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After years of teaching science at a local high school I never thought I would teach again. But after being retired for 7 months, I got bored and got back into a part time role teaching at a local community college a medium sized city in the southern United States. My name is Brian Jones and I am a 63 year old black man. The job does not pay much, but it satisfies my desire to teach. It also helps supplement my ability to go to strip clubs and to visit adult theaters.

After two semesters teaching at the community college, I also saw how much an associate degree meant to some folks and also saw a way to make additional profit. The following story outlines how I maximize my position as an assistant professor in the college of arts and sciences at the fairly large community college. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Man, do you own this place," I whispered to older heavy set man as he stood next to another thinner late 40's man as we moved inside the seedy adult theater with video booths.

"Uh, yea," replied the large man looking down at me. "Look, I have something I want to run by you," I spoke giving the guy a quick overview. "What are you talking about," asked the man who appeared to be in his mid to late 60's.

"Well, like I said, I can provide some material that will be 100% authentic and homemade," I spoke providing greater details to the man who was now paying attention. "You for real," he asked. "I sure am," I responded. "Well, I sure would test it.

I can't promise you anything. Why me," he shot back. "Because I have seen the clientele of this place and I see lots of guys spending tons of money in this place so I figure this is one of the best propositions out there. Second, I am one of your customers and I know the guys in here would be interested in my material," I added. "Shit, you pegged that right," spoke the man. "That's what I thought," I spoke. "You sure this is legit and the women are not paid or anything," he asked.

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"They are nice and many are married career oriented women," I responded adding details. "Hell, this sounds too good to be true.

You make me wish I was a professor," he shot back. "Man, I am talking everyday women with all sizes and shapes. Many will come to class as they just left work and will be wearing their tight pants or dresses and carrying their fake designer handbags. They want to be high society so I let them prance around while I view their curves," I stated.

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"There is not anything nothing wrong with a little meat on the bones," the wide eyed white aging man informed me. "I teach several science classes and there are many to pick from women in all. Trust me, I love walking around the class assisting the women as I get a great look down their blouses when I stand over them and they lean forward," I informed. "You are a man after my own heart.

I am in.


What type of money are we talking about," he responded as I provided him the details. "Look, if we are successful and get this up and going we will then be able to share some of the money," I spoke as he shook his head. "No problem, money is not an issue.

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I am Tom," he informed extending his hand. "Great," I quickly announced. "You got a deal," he said reaching into his wallet. "Not here and now. Let's meet here tomorrow and I will provide you with more details," I concluded and then left the theater.

The next evening came around and Tom and I met back at the theater. I provided him with all the information he needed regarding our opportunity. "Here is the money. What do you go by," he asked as I counted the money. "Just call me B.J.," I responded.

"Cool," he replied. The next evening around 9 pm I returned to the adult theater and took a seat in the rear with my hat pulled down as usual. About five minutes later the screen came on for the 9 pm viewing and the movie began. "Hello, Mr. Jones," stated the lady. "Come on in Mrs. Wilson," shouted the man behind the desk as the camera angled just to his left focused on a small coffee table, one chair and a older sofa.


Mrs. Wilson was a well dressed and well-put-together medium brown skin black lady with shoulder length straight blackish red hair. She also wore a bracelet on her left arm, a wedding ring on her left hand and carried a black tote bag that served as a purse and a bag to carry her books, folders and notepads. "Mrs. Wilson, how are you," the man stated in a low tone as he stretched out his hand to the lady who was about three inches taller than him in her heels.

"I am doing okay, I think," the lady responded. "Well, what can I help you with," the man stated directing the woman to the sofa as he took a seat on the chair after grabbing a manila folder. "Yes, I would like to speak with you about my grade in the class," she responded as she walked toward the sofa wearing an above the knee length fitted black and purple dress along with nude colored pantyhose.

She was also wearing grey heeled open toe dress shoes. "Go ahead," the man directed her as she sat down crossing her nude panty hosed brown legs. "I wanted to let you know that I really worked hard on the final test and I still only made a 65.

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That last test score brought my grade up to a 58, but I have to have a 60 to pass and graduate," she spoke in somewhat forceful tone. "Mrs. Wilson, as I mentioned previously, I had hoped you would score higher, but I curved the scores and you still only managed a 65.

Your actual score was much lower. You really got behind when you missed those classes early on due to your new job at that hotel," the man spoke.

"Yes, I know I got behind a little, but I could no turn down the chance to get into the manager trainee program at the hotel. And now if I don't get my associate degree in hospitality management, they are not going to let me proceed in the trainee program," she stated laying out her distress.

"The job is contingent in you receiving your degree this spring semester," the man responded back. "Yes and I had discussed this with you after I missed a couple of the classes. This was the one class I knew I would struggle with because I don't really like science," the lady now completely engaged said as she spoke to the man. "I think I may recall that conversation.

I am sorry that with so many students sometimes it becomes a blur for an old man like me," the man responded. "I mean a 58 is so close to a 60. Could I write a paper or do a re-test or something to get the grade up," she asked.

"I wish it was that easy. Unfortunately, if I bend the rules for one person then I have to bend the rules for the next," the man responded. "Look, I really need this. I have a family to support and the hotel is not going to allow me to stay in the program without a degree. I have to get a D out of this class or I will be three credits short," she responded as the man looked in his folder. "I just can't move a grade up two points. I am looking at your other test scores and they were also fairly bad.

When you missed those quizzes it really didn't allow much room for error on the final test," he responded. "I'll admit I was running from the job to take my kid to his t-ball games and my husband was out as he works a rotating shift at the car plant. It all was just too much for me and I let this class slip. I am 29 years old and promise I am a better student than most of these 18 and 19 year old's attending here, but they likely don't have the other responsibilities I have.

I had to leave the job early today just to meet you this evening," she replied as if it was all just too much of a burden. "I really wish I could help because I understand your situation. However, I could not even make a case to the dean because your other scores were so low and you missed so much class. You would not stand a chance if you appealed this because I would have to turn over all my records that show you missed class and how low your other test scores were," the man stated looking at the lady who was seated across from him in her above the knee skirt that showed her nicely shaped light brown calves as she sat on the couch crossing her legs away from eye view of where he was sitting.

"I cannot believe this. I am begging you to please help me out here. I never beg, but this is so important. Please help me.

I have to have this class," she responded almost in tears. "Look, I understand the situation and sympathize with you. But, the scores are final and you made what you made. Now if you would like to potentially work something out then I am open to that," the man stated standing up moving over to the couch. "What do you mean by that," the lady stated raising her head and rolling her eyes and neck as the man sat down beside her.

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"I mean you could probably convince me to change your grade. Look you are an attractive lady and I am a balding old man. I think you could convince me to allow for an extra credit assignment or something," the man added. "I am married and don't play those games.

I could turn you in," she shot back. "Go ahead. It would be my word against yours. Plus, I have the test scores and the absences to back up my position. I could easily say you are trying to get me to change your grades," the skillful man shot back. "I cannot believe this," she responded shaking her head. "What's not to believe?

I mean you are an attractive lady and I am a balding old man. This makes all the sense in the world. It is just up to you if you feel you really need the extra credit to pass this class," the man responded. "Let me think about it and then get back with you tomorrow," she replied. "This is a take it or leave it deal. There is no way I am going to let you come back in here tomorrow. For all I know you could have a tape recorder and video recorder waiting for me.

Today, I know this is all new and you have nothing to use against me as evidence. Look, I am just an old man who likes what he sees," the man replied placing his hand around the woman's shoulders and pulling her into him.

The video continued to run as the man sitting to her left convinced her that her grade would be taken care of as he pulled her closer. He then grabbed her left hand and placed it on the knee of his Khaki pants. He also utilized his right hand to begin rubbing her left panty hosed thigh area as her legs were now uncrossed. His hands quickly began to move up her dress to her chest area and as he rubbed harder.

As she struggled to push her hair back from her face the man moved his right hand down into her blouse and began touching her left breast. "Let's get this dress off," the man directed the woman as she rose up slightly allowing him to pull the dress up and over her head.

The view on the screen continued as the black lady was now only wearing a blue bra with black trim and her pantyhose over her matching blue with black lace trim panties. The man continued to undress her reaching around to unsnap her bra.

"Very nice," the man stated as he exposed a fairly firm pair of brown skin tits with small dark brown areolas. The man quickly informed the lady to relax as she attempted to fold her arms over her exposed breast. The man stood up a bit as he then began licking the woman's left breast as she continued to try to manage her hair as it moved into her face by pushing it back to the sides.

It didn't take the man long to utilize his right hand to fondle the lady's right tit as he sucked her left tit. He then took his left hand and moved it inside the lady pantyhose as he began to rub her crotch area over her panties as she sat with her legs open more widely on the couch. "Lay back," the man directed the black lady and as she complied he grabbed the waistband of her pantyhose pulling the down quickly.

"Turn over and let me get those panties off," the man stated turning the woman around and then removing her pantyhose exposing a slightly hairy pussy as he lifted her left leg as he began rubbing her naked crotch area. He then lowered his head into her crotch and began licking her spread lips. She made a few small murmurs as he continued to lick and eat her pussy for several minutes before starting to utilize his left hand to finger her.

"Now you get to do me," the man stated standing up to remove his clothes. He soon straddled one leg over her on the couch as he informed her to raise up. She paused considerably as his long cock was no inches from her face.

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With some reluctance, she finally grabbed his dick and placed it in her mouth as he indicated. She used her left hand to place at the base of his dick as she gently stroked his dick while she sucked for several minutes. "Let me lay back and I want you to get on top," the man stated to the lady. The lady did as told and within a few second the man was inside her moving upward as she moved back and forth. She made a few more light sounds, but nothing major. "Please lie back on your back," the man stated before mounting on top of her.

He quickly gained rhythm as he fucked her for several minutes with her brown legs straddled his sides moving up and down as he entered her each time. Her sounds increased slightly, but not much. After a few minutes of humping the man finally climaxed inside the lady. After a few body jerks by him he rose off the lady and grabbed a few Kleenex of his desk. He wiped his now shrinking cock off and handed the lady a few of the tissues for herself. "I'll get that grade updated to a 60 first thing tomorrow," the man stated as the woman just shook her head up and down indicating she understood.

After the climax the screen remained on while the lady put her clothes back on.

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As the scene ended there was a bright white message. It read to see more of these real life hidden videos of everyday women being fucked by this old man you will have to purchase from the premium video arcade. Purchase now for a special price the last screen message stated.

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I casually got up out of my seat and headed in the direction of the owners office and watched as several of the men that had just left the main screen after jacking their dicks off spoke to the owner and several utilized their wallets. Several minutes later I approached the owner's office.

"So what you think," I asked. "B.J. or is it Mr. Jones or should I say Professor Jones, you are a new star. I just had seven guys pay $20 apiece to see another one of the videos in the premium arcade booths. No telling how many I'll get on the weekends. This could be very lucrative for the both of us," the owner stated handing me half of the money per our agreement. "Well, I only have two more hidden videos currently. I guess I need to get back to work and find a few more female students who needs to pass my class to graduate or keep their scholarship.

I guess I'll be needing more Viagra," I blurted out laughing with the owner as we shook hands and I lowered my cap leaving out of the theater after just watching myself perform on camera and looking forward to my next performance.