Culona leche en el culo

Culona leche en el culo
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Maryanne's Story Chapter 1 Unlike my the stories written by my husband (My Wife Maryanne) that have been written in a chronological order starting near the time of our wedding in 1975, this true story, and any written by me that may follow are presented in no particular order.

This particular story took place in the summer of 1990, when I was 37 years old. Michael and I had spent an enjoyable afternoon with another couple at a small riverside beach. Michael knew the wife, Linda through a business connection, and we had all gotten together once before for drinks and seemed to get along very well.

I sensed that Linda and I had lots more in common sexually than we were willing to talk openly about as we were together for the first time. But it seemed that we were both dancing around sexual issues and gently probing each other as to our past experiences. It was sort of a turn on for me, and it seemed Linda was stimulated by the conversation, too. Her husband, Davey, had brought their motorboat to the river, and we spent the afternoon water skiing and drinking beer. A few of Davey's friends had joined us; fun afternoon!

As the sun began to drop in the sky and the air started to cool, we decided to go to Linda's house so Michael and I could change into dry clothes before going home. A few of the other guys were going to follow Davey there and help him with the boat. Everything seemed so innocent, and it really was, or so I thought. While Davey and the guys were hosing off the boat and putting the stuff away, Linda and I went inside. I was ready to change out of my damp bathing suit, but Linda opened beers for us and we stayed in the living room waiting for the guys.

In a short time they came in and Davey was passing out beers to everyone. Linda and I said we would just have one more, and then we needed to change into dry clothes. Soon after, the teasing began. Davey said that if we really wanted to get out of our wet suits, we should just go ahead and do it right now.

Linda (with a grin on her face) asked if he meant right here in the living room. Soon Davey and his three friends were encouraging both of us to strip. I could feel myself start to tingle and my pussy get wet. Linda resisted, but not too hard or very long, and then asked me if she stripped would I do the same. I pretended to be a little shy and reluctant, but by now I could not wait to get naked in front of them.

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It doesn't take very long to pull off a two-piece suit, and soon Linda and I were totally nude in front of the five men. While I have done things like this and even worse in the past, the thrill is always the same.


I love the feeling!!! Then it was Dave again (was this planned?) who called for Linda and I to put on a "show" for the guys. I was not sure what he meant. Linda looked at me and asked if that was okay with me, and I nodded agreement, not really sure what it was I was agreeing to.

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The answer was immediately apparent as Linda pulled me towards her and kissed me on the lips. She held me in her arms for a minute, rubbing against me, and then slowly slid to her knees in front of me, kissing my body all the way down, until she was on the floor and her mouth caressing my cunt. Was I to do the same to her? Of course. Soon I was laying on my back with Linda on top of me in the 69 position, licking and loving it as my tongue probed her wet cunt, her juices running down my face and into my open mouth.

And what made it even more exciting was that we were doing it in front of an appreciative audience. We shifted positions a few times, doing what we wanted and following directions from the guys. We did everything, they wanted, even licking each other's ass holes. I was going crazy! I needed to fuck and be fucked. It was dark when Michael and I got back to our car and headed home.

I was exhausted. Linda had fucked two of the guys and I had fucked Davey and one other guy.

Poor Michael: I told him he would have to wait until we were home to get his treat. I had a feeling we would be seeing more of Linda and Davey, and hopefully, meeting more of their friends.

Linda had mentioned something about Davey's softball team before we left for home. I wanted to phone Linda the next week to see if she and I could meet for lunch or for an after work drink.

I was dying to get to know more about her, and what was going on in her marriage. Naturally I was willing to trade some of my secrets for some of hers. I finally could not wait any longer so I called her Sunday at home. She worked downtown in a bank, and asked if I could meet her on Tuesday after she got off at five o'clock at a restaurant for a drink and perhaps dinner.

I would have preferred Monday, but I guess I was just going to have to be patient. We met as planned, and me with butterflies in my stomach, as nervous and excited as a teenager before her first date.

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What was happening here??? No, I was not falling in love with Linda (even though I loved pushing through her silky curls with my nose and tongue to get my tongue inside her yummy cunt).

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It was the eager anticipation that a new world of sexual delights was coming my way soon, and it could not be soon enough for me. Over the next two or three hours of exciting girl talk both of us shared everything, and I mean EVERYTHING!!!

According to Linda, starting a few months after they were married, Davey would bring home guys from work or wherever to fuck her. It started with just one guy and soon groups of four or five guys would be taking turns with her. And she loved it. Just like you know who. Why ME, of course!!! And that lead to her comment the other day about her husband's softball team.

It seems that many of the guys on the team had already enjoyed Linda's favors, so her promiscuity was no big secret. In fact, Davey was very proud of her.


Linda said that Davey wanted to have a picnic for the team at their house after one of the games, and Linda would be on the menu along with the beer and hamburgers.

This was going to happen within the next week or so, and Linda wanted me to be there entertaining the team with her. She said that their backyard was completely private and could not be seen from the street or any other property, as it was surrounded with trees and a high privacy fence.

Davey wanted her to walk around and socialize with the guys totally in the nude during the event. How would I like to do that, too, she asked. Wow! Would Michael be invited, too? No, according to her. Davey would prefer that I come by myself.

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Whew! I think that will be all for now. I guess my next essay will be entitled The Softball Team Picnic or Maryanne Becomes A Sports Fan.