Lo quieres dentro le pregunta

Lo quieres dentro le pregunta
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My wife and I have been married for about 7 years. We are both in our early thirties. My wife has a low egg count and we are unable to have kids. Our sex life has been up and down but overall we have done well. Let me first tell you about my wife Amy. She is 5'4 130lbs.

Her breasts are awesome. C cups with absolutely no sag whatsoever. She has a perfect flat stomach and a tight ass. She has brown hair with highlights and takes pride in being a well dressed woman. She has the most amazing baby blue eyes and a set of perfect white teeth. I am not making any of this shit up. This really did happen and my wife really is that fucking hot.

After achieving a lot of success in sales, I have built wealth that most men my age only dream of. I am not a millionaire but I do make a lot of money. My wife quit her job simply because she did not want the stress. Her job is essentially to manage the finances and keep the house clean.

Her friend owns a head shop and one day Amy came home with some of this stuff called K2 summit. I cannot smoke weed due to my job but this stuff is evidently not detectable on a drug test.

Amy had never smoked ANYTHING, much less pot and she wanted to try it out. So we decided what the hell. I ran to the store and bought some papers, we rolled up a joint, sat down on the couch and I took a hit. Folks, let me tell you, I have never been so fucking high. I took one big hit and immediately felt like I was in a different world. It was almost too much. She took a hit as well and I could tell that she was really fucking high too.

We were sitting on the couch in silence when I realized how fucking horny I was. We just sat there talking when the subject turned to sex. All of our inhibitions were fucking gone. I asked her what she would like to try that we had not already tried. She thought about this a moment and said "a threesome". "With another guy or with another girl" I said. She closed her eyes and said "I would let you do another woman as long as I could do another guy" The thought of my wife fucking another man really turned me on.

I slowly started kissing on her neck and she sighed as my hands crept between her legs. I slid my hand under her panties and found that her pussy was hot and sopping wet. My dick was on fire. It was like all of the energy in the world was pulsing to the head of my dick. This high was amazing! We locked all of the doors, turned off the lights and I followed her into the bedroom. "I am really feeling good right now" she said. I was so fucking high that time seemed to drag on forever.

I crawled up in the bed with her and she removed all of her clothing except her panties. She pushed me onto my back and pulled my boxers down, revealing my hard, fat dick.

I felt her tongue running down the underside of my rod and I just couldn't help but to think about her wanting another man. Amy is so conservative and up until this point she had never mentioned anything like this to me.

Before this, she rarely talked dirty in bed. "So a threesome huh"? I said. Mmmmhhhmmmm she hummed as she licked my balls. "Would you suck his dick?" "I would" she said. "But I would want to suck your dick while he fucked me from behind". I reached over to the night stand and pulled out "Mr Softy", an 8" long dong that we had tried before but she didn't like.

"Bring your pussy around here" I said as we worked our way into a 69. I buried my face into her panty covered pussy as she sucked my fat dick as hard as she could. I pulled her panties to the side and still have never seen a wetter pussy. The aroma of her slippery, bare pussy was driving me crazy. There is nothing that turns me on more than that dirty smell of a beautiful woman.


She pulled her panties off and we returned to our position. My face was covered with her pussy juice. She began to grind her cunt up and down my face from nose to chin. My face was soaked as my tongue went from asshole to clit, back and forth as she moaned on my dick.

I had been keeping that dildo under my back for some time now to warm it up.


I retrieved it and started teasing the outside of her pussy with it while I sucked on her swollen clit. "MMmmmmm" she moaned with a mouth full of dick.

I was fantasizing about another man fucking her and it turned me on so fucking much. I was so fucking high that it felt like a dream. Slowly I worked this big dildo into her about 2". "Fuck me" she whispered. I proceeded to push that big mother fucker into her as far as it would go. I pulled it out about an inch and then pushed it back in slowly but firmly. "You like that dick nice and deep in your pussy don't you"? "Oh my god, yes" she moaned.

"Fuck me deep". I pulled the dildo back out again and started working her pussy over with it, quickening my pace. I never pulled it out more than about 3" before burying all 8" back into her. I could feel the resistance and I knew it was bottoming out in her tight little fuck hole. (Something that I could never do with my average size dick.) She pulled her head off of my dick and said "Im gonna cum all over his dick" and then began sucking me so hard that I thought I would have to pull the sheets out of my ass crack.

HIS DICK? I lost it. I blew my load right into her mouth and she sucked every drop of cum out of my dick. This orgasm was like an out of body experience. I was so fucking high and I knew she was too. She had never talked like this in bed before and the fact that those barriers were gone really, really turned me on.

I continued to fuck her deep with that big dildo while I ran my tongue back and forth over her clit. Her moaning suddenly stopped. I felt her body get stiff and contract as she climaxed around that thick dildo while I sucked on her swollen clit.

I could feel her nails dig into my thighs as she cried out in orgasm. After laying there for a bit, I pulled that big dick out of her.

It sounded like pulling a foot out of mud. I had never seen her pussy so worn out. I decided then and there that I wanted to make this a reality. I wanted to see my wife taking a big fat dick in real life but I did not want her to know who the man was nor have any kind of feelings for him. So I came up with a plan.

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I got on craigslist to find the lucky guy. There was no shortage of guys. I ran across this guy Tim. He was 20, white, had a killer 6pack and one of the biggest dicks I have ever seen.

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"8 inches" was all that it said. So I sent the guy a text and basically told him that I wanted him to fuck my wife.


"What does it pay" he said. "Nothing. You get to fuck my wife" I sent him a text with a picture of her. He responded. "Oh, wow, no charge". We then came up with a game plan on how everything would work.

So here is how it went down. I made hotel reservations at the nicest hotel in our area. I went in and left a note and a blind fold on the bed that said the following "Amy, we are going to try something new tonight. I will be back at 7pm. Take this blind fold and put it on. NO peeking! I want you on your knees, blindfolded and high (we were smoking k2 a lot before sex at that point) at the foot of the bed when I get here." I knew she would do exactly that.

We have done some light bondage stuff in the past and she loves being submissive. She is the type of woman that wants to be told what to do and she loves calling me mister and sir when we play rough. I told my wife that we were going to try something different but she had no idea.

Little did she know that Tim would be coming with me. I sat in the parking lot of the hotel and got high as fuck in my truck before Tim arrived. He pulled up and we entered the hotel. I cracked the door open to the hotel room and sure enough. Amy was at the foot of the bed, on her knees, blindfolded. Tim followed me in. I instructed him to not say one word throughout this encounter and he agreed to remain silent.

I could smell the K2 in the air and I knew that Amy was high, just like me. I pulled a pair of handcuffs from my pocket, moved behind her and cuffed her hands behind her back. I then double locked them so that they wouldn't become too tight. I motioned at Tim and we got undressed. I was amazed at how thick and long his dick was but tried not to stare. I was already rock hard. I put my hand on top of Amy's head and rubbed the head of my dick against her mouth.

She instinctfully opened up and I watched my dick disappear in her hot little mouth. She sucked hard and her cheeks collapsed as she sucked my meat. Tim was standing right beside me jerking his massive dick. I moved to the side and motioned to him to go ahead. He jerked his meat mere inches from her pretty little blindfolded face until he was rock hard. He lightly grazed the head of his dick against her lips and she opened her mouth.

She knew immediately that it was not me but I think she thought that it was a dildo at first. Then she whispered "Oh my god, is another person here"? "Yes baby. Now show me how you suck another man's cock". She had a hard time getting even a small portion of this dudes cock into her mouth but she tried like hell, gagging and drooling on that big dick.

I then took the hand cuffs off of her so that she could feel how big this dick was that was about to be buried into her cunt. She put one hand on it and started jerking him off while she sucked him. Then she went to two hands. Her hands felt all over the guy's hard abs and to his chest. Like he agreed to do, Tim simply stood there, silent. "Who are you" she said.

"He cant talk to you. Those are the rules." I said as I led her over to the bed. She crawled onto the bed and I turned her over onto her stomach and pulled her over to the edge. She pulled her knees up under her and arched her hips. Her pussy was already very wet and she wanted some attention there so bad. "I cant believe I am doing this" she said. I wasted no time. I guided the head of my dick to her pussy and buried myself into her wetness.

"ohhhh yes" she whispered. I grabbed a hand full of her hair and forcefully pulled her head back as I started slamming into her with slow but hard thrusts. "You like getting fucked like a little whore don't you girl" "Yes…&hellip.Sir" she said.

"You want to suck this guy's dick don't you" "oh, I do" she said. I looked at Tim and nodded. He walked to the other side of the bed and guided her head his direction until she found his dick. She was moaning and gagging on that big fucking dick and I had a great view of it all. "You want that dick in this pussy don't you baby"?

Yes, she whispered. I could feel her pussy get REALLY wet on my dick when she said "I want him to fuck me". I slapped her ass and continued to fuck her, slamming all 6 inches of my dick into her.

I put my hand around her neck and I could feel Tim's big dick sliding in and out of her throat as I pulled her hair harder, forcing her head onto his massive cock. I pulled out and nodded at Tim and continued to fuck her hard while Tim slid a rubber on. The rubber wasn't even long enough to cover the whole thing.

I moved out of the way and he walked up to my wife and slapped her ass. This kinda scared me a little and kinda pissed me off but I let it go because she moaned in pleasure as he did so. He began slowly teasing the outside of her tiny little pussy with that horse dick. Though she was really tight, the head of his condom covered dick slid in with relative ease. "oh, oh, go slow, go slow" she said as her body adjusted to his girth. He eased in a little more, a little more until he was as far in as he could go.

My wife was whimpering. As he pulled his dick almost all the way out I could see that her pussy was stretched to the max. He slowly slid back in and rubbed his hands down her toned lower back until they rested on each side of her narrow little waist.

Gripping her hips, he slid all of that dick into her with slow but firm strokes. "Oh my God, you are so fucking long" she said.

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He slowly but surely increased his pace and before I knew it, she was getting fucked hard and fast by Tim's massive dick. I went where Tim was earlier and forced my dick into her mouth.

My dick was covered in her juices.

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I grabbed the back of her head and fucked her throat while Tim fucked her like a jack hammer. "Yeah, you like the way your pussy tastes dont you bitch" I spit on my fingers and reached around to her tight little shit hole. I rubbed my middle finger on it, spit on my fingers again and buried it into her backside as she moaned and gargled on my dick.

I then realized that I was completely disrespecting my wife. She was my fucking toy and I was doing exactly what I wanted to her. "yeah, you like that finger in your ass don't you slut" I said. She could only moan as I fucked her stupid, red face with my hard dick. Tim finally made the first and only sound that he would make all night as he drove his dick all the way into my wifes cunt and came inside that condom.

My wife could no doubt feel that massive dick throbbing as he shot load after load into her. Tim pulled that monster out of my wife, pulled the condom off, threw it in the trash, got dressed and left without saying a word. I gave him the thumbs up as he stepped out of the room. I stepped around where Tim had been fucking my now tired worn out wife. My dick was still hard as a rock.

I put my dick inside her pussy and I could tell that she couldnt feel a thing. Her pussy was a sloppy mess. I brought my dick up to her little butt hole that was nice and loose from the finger fucking I gave her earlier. I spit on it and slid my thumb into her asshole.

"Oooooooh" she moaned. I looked down and saw that she was masturbating. Her hand crept up and I noticed three fingers sliding into her pussy.

I pushed the head of my dick against her tight little butt hole and she sighed "fuck my asshole". She reached between her legs and guided my dick into her ass. As soon as the head popped in her hand went back to her clit. I could tell that she was going to cum soon. "Did you like that big dick in you"? "Yes Sir" she said as I forced my dick inside her dirty little ass hole. I couldnt take it any more. "Im gonna cum baby". "Oh, cum in my ass" she said as I had the best orgasm of my life.

About 10 seconds later, with my dick still in her asshole, she got her self off with her fingers.

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I could feel her sphincter contracting as my shit covered semi hard dick popped out of her asshole. To this day, my wife has no idea who this guy was but we intend on doing this again sometime.

Maybe with a woman.