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This is going to be a regular series of stories that go inside the homes of "normal" suburban families. Max Parker loved driving home from work. He considered it his "me" time. While stuck in traffic he would sing along to the music played the First Wave station on his Sirius radio.

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Every time one of his favorite new wave classics came on he was instantly transported back to a time when he had no responsibility and the world was now wide open with opportunities. Now at 44-years-old open possibilities has become a faded fantasy that's been replaced with nothing but responsibilities. Sometimes while stuck in traffic he wondered what would happen to those responsibilities if he passed his exit and kept on driving. For a second he would actually consider doing that and he'd remember how much he loved his family.

He'd remember the day he met his wife Leah at his best friend's wedding 22 years ago. He'd remember the first time he held Jacob, his newborn son 20 years ago.

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He'd remember the first time he saw Jenna, his eldest daughter 19 years ago. He'd remember becoming the youngest partner at the accounting firm 17 years ago. He'd remember rushing to the hospital from the airport to meet Brooke, his youngest daughter over 15 years ago. He'd remember all the moments that made life great and get off on his exit and drive home. When Max's friends talk about him they would probably say that he's a pillar of the community, that he's a perfectionist, and he's a perfect husband.

For a man of 44 he keeps in great shape. Every morning before work he goes to the gym and works out for over an hour. He does this for one reason and one reason only, to keep Leah happy. At least that's what he tells her.

The truth is his best friend died of a heart attack ten years back. They had similar lifestyles and diets. Max thought that that could happen to him, to thwart that he dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle. The results paid off. He now has a body that's 225ibs of pure muscle and has more energy than most men his age.

As he exited the freeway his phone rang. He looked over and saw that it was his wife. He activated the hands-free calling and said, "Hey babe." "Hey," she said. "What's going on?" he asked. "I forgot tonight was book club night," she said. "It's that time of month again?" he said with a slight laugh.

"That joke wasn't funny the first hundred times you told it," she said. "Jake still finds it hilarious," he said. "Jake still finds farting funny," she said. "So do I," he said. "Obviously Jake didn't inherit my sense of humor," she said.

"What do you mean?" he asked.

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"I'm hilarious." "Keep believing that honey," she said. "There's leftovers in the fridge." "Yummy," he said. "Last night's eggplant parm was delicious." "Of course it was, I made it," Leah said laughing.

"Oh I need to warn you Brooke is in spoiled bitch mode again." "What about this time?" he asked. "You'll find out," she said. "I told her to ask you." "Thanks a lot," he said. "I'm sick of telling her no all the time, it's your turn," she said. "Okay," he said. "I love you," she said. "Not as much as I love you," he said before disconnecting. He didn't want to deal with Brooke he thought to himself as he continued driving home.

Unlike her older siblings she was definitely a problem child. They were straight A students. She struggled to be a straight C student. They respected the house rules. She would take every opportunity to break them. Her worst aspect was that she expected to get everything she wanted.

Usually this would result in a screaming match with her mother. Those fights would usually result in an argument between him and Leah. Most of the time after his wife would say no he would say yes. This resulted in couple's therapy. The shrink told him that he wasn't doing his daughter any favors by continually saying yes.

By doing that he was giving her a distorted view of the world. By saying no he would be helping her deal with rejection in a more adult manner. The doctor also chastised Leah for yelling at her. When they tell her no they have to calmly explain their reasons why she can't what she wants. They both thought that was easier said than done, after all, the doctor never met Brooke.

About ten minutes later he pulled onto his driveway, opened the garage and parked his car. Before turning it off he listened to the end of Ultravox's hit "Dancing with Tears in my Eye's," He was hoping the next song played would be something he wanted to listen to.

If it was it would buy him a few more minutes before having to deal with his daughter. Instead of something good "This Corrosion" from The Sisters of Mercy came on. He turned off the ignition, got out of the car, closed the garage, and walked into the house. He thought the second he opened the door she'd start badgering him. Much to his surprise she didn't. He walked over to the hall closet, opened it, put his coat on a hanger, and shut it.

He then went to the intercom, pressed the talk button and said, "Hey honey I'm home." Less than a minute later Brooke said, "Great, I'm doing homework." He then walked to the kitchen, reheated dinner, and sat at the table to eat while watching the nightly news. Instead of paying attention to the TV he was thinking that maybe his wife was overreacting.

Maybe by having her ask him Brooke had time to think about why her mom said no. Maybe that made her realize that what she asked for was ridiculous. At least that's what Max was hoping. After dinner he walked upstairs, went to his room, and changed out of his work clothes. Before he could go back downstairs he saw Brooke lingering outside of the room.

As their eyes met she said, "Dad, do you have a minute?" "Come on in," he said. As she walked into the room he was puzzled by what she was wearing. He couldn't tell if it was an extremely long sweater or a very short skirt. No matter what it was it looked good on her.

He never had to worry about what his oldest daughter wore. Unlike Brooke she was overweight. He didn't have to worry about boys wanting to ask her out. They didn't. The only date she ever had while living at home was to prom. Brooke's social calendar was full since she going through puberty. This caused a major rift between her and her older sister. Jenna resented her for winning the genetics lottery. She had every right to feel jealous of her baby sister.

At 15 Brooke was gorgeous. She was petite girl who shad medium length brown hair, bright blue eyes, stood 5'2, weighed 105lbs and sported a 34B-24-35 figure. Every time Jenna was home from college she delighted in telling her parents all about her little sister's exploits. They tried to block out all the things Jenna told them about their youngest daughter. All the nicknames the boys had for her. How she passed her last geometry test.

What she did on Friday night and whom she did it with. They didn't want to accept that any of it was true, because if it was what would it say about them as parents?

"Does mom let you wear outfits like that?" Max asked as his daughter passed him.


"Don't you like my skirt?" she said as she twirled around giving a 360-degree view of her outfit. "It's to short to wear to school or anywhere for that matter," he said as he sat down on the edge of the bed.

"Mom doesn't let me wear it to school, only at home," she said as she next to him. "Then why do you wear it at home?" he asked. "Because it keeps me warm," she said. "We bought you a Snuggie so you could keep warm," he said. "This is so much more comfy that that," she said. "Feel it." She grabbed his hand and placed it on the bottom of her skirt as she said, "See dad the material is thicker than my Snuggie or any of my sweaters." "It does feel warm," he said as he quickly moved his hand.

"Daddy, can I sit on your lap?" she asked. She always did this whenever she asked her father if she could have something. Ever since she was a little girl would climb onto his lap, bat her eyes and ask him to buy her something.

Normally he couldn't resist her, but this time he would have to muster every ounce of strength to say no. "What do you want honey?" he said right after she sat on his left leg. "What makes you think I want something," she said trying to sound convincing.

"Come on," he said with a slight laugh. His laugh was slightly uncomfortable. He could his daughter was wearing a thong or no panties at all. He didn't know what he should do in a situation like this, so he did nothing at all. "I want a car," she said.

"You're only 15," he said. "You don't even have your permit yet." "I'm only 15 for five more months," she said. "And if we start thinking about it now I can have it on the morning of my sweet 16." "What kind of car do you want?" he said laughing. "A black Mercedes," she said.

"There's no way we're getting you a Mercedes," he said laughing. "But daddy you bought Jacob and Jenny cars," she said. "We bought them used cars after they graduated high school," he said. "Please daddy," she begged. "It'll be my birthday and Christmas presents for the next two years." "More like the next twenty years," he said.

"It's not going to happen. She jumped off his lap and jumped up and down as she said, "You never buy me anything." "What do you mean I never buy you anything?" he shouted. "What about the Ipad, the new Iphone, the trip to Cabo for spring break? What about those?" "Those aren't the same," she said while stomping her right foot. "Look honey I don't want to fight," he said.

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"Me neither," she said as she sat back down on the bed. "What if I make you a deal," he said. "What kind of deal?" she asked. "The kind we don't tell your mother about," he said. "I like those kind of deals," she said while laughing. "Tell me." "For every dollar you save, I'll match you a dollar," he said. "How am I supposed to get that kind of money?" she asked.

"Get a job," Max said. "I don't want to get a job," she said. "Then you're not going to get a car," he said. "Please daddy," she cried. "No," he said. "I hate you," she said as she jumped off his bed and ran out of his room. That's when everything changed.


That's when Max saw Brooke's ass for the first time. Sure he saw plenty of times when she was little, but that was different.

This was the first time he saw the young woman version of her butt and it was flawless. He now loved her sweater skirt and the way it perched above her ass as she fled. He unzipped his pants and started to jerk-off. He thought about her ass, and the stories he heard from Jenny. He started thinking about Brooke in ways he's never thought about her. He put his cock back in his underwear, zipped up his pants, got off his bed and walked to his daughter's room.

He knocked three times on the door and said, "It's dad, can I come in?" "It's a free country," she said from the other side of the door. He took that as a yes. He then opened the door and walked into her room.

She was laying on the bed flipping channels on the 42-inch TV they bought her Christmas. He stood next to hear and said, "Can you please turn the TV off?" "Are you going to buy me the car?" she asked in a bitchy tone.

"No," he said. "Then there's your answer," she said. "Please," he said. "I think I have an idea that'll benefit both of us." After she turned off the TV she said, "Go on." He grabbed her hand and placed it on the part of his pants that covered his cock. She started rubbing the growing bulge. After a few seconds of that he said, "Stand-up." She did as her father asked. As the stood face-to-face Max said, "Do you know what daddy wants?" "Yes daddy," she said.

"Good, now give daddy a kiss," he demanded. She moved closer to him, stood on her tippy toes and passionately kissed her father. "Wonderful," he said. "Now strip for me, then lay on your bed and play with yourself." She lifted up her sweater, which revealed she wasn't wearing panties or a bra. After dropping her outfit on the ground, she sat on her bed, spread her legs and started playing with herself.

Max was stunned at the site of his daughter's naked body, Her nipples were erect, and her pussy was shaved. He'd never seen look as beautiful as she did at this very moment. As his cock grew inside his trousers he said, "I want to watch you play with yourself." "Okay daddy," she said as she sat on the edge of her bed.

He intently watched as she spread her legs, licked her finger, and inserted them in her cunt. She moved them in and out of her while soft moans escaped from her mouth. This turned Max in ways he couldn't fathom.

Since before their marriage he had begged his wife to masturbate for him. She felt it was unladylike and not something one should do when sex was readily available. He tried to plead with his wife, but she was as stubborn as a mule and nothing could change her mind.

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For close to ten minutes Max just watched his daughter pleasure herself. He loved the way her eyes rolled back as she brought herself to orgasm.

He wanted to do that to her. He wanted to be the one to make her feel that way. So he took off his shirt, unbuckled his belt, slid down his pants and underwear before joining her on the bed. After placing himself next to her she continued to masturbate with her left hand and started stroking her father's rock hard cock with her right.

"Do you like daddy's cock?" he asked as her hand moved up and down is 7-inch rocket. "Yes daddy," she said. "Good," he said. "Do you do this for your boyfriends?" "Right before I suck their cocks," she said. "Have you sucked a lot of cocks?" he asked as she continued to stroke him off.

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"Yes daddy," she said. "How many?" he asked. "Ten," she answered. "Will you suck daddy's cock?" he asked. "Yes daddy," she answered. She jumped off the bed and got on her knees. He stood and placed himself in front of her.

He watched as his daughter grabbed his unit, spit on it, and stroked it before putting it in her mouth. His wife could lessons from Brooke. Up until now he thought Leah's blowjobs were amazing. After witnessing first hand the way his daughter savagely attacked his cock he realized that his wife's oral skills lacked passion.

He wondered if his better half hated sucking his cock and only did it because she knew he loved it. He then wondered if he could go back to that boring after experiencing the wild abandon his daughter brought to giving head. As he continued to fuck his daughter's mouth he glanced down and noticed she was playing with her pussy.

He started realizing how bad he wanted to be inside of her. He then looked at her and said, "Baby I want to fuck you." She got on the bed and laid on her back. Max then got between her spread legs, inserted his cock and started pounding his daughter's cunt.

With every thrust her moans got louder and louder. Soon her body started shaking. Her eyes rolled back. She grabbed the back of her father's head and clenched it. He started fucking faster and faster until daughter let out a huge moan. He then took his cock out of her cunt, moved downward and started munching on her wet love box. "Don't stop," she cried as she once again grabbed onto his head and shoved it into her pussy, He didn't.

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As his tongue played with her clit and with the help of three fingers he made his youngest daughter cum two more times. "Get on top," he said after removing his tongue from her box. "I've never done that before," she said. "Really?" he responded. "Yeah," she said. "No one's lasted as long as you." "Good," he said as laid on his back.

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She then climbed onto his rocket and started riding. He put his hand's on her ass and slapped it every few seconds. She loved the way it felt and ordered her father to slap her harder. Which he did with utter delight. While she bounced up and down he spread her ass cheeks and inserted a finger into her tight asshole. Upon entry her body started shaking as he brought to yet another orgasm.

He then had her get on all fours. Max kissed every inch of her ass before licking and fingering her asshole. She loved the way that made her feel. When he broached the subject of fucking her ass she said she was too scared. He didn't want to push it in fear that it might ruin the moment.

He then got on his knees and started fucking her from behind. As he pounded her twat his eyes were fixated on her ass. He realized this was weakness. He started thrusting faster and faster.

As he moaned he flooded his daughter's twat with his jizz right before collapsing on her back. "That was incredible," he said as he rolled off of her and plopped himself next to her. "Uh huh," she said. "Does this mean I can get my car?" He started laughing as he said, "If you want a Mercedes you have to let me fuck you anytime I want. Understand?" "Yes daddy," she said. He then got off the bed, grabbed his clothes and started to exit the room. He stopped at the door, turned toward her and said, "From this moment on your daddy's little whore."