Annihilation of a juicy wet crack hole

Annihilation of a juicy wet crack hole
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The Real South Park Yes, this is based on the tv show. This is my first story, be gentle! Butters Stoch was a strange boy. He usually danced and skipped his way to the bus stop, where his friends would meet him and procede to ignore him. He was on the fringe of their four person group: Kyle, Jewish and ginger.

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Has the worst and most strict mom ever! Stan, black hair, has been going out with his gf Wendy for years. Kenny, blonde. Extremely poor. Never seen without his orange hoody, and it is this hoody that reduces his speech to muffled yells.

Has the ability to die and be revived by the next day. Then there was Eric Cartman. Brown hair, fat-ass. The bane of Butters' existence and his best friend.

He could make Butters do and think anything. It was an ordinary Tuesday, and Butters treated it no differantly. As he skipped closer to the bus stop, he noticed only Cartman there. "Hey Eric, where are the fellas?" "Oh Butters thankgod.

I need you to do something." Oh hamburgers, he thought, this can't be good. "Well, sure Eric, what is it?" "I need you to give me a dollar for the bus." This happened nearly everyday, so Butters always brought $2 for the bus.

After about 20mins of waiting, the bus finally pulled in. As Butters climed the steps and handed the driver the money, he noticed something different. It wasn't the normal, ugly bus driver. No, it was. Ms.Cartman??? "Excuse me, Ms.Cartman maam, um, where's the normal driver, maam?" stuttered the always-polite Butters.

"Oh hello Butters. She's in hospital after a vicious rape. Apparently 5 boys jumped her last night. She barely survived. Oh hello snuckums!" Butters turned to see Cartman already on the bus and halfway to his seat.

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"Shut the f**k up mom!!!" Butters, startled, turn to face Ms.Cartman, who was unfased. Butters turned and walked towards Cartman. As he reached the back of the bus, Ms.Cartman yelled "have fun boys". Hmm, it's just a bus ride to school, what's so fun about that, he thought. He had no idea what was in store for him.

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As he reached the back, he went to sit next to Cartman. F**k off, fag". Oh hamburgers, he thought, where am I gonna sit now? It was only now he noticed the bus was empty.


Weird. He sat infront of Cartman, and as usual he hit Butters with his books. *sigh* just another Tuesday, he thought. After 10 mins, the bus drove past the school.

He got up, went to the front. "Um, Ms.Cartman, we passed the school back there." "It's ok hun, we're just taking a little detour." "Detour?" he said. Then, darkness. He awoke sometime later in a strange place. He felt a huge pain in his head, but when he tried to move, he found he couldn't. He was bound in some wooden stocks, like in medieval times. He looked up and only now noticed where he was. He was in the 'Wild West Village', long abandoned due to those people being killed.

Oh Jesus, he thought, I'm gonna get grounded for sure. Suddenly he heard a slurping noise to his right.

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He strained his neck over, and out of the corner of his eye he saw Ms.Cartman giving Eric a blowjob. What the. Butters had had several fantasys of Ms.Cartman doing the same thing to him. He couldn't see it, but he could feel his growing erection. He struggled to get free, but ended up turning the platform the stocks were on.

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It rotated! He now had a full view of the action.

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Ms.Cartman had changed into these fish net tights, and had some red crotchless panties. From his angle, Butters had a full view of her lucious pussy. There was a bit of hair, but that's how he liked it! He stared for a moment, then turned to look at the action. Ms.Cartman had the tip of his cock in her mouth, while stroking her son's 7 inch long cock.

Wow, Butters thought, it's about as long as mine, but it's still semi-flaccid! She was now sucking the full length of his cock, slurping up and down it. She turned her attention to his balls, and held them in her mouth while pumping his cock. It had now grown to 10 inches, and was still going. She licked him down to his anus.


She worked her tongue in and out, as if it was fucking his ass. He really seemed to like it, so much so that it shot across the room, some of it hitting Butters square in the face. He quickly licked it up. It reminded him of summer camp. He had started to drift off down memory lane when what felt like a tree trunk slapped him in the cheek.

He turned and was nearl poked in the eye by Eric's massive shlong. Without hesitation he shoved his now full length cock, 13 inches length, 5 inches diameter, it Butters mouth. Butters nearly had a heart attack. Cartman brutally fucked Butters mouth for 2 mins, then pulled out.

For a moment, Eric disappeared. Butters didn't even notice him leave. He did, however, noticed his pants being lowered. "Please Eric!

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Not there!!! NOOOOOOO!" all in vain. He pulled back, and without warning or hesitation he plunged into Butters' virgin asshole. "AHHHHHHHH! IT BURNS!!!". Eric didn't waste time, going at 60mph. Immediately, Butters started bleading heavily. "PLEASE STOP!" Butters pleaded. To his amazement, he did. Momentary relief fell across Butters.

He then felt something near his penis. Someone was blowing him! "E-e-eric?" he asked. "No Butters, this is his mommy." She continued to give Butters the same treatment she had previously given her son. The pain had just about began to subside when Eric entered his ass again.

He wasted no time, soon regaining the pace from before. For hours upon hours, Cartman pounded away at his new fuck-toy. Butters' anus was now a blooded pulp, and Butters had passed in and out of consciousness.

Ms.Cartman was still blowing Butters, but to no avail. Finally, Cartman felt a familar feeling in his balls. He drew out to the tip and had one last, violent thrust. He started blowing his cum into Butters' now-gaping anus. Although he had already came from his earlier bj, Cartman pumped 10 pints of cum into Butters.

He held himself in Butters' ass for a couple of minutes, but when he finally pulled out he released a torrent of cum and blood, mainly blood. Butters was barely conscious when Cartmen spoke.

"Okay mom, release my new bitch, then rub his face in this.mess. Make him lick every drop, and tell him if I find one speck of cum/blood then I'll f**k him full force." "May I ride him snukums?" "Eh. okay, but only when he's done cleaning. Oh, and no anal. for now." Note: The censorship of fuck a few times is because it's dialogue and thats what they do in the show