Smart floozy rides a one eyed monster

Smart floozy rides a one eyed monster
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Good dinner My girl and I have a very special relationship. She is not my beloved girlfriend but she also is my mistress. She is sweet and cute and so, so kind but she can be a really hot and sexy mistress, too. She knows I love when she is that dominant. And she herself likes to control me, too. So we have some kind of arrangement that says that we are a normal couple to the outside but in our sexual life we have this special relationship.

We do really love each other and the both of us are supposed to make the other happy. So it's great that we found each other. Her sexual preferences and mine compare each other just as good as we do in questions concerning personality.

The fact that she is younger than me makes our special relationship even hotter. To be honest, the fact that I submit myself in sexual questions to a hot younger girl excites me. We both have kinds of exhibitionistic preferences and we love to live them out.

One day we went out on a Saturday afternoon. We went into the big city.


Many people were out to. My girl and mistress wore a not too short but tight, black cotton shirt and a elegant skinny white blouse under a fitting, waist- long business jacket.

The outfit gave her a really sexy, serious look. The tight skirt wrapped around her cute ass and let her strong legs look pretty damn good! At the end og her long legs she wore hot, black high heels. They looked not cheap or whore like. They just fitted well with the rest of this outfit. The last parts of this sweet outfit were her black stockings. I walked beside her, my arm around her waist and my right hand placed on her ass. This simple thing exited me already because I knew she, as I, was not wearing any underwear.

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So the only thing that was between my hand and her sexy ass was the thin cotton of the skirt. I could feel the sides of the suspenders and I played a little with them through the cotton. My girl gave me a nice look and I knew she liked me doing that and I liked it to. But I not only liked to it that moment. I knew I would get some kind of "punishment" because I was that sassy. All this was part of our game. As I mentioned before me neither wore any underwear so my erection could be seen through my pants.

The other people we met look straight the other was when they got aware of it. We thought that was funny and it made us hotter, too, because it fed our exhibitionistic considerations.

So my cock grew with every passant we met. Finally we arrived our aim. We took a seat in a little, intimae café. I took the seat on the opposite side of my mistress.

We had chosen a table in the middle of the restaurant. So, all the other guests could see us pretty good. The tablecloth was not too long. When we had finally taken our seats my mistress very slowly stretched her long sexy right leg. She touched my leg under the table. She slowly walked her leg up mine until she reached the place between my legs, where my rocklike boner waited inpatient for her high heeled foot to touch it.

She began to rub it. While she did that we hold our hands on the table just like a normal couple. Now you have to know that we modified many of our clothes in a way that they look quite normal if you don't know that they are modified.

One of those modifications concerned the zipper of the trousers I wore that day. It was changed in a special was that allowed my girl to open it without using her hands. She just had to stick one of her toes through a little lash that was directly combined with the zipper itself.

When my mistress used the mentioned lash my erected cock just popped out of my trousers like nothing. Finally it was free and I enjoyed the fresh, cold air that flew all around it really much, but maybe not as much as I loved the knowledge, that the whole scene was observed by many total strangers.

My girl gave me one more, sexy look. She touched my hand a little rougher as she slid my steel- bar in the space between her toes and the shoe. Then she started to wank my cock with her cute mistress- girly- my little honey- I love her- foot. It was hard for me to keep the shine. I tried to act as if nothing was going on. Just as if there was no sexy women right above me that was wanking my cock with her soft toes in public where many strangers were able to see me.

Then the waiter showed up. He brought he wine- menu first. Because of the fact that we wanted to act as if nothing was going on under the table I took as the gentleman I am the wine- menu. I tried to concentrate and chose an Italian red wine that fitted to the pasta we had already ordered. He disappeared again.

My mistress kept wanking me as if there was no tomorrow. When the waiter came to bring the meals I felt a humongous power of pressure building up in my balls.

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She realized that my cock moved in the warm and soft place between her toes. She smiled at me with her meaningful smile and kept massaging the top of my boner. Finally I couldn't stand it more and shot my fist load right on her sexy little foot. She smiled even bigger and began to eat. She replaced her foot on the ground and played with her spermed toes in the high heel. It made a silent but hearable sound and some of the other people started to check where this sound might come from. We gave us a smile.

Then the wine came. We made a toast- we drank on our love and on our special and profound relationship. While we ate and drank we talked about this and that, just like normal people would do it, too. Suddenly my girl let fall her fork. Certainly I knew this sigh and I stood up to get on the ground to get it for her.

This was a dangerous moment because my cock was still hanging out of my pants. But if people see something like that they don't belief their eyes because they think it can't be. Something like that just doesn't have any place in their simple and boring lives. So I simply got down on my knees on the floor and "searched" for the lost fork. My beautiful girl spit her strong legs and gave me a good view on her nice little unshaven pussy (in our sexual life we had decided that I wasn't worth it to see my mistress pussy shaven).

Without losing any time I reached my hand up her legs under the tight skirt and stick 2 fingers in her pussy. I moved them fore- and backwards while I kept pretending to search the fork. As I "found" it I pretended as if I was losing my balance. And I landed with my face right between her legs.

I could smell her wetness through the cotton. I loved her smell. She quickly pulled up the skirt to give me a full view on her vagina. And I started licking her so wet pussy- hole whit my had under the tablecloth. I felt her nice dark public hair on my mouth and between my teeth.

And I inserted my hungry tongue inside my mistress' waiting hole. She whispered:"You really are a dirty slave, aren't you? You enjoy licking my wet sweet hole here in public! Yeah, slave &hellip.suck all my good juice! Feel my pussy muscles work all around your wet slave tongue!" It was so wet I almost drank inside. And I loved it. I thought if I had to dir in one way I would drink in my girl's sweet pussy juice. I drank as much as I could in the limited time I was able to stay under the table.

We wanted to make the people wondering- not knowing. After about 2 minutes I came up again. My mouth was totally covered of her juice and so glossy, nobody could have serious doubts whet was going on here. I tried to lick my mouth clean as good as possible. Not to escape the embarrassment but not to waste any drop of her worthy juice.

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I really love her. The afternoon turned into evening and we finished our major meal. The wine was almost emptied. The waiter came and asked if we wanted some deserts. We ordered some fruits with white and black chocolate. I wanted to order some more to drink but she touched my cock under the table and I stopped ordering. When the waiter was gone she said in her hot way:"So honey … you are thirty, aren't you?

Guess what, I expected that and I brought some special drink for my sweet slave- boy" she gave me a extremely hot smile and licked het lower lip. Then she took my empty wineglass. She looked me deep in the eyes and she held the glass under the table. She moved a little forward on her cozy chair. "You will get the drink you deserve, honey.

I will take care of you my way!" then I heard a certain sound. It sounded as if someone put water or something in a glass. First I was confused. Then I realized what this hot chick was doing: she peed in my wineglass under the table! My cock immediately got filled with blood. It stood up like a tower in a storm.


Then the sound got more and more silent until it faded away. My girl took the filled glass up on the table. I saw her hot yellow pee and my heart started beating like hell. The smell came to my nose and played around it. My cock almost exploded. She held the glass under her nose and took a deep breath. "That's just right for my nasty boy" she said and clicked with her tongue.

Then she gave the filled glass to me. My hands were shaking of excitement. In fact my whole body was out of control. I held the glass under my nose like she did before and took a deep breath, too. The biggest smile appeared on my face. Then finally I began to drink. The taste of my- yes my own little baby- girl- mistress-pee was great.

It was bitter with a flavor of her sweet juice in it. While I drank in huge sucks the waiter came with the deserts. He stood them down on the table. He moved his nose when he got a nose full of my drink. But he didn't say anything.

My mistress let fall her little dessertspoon. As I wanted to get down again, a little disappointed I couldn't finish my dink, she got on her knees. For some reason she took the white chocolate- cup with her. As she was under the table she whispered to me:"Yeah honey, enjoy your drink- and remember there is more!" Then she took my cock with a rough grip and began to shake it.

My excitement was so big that I didn't take her long to let me cum again. I shot all my sperm in the white chocolate- sauce. When she was finished she gave my cock's head a quick lovely kiss. She appeared on top again- with the small spoon. "Now let's have desert and then let's get the hell out of here" she said. I finished my bitter sweet drink while blood pumped in my cock already again. We both ate the fruits with the white- chocolate- sperm- sauce and the dark chocolate. All of the sudden she asked a couple of girls next table if they wanted to taste the sauces.

Surprisingly they wanted to. We quickly agreed to leave them the rest of the desert. Finally we asked for the check and payed and gave a huge tip When I stood up she stood in front of me. I just wanted to close my zipper but she caught my hard cock behind her back. She shook it a little and because I was actually unbelievable hot and because I didn't care in that moment I shot another load on the backside of her skirt.

On our way out she gave a likely smile to the girls. "How do you little sluts like my slaves cum?" she asked the girls as we turned to go out. Outside we went just our normal way, my hand on her ass cheek.

As we went out way, again like a normal couple, she said all of the sudden:"Guess what slave- honey." I simply didn't try to guess and re asked her simply what it was. "I gave you a blowjob in this restaurant; didn't I?" I nod my head. "Now I want you to give me a blowjob, little slave!" I didn't know what to say. I didn't know what she meant. Then she gave me an evil grin.

We just passed a stone on the side of the way we were walking on. She stood one foot on top of it. So her legs were speared. Then she pulled up her skirt. "Slave, today I will use you as my toilet, this game began in the restaurant and I'll make sure it goes on. Now look slave: right now I need to take a huge shit!

And I am sure you r still a little hungry, aren't you? So get down on your knees in front of your mistress." I did as I was asked to do. Then she pulled the skirt just a little higher so I could see her light brown asshole right above me. "Now slave lick my asshole, this will be my pleasure today, you are here to pleasure me.

And make good work so you will get your gift!" I started to do my work.

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Right on the street I started to lick my honey's little pretty asshole. It tasted great. I licked in small circles all the space round about it.

Then, finally, I concentrated my work to the center. I licked from the left to the right and the other way. I licked from the front to the back and from the back to the front. Finally I had the feeling that het hole was soft enough. "Yeah, you are such a good slave! Lick my asshole pleasure me! And now &hellip. yeah &hellip. Stick your tongue up my ass! OH, slave you are doing so well!

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Go on!" she moaned. And then she climaxed right there out on the streets, with a man licking her asshole. And she didn't care about any strangers, she just shouted all her pleasure out there on the street where still many people were on their ways. "OH, fuck … yeah &hellip. You good slave &hellip. You make me cum so heavy! Don't stop! Don't stop!" she screamed. When she was done, and all the people tried to go their ways again, she started to press. "Now you will get your gift!" she said in the sweetest sounds.

Then slowly her shit opened her asshole from the inside. I saw the small brown point above me growing.

Then I smelled it. I can't imagine to ever have loved any flavor any time that much as I adored my mistresses sweet smell that moment. I breathed in heavily. I smelled it in every possible way. The brown snake grew meanwhile more and more and I couldn't wait to finally taste her shit.

Slowly the snake from her asshole grew forward to my mouth. Now I understood what she meant when she talked about a blowjob. Happily the shit she took was not that soft. It was a good creamy one but with a good level of stability. Finally the brown top of the snake hit my lower lip. "Yeah &hellip. You like that, don't you?" she moaned, "Eat my shit, I know you are hungry for it.

You love it you little shit- eater. Oh yeah, that's it feel the taste of my shit on your lips and now &hellip. Yes .take a bite.

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Oh my god, eat my shit slave. That's your favorite- meal, isn't it?" Hearing my mistress talking like that to me drove me crazy. And I didn't see any end of the snake. She just kept pressing and a she starred peeing again. My head and my hair got showered with her sexy girlpee. Without any pause I kept eating and sucking my girls great "shitdick" my teeth cut through the shit as if it was butter and I wraped my tongue around the snake and I pressed it inside my mouth against my palatine.

And I smashed it and I felt like I was in heaven. I have no idea how long it took me to eat and enjoy the whole shit but anytime I was done. "You've done well slave," my girl said," now clean my asshole." And I just started licking her asshole clean and I sucked every little piece if shit I could find and t licked her pussy, too and I drank and swallowed all the left pee.

While I did this my girl above my came again, this time not that heave like she did before but she had her pleasure. When she was totally cleaned she told me to sit down on the stone.

I did as I was ordered.


And then, almost like a normal couple, we had normal sex- on the stone in the street. I shot a few more loads in her pussy and ass. And when I pulled my cock from her asshole it was shit- covered and I liked it much. In the night we went home our normal way - my hand on her ass- and my cum was floating off her holes and it dripped down on the street and we left a nice track of her pussy juice and my cock juice behind us.

And I was happy and she was, too because we both loved each other and we both knew there were loads of shit and pee and cum and pussy juice left.