she stepped up the action on my cock.

I don't know how she could concentrate while she was shaking so badly but she did. I drove my hips up and my cock into her throat as I spurted into her six times. She came just as hard, drenching my face in her pungent musky cocktail. She rolled off and we lay there for more than a half hour recovering until she said, "We need some of those ADULT movies." "Oh God," I groaned. "Let's go to sleep." She nodded, climbed onto my naked body, and snuggled close, her head securely on my shoulder.

CHAPTER 2 We walked to the small private airport and chartered a plane for the following morning. Then I walked Hosi back toward the hotel.

She was surprised when I turned off. "It's this way," she commented. "Yeah, I know, but…humor me." She shrugged her shoulders, but held my hand and followed along.

She was shocked when I found a jewelry store and walked in. "I want a set of matching wedding bands," I told the clerk. Then, turning to Hosi I told her, "It's customary for married women to wear a ring and lots of men, too. It will be a sign of our love. The ring is symbolic—it goes around forever…never ending, like our love for each other. Let's look at some and see if there's anything we like." Silly…asking if there was anything she would like; she liked everything.

After an hour or so we decided on two rings shaped like intertwined ropes, kind of like the way we intertwined while making love—at least that's what Hosi told me. They actually had two in our sizes. Hosi was all smiles as I placed it on her finger. I grinned ear to ear when she put mine on. I paid with my credit card and we kissed. The bills would go directly to my financial manager. He made a fortune doing this for me and a handful of others.

Now he'd make more once my uncle's fortune was added to mine. I had also sent notarized instructions about Hosi as my heir. Hosi couldn't take her eyes off her ring. She kept pushing her hand out so she could see it and every time she did she reached up and kissed me. I had more than a dozen kisses on the brief two-block stroll, but the real reward came when we got back to the room.

I opened the door for her and followed her in. A second later I was flat on my back with Hosi firmly on top of me.

"You could have just offered to suck my cock, you know." "Sure, but this was more fun. You looked so funny flying through the air. I'm glad you landed on the bed. You might have hurt yourself." "Go ahead…tease me if you want to. I know you planned the whole thing and you'd never let me land on the floor. I'll bet you'd crawl under me to protect me…wouldn't you?" Hosi leaned down and stroked my cheek before kissing me, her tongue snaking into my mouth.

"You know me too well. I'd never let you get hurt." "You know," I replied with a grin, "in most societies I'd be the one saying that. In fact, I'm saying it now…in spite of my currently embarrassing position. There's only one thing wrong." "And, what's that?" "You are wearing your slacks and your panties.

How am I supposed to eat your pussy when it's covered up like that?" "You have a…now, what is the expression…oh, yeah…a one-track mind." "You're right, and my one track begins with the letter 'H.' Now are you going to lose those clothes or what?

Don't make me hurt you." Hosi fell onto me, laughing like crazy. "David, you're so funny. We both know that you'd never hurt me and we both know you'd sacrifice yourself in a second for me or Kela.

Am I right?" I started to reply, but I never had the chance. Hosi covered my mouth with hers. Her hands in my hair pulled me to her as her tongue wrestled with mine.

I had never seen such passion, even in Hosi who was by far the most passionate and most loving woman I had ever known. We kissed for almost five minutes, swapping spit until I broke it and looked up. "So, why are you still dressed?" I pushed Hosi up and flipped her over, pulling her clothes from her body as I did. In seconds she was naked and I was removing my clothes. "You're not the only one here who can wrestle, you know. I did wrestle varsity at Princeton and I was All-Ivy junior and senior years.

However, in the interest of self-preservation I readily admit I'm not in your league. I give up. You can suck my cock. I'm lying down now." Hosi took one look at me and broke out into uncontrolled laughter.

She rolled all over the bed. Suddenly, she stopped and sat up. "I think you should lick my pussy now, don't you. Since you gave up you have to do what I tell you, right?" "Oh, yes ma'am…anything you say." I could barely contain myself, but I did as instructed—I licked that delicious pussy.

As I did, Hosi weakened, "Why do I even pretend to be angry at you? Have we ever had an argument? Not even once. Why is that?" "Well, for one thing," I began, taking a short break to lick the juice from my face, "we are both truly in love with each other. Also, we are both smart enough and mature enough to understand that arguing and fighting never accomplish anything. We know that you are good at certain things and I am good at others.

We're a perfect match for each other." I dove back into her cunt. "How am I supposed to discuss anything with you when…oh, David…when you…ooooh… with you…ooooohhhhh David!" She came hard, her thighs clenching tightly around my head as she shook violently.

Finally, she relaxed, opened her legs, and pulled me up to her. She handled my 200-plus pounds like I was a child. Hosi held me tightly, savoring the effect of my skin on hers. Eventually, she returned to normal. "That was pretty intense, David. Now I think I need to take care of you. She flipped me over and moved down between my legs. She ran her finger lightly over my ball sac and up the underside of my cock. It jumped in response.

Hosi looked up at me, smiled, and engulfed my cock in a single gulp. Hosi was strong—every single part of her. Her tongue and mouth worked over my hard cock with a vengeance. "Hosi…please…if you keep this up I won't be able to fuck you for days. Please move up and sit on my cock. I want to be in you. Please." "You know I can't resist you…especially when I know what pleasure you'll give me.

I love you, David." She moved her way up my body, taking the time to lick my navel and my tiny nipples. She sucked on my neck giving me a big hickey. Damn! For some reason she loved doing that to me. I think it had to do with my embarrassment in the baths when others could easily see the results of our passion for each other.

When she reached my mouth she kissed me forcefully; I reacted to the kiss so strongly I barely noticed when she slid down my cock. It was only when I felt her heat that I sighed into her mouth.

I slowly pushed up, lifting her body around my organ. Hosi started to rock and soon we were in our rhythm—not just a rhythm, our rhythm. It was something we did whenever we fucked; something we did every day; something guaranteed to raise our temperatures to the boiling point. Faster and faster we went; harder and harder we ground into each other until—at last—we exploded into each other.

Hosi collapsed onto me. I gripped her tightly and we kissed again…and again…and again. Finally, she slid off and we found sleep. We woke before dinner, dressed and went out to the street. Hosi told me she did not want a big meal so we looked for a hamburger joint we had seen earlier. I always found it amazing that the entire world had embraced the simple burger.

We found the restaurant and sat down at a table which was less than immaculate. We were used to extremely sanitary conditions in the valley, but we had to admit the food was good. The burgers were served with lettuce, tomato, and onion in addition to cheese and bacon. I was just about to take a bite when Hosi admonished me, "Don't even think about it. Get rid of that onion if you're planning on fucking me tonight." I sheepishly removed the onion receiving a smile of approval from my wife and lover.

We each had a slice of pie for dessert—apple for Hosi, cherry for me. Not surprisingly, the burgers were a lot better than the pie, but we managed to finish and head back to the hotel.

I thought for a moment that we might run into trouble, but the kids moved past us without either comment or threat. I locked the door and turned to find Hosi on her knees with her arms inviting me. "Why are you down there, Hosi?" "This is my 'begging' position. I'm begging you to fuck me." "I liked it better when we made love. I don't really like you using that word and I don't quite understand why you would beg.

All you have to do is lie down on the bed and …well…do nothing." Hosi jumped up in a single graceful motion and fell back onto the bed. "So, do you know what I want now?" "Of course, the same thing you always want…me…to make love with me. Isn't that obvious?" Hosi grinned and waggled her finger. I went to her like a moth to flame. I fell into those strong arms and was reminded of our first time together, making love on the mattress in the company of Queen Aleppa and her guards.

Hosi had held her arms open for me in exactly the same way that morning. I leaned down to kiss her, taking the time to slowly remove the few articles of clothing that covered her body.

I moved down slowly until I was just over her delicious cunt. That morning I had taken her by surprise, but there would be no surprise tonight. Hosi knew exactly what was coming, not that she wouldn't enjoy it every bit as much as that morning demonstration more than eighteen months ago.

I had one or two surprises I hadn't shared with Hosi. Should I try one now? Why not? There's a certain depravity associated with sex in a motel, hotel, inn, or even the city park. I lifted Hosi's legs and covered her cunt with my mouth. I reached up to massage her breasts and roll her nipples. So far I had left her areolas alone. I'd deal with them later. Hosi was reacting as I had anticipated—she was oozing nectar; it coated her legs. I felt she was ready.

I moved up to suck her clit while I pushed my finger into her ass. I began to rub. My other hand went to her tunnel in search of her G-spot. I could feel my other finger from her ass. That's all I did—suck and rub…suck and rub. It was funny watching and feeling Hosi squirm and it was amazing to know that I could render a fierce warrior helpless with nothing more than my fingers and tongue.

I felt her begin to shudder and shake. In a minute it had expanded to a full-blown orgasm, but I kept up my attentions. Hosi experienced one orgasm after another for almost two minutes. It was as though she'd had one giant orgasm that wouldn't end. Finally—mercifully—I stopped. Hosi was covered in sweat. It was the first time I'd ever seen her out of breath.

She lay there for several minutes until she could speak, "What was that?" "My secret weapon. I save it for special occasions…and for very special women." I leaned down to give her a quick kiss. "Now I think we should go to sleep, don't you?" Hosi was too tired to argue. CHAPTER 3 The following morning we took our air charter up river.

I always found it incredible how different things looked from the air. Even at 125 miles per hour the trip took us six hours. We exited and thanked our pilot. We walked the short distance to the harbor. We met Reta and Scott en route and we could tell something was wrong.

The expression on Reta's face said it all. Hosi ran to her. "It's the Queen, "Reta began, "she fell and Dennis thinks she's going to have a…" Scott filled in the blank, "miscarriage." Reta continued, tears in her eyes, "Dennis doesn't think she will live. The fall hurt some things inside her. Oh, Hosi what will we do?" Hosi hugged her friend, "Right now there is nothing we can do. We can't go up the river in the dark…it's much too dangerous.

We have no choice but to wait until tomorrow." We walked back to the harbor where Scott had reserved two rooms. Hosi was really down. I asked her what would happen—who would become the new queen if Aleppa died. "There will be a competition—the best warrior will win and become queen. We do not fight each other, but we will have a contest.

I believe it will be between me and Reta. You'd better hope I win." "Why?" "Reta appears to be in agreement with all the Queen's proclamations, but I know her like I would a sister; she has very different ideas.

I believe that she would enslave all the men if she becomes the next queen. I know what you are thinking—so what, you'd still be mine. But, there is no guarantee in fact I think she would split us up. She still remembers how you outsmarted her with Scott.

Reta doesn't forget. It would be an interesting competition—Reta is stronger than me, but I have better skills.

Let us hope that the Queen survives." We slept uneasily and were up at dawn. We piled into the boat and Scott fired up the engines. We pulled quickly into the river.

In less than a minute we were at top speed of more than forty-five miles an hour. Scott, Reta, and Hosi kept a sharp eye upriver while I checked behind us.

Allowing the valley to be found would be a catastrophe for the tribe. I saw nothing for more than an hour. We met no other boats, so we were in the clear. That gave me time to think about the other potential problem—what to do if Aleppa died and was succeeded by Reta. I knew I couldn't bear being separated from Hosi so I had to find a solution.

I'm pretty good at solving problems and I had the solution to this one by the time we turned into the tributary that would lead to the waterfall and the valley. I would discuss everything with Hosi, but only when I could be sure that we would not be overheard.

We reached the waterfall by mid-afternoon and had climbed the rope within ten minutes of our arrival. We rushed to the hospital. Dennis greeted us with no smile on his face and no hope in his heart. Quickly, he told us of her internal injuries, how the fetus was already dead, and how she was bleeding to death internally.

After Scott and Reta had returned home Dennis continued with us, going over some information he wanted to keep confidential, "I don't understand how she could sustain such severe injuries by falling down a few stairs. The highest staircase in the palace is six steps.

These injuries look like she fell down several flights, at least. It's a mystery, that's for sure." Hosi and I left, taking our sleeping daughter over my shoulder. We were home in minutes. Hosi began to speak, but I silenced her with a finger to her lips. "I need to go to the forges tomorrow morning," I told her, "will you please come with me? We can bring Kela with us." Hosi picked up on what I was doing and went along, agreeing immediately as we prepared for our evening meal and an early bedtime.

Once in bed we were able to whisper. "Something smells badly here, Hosi," I began, "Dennis didn't want to say it out loud, but he thinks there was foul play. Someone here in the valley is responsible. I don't know how yet, but I'll figure it out. We also need to talk about the successor and what we'll do if Reta wins. We can talk some more tomorrow." I kissed Hosi and she spooned with me as usual. Once again we slept fitfully. We woke early when Kela saw us and began to coo excitedly.

We brought her to our bed, playing baby games with her until we rose. We had a light breakfast of fruit and bread before checking on the Queen's condition. There was no change; she was still in a coma, one from which she was unlikely to recover. Hosi and I walked with our toddler through the pine woods into the mountains.

I made sure we were alone before I spoke, "I think someone threw Queen Aleppa down the stairs—maybe more than once. She's young and in good health.

She's strong—a warrior—and she's probably fallen dozens of times without a problem. So how did she fall and do so much damage? I think that she was tricked by someone she trusted and thrown down. That's the only solution that makes sense." "OK, David, but who would do something like that?" "Ask yourself…who would profit from the Queen's death?" Hosi brought her hands to her mouth, "Reta? Surely you don't think&hellip." "Yeah, I do. I think her behavior the last two days was just an act.

We know she disagreed with the Queen on the slavery issue and there's a good chance she could be the next queen. Know anyone else who stands to benefit?

Only you, and you were hundreds of miles away. I want you to be extremely careful around Reta until this is resolved. "Now, let's assume that Reta is the next queen. What do we do? I think we and the other men have to leave. There's only one way we can do that." "Yes, you will need your guns. They would swing the balance of power in your favor.

I believe I can get them, but it will have to be secretly—very late at night." "If you can do that I will take care of the rest—talking to Scott, Dennis, and Kevin. We would only need one boat so if we go we will have to disable the other.

That's easy to do. If this doesn't give you the motivation to beat her, I don't know what will." Hosi wore a determined expression as she nodded her agreement. CHAPTER 4 I spoke to Scott, Dennis, and Kevin later in the day.

Dennis agreed with my assessment of Aleppa's injuries. All three agreed we would have to leave if Reta became queen. Late that night, early morning actually, two rifles, two pistols, and our packs full of ammunition were slipped through the rear window of Hosi's house. We hid them carefully beneath the floor. I had dug out a hollow in anticipation and dumped the soil in the street, much like the prisoners of war did in "The Great Escape," a movie I remembered well.

We were deeply saddened when Queen Aleppa passed on early the following morning. The palace bell was struck at noon, summoning the entire tribe to the plaza.

The five eldest women addressed the tribe members from the top step of the palace entrance, "We regret to inform you that our beloved Queen has died. Her body will be cremated in the traditional ceremony tomorrow morning. However, her spirit will live on within us forever.

The competition to select her successor will begin the following morning right here in the plaza with the traditional lifting of the tribal stone. Those who can lift the stone shall move forward into the bow and spear contests.

As per our tradition, the winner will be our new queen. Let us go to our homes now to mourn our beloved Queen Aleppa. The Council of Elders will reign until the new queen is selected." Everyone was looking at the speaker—everyone, that is, except me. I was looking at Reta. I could see the scorn and derision on her face. Now I was sure she was involved in Queen Aleppa's death. Hosi, Kela and I returned to our small house.

With Hosi on guard I checked the storage place for the guns. They were undisturbed. While in the plaza I did some quick mental measurements of the stone.

I retrieved my pocket calculator from my backpack and did some calculations. "Hosi, that 'stone' is a mica schist. Based on my calculations it should weigh between 258 and 270 pounds. We need to talk about how to lift it. Let's go up to the forges. There are some similar stones up there." She put Kela on her hip and off we went. "There is a whole science devoted to lifting, both by people and machines. The important thing is to lift with your legs." We stopped by a somewhat smaller rock and I demonstrated, "I suggest that you grip the stone with your arms and hands, spread your legs about as wide as your shoulders, and keep your back vertical—straight up and down.

That way your legs will do all the work." I gave her a demonstration, easily lifting a rock that went about 150 pounds. Hosi tried it on several rocks, perfecting the technique quickly. "Lifting like this will save your back for the other contests. Most people will bend over the rock like this and try to lift it. It's a great way to destroy your back. Those muscles are not designed to lift like that." Hosi tried some more simple lifts before we turned back. "I'm glad you're on my side, David.

You know so much that my people don't. I would never have guessed that I should lift that way.


I'll bet that everyone else lifts the other way." We stayed at home the entire day except for time we spent at the toilet and the baths. Even there, usually a site for good conversation, the mood was somber. It was dark when we finished our dinner and had an unexpected guest—Scott. "I was told to take a walk and not come back for an hour.

Something's up, David; Reta's been acting funny all day." "Why don't we eavesdrop and see if we can learn anything." I kissed Hosi and Kela good-bye and we walked the three blocks to Reta's house. En route we met Leba returning from treating a wounded foot. "Come along with us, Leba, but we must be completely quiet. There's something rotten going on." We detoured to the narrow alley that ran behind Reta's house and took station beside her rear window.

I saw Leba holding her hand over her mouth as we listened. Reta was there with six other tribeswomen. "Things will be a lot different once I'm queen. We'll put those inferior men in their place. Ha ha—they'll be our slaves. I'm especially looking forward to taking care of that David.

He embarrassed me in front of the Queen. I've had to play a role ever since, but no more." "You did a great job with the Queen, Reta," one of the others said. "I didn't think you'd be able to get her alone. There were always guards around when I was in the palace." It was another, apparently a follower. "Actually, the whole thing was rather simple.

I encouraged her to lead me down the steps. Once she was ahead of me I grabbed her elbows and lifted her over my head. I was able to throw her into the air. She crashed onto the stairs.she was injured, but not enough so I bashed her head into the step. That did the job, for sure." "What will we do if Hosi wins?

She'll be even worse than Aleppa was." "That won't be a problem. She'll have the shortest reign in history. We can go there in the early morning while it's still dark and all the guards are sleepy. We'll kill her and her brat and anyone who gets into our way, but save David.

I can't wait to see him under my whip. That alone will be worth everything I've had to do. Now…here's what we'll do&hellip." I tapped Leba and Scott on the shoulders, signaling them to back away before we were discovered. "Wow, what a bitch," Scott began, "and all this time I thought she loved me." "Yes, Scott even I am amazed, but what will we do with this information?" It was Leba.

"I think, Leba," I began, "that for now we should do nothing. Let's wait and see how the contest goes. Then we'll know if we have to leave or if we have to set a trap of our own." I hugged her and kissed her cheek; I hugged Scott and we went our separate ways. I went home and shook my head disgustedly at Hosi.

She knew immediately what I was thinking. I had more to say—a lot more—but not until I could be sure we would not be overheard. That moment came sooner than I thought—while Kela was crying her head off.

I began to clean her and while I did I whispered to Hosi, telling her everything that was said. Her expression hardened. She was ready for the contest. We said our good-byes to Queen Aleppa the following morning. We expected the mood to be subdued, but I sensed an undercurrent of tension. Hosi and I stood behind and to the left of Reta and her friends; at times their behavior caught the attention of others present, but they obviously didn't care at all.

I prayed Aleppa's spirit would continue its presence through Hosi, but I steeled myself to do what was necessary if Reta won. Hosi and I returned home once the cremation was completed. Later, the ashes would be strewn over the waterfall. CHAPTER 5 I spent most of the afternoon massaging Hosi, preparing her for the stresses of the competition. The following morning the hopefuls gathered in the plaza, the rest of the tribe standing by as observers.

Reta was at the front of the line. Hosi was at the end, exactly as we had planned. Reta bent at the waist, grabbed the stone and lifted. Her strength was obvious—she lifted the stone despite her bad form. I thought I saw her wince when she lowered it to the ground. That wince might prove a deciding factor in the competition—time would tell.

There were roughly fifty tribeswomen participating. I spoke to several observers and most either thought they would have no chance or expressed no interest in being queen. It took more than an hour to get even a third of the way through the line. Of the first seventeen only two including Reta had been able to handle the lift. All had used the "bend at the waist" technique.

By the time Hosi was called there were five contestants. Hosi took the chalk I had given her and rubbed it on her chest, arms and hands. So many had tried the stone that it was wet with sweat. I'd found a deposit of chalk on an exploration in the mountains. It would help her grip tremendously. Hosi approached the stone, seemingly pensive as if she were debating how to make the attempt.

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In truth she was psyching out the opposition. She bent her knees and wrapped her arms around the rock, set her feet, straightened her back and lifted. It was a challenge, but she handled it fairly easily, so easily that one of Reta's buddies complained about the use of the chalk and about her style, as well.

The Elder in charge asked Hosi first about the chalk. "The rock is wet from the others' exertions. Shouldn't I have an equal chance as those who went earlier—those who were able to grip and lift a dry rock? So far as my technique is concerned, I understand that I was to lift the stone. I didn't hear anything about how when we started." The Elder thought for only a second when she allowed Hosi's effort.

Now there were six finalists. Several went to the archery grounds to practice, but Hosi thought it unnecessary. "I practice five or six days a week. I can't imagine that one extra practice session will help me." Once we were home again I laid her on the bed so I could massage her muscles again.

Using olive oil, I rubbed her neck, back and shoulders. I spoke only when I got to her lower back, "Did you see Reta wince when she put the stone down. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that she strained her lower back. I couldn't believe that all the others tried to lift with their back muscles. They're obviously very strong, but let's see tomorrow how their backs hold up." "You are right that they all are very strong. I think I could lift it that way, too, but I'm glad you showed me how to do it.

I found it relatively easy. Hopefully, the rest of the contests will be as easy." I finished with her legs so I flipped her over. I had just begun on her shoulders when she pushed my hands away and pulled me down for a kiss. "I think I could use something else to help me relax.

The massage is great, but…you're even greater." She slipped my shirt over my head and my shorts down to my ankles. I was naked in a second. Hosi wrapped her long legs around my waist and pulled me into her, not that I needed much encouragement. We hadn't fucked in more than two days and we needed each other desperately. Hosi used her strength on me for the first time, but apologized immediately, "Sorry, David it's just that I need you so badly. I just can't wait." She gripped me fiercely as she forced my hard cock as deeply as possible.

I was just a tool for her pleasure and I didn't mind a bit. Hosi bucked into me faster and harder with each thrust. It was only seconds before she was fucking as fast as humanly possible.

She couldn't get my cock into her fast enough or deep enough. Even though she was beneath me she was doing all the work; I was only along for the ride. Sure enough her work soon earned its reward. I felt the familiar churning in my balls and I could tell that Hosi was very close, too. Suddenly, she thrust up with even more force, power and speed. Her cunt squeezed me fiercely. She came so hard she actually squirted, something she had never done before.

I pumped my semen into her over and over before collapsing onto her. We sighed together and kissed for many minutes before I asked, "Relaxed now?" "Oh, yeah…never better.

Maybe you'd better finish the massage now. Then we can eat." I went back to work and when I was done I was sure that she could perform at maximum efficiency tomorrow. I only prayed that it would be good enough. The entire tribe assembled on the practice field for the archery competition.

Each contestant fired three shots at the target, a red square approximately one foot square on a split log placed into the ground. The first set of shots appeared to be about 20 yards away. I wasn't surprised to see all six score perfectly at this distance.

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Two missed on one of their three shots when the target was moved back to about thirty. Hosi, Reta and two others remained. Only Hosi and Reta were able to achieve perfect scores at forty yards and at fifty. The Elders decided to move to the spear throwing in an attempt to break the tie. This time the target was a red rectangle, again on a split log, about four feet high by one wide.

The initial try was at ten yards. Both Hosi and Reta were successful, but I kept a keen eye on Reta's back. I thought I saw her flinch a bit when she threw at the twenty yard target. Again, both she and Hosi scored. Hosi went first at thirty; her cast struck the target in the center. Reta's throw was a bit low, striking the target in the lower third. This time I was certain I had seen her wince and after the throw she could clearly be seen favoring her back.

Her friends tried to massage her, but they'd never be able to fix her in time for the next attempt. I was also massaging Hosi's arm, shoulder and back, but she wasn't injured in the least. She was called for her forty yard throw.

She began about five yards behind the line, took three quick steps and arched her back. She appeared to bend about thirty degrees, her back like a taut bowstring.

Her throw flew in a high arc, descending toward the target. At first I thought it might be short, but I should have known better. The spear head embedded itself just below the target's middle and exactly in the center. There was enthusiastic applause from the audience. I was ecstatic at the throw. It had required tremendous athletic ability and coordination.

Could Reta equal it? Reta took her spear, bent at the waist stretching her back muscles as she approached the throw line. She took several mincing steps and let fly. Her spear followed a similar arc to Hosi's and landed just at the bottom of the target. The five Elders went to examine the spear's location. After a minute's review they called both contestants to examine the spear.

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Hosi pulled me along with her. It was close, but there was a thin line of plain wood separating the target and the edge of the spear. Reta had missed by a millimeter. Hosi was declared the winner. The Elders stripped Hosi, removing her copper skirt and her grayish thong.

Her bracelet and sandals were also removed. The items were then replaced—blazing white thong, gold skirt and bracelet, and new sandals with gold trim.

Once done they knelt in front of Hosi; the assembled tribe followed suit. I also knelt. Finally, Reta knelt, her face a mask of anger and disgust. I knew the time had arrived. We had to be extra careful from now on. CHAPTER 6 Hosi came to me and pulled me up, "Not you, David…you are never to kneel before me. I wouldn't be here were it not for you. In fact, I'd like everyone to please rise. I'm uncomfortable seeing all of you on the ground." Hosi was congratulated by the Elders and we were led to the palace.

Dennis and Leba brought our daughter and I happily lifted Kela onto my shoulder. We walked hand in hand into the palace where we were led for the first time to the private area. There were several rooms, all larger than our house. Hosi excused the crowd and told them she would be ready for tomorrow's ceremony. It was at that time that she would receive the tribe and they would pledge themselves to follow Hosi's leadership in all matters.

I spoke for the first time once everyone had left, "Now's the time we must be at our most vigilant. I am sure they will act either tonight or tomorrow night in the early morning. That means we cannot sleep in the bed chamber and we must send Kela back to Dennis and Leba. I will do that tonight—they are expecting me.


Then I will gather our guns. Kevin and I will stand guard and we will need your palace guards as a back-up. Then, don't forget our secret weapon. We should be able to catch them in the act. Once that's done we will be able to sleep easily again." The rest of the day was spent tensely. We went to the baths to relax. Hosi was greeted by everyone; they knelt as a sign of respect. I could tell that Hosi was extremely embarrassed. I wondered how Reta would have reacted.

We bathed and returned to the palace accompanied by several spear-carrying guards. I held Hosi with one hand and Kela with the other. We were served dinner by the palace staff and shown to our rooms once the sun had set.

I waited until Kela was soundly asleep before picking her up and carrying her out one of the rear doors. Dennis was waiting for me and Leba took her from my arms. She kissed my cheek while she and her sister Beva swore they would defend her with their lives.

Dennis accompanied me to our old house. We went in through the rear window to avoid being seen. I took the two pistols and one of the rifles.

I gave Dennis the other and a box of .30-06 ammunition. I was pretty sure that Kevin and I would be able to rely on the pistols. I snuck back to the palace and was challenged by the guards. I thanked them for their attentiveness as we locked and barred the rear entrances. The only access this night would be through the front doors. We did not want to be surprised or outflanked.

I took some straw from a spare mattress and shaped it carefully on our bed in an attempt to mimic Hosi's and my bodies. I pulled the blanket over and tiptoed out. I shook Kevin's hand and went over the pistols with him. They were top of the line H & K P30L's that sold for more than $1,100 US.

We loaded the magazines with nineteen cartridges each. We racked the slides, chambering a round and set the safeties. I reminded him to remove the safety when they appeared. He gave me a look that said it all—"DUH!" I shared with him our "secret weapon." He took one look and laughed, reaching in his pocket for a book of matches. He was definitely ready. Hosi, Kevin and I hid in a large closet about twenty feet from the bedroom suite. Twenty guards hid in the rafters ready in a second to swing down into action.

During the day they would be easily seen, but at night I found them virtually invisible. I waved to the Captain and returned to my love. We sat for hours. My watch, something I rarely had a use for, said 3:37 when I heard the first noise. The hinges on the front door squeaked a bit when the door opened and closed. It gave us our first hint that we were being attacked. We were tempted to open the door a bit so we could see, but we resisted the impulse—we didn't want to risk giving ourselves away.

We could hear whispering and several pairs of sandals sneaking down the hallway. Seconds later they were past us. When we were sure they had entered the private suite we opened the door and rushed to the suite's entrance. Kevin and I lit our matches and applied them to the oil lamps. I had manufactured two shiny reflectors which affixed to the rear of the lamps.

They would reflect all the light into the suite while leaving us totally in the dark. The would-be assassins were illuminated just as they stabbed into the straw on our bed. "DROP YOUR SPEARS NOW," I yelled, "WE HAVE YOU COVERED WITH PISTOLS AND WE HAVE NO REASON NOT TO KILL YOU." Most of them hesitated, but one turned to throw her spear. Unfortunately, it was not Reta, but I shot her anyway, tapping her twice in the chest, the shots echoing in the empty palace halls.

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SHE WANTS YOU ALIVE. I USUALLY DO WHAT SHE ASKS, BUT IF YOU ARE STILL HOLDING THAT SPEAR BY THE TIME I COUNT TO TEN I'M GOING TO BE THE FIRST TO DISOBEY THE QUEEN. ONE…TWO&hellip." I had only reached four when the spear dropped. Reta remained standing, but the guards rushed in and immobilized the entire group. Their hands were tied behind their backs and their ankles were shackled.

Their arms were collected and they were led off to the cells. The dead body was removed and the pooled blood cleaned. One of the guards showed me the spent brass cartridge shells.

"May I keep these, please sir." "Of course…but only on the condition that you stop calling me 'sir.' I'm David. If your Queen can call me that, so can you. Please tell the others." With that I kissed her cheek; she left to resume her duties as Hosi and I began to relax. We were so pumped up with adrenaline that we'd never get to sleep. Hosi and I walked with Kevin to the hospital and were greeted by Leba and Beva who hugged us before showing us to our sleeping child.

Lucky Kela—she had slept through the entire ordeal. The six adults and Kela returned to the palace where Hosi ordered some fruit and wine. "I guess being Queen does have some advantages." I kissed her quickly as we sat and ate. I asked about the ceremony scheduled for later in the morning.

Beva answered before either Hosi or Leba had the chance, "The entire tribe will gather and pledge their allegiance to the Queen. Each of us will kneel before the Queen, kiss her feet, and recite the pledge.

You won't understand anything; it will be in our tribal language. We often speak it to each other, but it would be exceedingly rude to carry on conversations that none of the men could understand. Queen Aleppa made the order even before you arrived, David. I'm sure our new Queen will wish to continue that. You four men have made such a difference for our tribe." We sat and chatted until it was time for breakfast.

The staff prepared some eggs from our coop, but I could see that I would have to give them some lessons. After breakfast we walked to the main entrance. The ceremony was about to begin, but Hosi halted it so a pillow could be brought to the steps. The five Elders made some proclamation which Hosi later explained was the transfer of power. Then each of them knelt on the pillow, kissed her feet and made the short pledge of allegiance. One by one the tribe's members approached. Hosi stood there alone until she signaled me to come to her.

She wrapped her arm around me. If anyone doubted the future of the men under Hosi's rule it was dispelled in an instant. The ceremony lasted for three hours, but not a single woman left. Kevin, Scott, and Dennis were the last to approach. They spoke their pledge in English and Scott jokingly asked if he should state the pledge to me, also.

"Oh no, I'm just the consort—the person who helps the Queen to relax." Hosi gave me a playful jab as the entire tribe enjoyed a laugh. Unfortunately, their high spirits would be short-lived. Hosi gave a short speech once the pledges were completed, "Thank you my friends for the faith you have placed in me. I promise to be fair and honest in all my dealings. I begin with several proclamations. First, I no longer wish to see anyone kneel before me.

If you wish to show respect a simple bow of your head will suffice. Second, I know it has been a tradition for the Queen to take the name' Aleppa.' However, I have never liked that name even though our Queen was my mother. I will retain my given name—Hosi—as your Queen. Queen Aleppa declared that we speak English because of the men and I will continue that, especially because I expect an additional five men to join us soon." That was greeted with great applause.

"Additionally, I agree with her decision that the men should receive no harm or injury, although poor David may suffer most evenings if I become too frustrated by my duties." There was even greater laughter at that remark and it only increased as Hosi grabbed me by the hair and pulled me in for a passionate kiss.

"Now, I regret we must deal with a difficult situation. I ask you all to take three steps back. I need room here for several prisoners." The tribe may have been shocked by those remarks, but they stepped back immediately.

They were even more shocked to see Reta in chains leading five other women forward. Each was flanked by two guards. They were brought to the front of the palace and forced to kneel. Without a word Hosi went to the last in line and stood within two feet of the kneeling woman. She pointed to her feet. The woman waited only a second before she bent forward, kissed Hosi's feet and recited the pledge. This procedure was repeated for each of Reta's followers, but Hosi stopped before she reached Reta.

"NEVER!!!" Reta yelled. "I did not make the offer to you. You have too much to answer for. You led a rebellion in which you swore to kill me and my child and take my mate, David, as well as all the men, into slavery. You are also responsible for the deaths of Queen Aleppa and her unborn child." "Who would speak against me for such an act?" "I would," I answered.

"I overheard you tell these women that you killed Queen Aleppa by lifting her and throwing her onto the steps, bashing her head when she wasn't sufficiently injured to serve your purposes." "You expect me to accept the word of a man—a person who should be a slave and would be if our prior Queen had any sense.

There is no member of our tribe who will stand against me." "Oh, yes there is," shouted Leba. She strode forward and turned to face Reta, "I was returning from treating an injured foot when I was stopped by David and your mate, Scott. This was two nights ago." She was interrupted by a shout, "That's right, she was treating me." "We returned to the rear of your house; we saw and heard you speaking to these women.

I heard you say that you had killed Aleppa and that you would kill Hosi and Kela if she won over you. I swear that I have spoken the truth." Leba's statement had aroused the ire of the tribe. They stepped forward menacingly until Hosi stopped them. "No one is more repulsed by this than I am, but we cannot react to a wanton lawless act with a wanton lawless response.

I will pass sentence on these women as your Queen." Looking to Reta's followers she proclaimed, "Each of you will be forced into the river and over the falls. If you survive you will be cared for and welcomed back to the tribe. You may not have actually killed Aleppa, but you knew about the plans and did nothing. Rather, you aided Reta through your silence. Further, you conspired to kill your new Queen and my daughter and to enslave my mate." Then speaking to the Captain of the guards she continued, "Take them now to the river and force them into the current at spear point one at a time.

First send several guards down the rope to retrieve the bodies or to save any who survive." Turning to Reta she said, "Reta you were as a sister to me. We were raised together and worked together as warriors. Your ambition has gotten the better of you. You cannot be allowed anywhere near the tribe and I obviously cannot let you go because you have shown that you are not to be trusted.

Therefore, I have no choice but to sentence you to death. You will be bound into a canoe, legs tied to a large stone. Once into the Amazon the canoe will be sunk and you with it. David, will you please assist me with this? We will need one of the boats." I nodded my agreement.

I was surprised at how harsh Hosi could be, but she was right—she really had no choice. Personally, I would have killed all of them on the spot. The five were forced over the falls. One actually survived, but even Dennis couldn't repair her injuries. She died two days later. Nobody mourned their loss. They had cast their lots with Reta and lost. Reta was lowered down the rope to the bottom of the falls where she was bound into a canoe. Her arms were lashed with leather thongs to the frame.

Her legs were also tied to the canoe's bottom and a hundred pound rock was fastened to her ankles. I tied the canoe to cleats on the hard shell of the inflatable. Reta was gagged and we were ready to go. Hosi and Scott accompanied me, but if Reta was hoping for mercy from any of us she was mistaken. It took us several hours to reach the Amazon. I pulled the boat into the middle of the river, holding it steady in the current. Hosi pulled her dagger from its sheath.

It was a queen's weapon, the handle made of silver and gold. She drew the blade down each of Reta's arms, drawing blood from each superficial cut. "I think you'll find these insignificant cuts to be fatal Reta. The incredible pain you will endure will be over in minutes; my pain will last the rest of my life.

What a shame.before this I would have made you my general…in charge of all the warriors." She took a boat hook and drove the aluminum shaft through the thin bark shell of the canoe. Water flowed in immediately. Reta's blood flowed into the current. Hosi allowed it to flow for more than a minute when she ordered the canoe to be cut free.

It sank slowly, but that wasn't Reta's concern. The blood had attracted a sizable school of piranha. They began to jump into the sinking canoe once the sides were less than four inches above the level of the river.

Reta was dead in less than three minutes. The canoe sank seconds later and the swirls in the water disappeared. Our mood was dark—we had all liked Reta; Scott had a daughter with her.

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I kept the boat stationary, the bow facing up river. I moved behind Hosi, holding her with my arms and kissing her cheek. We stood there for more than five minutes when she spoke, "Let us go, David. I am sure there is more work to do and I am tired…we never did sleep last night." I slammed the gear lever into forward and the inflatable jumped onto plane.

We flew up the river hopeful that the bad times were behind us. CHAPTER 7 The guards told us that two tribeswomen had asked to see Queen Hosi. They approached and bowed their heads, exactly as Hosi had commanded.

"My Queen, I am Rini and this is Lona. We are sisters. We know that Reta had a daughter with Scott. We have met Scott several times and we like him very much. We would like to take him into our house and care for him. We pledge to care for his daughter as we would our own." During the speech I was checking out these women. They were both taller than six feet with slender athletic bodies and smallish, by tribal standards, breasts—probably no larger than C-cups.

They had attractive symmetrical faces framed by brown hair and with brown eyes. They were extremely attractive women by anyone's standards. I thought Scott should be thrilled. "Thank you for the offer," Scott replied slowly, "but right now I am still shocked by the actions of my former mate. If you approve, Queen Hosi, I will stay in my current house for a while so I can think things through. However, I hope you ladies will feel free to visit whenever you like.

I know that Sama will enjoy seeing you, especially when she misses her mother." He went to each woman, hugged her and kissed her on the cheek. They bowed again to the Queen and backed out of the room. Scott hugged me and bowed to Hosi before she stepped forward and hugged him, "You certainly didn't deserve this, Scott.

Thank you for your help. I will remember and be in your debt forever." Then she stepped back and bowed to Scott. A second later Scott left. He was obviously and understandably crying. Scott and Sama woke the following morning to find that Rini and Lona had prepared a large breakfast for them. "After what you went through yesterday we were sure you didn't eat much. We told you we wanted to take care of you and we will. We will be here for you every day to feed you and Sama,to provide you with companionship, and to clean your house." She picked up Sama, hugging and kissing the infant.

They helped Scott through the darkest time of his life as he wondered if it was his fate to know only the worst of women. First his mother and then his…he could barely say it…mate, Reta, had almost destroyed his life. He ate and drank their offerings. He went with them to the communal toilet and to the baths. He observed their love of his daughter and slowly he returned to the human race.

It was two weeks later that Scott lay in bed whimpering softly. Rini moved to the bed, removed her skirt and thong, and dropped her sandals on the floor. Scott leaned up, "But…" She silenced him with a finger to his lips. "We both know how much you need this," she whispered. Rini leaned into Scott, kissing his cheeks and wiping the tears from his face as she ran her hands over his body.

He shuddered in his nervousness. "Relax, Scott darling," Rini whispered, "Let me take care of you. All you have to do is lie there and enjoy." She kissed his lips, prying her tongue into his mouth.

Slowly he responded, wrestling with her tongue and reaching out to caress her body. She helped him, directing him to those special places she enjoyed the most.

Rini reached between his legs, finding his cock incredibly hard. "Ummm, nice…I can't wait to have this in my mouth and vagina. Reta was a fool to let you get away." She kissed her way down his body, stopping at his nipples, his navel, and her ultimate destination—his gorgeous cock.

She licked around his head and down the ultra sensitive underside. She sucked his tender balls into her mouth, sucking and licking them as she stroked him softly with her hand.

Gently she released his testicles, allowing each to "pop" as it exited her warm moist mouth. Again she licked his organ, making it even harder. Suddenly, she stopped, and in one extremely athletic motion leaped up his body to kiss him deeply and impale herself on his cock simultaneously. Scott groaned as he experienced her tight cunt for the first time. Rini was a virgin, but like many others in the tribe had broken her hymen years ago as a mere child.

She moved up, almost, but not quite releasing him before sinking again slowly down his organ. She repeated over and over, building Scott to a sensory overload that could only result in a massive explosion—drowning her womb in tons of baby juice. Rini's work had its desired effect. She drove the despair from his mind, replacing it with a psychological and physical need.

Scott began to move and as he did Rini changed her motion to match his. They drove into each other, working solely on instinct. Having no sex at all for more than two weeks made Scott cum fast.

He lifted Rini high off the bed as he finally came, releasing weeks of pent up frustration in an instant. Although excited, Rini did not cum. It didn't matter to her at all—her objective had been reached.

"Tomorrow, Lona will partner with you. Now, let's sleep." She pulled Scott into the warm recesses of her body and led him to slumber. CHAPTER 8 Once Scott was gone Hosi and I were finally alone. We had learned quickly that the Queen was never actually "alone." There were always guards or servants about, but Hosi and I learned to ignore their presence. Hosi moved to me, "I have wondered if it is all worth the trouble we've been through." "I know what you're thinking, but think a bit further.

Think about the troubles we'd have if Reta had become queen. I really think that she lost because of her back. I have never seen anybody bend like you did; she didn't match it and that's why, I think, her throw was short.

Could you have thrown any farther?" "I don't really know, David. I had never thrown that far before the contest. I think I was just lucky to have hit the target at all." "Only you would be so modest about such a magnificent feat. You deserve a reward." Hosi laughed so loud that the guards ran into the room. Hosi excused them with the words, "You'll need to get used to that; David and I laugh a lot. It's part of who we are and how much we love each other." The guards left smiling thinking how lucky they were to have such a "human" Queen.

Turning to me, she smiled again, "I think that's my line and I still need to thank you for all the help you've given me recently.

Let me see—learning about Reta's plot, making a plan to foil her, teaching me how to lift the stone, massaging me I don't know how many times, and…oh, yeah…how could I ever forget…helping me to relax in the middle of the competition." She assumed what she thought was a queenly and authoritative position before she resumed, "Here is my royal proclamation: I will fuck you at least once each and every day until I have repaid my debt to you." "And when will that be," I asked.

Taking my hand and leading me to her bed chamber she replied, "Never! Now let's begin and then sleep." We walked into the bed chamber where we slowly removed each other's clothing and fell together to the bed. Hosi caressed my face and smothered it with kisses before finding my mouth and pushing her tongue into it forcefully.

We kissed with passion and love for each other until I moved my hand to Hosi's breast. I gently massaged the tender tissue and ran my thumb over the sensitive areola. Hosi moaned with her pleasure, arching her back to make those luscious globes more accessible to her lover…her mate…her husband…the one person in the valley who could be her equal and more.

She reached down, finding her target immediately. My cock was hard and hot; she yearned with impatience to have it in her.

Her pussy twitched in anticipation, causing her to moan even more. At one point a guard entered the suite to investigate the source of the noise, but left just as silently, a huge smile on her face. Hosi lifted me, positioning me so my cock was just in front of her face.

She licked it for several minutes before moving me again, this time so my rock-hard cock could enter her. Her pussy was, as usual, running with her nectar, soaking her thighs and the bedding. Eyes focused on mine she slowly, but surely pulled me into her. We sighed mightily at the sensation we experienced. We found our rhythm, that special rate of mating that was guaranteed to maximize our pleasure and bring us together to Nirvana—that special place known only to two of us.

Hosi drove her body into mine. She couldn't get me deep enough into her body to satisfy her need, but she tried—oh, did she try! We bounced across the soaked bed, moving from side to side before I hesitated.

I had felt that pressure growing in my balls until I could stand it no more. My hot white semen erupted up through my cock into Hosi.

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She felt and welcomed my flood. It warmed and filled her tight cunt and she felt she needed it as a sign of our love. She fingered her ring as I thrust into her one final time.

It was just enough to trigger her orgasm. She shuddered and shook for more than a minute before coming to rest. She kissed me, reminding me again how much she loved me. She allowed my cock to escape her, but tucked it into her ass crack as she spooned and led my hand to its familiar spot on her breast as she sought her first night of sleep as Queen of the Amazons. NEXT: Five new residents.