Hot gay sex The very first thing that he said he needed to do was get

Hot gay sex The very first thing that he said he needed to do was get
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This is a recount of something that happened to my then wife almost six years ago - after this event things started to spiral out of control until eventually we parted.

It's based on her version of events that she imparted to me afterwards, plus a bit of creative padding to get the blood flowing. I want to share it because it often turns me on when I think back and other folk might enjoy it too. We took a long weekend "across the pond" in New York in the winter of 2000, staying in a basic hotel. The hotel had a massage parlour adjoined to it, and after a day of trudging around Manhattan shopping we'd stopped for a few drinks, and feeling a little frisky in our tipsy state, decided to step into the parlour and each take a massage.

My "then" wife (I'll just refer to her as my wife from now on to save repetition) - Linda - was, up until this day, fairly frigid when it came to revealing herself to anybody else. We'd had massages in a more classy hotel in Thailand several years before, and she wouldn't go naked for the little Thai woman for love nor money. So I was expecting more of the same this time round.

In the NYC massage parlour there were three rooms, one of which was taken. We both requested a full body massage and were lead to our respective changing rooms, being requested to both strip off and come back out using the towel provided. I came out of the changing room first with the towel round my waist and was greeted by my masseur - a tall black guy not afraid to show his well toned body through his white vest. I instantly felt pathetic, my beer gut peering over the towel and man boobs jiggling as I moved.

For a moment I was relieved that it was me that was being seen to by this guy instead of Linda, but as I stepped into my massage room I noticed another equally fit black guy opening the door to the room next door waiting for Linda to appear. I was at that moment just thankful that she was so prudish and faithful to me that she had the ability to control herself.

I'd hoped that she would at most be quite turned on after having a sensuous massage from a fit black guy that sex when we got back to our hotel room would be amazing. A few minutes in to being laid face down on the massage table, my face wedged into that hole as I stared at the black guy's bare feet and legs while he went for my neck and shoulders, I heard the door close to next door's massage room.

I could only hear muffled voices coming from next door - a deep booming male voice followed by a light airy English female voice, some polite laughter from both. Linda had gone in there with her towel hitched tight around her chest, with barely enough length to cover her ass. When she'd got into the room she'd made the guy turn round while she leapt onto the table, face into the hole, and towel kept carefully in position. Linda's masseur insisted that she had to lose the towel, although only to her lower back.

She refused but was told that in which case there was little point in having the massage. She reluctantly agreed, figuring there was not much that can be seen and the massage was kind of expensive and already paid for.

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She loosened the towel from around her, and as the guy went for the towel she shivered as his fingers brushed the side of her chest, only inches from her nipples, before pulling the towel down to reveal just an inch of builder's bum. As I lay there, my back being pummelled by my moody masseur, I couldn't stop picturing the image next door. Linda was 31 at the time, with medium length mousey-blond hair and a gentle tan to her smooth white skin.

She had well toned legs and dainty feet (I guess she still has) and 36C breasts, which would no doubt have been pressed firmly into that massage table. I can imagine any guy getting reasonably turned on at having her lie near-naked in front of you while you're massaging her thighs.

Linda described her massage as being super-sensual. He doused her back, shoulders, thighs and calves in oil and worked his big thick fingers over her skin. She was allowing herself to get turned on by it and could feel her pussy pulsating as he rubbed and massaged her thighs, choosing to take his hands high up her thighs, high enough for her to feel the heat of his hands against her pussy.

When he came to her front, to lean over her and massage her lower back, she could feel his torso brush against her head and see his big, bare feet and legs through her hole in the table. His fingers stretched down and briefly nipped under the towel, grabbing the slightest piece of flesh from her bottom.

I think back now and remember that at this stage the whole place was silent, save for the occasional hard slap that my git of a masseur would give me as he continued to vent his unexplicable mood on my back. It wasn't long after this that the silence was to be broken. Linda's masseur was apparently too turned on to control himself any longer.

He told Linda he was getting hot and was just taking off some clothing. Linda kept her face in the hole and muttered "OK" to him. She saw him move away from the table and fumble with some clothing, then saw to her disbelief his boxers tossed to the floor beneath the table. He went back to work on her neck and shoulders, which immediately sent another shiver down her spine, working its way to her pussy.

He then shuffled forward to get closer in - she was then presented through her view hole of the floor with his huge black cock pointing in her direction, just inches from her face.

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While she was shocked at what was going on, she was so turned on by this point that she just stayed in position and kept her eyes fixed on his bulbous penis. After almost five minutes of silence from her, her inaction prompted the guy to make his next move, so he shuffled further under the table, until he felt his cock reach her lips.

I was oblivious to this in my room, just hoping that my beating would end soon, when I heard the guy shout from next door. He called my guy to come next door to give him a hand with something. My guy yelled back "Coming right up!" and then asked me in hushed tones to turn over. I rolled onto my back and he stood there for a second, whipped off my towel, and glanced at my penis. He made some comment like "Oh you poor little thing" and threw the towel back at me, before leaving the room.

I lay there motionless, puzzled, while my guy tended to whatever was going on next door. My wife, whose head was being held into the hole while she sucked the head of her masseur's cock, heard the other guy enter the room and suddenly her towel was whipped away from her. She could tell her pussy was soaking by this point, and the guy behind her wasted no time in using his expert masseur skills to knead her ass cheeks and pull them apart to reveal her sodden pussy.

He climbed on top of the table and she felt his cock slap against her ass, before her hips were grabbed and yanked from being pressed to the table. I remained motionless on the massage table, just waiting for him to return.


At the time I was thinking that next door was out of oil or there was just some trivial question he had, until I started hearing the muffled moaning of my wife through the wall. As it grew, louder and louder, heavier and heavier, I felt myself even more bolted to that table and almost paralysed to do anything.

The only part of me that moved was my penis, which grew achingly hard. I had that old "you know what they say about black guys" cliche in my head which was getting me even hornier - as I later found out, in this case it was most definitely true and they were both nearly twice my size.

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My wife was in there for nearly half an hour, being fucked from all positions by both guys. She said she orgasmed the moment the first guy pushed the full length of his cock into her, and again when the second guy came inside her while she was being fucked on the floor on all fours. To me, the most vivid moment of that day was me cumming on myself while I heard the joint sound of my wife screaming to orgasm with her masseur booming in his deep voice "Oh fuck!" as he came inside her.

Shortly after the climax, the chinese owner of the place stormed into next door and shouted at the three of them to get out.

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He came into where I was and told me to get going too. I leapt off the table and headed out of the room, and into the changing room to shower. I was joined by the two black guys, who also joined me in the shower.

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They showered silently as they stared at me. I had lost my tongue by this point, I had no idea what to say. Instead I couldn't stop myself glancing at their incredible physique and long, thick flaccid cocks. My stomach turned when I noticed the dry white residue of collective male and female cum running the length of one of the guy's cocks, before he soaped himself down.

I just remember looking down at my flabby stomach and short hairy cock, unsurprised that these guys would turn a woman on, especially my wife. I quickly left the place, without waiting for Linda, and went back to the hotel room.

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She returned an hour later and we sat in silence for the rest of the night, before we eventually started talking through what happened.

She never told me where she was during that extra hour, however.