Having males shaft inside her mouth and twat delights sweetheart

Having males shaft inside her mouth and twat delights sweetheart
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Her Newest Slave by BrettJ © 2010 Janice Parrington waved goodbye to her husband, thrilled that Neil was going away on another business trip.

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With both kids away at University and Neil gone for a month, this was the perfect time. She went to her purse, got out her Cell Phone and dialed. "Madame Martine, good morning. Yes, it's Janice, how are you? I'm fine, thank you. Yes, I'm ready for another one. You know my type … that's right, no one over 25.

I can be ready in 2 hours, do you have anyone? Yes? Great, you're a doll. Talk soon." Janice went upstairs, grabbed a shower, brushed out her long blonde hair and got ready.

"Madame Martine" was sending her another one of her "clients", a strong young stud who liked stronger women. Janice always had slaves, men who worshiped the ground she walked on and were taught to provide her with untold sexual delights. Neil was a success in all aspects but the bedroom and Janice wasn't going to stand for it.

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She was a strong woman with high sexual hungers, so for the past 20 years, the 41-year old blonde had 1 or 2 slaves handy, men that were provided by her friend, Madame Martine. She was aware of what a wonderful relationship they had. She was one of only a few people who knew the real Madame Martine, they had gone to school together and spoke frequently. Martine knew of her friend's predilections and in her business, could quite easily accommodate them.

She charged Janice nothing, she charged the men … quite a bit.

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Her newest corset was black PVC and Janice looked at herself admiringly in the mirror. She looked amazing for a woman with 2 grown children, but her sexual appetites and healthy lifestyle kept her fit.

Her 38C tits strained against the lace bodice, her tanned flesh somewhat visible. She pulled on her new black "fuck me" boots, happy she had practiced walking in them after she had purchased them.

It wouldn't be proper for the slave to see her unsure on her feet. She supposed she would miss Brian, like one missed a well-trained pet, but he wanted to get married and knew his fianc?ould not approve of their liaisons. Janice wouldn't have mind teaching Shelly how to keep her new husband in line and having some fun … an occasional dalliance with a beautiful woman could be fun and the flame-haired girl was delicious in her way. Brian had told his Mistress that Shelly came from a very proper, moral home and wouldn't contemplate anything like that, but if she ever changed her mind, could he call?

Janice mulled it over and gave him that small favor; he had earned it for 8 years of wonderful servitude. Janice noted the time and went downstairs. She was prompt and expected her slaves to be equally so. The doorbell rang at precisely 11 AM and when she opened it, Janice got a shock. In front of her stood David Parsons, the young man who lived 4 doors down. He was 16, played Junior Varsity Football and had been their paperboy years earlier.

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"David, get in here before anyone sees me!" Janice barked. David did as he was told and Janice slammed the door behind her. "Did you tell anyone about this?" "No Mrs. Parrington, only Madame Martine knows about this. When she told me she had someone arranged for me and then told me the address, I nearly fainted. I mean, you're so gorgeous Mrs. Parrington, I never dreamed …" "SILENCE!" Janice smacked a leather riding crop against her gloved palm.


"In this house, here now, I am not Mrs. Parrington, I am Mistress and that is how you will address me, understand?" David nodded. "Yes, Mistress." "How did you learn about this and how can you afford it?" Janice demanded to know.

"Mistress, another friend of mine, an older college-age friend is a slave to Kaitelyn Reynolds." Janice smiled, she knew Kaitelyn well. "He told me about Madame Martine and I called, I was very discreet. I can afford it because I saved a lot of money from my Paper Route and I work in an Electronics Store every weekend." "I see. I appreciate your honesty.

Are you prepared to receive instruction?" "Yes, Mistress." "Fine. You are to obey all commands while in this home and without hesitation. You are my sex toy and will be treated as such, your own pleasure is not important to me. You will earn the right to your name, until such time, I will address you as slave. You must always be clean and if you speak of this to anyone, it will end immediately.

Do I make myself clear?" Janice asked, a fierce look in her green eyes. "Mistress, yes Mistress." "Good. Are you a virgin, David?" Janice slipped, calling him by name. "No, Mistress." "Good. I hate breaking in virgins, it's very tiresome. My bedroom is upstairs, we will go up there and you are to pleasure me by licking my cunt until I cum no less than 3 times.

If you do that, I will have a treat for you." Janice told him. David followed Janice, he knew his place, which was a good start.


She still had no idea why such a virile young buck would want to be dominated in this way, but he was gorgeous, with his dark, wavy hair and broad-shouldered body, so she decided not to question her good fortune and just go with the flow. "STRIP slave and be quick about it," Janice commanded, swatting the crop against his face hard enough to get his attention.

David nodded and as more of his masculine, hard body came into view, it was hard to keep from salivating. "All right you young stallion, prove to me you're worthy," Janice said as she stretched out on her bed. Her corset wasn't all-in-one and her cunt was unimpeded. "Go down on me and be precise, not too hard, not too soft and don't rush.

Sex isn't like a football game, speed doesn't matter. Make me cum, you randy bastard!" David smiled and hoped to prove himself worthy of the challenge. He smelled the heady aroma of his new Mistress' pussy and almost wanted to plunge his face into her cunt and swallow her whole, but he knew his place.

David knew a good slave put the needs of his Mistress first and he would be worthy of her no matter what! Janice couldn't stop herself from groaning as his lips touched down on her cunt. He had a wonderful tongue and he was smart enough to use his hands to stroke her thighs while he ate her pussy. David would make a wonderful slave because he had already found two of her spots and she had cum once, although she didn't plan to tell him that.

He was good, a nice pace and rhythm and those were the qualities she most wanted in her servants. David knew he'd made Janice cum, but he didn't allow himself time to feel pleased about it, that wasn't his job for now. His job was to please the Mistress, she had demanded 3 cums and 3 cums he would provide, more if she asked. He saw her face flush in the throes of ecstasy and try as he might, he couldn't avoid feeling some pride. Being with someone as beautiful as Mrs.

Parrington … the Mistress … was an honor he didn't intend to take for granted and he would have paid much more for the privilege.

Janice's body shook and she arched up off the bed, but kept a firm grip on David's head as he tongued her pussy. He was good and that's what she needed most, she could never fathom why a man as successful as Neil was such a dud in bed.

In 21 years of marriage, she could count the number of orgasms her husband had given her on one hand. David would likely give her that many in a week, maybe even a single day. He was a talented little fucker, Janice thought. "A-all right," Janice panted, pushing his head away. He'd done it, the little bastard had wrung three intense cums out of her.

Next step … "I'm all sweaty, please draw me a bath and choose a scent you think I will enjoy," Janice told him. "Then you are going to bathe me, if you do that well, you will receive a handsome reward. NOW I want you to hurry and don't dawdle!" The 16-year old ran to the bathroom and turned on the water, checking the temperature.

He found what he was looking for easily, a lightly scented lavender body wash and went back to his Mistress. Janice removed her corset and boots and David then helped her into the sunken bathtub and handed the wash to her for inspection.

Her smile told him he had chosen wisely. "Why are you just standing there?" Janice snapped. "I beg your pardon, Mistress?" David asked. Janice sighed. "Men.

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At some point, you're all morons. How do you expect to bathe me if you don't get in here with me? Get in this tub, bathe me softly and massage my cares away, understand?" "Oh, of course …how foolish of me, right away Mistress." David complied.

David joined her in the tub, picked up a Loofah and caressed her gently, leaving no part unwashed or untouched. Janice couldn't help but sigh on occasion, this little prick had a wonderful touch, he was very tactile and could easily have made a living as a masseur.

She had her fourth orgasm, although he wasn't going to be told about that. Whether she wanted to admit it or not, David had earned his reward and so early in their games, too! "Help me out, David," Janice ordered. David noticed she had addressed him by name, he took that as a sign he had done well. "I am not usually this complimentary so early on in the relationship David, but you have done remarkably well.

You show a great aptitude for service and as long as you continue in this manner, you will make me very happy. In turn, I will make you very happy, understand?" Janice smiled for the first time.

"Follow me into the bedroom, David," Janice said in a softer tone than she had been using. She spread herself out on the bed, her hair splayed on the pillows, she was leonine in appearance and very sensual. "You are going to get to fuck me David, NO ONE has ever earned that privilege on their first time. Goddammit, you'd better be as good a fuck as I think you're going to be, because I'm not a ride for sissies, got that?" David nodded. "Then get in here slave and show me what you can do for me!" David did.

Thrilled to be accorded such a great honor, he let this physically-fit older woman wrap her legs around him and guide him into her cunt. He made sure to take instruction and note her turn-ons for future reference, keeping a nice even pace and using his hands to add to his Mistress' pleasure.

Janice didn't want it just one way, she wanted all of them. She got on top and rode him, raking her nails against his skin and nearly triggering his orgasm, but not quite. They finished with him fucking her doggy-style and he was accorded another honor, being allowed to cum on her back and ass.

He was told to get the Loofah and towel and clean themselves up, which he did in record time. Janice got dressed in regular clothes, a nice blouse and skirt while David put his clothes back on. She smiled at him, he really was a gorgeous kid and hers to command. "David?" "Yes, Mistress?" "We're done for now. You can call me Mrs.

Parrington again, even Janice if you like." "Oh no Mistress … Mrs. Parrington. I wouldn't feel right about that, not yet, anyway." "All right David. David, do you have a girlfriend?" "Yes Mrs. Parrington, I'm dating Dinah Gordon." "I see. And are you two sexually active?" David blushed a bit, it was actually cute, and then he looked up. "Yes Mrs. Parrington, for a few months now." "Is she cute?" "Pardon me?" "You heard me, is she cute?" "Yes Mrs.

Parrington, she's very pretty." "Now David, listen to me, because this is very important … do you think you could convince her to play with us?" David's face took on an unusual look. "I don't know Mrs. Parrington, but maybe … maybe. I've been wondering for a while if Dinah's a lot naughtier than she lets on, we started fucking awfully fast." Janice grinned evilly. "Good. If you can arrange that, it'll make me very happy.

In the meantime, we need to talk about our arrangement. You can't afford to be spending all of your money with Madame Martine." When Neil returned home from his business trip a few weeks later, he was thrilled to see the lawn and gardens in such immaculate condition.

His pretty blonde wife hugged him and explained that she had made arrangements with the neighbor's kid, David and he was doing it for a very reasonable rate.

Neil took her explanation totally at face value. That night, after some lackluster sex, he told his wife he'd be going to Buenos Aires on business and would be gone for 2 months, beginning this coming Friday. Janice smiled. David had been working on Dinah for the past number of weeks and he thought she just might be ready to join them for their next session.


She intended to make sure their next session was Friday afternoon and couldn't wait to add cute little Dinah to her list of perverted, servile playmates.