TUSHY Sugar Baby Loves Traveling And Anal Sex

TUSHY Sugar Baby Loves Traveling And Anal Sex
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She stepped out of the bath and wrapped a towel around herself. As usual she had run the bath water a little too hot so her skin was glowing red and she felt a little light headed. Perhaps this was the reason that she did not notice anything amiss as she entered her bedroom. She stood in front of her full length mirror and let her towel drop to examine her naked body critically in the mirror. Her nipples hardened in the cooler air of her bedroom and she shivered a little as she studied her breasts and let her fingers stroke lightly across her stomach.

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As she lifted her hands up to let down her hair, which she had pinned up for her bath, the mirror reflected a sudden movement in the room behind her. Before she had time to turn her arms were gripped firmly and pulled roughly behind her.

A voice muttered in her ear "If you don't struggle you won't get hurt." She tried in vain to turn or to free her arms, but the man was too strong and she could barely move. "Get the hell off me!" she snapped, more annoyed than scared as she could not truly believe that this could be happening to her in her own safe, suburban house. His hands tightened, abruptly, shockingly, on her wrists, grinding the small bones together painfully and making her cry out. "Listen, you fucking bitch, this isn't a game, now do as I say or it'll hurt a lot more." the man growled.

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She stopped fighting and started thinking, trying to work out her best chance of escape. Her house was detached, so there was no point calling for help, and she'd left her phone downstairs.

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He'd already demonstrated that he was far stronger than her, so fighting would only end up with her getting hurt, and a mental stock take of the room revealed a woeful lack of potential weapons. As she realised the hopelessness of her situation, her body went limp with despair, and her assailant took this opportunity to spin her around and throw her down face first on the bed.

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Before she had a chance to take advantage of her temporary release, he flung his heavy body down on to her, knocking the breath from her body, and in one practised move he gathered both her wrists in one hand. Her heart sank as she heard the rattle of thin chains and cold metal pressed against her skin he was handcuffing her wrists together and she had no chance of escape.

He ran a chain from the handcuffs to the crossbar of her headboard, and with no apparent effort he flipped her over and, huffing laughter at her attempts to kick him, roped each leg to a corner post at the foot of her bed. Naked and spreadeagled, her face flushed with embarrassment and fury as he stood up and swiftly removed his own clothes. Her eyes were drawn to his thick cock, already tumescent, and she looked away quickly as he followed her gaze.

"Oh don't worry, bitch, you'll get your fill of that tonight." he said, laying down beside her on the bed. He reached out and pinched first one nipple, then the other, twisting each painfully and smiling at her gasps.

He trailed his fingers lazily down her stomach and moved his hand up and down the inside of each thigh. "You can protest all you want, you slut, but I know you want it." he whispered as his fingertips moved higher with each caress, now brushing her pussy hair at the zenith of each stroke. She was shocked and ashamed to realise that her cunt was enjoying his touch, despite the horror and indignity of the situation.

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She briefly hoped that he would not notice, but then his rough finger suddenly pressed its way inside her, burrowing insistently into her cunt, and he chuckled to himself "Getting a little moist there, aren't we?

You know you want it, you dirty whore." "No, fuck off, you bastard, get the hell off me." she screamed, humiliation firing her anger as she bucked and writhed, trying to get away from him. With a grunt he lifted himself up and, pinning her hips easily to the bed, he moved until his head was between her legs, his mouth so close to her pussy that she could feel his hot breath on her.

Abruptly he plunged his tongue into her cunt, tasting her, and then he moved up and started lashing her clit with strong, wet strokes. She froze at first, horrified by the intimacy this stranger had forced upon her, only thinking to get away.

Then, to her shame, her body began to respond, sending lightning bolts of pleasure from her clit to her cunt and nipples, and she felt a gush of liquid pleasure as her orgasm built. As though from far away she could hear herself protesting "No, stop, please stop, you can't, you mustn't." but her body didn't seem to care that she didn't know this man, that he was here for his own pleasure and who knew what plans he had for her.

She was on the brink of coming, her body shuddering and quaking, when he stopped and lifted his head. "See, you whore, you want it.

Don't try to tell me you don't. But I'm not letting you come just yet." He moved up the bed again, ignoring her denials and pleadings, and paused with his cock just in front of her face. "Now, bitch, don't get any clever ideas you hurt me and I'll carve my name into your pretty face, ok?" She nodded, knowing what was to happen and knowing her best chance of surviving this ordeal was to comply.

Her mind was in turmoil, her body still fizzing from the cunnilingus, her revulsion at the act she knew she was to perform in conflict with her physical excitement. He grabbed her hair with one hand, and with the other he painfully squeezed her jaw until she opened her mouth wide. Pushing his pelvis forward, he thrust his erection deep into her mouth and released her jaw with an admonition to "Suck it, bitch".

Using her hair as a harness he held her head in place and fucked her mouth, at times penetrating so deeply that she retched and feared she would vomit. His musky scent filled her nostrils and she closed her eyes, trying to relax and wait for this to pass. Her attacker was grunting and moaning with pleasure as her wet mouth slid along the length of his cock, but he wasn't ready to come just yet, there was more he wanted from her, so he withdrew and released her hair, letting her head fall back on the pillow as he knelt over her on the bed.

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He bent his head and licked and sucked at her nipples, almost as though he was offering her some recompense for the indignity she had suffered, and then to her delight he released her ankles. Perhaps this ordeal was over, perhaps he had got whatever pleasure he had come for and was about to release her?

Her hope was short-lived, however, as he once more effortlessly turned her over, and then, with her face pressed into the bedding, retied her legs at the ankles. He grabbed the pillows from under her head, letting her fall in an undignified manner to the mattress below.

With one hand he lifted her pelvis and with the other he stuffed the pillows under her, so that her posterior was raised into the air. Without warning he spread her arse cheeks wide and began licking at her arsehole, an experience she had never had before. Both reviled and a little excited, she tried to move away, but again her captor's strength overwhelmed her, as he held her in place with one muscular hand.


His tongue swept across her arse in long, wet strokes, before penetrating her arsehole, the tongue held stiffly like a little cock, jabbing at the tightened rosebud before slipping a little way inside. As she muttered protests he lifted his head and said "Relax, slut, that's nothing compared to how it'll feel when I shove my cock in there." She squealed with horror she'd never allowed a lover to do that to her but the man merely laughed and moved his body between her legs again.

It was almost a relief when his cock pressed against her still wet cunt a respite for her poor, violated arse. "Here you are, you dirty bitch, this is what you want, isn't it?" he grunted as he forced his thick cock into her, her cunt muscles unable to prevent his ingress as his powerful hips pressed his rigid dick inside her. She tried to twist away from him, but his hands on her back held her pinioned to the bed as he shoved himself deep into her hot, throbbing pussy.

Her body went limp as she accepted this fresh torment, and then her cheeks burned red once more as she felt his cock rubbing deep inside her, bringing her back to the brink of orgasm, and over, her voice crying out "Oh yes, fuck yes!" her mind no longer in her control of her body as she jerked and spasmed around his cock, bolts of electricity shooting through her body, stiffening her nipples, tensing the muscles in her thighs, and then the delicious release as the waves of orgasm receded.

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Only then did her mind reassert itself, and shame and horror flooded through her how could that have happened when this man was a stranger, this man was. she forced herself to think the word. this man was raping her. His words only deepened the misery she felt "That's it, you slut, you whore, you love my cock in you don't you?" he smiled. He held her hips and fucked her harder, his cock so deep inside her she felt she might scream, and yet still, her body responded, without her consent, her hips pushing against him, pushing her cunt back against him over and over, reaching for the next orgasm, gripping his hardness inside her as she came again and again.

Abruptly he pushed her hips down and withdrew from her pussy.


She bit her lip to avoid crying out with disappointment at the sudden emptiness, aware of the ridiculousness of trying to maintain some dignity at this point, but unable to prevent herself from trying. She lay, shuddering in the aftermath of the orgasms he had wrought in her, as he spat on his fingers and rubbed the spit into her arsehole. She tensed in fear of what was about to happen as the tip of his thumb gently but insistently opened her tight hole, moistening the area and opening her a little wider with each slow thrust.

She could hear the quiet slurping noise as he covered his cock in lubricating spittle, and then she began to sob as he shoved his cock against her tight arsehole and began to exert pressure. Her buttocks clenched as she tried to resist this force, and she shook her head against the mattress, begging him to stop. Immediately his hand came down on her bottom with astonishing power, smacking her over and over. "Bitch, you'll let me do this or you'll suffer, understand?" he said, slapping her glowing arse cheeks alternately.

"Ok, ok." she responded, wanting only to stop the burning, the stinging of the repeated slaps, and tried desperately to relax and let him have what he wanted. He forced his cock into her dampened arsehole, centimetre by centimetre, until she felt sore and unaccustomedly full, then slowly he began to thrust into her, taking his time until he felt her relax, and then he began to pound into her, hard and fast, his body taking its own rhythm now as he approached his orgasm.

Astounded, she felt another orgasm building she had never even know it was possible to come this way, but here it was, as intense as anything she had ever felt, making her scream out her pleasure even as she felt his hot release gush deep inside her. He collapsed on top of her, his weight once more knocking the breath from her body, and she felt his cum leaking from her arse as his cock shrank away from her.

Then a moment of lightness as his body lifted from her, a cloth covering her mouth and nose and then, blackness. When she awoke, the chains and ropes were gone. Her body felt bruised and tender and she could still feel his semen trickling from her, but other than that, the only sign he had been there at all were words scrawled on her mirror in lipstick "Until next time.".