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Lelulove Nutte entfernt Kondom
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Kathy (white trash whore) part 1.

Kathy opened the front door and walked in taking off her coat and hanging it on the hall stand. She was surprised to see the light on in the living room and even more surprised to see her husband sitting at the computer. "Thought you'd be in bed by now Jeff" "Hiya sweetie, didn't realise it was this late&hellip. how's your day been?" One thing Kathy really didn't like was when he called her sweetie, but she kicked off her shoes, walked over to him putting her hands on his shoulders before sliding them down to his chest and then kissing him lightly on the cheek.

"It's just after 1am and my days been the same old busy day at the hospital." Kathy stood back and undone her skirt, letting it fall to the floor, then undone the buttons of her blouse and removed it. Jeff spun around in his chair and faced her as she sat on the sofa taking off her black tights. "I better get off to bed now sweetie" he said as he stood up and headed towards the door.

Kathy was disappointed, although not overly surprised. She was starting to feel a little horny but she didn't expect anything from Jeff. The last real intimacy they had had was a two minute affair in bed when she was on the day shift about a month ago and she had almost had to force him into that. "Night night sweetie" Jeff said before closing the door behind him.

"OK Jeff, I'll be up soon" She took off her bra and panties, laid a towel on the seat and sat in front of the computer. She scanned her list of friends on messenger although she herself remained invisible to everyone. She actually hated doing that but she didn't want to be inundated with messages, well, not tonight anyway.

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She had been logged on for only two minutes when "Lenny10_4u" appeared in the list. It hit her like a mild electric shock. A sudden burst of excitement into her ordinary routine life that forced her to feel between her legs for the wetness it had created. "Oh Lenny, I'm so pleased to see you online" she typed into his message box. "I really need you so bad right now" There was a pause that seemed to last forever, then Lenny was typing, "It wont be long now my sweet little slut" Kathy was even more excited at his choice of words and found herself massaging her clit even harder.

Her legs were now wide apart and she could smell the tantalizing aroma of her warm sex drifting upwards from her crotch, made even more pungent by the 12 hour shift she had just completed. Lenny had promised her that he was about to move into a house with a couple of friends of his, and it was only a few minutes drive away from the hospital where Kathy performed her nursing duties.

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"Oh Lenny, I really can't wait to be with you, I know you can give me what I really need and I will give you anything that you want" "Baby, you are such a horny bitch, and my cock is throbbing now, just waiting to get into you" "Fuck Lenny, use you dirty slut, please, be nasty with me" "Bitch you don't realise how nasty I can be" "I am yours Lenny, take anything you want…&hellip.

all my holes……anything" The dialogue continued in a similar vein until Lenny10_4u was feeding his 10 inches of hard black cock into Kathy's tight little white bitch arse, and a warm wet patch had formed under her pussy as she brought herself to yet another climax.

No doubt a similar wet patch had also appeared for Lenny, as he made an excuse that, "I have a really important telephone call" and hurriedly signed off. Kathy was not too put out, in fact she was not put out at all, because Lenny had supplied her with 3 orgasms that were equal too, if not better than, any she could remember in recent years, and after all she was his little white bitch and it was her job, as the perfect slut, to ensure that he had a good time, and if she did really meet him………&hellip.

And if his dick was really as big as the pics he sent to her?…………&hellip. And if he did want to really use her?………&hellip.And if she could just call in at his house when he moves?………&hellip.And maybe his friends will be there too?……&hellip.

She brought herself to another climax, with her palm massaging her clit, her index finger probing her arsehole………&hellip.her mind wandered, imagining how it will feel when Lenny actually enters her through the back door.

She had let Jeff do it, although it was at her request and he didn't seem at all keen. In fact, Jeff had never seemed at all keen in doing anything.

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His 5 inches had hardly penetrated her ring before he was grunting and groaning and spurting his muck inside her, and he pulled out straight away and almost ran to the bathroom to wash himself. At least that gave Kathy a chance to indulge herself with a little fantasy she had, scooping his spunk from her arsehole with her finger and eating it. Kathy liked to have fun, she liked to be…………… well&hellip.


A little promiscuous, if you like. Not necessarily with other people, although she had tried to arouse Jeff's interest in her by purposely "coming on" to complete strangers on the odd occasion when they went out together, but this didn't seem to have any affect on Jeff. She even used to purposely leave the toilet door open as she sat, with her legs wide apart, relieving herself, something Lenny was particularly keen on, but Jeff would always, politely, close the door if he happened to walk past.

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She had even tried walking in on him, but had always found the door closed and locked during his ablutions. She breathed in deeply as she moved her index finger back and forth between tip and knuckle beneath her nostrils, her mouth opening as her tongue circled her finger tip, her lips closing on the knuckle as she sucked at it.

The two middle fingers of her left hand hooked inside her, squelching in her wetness then satisfying her hunger for her sex juice as she refreshed the flavour on her index finger. In her mind it was Lenny using her as she poked, pulled and rubbed harder and harder at her holes. Two&hellip.three&hellip.then four fingers from each hand inside her white bitch cunt trying to pull herself apart in her self abusive ecstasy.

Her body was shaking violently, the towel beneath her wringing wet as she lost control of her bladder, using her wet fingers to tear her bumhole apart, her hands frenzied in their movement between, arse, mouth, cunt, mouth ,nipple ,cunt, arse mouth.

Fucking filthy white trash whore. She closed her eyes, listening as her breathing steadied back to a soft sigh, then looked down at herself. She needed a shave. Stubble was beginning to appear on her pubic mound, giving it the appearance of a strawberry, rather than the soft peach that she preferred.

She yawned, then rubbed her eyes before looking at the clock.

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3.53am. "Holy shit!" That had been a long session. She stretched as she rubbed her hands down over her body, pausing briefly to congratulate herself as her palms cupped her firm 36c breasts, feeling tiny butterflies still active in her stomach as her fingertips traced lightly over the flatness of her belly towards her, still tingling, little honey pot.

She stood up, bending slightly at the knees as she wiped between her legs with the palm of her hand, before raising it to her face to sniff and lick it. She really was a filthy white trash whore, and a smelly one too.


She picked up the towel and used a dry patch to wipe herself before raising it up to inspect it. There was a slight skidmark on the white towelshe smelled the dirty muskiness before running her tongue over it and sucking it into her mouth. Then held the still soaking wet patch of the towel over her open mouth and lightly squeezed it, licking and sucking it as it dribbled into her.

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She stood for a while, savouring the moment, anticipating times to come, then walked into the kitchen and threw the towel in the washing machine. to be continued.