Overwhelming hottie Jenny with great natural tits adores blowjobs

Overwhelming hottie Jenny with great natural tits adores blowjobs
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I did as she suggested and changed into some shorts and a t-shirt and when I came back down it was on the table and she was standing there waiting for me with a smile. "Tonight is going to be your night daddy it is time for me to make you happy and show you how much I love you and appreciate you, so sit and let's eat before it gets cold. We had supper with a lot of small talk and silence I complemented her on it and thanked her once we had finished she told me to go find a movie and she would join me after she cleaned up.

I found a movie, a James Bond, put it in and sat down on the couch and my mind drifted off back to this morning and how Kali looked naked. My cock started to grow as I thought about her and my mind drifted off to taking her and fucking her and eating her and hearing her moan from the pleasure, I was snapped back to reality when I heard her speak my name.

"Sorry sweety must have nodded off." as I looked up seeing she had changed into her robe. However something was not right for she had on hose and very high heels. "Daddy I know about some of the things that went on when I was little and suppose to be asleep.

So I have thought about it for sometime and this morning confirmed my feeling about it." With that she opened the robe and let it slip to the floor, there she stood in all her glory naked except for garter-belt hose and heels. "When I was younger I did not understand what was happening however I heard things from mom like: Yes Master, I love to suck your cock, please allow me to please you Master, I give myself to you Master, use me Master. and on and on now I am older and understand what was going on and daddy I am giving myself to you to use as you wish." I sat there looking at her and remembering Sara when she would be my slave girl how she loved pleasing me.

I felt myself becoming her Master as I looked at Kali. "Daddy can I be your slut, your whore, you slave? I promise I will do whatever you desire and be whatever you wish me to be. I have read about the Master slave relationship and that is what I desire to be, I desire to be used by you and owned by you. So please use me daddy and let me be your slave." It was like I was outside of myself and I was with Sara, I looked up at her "yes slut you can be and are my slut slave you will be at my beckon call you will be my slut and you will obey me or be punished.

I am Master Daddy to you and I will be calling you as bitch, cocksucker, cunt, whore, slut or slave.

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And the following rules will be followed at all times. 1. When we are at home you will be naked except for what you are now wearing. 2. You will respond to my request instantly.

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3. You will be totally under my control you will not go to the bathroom, have a climax, sit, or speak unless I tell you to.


4. You will do the daily chore list that I will supply you 5. You will sleep in my bed your room will be used for punishment and if you are to sleep there it will be on the floor," With that I stood up and told her to kneel and wait until I returned.


I went upstairs and retrieved Sara's collar it was a wide one with 4 rings; front, back and one on each side and spikes in between. I came back down stairs and walked up to her Sara's collar.

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"This was your mothers collar and if you wish to assume her place you will take it and put it on and you will wear this when you are in the home. You do not answer the door unless I tell you if I am not here I will call you and tell you what to do.

If the phone rings let it go to the voice mail, If I call I will let it ring twice hang up and call right back you will check the caller id and to make sure it is me then answer it with Yes Master Daddy." Kali took the collar, looked at it rubbing it and reading the plate in the front of it SLUT SLAVE then placed it around her neck and fasted it in place.

Looking up at me she responded "Yes Master Daddy I wish to take my moms place and become your little girl slut slave." "OK your first proof of submission is to remove my shorts then take my cock and take it in your mouth you will suck me to completion and swallow my cum. now get busy!" She moved over on her knees and pulled my shorts down.

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I stepped out of them she took my cock in her hand and stared at it for it is larger than average. I am blessed with a 8 ½ inches long 2 ½ inches in diameter and 8 ½ around she holds it stareing at it and then kisses it licks the head and then takes it in her mouth and starts to suck as she works it with her hands.

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"Now slut your mother could swallow it down her throat and you WILL learn to do the same. You will also learn to not use your hands when you are sucking me." I pushed into her mouth and she choked and gagged on it. I was so excite at the site of my beautiful slut on her knees sucking me I almost shot when she kissed it. She is getting more in her mouth and sucking harder and I am about to shot, she reaches up and takes my balls and starts to message them as she groaned from deep inside I felt it and I exploded in her mouth