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GabyCerejinha Chupando o Cliente no Drave
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Georgia by Vanessa Evans Before you read this part I strongly suggest that you read the previous parts. It will give you the background that will make this part a lot more enjoyable. Part 08 Thursday started with me realising that Charlotte was holding my right tit as we slept. I smiled to myself and gently lifted her hand off me. I got up and went downstairs to put some coffee on. While I was down there I looked at clock and discovered that it was 11:30.

"Wow," I thought, "the weeks fun must have caught up with us." I went and had a shower then woke Charlotte. She too was surprised at the time. After Charlotte had a shower we went outside to have some breakfast.

"Can we have a quiet day please G? I'm still exhausted." "I'm glad that you said that Char. I am too. How about some gentle tennis for starters and then s bit of a splash about in the pool? I don't want to miss our lessons in the woods with James. If we go later we may get an audience." "A splash about! You mean with the hosepipe and that big jet of water.

That's at least 4 orgasms. "I thought that you wanted to take it easy today." "If it's only 4 then it's taking it easy." "Bloody hell G; I'm glad that I'm only here for a few days." "I'll be able to rest as much as I like next week.

Shame that you can't come with us." "Yeah; come on, where do you keep the rackets and balls?" Two naked girls played terrible tennis for about an hour and were just walking back to the house when a little red van drove up the drive. A cheerful postman got out, said hello and got me to sign for a package as he absorbed the sight of 2 naked girls. We went and fell into the pool and did very little for a while ending up at the big jet of water.

It was like we subconsciously zeroed-in on the jet that we wanted to enjoy the feeling; which of course we did.

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I'd supported Charlotte while the water made her cum; and she was now supporting me when something made me look up. Two men in overalls were walking along the side of the pool towards us. "Just ignore us ladies." One of the men said, "We're only here to clean the pool." The way that we were they could tell that we were topless but they wouldn't have been able to tell that we were bottomless as well.

At first my arousal diminished and Charlotte asked if I wanted to stop. "No, just hold on to me; I'm not going to let these 2 stop me." I pulled my pussy nearer to the jet and continued pleasuring myself until I orgasmed.

There were a few 'Aaah's and 'yes's as I reached my peak that attracted the attention of the men who stopped and stared at us. I swung my feet back into the water and looked at Charlotte.

"That's better, I think that I'm ready for James and the woods now; how about you Char?" "Yeah, I'm wide awake now." We swam to the shallow end and climbed out. The 2 men still watching us as our 2 bare butts disappeared into the rest of the house. After a quick phone call to James and about 20 minutes, the same 2 bare butts walked out to the car and a smiling James. There were 4 cars in the car park when we got there, the occupants presumably somewhere in the woods.

As our lessons and different sex positions got going well Charlotte suddenly shrieked and said, "There are 2 men watching us; over there." "That's okay Charlotte, that's one of the reasons why we're here. Play with yourself and give them a good show." James said; I was a little busy at the time.

When I was able I asked Charlotte if she wanted one of the watchers to fuck her." "I think that I'll just settle for them watch." "Okay. Now get down here and swallow James's cock." The mini orgy with a mini audience went on for at least 30 more minutes before we'd all had enough, James not sure if he could get it up again.

Back at home we did nothing for a while then phoned an order for some Chinese food. We both answered the door to the guy that had delivered to daddy and I before.

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He didn't seem to want to leave and asked us some questions about the service that his company had provided. We finally got rid of him then sat on the sofas eating, drinking wine and talking. At around 9 o'clock we got a pleasant surprise when I heard daddy say, "Hello Georgia; and who is your gorgeous friend?" I turned round, confirmed that I wasn't dreaming, shouted "daddy" then jumped up and ran to him then jumped up onto him wrapping my legs around his waist.

As I was hugging him I felt his hands go round me, then under my bare butt to stop me from sliding down. After a few seconds daddy removed his hands and I slowly slid down to the floor. Then daddy said, "My meetings finished early so I decided to surprise you Georgia." "I'm glad that you did daddy, now you are able to meet my best friend Charlotte from school.

Char, come and meet my daddy." Charlotte was still sat on a sofa with an arm over her tits. "Come on Charlotte, don't be shy, it's only my daddy." I instructed.

Charlotte stood up and walked over, hands by her side. After I'd formally introduced them I said, "I got a bid bored earlier in the week and invited her here; I hope that you don't mind." "Of course not, but what happened to your clothes? I never expected to be welcomed by 2 beautiful, naked 18 year old girls." "Oh that; we were here alone and just couldn't be bothered to get dressed; we've had a very lazy few days." "Okay not a problem; you didn't upset Mrs.

Jones did you?" "No, I gave her a few days off." "Okay. "Shall we go and put some clothes on daddy?" "That's up to you; you're 18 now so it's your choice." "Thank you daddy. Have you eaten?

We had a Chinese but I can soon order you some if you want." "Yes, that would be nice, just ask for my usual, they know what it is. Right, I'll go and freshen up then Charlotte here can tell me all about herself and what you 2 have been up to.

I know what it's like when 2 x 18 year olds get together." Daddy went off and I phoned his order in. "We'd better go and get dressed G." Charlotte said. "No, it's not worth it. Daddy didn't seem at all surprised or upset to see us when he got back so why should we bother.

Don't worry Charlotte, if daddy was upset we'd know about it." "Saying it like that G makes me wonder if he used to spank you when you were little; did he?" "He did a couple of times when I was little but after mummy died I could never do anything wrong." "On the bare like they do at school?" "On the bare Char.


I'll go and get some more wine and put it in the refrigerator." Daddy was returning to the main room at the same time as I was and I asked him if he minded Charlotte and I staying naked. "Good grief no; it's just what I need to cheer me up." "Good." I replied and reached up and kissed his cheek. We all talked about all sorts with daddy looking at Charlotte or me all of the time. I wasn't sure if he was being polite or that he enjoyed looking at our bodies.

The conversation was broken by the doorbell and I rushed to get the takeaway for daddy.

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When I got back daddy said, "You didn't open the front door like that did you Georgia?" "Yes; why?" "Oh nothing." The 3 of us talked some more and drank some more, and I noticed that Charlotte was getting more relaxed about being naked in front of daddy.

She was even letting her knees drift apart a little bit. Not that he could see her pussy, she was sat down.

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Me, on the other hand, I was getting very lazy in the way that I was sitting, and, at times, laying back in the chair. I actually caught daddy looking at my pussy a couple of times which made me feel happy.

One thing that we did talk about was all of our itineraries for the next 2 days. Luckily, we were still flying to Ibiza on the Saturday so Charlotte could still catch the Friday afternoon train home. Daddy had to go into the office on the Friday so my plans to go to the dress shop in the morning and for a final 3 some in the woods with James weren't going to be affected. I think that all 3 of us were 'happy' when we went to bed.

Charlotte and I still slept naked on top on my bed and I still left the door wide open. I woke up to see daddy sat at the foot of my bed gently shaking my ankle. When he saw my eyes open he told me that he was leaving for work and that he'd see me that evening.

I closed my eyes to go back to sleep and I felt him get off the bed but it was ages before I heard him leave the room. I guess that he'd been looking at the naked Charlotte and me. The sun was shining when I next woke up. Charlotte was walking back from the bathroom quietly singing. "Morning G." she said, "nice day for a drive to the woods." "Nymphomaniac." I replied.

"Come on sleepy head, we have to be at the dress shop." "Oh yes, pass me my phone please." "What did your last slave die of?" Charlotte replied as she threw my phone to me. "Over-work." I said as I phoned James and booked him for an hour from then. "Your father is a nice man Georgia." Charlotte said as we sipped our coffee. "He really made me feel comfortable, especially as I was naked all the time." "Yes, he is nice, but that didn't stop him staring at your goodies Char; even this morning when you were still asleep." "You mean that he came into your bedroom and stared at us?" "I didn't have my hand on my pussy and I wasn't rubbing my clit in my sleep was I?" "I don't know; I didn't look." But I did look at Charlotte's face right then, and it was red.

I wondered if she played with herself a lot while she was asleep. "Are we going to the dress shop naked G; or are we going to put some clothes on?" "Daddy will be at his office all day so it's business as usual Char." And 2 naked girls walked out to the car when James arrived.

There was no one in the shop when we arrived and Celeste responded to the doorbell and came and said hello. As she came over to us she kicked the pedestal nearer to the door then added, "Glad to see that you've arrived ready for business ladies. Who wants to be first?" Charlotte stepped up and went through trying on the clothes that Celeste had made for her. At first she kept saying that she couldn't wear this or that at home because her mother would kill her. It was Celeste that told her that she should go out in clothes approved by her mother then change on the way to wherever she was going.

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The clothes that Celeste had made for me were perfect. I really like the dresses that have horizontal cuts in them. With minor adjustments I can show or hide my nipples and when I stand up straight the big cut a few centimetres below my hips lets everyone see my slit.

The dress with lots of different shapes cut out of the front leaves me looking like the front is just an odd shaped net.


I was hoping that some people would come into the shop whilst we were there but we weren't there that long, and by lunchtime we were on our way to the woods for another lesson and mini orgy out in the open air. I think that James was going to be glad that Charlotte was going home and that I was going to Ibiza. He looked very tired by the end of that week. Back at home Charlotte packed her suitcase and we both put some clothes on. We stopped at a pub and had lunch, James having to be told to join us, before dropping Charlotte off at the train station.


Having seen Charlotte get on her train I went back to the car and took my dress off before getting into the front passenger seat next to James. When I got home I started filling 2 large suitcases with clothes and toys and other things that I'd need. I had no idea how long I was going to stay on the boat after daddy left me to go back to work. I was still naked when daddy got home and he didn't seem at all unhappy with my lack of clothes.