Twink sucking cock and getting fucked hard anally

Twink sucking cock and getting fucked hard anally
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The woman turned off the street and approached the house. She was wearing a long red cocktail dress, which clung to her body and swayed as she walked.

As she walked down the path to her front door, her red high heels clinking against the flagstones, she looked over her shoulder. She felt the hairs on the back of her neck rise, as if she were being watched, but there was no-one there. Her body relaxed ever so slightly, dispelling a tension that she hadn't realised was there. Even though the strange feeling lingered, she turned around and approached the door. Eric felt nothing when she looked at him, nothing when she looked through him and nothing when she looked right past him.

There was a time when such a manifestation of his insignificance would cause sadness and frustration to well up within him. He felt such emotions no longer, that empty space inside him had long turned cold and indifferent.

As she approached the front door, the woman reached inside her handbag for her keys and made to unlock the door. The breeze ruffled her long blond hair and carried a faint aroma of perfume to Eric's nose. He walked up behind her silently, until he was standing no more than a foot away from her.

He felt the urge to reach out and touch her hair, to run it between his fingers and smell the aroma that he could almost taste when he closed his eyes.

Controlling his desire, he leaned closer to her right shoulder, where the breeze had blown her hair from her bare neck and gently inhaled. The aura of perfume was stronger now, but mixed with a more subtle smell, the unmistakable musk of the female. It was enough to send a shiver through his body.

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She opened the door and entered the house, with Eric walking close behind her, being careful not to make any noise. Heading straight to the kitchen, she opened the fridge and poured herself a large glass of white wine.

She drained half in one go and set the glass down on the counter, the crystal smudged with her red lipstick.


Eric followed as she left the kitchen and moved towards the bathroom. She put the wine down next to the sink and lit some candles. Then she reached over and turned on the shower. With the shower on and steaming, she began to undress. Eric watched as she raised her right leg onto a chair and lifted up her dress. He felt a twinge of desire as he saw that she was wearing tan coloured nylons held up by white suspenders.

She unclipped them and began to roll the stocking down her shapely tanned leg. Her feet were small and perfect, the toes painted with red nail polish. The stockings gone, she turned away from Eric and reached behind her to unzip the dress. As she slid it down over her body, revealing beautiful tanned shoulders, it became apparent to Eric that she was not wearing a bra. This realisation gave him a small thrill, and his eyes continued to move down her body as the dress hit the floor.

He followed the taper of her slender waste down to her shapely behind. Her cheeks were slightly paler than the rest of her body, full and pert without a hint of cellulite. It was the kind of ass that a man would give anything to hold in his hands, to squeeze the firm cheeks and press his body against it. She was wearing a lacy white thong, the back of which disappeared between her butt cheeks.

She padded over to the other side of the bathroom, where a full length mirror hung on the wall. As she examined her reflection, Eric saw her body from the front.

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His eyes were immediately drawn to her cleavage, which had been one of the first things Eric had noticed about her as she had walked down the street. In the red dress it had looked deep and inviting; without the red dress it was exquisite. Her breasts were large and rounded, with delicate pink nipples and slightly darker aureolae. They didn't hang down, as some large breasts do, but pointed straight out, with erect nipples that rose slightly upwards.

She cupped them with both hands and pushed them together, making them look even more inviting.

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Then, with a giggle, she stepped into the shower. Eric watched, transfixed, as the water cascaded over her body, pouring off the end of her sumptuous breasts almost as if she were lactating.

She began to lather her body, paying particular attention to her breasts. After a few minutes, her hands began to travel down towards her pussy and then down towards her legs. She ran them up and down, lingering on her inner thighs.

As her fingers brushed against her pussy, a soft moan escaped her lips. Eyes closed, she began to rub her pussy.

Her other hand snaked up towards her breasts and began to gently pull on the swollen nipples. She carried on caressing herself for a few minutes, when all of a sudden her eyes snapped open and she looked right in Eric's direction.

A few seconds passed and she gave a little shrug and turned off the water. She grabbed a large white towel and dried herself off. She walked naked towards her bedroom, opened a draw and reached inside, pulling out a black satin baby doll. She lifted it over her head and put it on.

A thin band of elastic pinched the nightdress in below her large breasts, making them look even bigger and more inviting. It was short and only just covering her ass and pussy. As she bent down to close the draw, it rode up over her ass, giving Eric a fleeting glimpse of her pussy. As he moved in for a closer look, she straightened up and moved over towards the bed. Pausing to light some candles on the bedside table, she lay down on the bed, stretching languidly with a sigh of contentment.

Again her hands began to wander, moving towards her breasts and she began to cup and stroke them through the soft black material.

Her nipples stood proud beneath the satin, two stiff peaks in the fabric.

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Each time her fingers brushed against them a small shiver ran through her body. Then she parted her legs and moved her right hand down towards her pussy. She began to stroke her inner thighs, moving slowly closer to her pussy but seeming to take pleasure in taking her time. Next she began to trace a finger up and down the outer lips of her pussy, coming close to touching her clit but holding off from doing so.

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When eventually she did touch it, she moaned and began to slowly circle it. Meanwhile her left hand was massaging her breasts alternately, squeezing them and pinching her nipples. The baby doll had ridden down slightly, exposing most of her left breast. The ring around her nipple was slightly raised now, evidence of her arousal.

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The nipple itself was one of the biggest Eric had ever seen, swollen and engorged and darker in colour now than when Eric had first seen it in the bathroom. With one hand still caressing her pussy, the hand that had been pinching her nipples moved towards the bed side draw.

Fumbling around for a few seconds it emerged holding a silver vibrator. Her eyes were half clouded over with lust as she twisted the base of the vibrator and brought it to life. She reached down and held the end just below her clit, emitting a soft groan and bucking her hips. Eric knelt down next to the bed and moved his head closer to her pussy, not wanting to miss any detail of this unexpected show.

He watched as she began to slowly circle around her clit with the tip of the vibrator. Her pussy wasn't clean shaven, but her dark blonde pubic hair was trimmed short. The outer lips of her pussy were large and tender, covered in a fine layer of the blonde hair. The inner lips were a deep pink, glistening with her juices as they parted for the vibrator.

When Eric closed his eyes he could feel the heat and lust emanating from her mound as she began to draw the tip of the vibrator around her delicate pink lips. A feeling of wetness alerted Eric's attention away from her pussy and to his own cock, which was straining against his boxers.

Without moving his gaze from her pussy, he reached down and cupped himself through his clothes. He ran his finger over the end of his cock, feeling the moisture of the precum that had soaked through the material. Careful not to make any noise, he slowly unzipped his flies and released his cock. It was around seven inches long, with a larger than average girth.

Using a finger he gathered the drop of precum which was glistening on the end and rubbed it along the length of his member. As Eric began to stroke himself, the woman continued to trace the vibrator around her pink pussy lips, lingering on her clit.

Her pussy was really glistening now and Eric watched as a drop of her juices slowly slid down from her pussy, across her perineum and onto her asshole.

She began to dip the tip of the vibrator into her pussy, her whimpers becoming louder and more frequent. She let out a guttural moan as she pushed the whole length of the vibrator inside herself. Her left hand moved away from her breasts and began to stoke her clit as she slid the vibrator in and out of her pussy. The motion was almost mesmerising as faster and faster she began to plunge the toy into her wet hole, furiously rubbing her swollen clit at the same time.

Eric's face was close enough to her pussy to smell the sweet aroma of her juices - he had to make sure that she didn't feel the warmth of his breath on her quivering vagina. Her fingers were a blur as they worked her distended clit, her hips rising up off the bed as she fucked herself for all she was worth.

All of a sudden she let out a scream and pulled the vibrator from her pussy. As she did so, a stream of pussy juice squirted from her pussy and hit Eric straight in the face. Her eyes were closed as her orgasm shook through her entire body, so as her spasm continued Eric moved his mouth closer so that the juices squirted straight into his mouth.

She tasted incredible, sweet and delicious. Eric's hand was moving faster and faster back and forth, pulling at his cock.


He felt his balls begin to tighten, felt his orgasm rapidly approaching. He fought against the desire to stand up and shoot his hot cum all over her writhing body. As hard as it was not to give into the urge, he didn't want to blow his load just yet - he had bigger plans for that.

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[Ch 2 will come asap - what should Eric do next?]