Curvy teenager enjoys no thing greater quantity than riding hard meat

Curvy teenager enjoys no thing greater quantity than riding hard meat
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It all started when I was on my way home from a party at a mate's house, I had been hoping to pick up a hot guy there but to my disappointment the party was made up of mainly college chicks and, all the guys there except me were straight although they were very hot with bulging muscles.

I was driving home feeling that I would have to go home without a fuck buddy and have to satisfy myself when I spotted someone ahead who looked like they needed a ride home. As I pulled up next to him I noticed his tight top stretching across his bulging pecks.

"Need a ride" I asked.


"Sure" he replied "I'm beat". He climbed in and I drove off. As we started through the countryside it started to rain heavily, i glanced across at the guy next to me and saw he had fallen asleep despite the rain hammering on the roof. It was then that I noticed I suddenly had a raging hard-on.


The guy was about my age with a perfect body and about a day's stubble, just how I like it. I kept glancing across and it felt like my cock would tear through my jeans any second, I slowly moved my hand down to my crotch began stroking my aching member through my jeans. After a while I took it out and started to jack off as I was driving, I soon grew bolder and reached across the car and squeezed his dick, pinching and stroking it.


He suddenly woke up and turned his head towards me, I hesitated but he just smiled at me and sensing no objection I undid his belt and was soon wanking his huge cock, he began to moan with pleasure and reached across taking eight inches in his hand and pumping it up and down.

I slid my hand down to play with is perfectly shaven balls and then pushed my hand under him a pushed a finger into his tight arse.

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"I'm gunna suck you dry" he managed to say through the sound of his pleasure and with that he leant over and began licking my helmet flicking his tongue into my slit, he sat up leaned over and kissed me, our tongues lapping together I could taste myself on him. He bent down again and began licking my shaft teasing me head with his tongue and occasionally stopping to kiss and suck my balls sometimes even taking them right into his mouth.

"My turn" he said I pulled over to the side of the road and willing took his throbbing member into my mouth right down to its base, I could taste his precum as it oozed out and knew that I wanted him to come in my mouth. I sat up and French kissed him again letting him taste himself in my mouth. As he began to stroke my cock again I went down on him pumping my mouth faster and faster, he responded by pushing his hips up and fucking my face.

He was moaning louder and louder and I suddenly felt his balls throbbing "I'm gunna come" he said and sure enough a few moments later he filled my mouth with his seed.

I swallowed as much as I could but there was so much that some leaked out began to dribble down my chin.

Once I had sucked him dry he stopped wanking me and slowly licked his own cum of my chin tracing a line right up to my mouth were he passionately kissed me again. I was so excited that I knew I would come at any moment "I want to cum in your mouth" I told him and he obliged by taking my hole dick into his mouth and fondling my balls with one hand whilst teasing my aching arsehole with the other.

I lasted for about a minute longer before I came in his mouth, shooting my cum down his throat. He quickly sat up and kissed me again and we shared my come between us, he then licked the rest of my cum of my softening dick.

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"I need to piss he announced, "get out the car" I replied I then stripped of my shirt and followed. It was still raining heavily and our clothes were soon soaked through, I knelt down in front of the car as he began to piss all over my torso it felt warm as I rubbed it in to my skin. I knelt in the rain for a while to let the yellow liquid drain away and then we climbed back into the car and set off once more. I turned the heater on full to dry our dripping clothes.

"That was great" he said "But I want to fuck your arse", "Let's get back to my place" I said with a huge grin on my face. We drove the 10 miles to my flat in complete silence. When we got there I locked the truck and headed upstairs with him walking behind me. "Make yourself at home" I said as I went to deposit my keys in the kitchen and grab a couple of beers out the fridge, "My roommates away for a few days". Closing the fridge I turned around to see him standing in the doorway.

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My cock was immediately at attention as I saw him in the light of my apartment, he looked even sexier than he had by the side of the road.

He had amazing dark blonde hair styled perfectly in a way that showed off his defined face and piercing blue eyes. The stubble looked even hotter than before as it cast a light shadow across his cheeks.

My mouth open I glanced down and saw his nipples and what looked like a perfect package visible through that tantalisingly tight t-shirt. "Forget the beers" he said as he walked further into the room. Before I could say anything he pushed me against the counter and began kissing me passionately. I couldn't believe it, here I was in my own kitchen having the hottest make out session ever with a complete stranger.

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I stood there sandwiched between the counter and his gorgeous body kissing him with our tongues lapping together and probing the inside of his mouth. I slowly moved my hands around until they were on his ass cheeks and began pinching and massaging them. He responded with slow moans of pleasure as I felt his hand reach up inside my shirt and begin stroking my reasonable sized six pack.

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Soon I was also letting out deep moans as we continued to make out. He slowly began kissing and biting my face and neck as I licked every inch of his face I could reach. I felt his cock grow hard and begin to push against my already throbbing member. Suddenly without warning he ripped open my shirt the buttons pinging across the room as both of his hands began to massage by stomach and chest.

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I squeezed one of my hands between us and began massaging his cock through his jeans as he slowly began to kiss my chest stopping to suck and bite at my nipples slowly making his way down and tracing the contours of my stomach with his tongue just as he reached the waistband of my trousers I reached down and forced his head up so that his lips once more met mine.

And we embraced, tenderly kissing and probing each others mouths. "Your so hot" he murmured as I ran my fingers through his hair and across his chest through that amazing t-shirt of his.

I bent over and began teasing his nipples with my mouth through the material. He was obviously sweaty from walking and from our fun in the truck as I could smell his gorgeous scent.

Not wanting to wait anymore I peeled his top off and gasped. His body was more amazing than I could ever imagine, forget six pack he had an eight pack so perfectly toned yet not unnatural.

My lips and tongue went straight to work across his perfectly tanned skin. I worked my way up stopping to lick those gorgeous armpits and perfectly shaped biceps.

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"Let's get you more comfortable" he said as he lifted me (Wow he's strong) and carried me into the bedroom our lips meeting once more. But hey.That's another story