Lesbian gfs using fuck machine and sex toys

Lesbian gfs using fuck machine and sex toys
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** This is a true story about myself, if this happened to someone else I do not mean to offend them but this is the gods honest truth about how I found out how to have fun ** I believe that I was only 12 when I first discovered masturbation, hares how&hellip.

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I was the average 12-year-old boy I swam on the school team and was in decent shape not in shape because I never lifted weights just swam and rode my bike everywhere. So I was thin with a sleight build.


I would always read before I went to bed, which would occur late at night when everyone was asleep. Well one night I was bout to go to bed and I had a hard on. Now usually when I got hard I just let it be, I was only 12 I had no idea what to do with it. That night for some reason I must have shifted down into the covers and my hard dick must have come out of my boxers fly and rubbed against the cover against my cock.

And shudders of pleasure swept through my body.

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So I took hold of it and ran it in a circle with the covers pressed against it and the friction of the light touch of warm fabric on my penis felt amazing. Let me describe my dick for you I got one of them amazing cut cocks with a decent size head on it. I am about 6.5 inches the reason I know that is because I had a girlfriend who wanted to measure it but that's another story. I don't have many veins on it but some pop out when I don't jerk off in awhile and my dick gets super hard. So because of the way I am cut the head although is usually sensitive it is ULTRA sensitive.

Just by moving my dick in a circle letting the fabric rub all around the line where the head starts where it is sensitive gave me a really warm feeling. My penis started pulsing and I thought I was going to pee so I squeezed it as hard as I could and ran to the bathroom, but by the time I got to the bathroom the pulsing had subsided.

It stopped pulsing but I couldn't pee and this confused me, how could I need to pee one second but then not have to at all. The next day I decided to use the Internet and figure out what happened. Masturbation came up on the search I did.

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So I did another search to see what masturbation really was. There was this amazing site that showed various ways to jerk off. I took a few of the ways and printed them out so I could do it that night. That peeing sensation was me wanting to cum and that is supposed to happen apparently and to just let it happen. After I was done with my information part and learned how to hold my cock in my hand and rub it up and down to drive me wild and eventually cum.

I decided to download some movies and pictures. I typed in Masturbation, Pussy, Penis, cum, and jerk off into different search fields and got pictures of guys masturbating jerking their dicks off, girls masturbating rubbing their pussys. There were still pictures of different guys dicks, both soft and hard.

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There were videos of guys masturbating, rubbing their cocks by spitting on the head of their cocks, or what seemed to be oil all over their shaft and balls and they would rub their penis with one hand and massage their balls with the other.

Then I got into some weird stuff where guys would put a finger in their ass and jerk off until they came. When guys came it really turned me on. Especially when a guy would be fucking a girl in her pussy then pull his dick out and cum on her tits or in her mouth. I saw that I was hard after learning how to masturbate the right way, and then seeing all these erotic photos and videos about how to do it.

So I dropped my hand down into my crotch and began rubbing the pole in my pants that was making a tent. It felt so good to rub it the right way while looking at a guy getting his cock sucked off from some girl.

Then after rubbing it awhile I got that pulsing feeling in my cock and I just squeezed my cock tighter and spurt after spurt of cum filled my boxers and left a wet spot in the pants I was wearing.

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I closed all the porn from the computer screen and went to my bedroom to take my pants off. When I took them off there were gobs of silvery white goo in them so I decided to put some on my fingers and lick it.


I liked the taste and decided to lick it all up so there would be no evidence. I went into the bathroom and saw there was lotion on the counter next to my toothbrush. I let the water heat up and got into the shower with the lotion in hand.

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I squirted the lotion all over my cock and started rubbing it until I got hard again. It felt even better with lotion but then I decided to put some lotion on my other hand and cover all my fingers with the lotion. I squatted down in the shower with the hot water poring over me while I defiled my body with the lotion and impure thoughts, but it felt so good. I went back to rubbing my cock and took my other lotioned up hand and rubbed my ass hole. Slowly I inserted my index finger into my ass centimeter by centimeter.

It was really tight but the deeper I went the faster and harder I would jerk my cock off.

I got my index finger all the way in and began to cum. The muscles around my finger that was deep in my ass gripped my finger and spas med as I shot the cum all over the shower wall. I cleaned up and got dressed again. I found a few different ways to masturbate let me know if you want to hear about them. I would be more than glad to write about them.