Cute Asian teen has her shaven pussy fucked

Cute Asian teen has her shaven pussy fucked
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All fantasy, but my wife and I wish It were true For dinner you wore a long gauzy see through gown. You wore no bra and no underwear. You looked like something out of a dream.

You hair was shining, your skin glowing from the sun and all the sex. We had a martini at the bar. The resort was set up as a Caribbean mansion. There was soft reggae music in the background. We had dinner with the usual table.

There was a soft feel to the night. We had wine and a sumptuous dinner.

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All the men complimented you on your looks. I was sitting with my arm around your chair. You were flirting with all the men at the table who you had fucked. You loved brushing against them. The MC asked that the contest winners stand up at their table.

When you stood up there was a spotlight on you and it lit up your body under the gown. You stood there nude for all the world to see. You breasts standing firm, your shape natural and proud and your cunt outlined in the light. All the men looked at you with lust.

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The dancing started. One of the single men from our table took you by the hand and led you out to the dance floor.


It was a slow song and you molded your body to him. He caressed your naked back and moved his hands to your hips. The other single man from the table came up behind you and pressed against you.

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You put your arms around the man in front's neck and ground yourself against both of them. I was frozen in my seat dazed with lust and love. I love watching you. I got up and went to the dance floor and gently pulled you to me. You face was flush and your nipples hard and engorged.


I whispered to you, did you like him touching you, did you like the feel of their erections, were you getting wet, did you remember fucking them. You murmured yes, yes, yes. I led you back to the table. John who had fucked you in the pool took you out to the dance floor. You pressed your body to him and wrapped your leg around his. You were grinding your mound against his leg and moaned. Soon you were both dry humping on the dance floor and you had your hands all over each other.

The next dance was a fast song and your gown was too long to move in. First you pulled up one leg and then you pulled the other side.

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Your hips were undulating. I came out to you and reached down and pulled the gown over your head. There you were dancing naked on the dance floor. I pulled you to me and ran my hands all over your body. Your neck and tits were bright red and when I reached between your legs you were sopping wet and I could smell your sex.

You loved dancing naked in front of all the men. A group of your admirers surrounded you - the young men from the beach, Brian, the young man we bought weed from, the single men from out table and John from the fucking in the pool.

You had wild sex with all of them. Me too. You moved around the circle dancing naked with each of them, putting your arms around their necks and molding your naked body to them, all of them caressing your body. Two of them held you and caressed and sucked on your engorged nipples. The two young men from the beach danced with you in the middle and pressed their erections into you.

Brian stepped in and held you tight pressing his prick into you. He whispered do you remember fucking at the falls in the sunlight. You moaned - yes I remember your black cock in me. The single men from the table each danced with you.

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They caressed you and felt your mound with their fingers. I went and held you and felt your excitement and arousal. You were again flush, erect nipples and a lustful look in your eyes.

The music thumped and the spotlight was on you and your group of admirers.


You pulled me to a dark corner and stroked my prick. Then you pulled it out and started sucking me. Brian came over and you started sucking his black prick. Soon all of them had their pricks out and you went to each of them and sucked their pricks.

You were moaning and talking dirty - fuck me, let me suck your pricks, ahhhhh, ahhhhh, so many I wanted all of you. I lifted you up, held you tight and whispered in your ear, slid my hands over your body and said did you like all the men lusting after you, did you like all of them caressing you, did you like dancing naked with them, did you like teasing them and most of all did you like fucking them all, did you like fucking two at a time. You moaned and pressed your body to mine.

You groaned and said yes, yes, yes. If we wanted to we could have had them all back to the room. You said yes, yes, I wanted them all and more. Instead we rushed back to our room. I felt your cunt and it was sopping wet and fragrant. I buried my face in your cunt and could almost taste their cum in you. I licked your cunt then turned you over and licked your ass and stuck my tongue in you. I talked dirty to you about all the sexy things we had done together and how much I loved you being my dirty girl.

How much I loved you fucking all the men. I got out your vibrator and dildo. I licked it and put it in your cunt. You turned the vibrator on and I lubed my prick. We both came and came.


You groaning and talking dirty. We came violently. I came all over you. It was the perfect way to end our resort vacation.