Young Native Indian amateur masturbates wet pussy

Young Native Indian amateur masturbates wet pussy
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Chloe sat in her media lesson bored. Her pussy ached for attention and she despiratley needed release after a month of chastity.

She read about orgasm denial on the internet and had decided to give it ago but without the restraint of belts or equipment.

She was using pure willpower but it was weining and she had decided she was going to release herself tonight over some porn from the net. She just had to make it till then.

She was wearing stockings under a tiny pink skirt that barely covered her arse.

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Her big 36dd breasts were held up by a bra and jumper matching her skirt but her nipples still were visable through the clothing due to the cold weather. Chloe was just 18 years old but had a very petite yet developed frame. her brown har layed understated, tied in a single ponytail leaving her models face unobstructed. She wore very little make up but her natural beauty and prominent cheek bones need no bolstering. She sat there cross legged next too her best friend alex.

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Alex was dressed moderatly in jeans, small 1 inch heels and a big coat to protect from the cold, whiched covered Her amazingly pert 34D brests. "criminal" chloe pondered. "what's that" whispered alex "just saying that this is shit. You wanna bin it and go back 2 mine?" After leaving the lesson complaining of sickness, the girls took the bus home.

Apon arivel, chloe stumbled across a packaged left in the hallway with only a plain lable saying "switch on immediately" "well that's weird" she said to chloe and opened the package. It contained a mobile phone which she switched on and found it had maximum battery.

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It rang. This startled them but chole answered the call coming from an unknown number. "hello?" "you and alex have been selected to join the island.

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Step outside or we will collect you by force." "who is this?!" "knock knock chloe." The front door collapsed next to them by way of hammer. A burly 6 foot 6 man stood in the setteling dust with a grin behind his balaclava. He then dropped the hamme and picked alex up by the waist and hoisted her over his massive shoulders.

Chloe screamed and ran as alex flailed and bucked wildly but the man was to fast and grabbed chloe by the foot and dragged her out the door, scraping her along the broken glass.

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The screamed and yelled for the neighbors but were thrown into the back of a UPS before any reply was heard. They saw 2 other girls laying in a heap in the back of the van, both witht heir wrists bound behind there backs and ankles boud together.


then everything went dark as they felt a blow to their head. Chloe groned awake as the pain made its presence known in her head. She opened her eyes to find herself in some sort of barn. She look down and saw she was naked. She leaned over her breasts to see her feet in 6 inch boots, fashined to make her stand on point. Her wrists were shakled together above her head and she reckoned she was wearing a collar. Chloe looked around and saw alex, still unconcious, in the same predicament.

Her long blonde hair hanging loose over her breasts. -slap- She was struck across the face by a hand and she spun round to face her attaker. It was a woman of about 24 or 25 wearing a tight corset which made her tits bulge and fishnet stocking over her slender legs, topped off with kneew high boots with thick platform soles and 6 inch heels.

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Her face was pritty but distorted by the hand fast aprouching her own face. -slap- Chloe shreiked but recovered to shout at the woman "who the hell are you and where the fu-" Her collar tightened cutting off her air.

She choked and went red as the blood in her head pulsed, screaming for oxygen. Just as she felt the world becoming darker the collar loosened and she gasped for air. "do not speak to me like that again or I will be forced to punish you." the woman spoke with a commanding air, as if she owned everything and everyone "I am mistress saphire, you will call me miss.

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I now own you. Do not disobay me or you will be punished. Do exactly as I say or you will be punished." "what the hell is going on!" Mistress spahire brandished what looked like a tazer and pressed it into choles pussy with a low hummng noise. Alex screamed and went limp so she was hanging by her arms "that, my dear, is a powerful tazer. It delevers an electric shock desighned to rela the muscles of any area it touches. Its also administers a shot of adder poisen to a local area, desighned to give a burning sensation without actualy harming the slave." she rubbed chloes bare pussy and she screamed in response "the poisen will settle so by rubbing it around will move it on to new and more painfull nerve endings.


The tazer will make your cunt loose and you will possibly piss yourself." Chloe decided to stay silent, gritting her teeth against the pain. mistress saphire walked over to alex and gave her pussy a zap.

She immediately woke up and screamed, taking in her situation in an instant.


"from now on your tits will be refered to as udders. You will be selected to be a house slave, cow slave, or sex slave.

Choose now slut or I choose for you." Chloe didn't like the sound of a cow slave and had an inckling into what a sex slave would do so she decided "house slave" "good girl" "What about you slut?" she tazered alex's cunt again and she screamed out "cow slave mistress!" then began to weep.