Milf Mercedes fucks lesbian Vanessa

Milf Mercedes fucks lesbian Vanessa
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It's a hot summer day, the bright blue sky empty of all clouds and a hot, humid breeze glides through the air. I am sitting in my room, windows open, relaxing in shorts and a t-shirt, impatiently looking at my watch, waiting for you to arrive, my cock already hard at the thought of what we might do for the rest of the day.


I hear the doorbell ring and rush downstairs, in my eagerness forgetting about my glaring erection. The door opens and there stands the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen, you. Your hair golden like the sun and your eyes blue like the sky and your body hot like the wind.

I invite you inside and notice your tight top clinging to your body, revealing your beautiful curves. We gaze softly into each other as the door closes before giggling slightly as we say hi and hurriedly make our way upstairs.

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You open the door to my room, noticing the handcuffs badly hidden in the corner of the room near the bed, you mind begins to wander about what I might have planned for you.

We walk over to the bed, you rest your head on my shoulder and we simply gaze out into the park, enjoying the clear sky. I slowly turn to face you and bring your head up to mine, our eyes lock, our faces gently moving together, our mouths almost meeting, you feel my soft breaths on your lips, the warmth of my body near yours and see the bright blue of my eyes.

Our lips finally move together, lightly touching, that small touch however turns into a long, wet, loving kiss, our mouths becoming one, our tongues playing together, you feel your breath quicken as my hand moves slowly down your back, gently caressing your hips. Things begin to heat up as my hand reaches further down; you feel my fingers gently squeezing your butt, exploring the curves.

My other hand makes its way up your shirt from the front, softly rubbing skin against skin until finally my hand reaches your firm breast, you let out a quick little breath as finally my warm hand softly squeezes your boob. You wrap your arms round me, pulling me in closer, our bodies hot and moving together in unison. I lift my hand from your soft, squeezable butt, and slowly unclasp your bra; you feel your boobs free up and kiss me harder, enjoying the sensation greatly.

Your hands start to dig slightly into my back as you begin to feel excited for what is to come. I push you slightly off me and you raise your arms, your shirt comes off slowly, the heat of the room and our bodies causing things to becoming heavy and wet.

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I instantly push you down, forcing you to lie down on the bed, you feel my hands hold back your arms and notice a quick grin on my face before I bury it into your neck. My lips softly kiss your neck, nibble your ear, and slowly move down. I kiss my way down towards your boobs, your nipples hard, ready for me to play with them. I slowly lick around your boob, softly kissing underneath and all over but not the nipple.

You start begging me to play with your nipples but I continue to tease you, rubbing my lips up and down your stomach, all while holding you down.

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You suddenly feel my tongue press down hard against your nipple, you feel my warm, wet tongue licking your nipple, feeling like sparks of pleasure moving through your body. I start to lightly suck on your nipples, pulling them up and down, softly nibbling at them with every suck. My hands stop holding you down and instead move lower down your body, rubbing up and down your thighs, gliding over the seam of your trousers, the pressure teasing your clit, your pussy already wet and ready.

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I undo your jeans, and pull down your panties and jeans in one, barely able to contain myself. I begin to kiss your thighs, working my way up and down each one, while my hands play with your butt and boobs, squeezing harder than I did before, my excitement obviously building. You let out a little moan as I rub lick either side of your pussy, teasing you.

Just as you think I might finally begin to play with your clit I reach behind the bed and grab what you had seen earlier, the handcuffs.

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Your breathing picks up as you get excited over what I am about to do. I take both your hands, wrap the handcuffs around my bed frame and lock you to it, your hands firmly in place, your body completely in my control.

I then quickly lower my shorts and pants, revealing my hard, throbbing cock. I straddle you by your tits and force myself into your mouth. I grab into your hair as you begin to suck, forcing you deeper onto my cock while bending your head back slightly and staring into your eyes.

You gag but I don't let you stop, forcing you to keep going, you see my face light up, a picture of ecstasy.


Just as you think you can go on no longer I pull out and let go of your hair, I make my way back down to your thighs, softly rubbing them with my hands, once again teasing you, not letting your need for pleasure be fulfilled. You feel my soft breath on your clit and beg me to lick it and play with it.

I finally oblige and begin to suck on your clit. You let out a long moan, the first wave of pleasure more intense than anything you've felt before. My hand slips underneath you and begins to squeeze your butt, my other hand softly rubs against your hot, wet pussy and then slowly enters into you with only 1 finger at first.

You feel yourself forcing your body towards me, trying to get me to push harder on your clit but I continue to only lightly play with it, teasing you further. You feel a second finger gently slide inside of you, rubbing softly against your g-spot, the pleasure from your clit combining with it and sending waves of pleasure up your spine and through your body, contorting it as your breath quickens, relaxing into a state of bliss.

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I stop playing your pussy and once again bring my face close to yours, you feel the head of my cock resting gently on your clit, you can feel the blood pumping through it, causing it to pulse against you.

I look deep into your eyes and whisper I love you and then slowly you feel my cock slide inside of you. You feel your pussy open up and accept my full length, you let out a quick moan of pleasure as my hard cock fills you up, my body pressing hard against your clit, my mouth buried against your neck, softly kissing you and whispering about how amazing it feels to be in you. I start to slowly move my hips, my cock slowly moving inside of you, rubbing all the right spots, your whole pussy moving, teasing your clit.

I suddenly take myself out of you again and let my cock lightly touch against your pussy and force you to beg for me to enter you again, you try to move your body towards mine but the handcuffs stop you. I tell you to beg for it and you respond my saying, "please master,please." I smile, and begin kissing you as you feel my cock enter you again, forcing you to stop kissing me as you tilt your head back in a moment of bliss, our bodies one, both experiencing each other and each other's emotions and pleasures.

I reach done and begin to softly rub your clit with my fingers, heightening the pleasure greatly, like sparks of electricity you feel your body writhe in the pleasure and begin to make your way towards climax.

You feel me start moving faster with strong thrusts, your legs hooked over my shoulders, my cock as deep into you as possible, our mouths locked in a loving embrace. You let out a strong moan as your body releases in a wave of pleasure that you feel from your head to your toes, every nerve in your body crying out in pleasure. I withdraw my cock from your quivering body, grab your hair and once again force you to suck on it. You feel my legs and arms tense up as I reach climax, my cum entering your mouth, you swallow it gratefully.

I slump down beside you and unlock your handcuffs. You roll over with your back to me and we sit there, my arms around you, in peaceful bliss, simply with each other and no other care in the world, our muscles worn out but our whole being satisfied.

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