Wrestling in Ropes and Tights

Wrestling in Ropes and Tights
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My first story so be nice&hellip.please This is a story about the day I crossed the line.


To many this account will lessen the faith so many have put in their health care professionals. But at this point, I don't give a fuck… A little about myself, I'm tall with an athletic build and bald.

Believe it or not I am bald by choice. I'm 56 years old, and I've been married to the same woman for 22 years. I make my living as a psychiatrist. I specialize in nothing in particular. Over 80% of my patients are suburban housewives who spend their husband hard earned money to lay on my sofa to bitch and moan about him not listening to her needs. It's such bullshit. But it pays the bills. Recently I attended a three day seminar on sexual counseling.

This enabled me to list sexual therapy on my list of qualifications. Was I really qualified? The state of NC said I was. This is when my lack of professionalism came into question. This is when I crossed the line. A line might I add is one I have no intention of giving up. I now have a need for the sexual control I have.

It was a Monday, and Mondays for me are just like everyone else's. I dreaded it. The workday began at 9am with Mrs. Dales. I hate this whiny bitch.


Her hour always seemed to be the longest. My 11am appointment was a newbie. She was also my first sexual patient. On her first appointment we would do her assessment. I read over the notes my secretary took from her. She was 26, married and she believed she had some kind of sexual disorder. I assumed she was some stuck-up bitch who did not want to fuck her husband, and wanted me to validate her bullshit with a medical diagnosis.

When she arrived my secretary escorted her in before leaving for lunch.

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My back was to her, but I could tell when she sat down. I spun my chair around and I was instantly shocked. She was gorgeous and she was black. You have to understand, 100% of my patients were white, well until now. I'm not normally caught off guard, but I was not expecting that. We introduced ourselves, and I instructed her to lay back and make herself comfortable.

The assessment normally lasted an hour and a half. Once she seemed somewhat at ease I asked her to tell me about herself. I listened as she spoke of her life, nothing too personal just basic shit. My eyes were glued to her chest. Her tits were massive. Her skin was the color of heavy creamed coffee. She wore a thin knee length black dress.

It accented every curve.


I watched her lips as she spoke. They were full and enticing. They glistened with some form of lip gloss. I asked her to explain her sexual problem to me. I watched her take a deep intake of air and closed her eyes. Her voice broke a she began to speak. I listened intently as she explained. She told me how she craved to be used, to be a slut. How she fantasized about being a whore. To be a play thing used for a man's pleasure. How she felt she needed it. She went on to say she was only attracted to white men.

How she dreamt of being used, fucked hard and deep by a white cock. She wanted him to call her his filthy little whore. I was speechless. My cock was throbbing against my leg. This was definitely not what I was expecting.

This beautiful woman wanted to be a whore. Who the fuck wants to be a whore? Obliviously she did. Professionally my mind was blank, but sexually I was in over drive.

I was secretly very happy my very large desk concealed my hard on. I asked her to describe her fantasies for me. I wasn't sure if this was appropriate or not; but she didn't hesitate with her response. She told me that she wanted to be completely dominated. She often masturbated while imagining her face and throat being fucked hard by a hard white cock.

She explained it could be a stranger it wouldn't matter. "Do you like oral sex," I asked. "Oh yes, sir" she said as my cock twitched in my trousers. My eyes now fixated on her luscious cock sucking lips.

They actually looked like they were made to suck cock. For the next 20 minutes she detailed her deepest desires to me. She was a good girl, who really craved white cock. She wanted to be a little fucking whore for white cock. By now my cock was hard as granite, and I could feel the sticky drops of pre-cum on my boxers.

Then suddenly she stood and adjusted her dress. She began walking toward the door of my office. "Kimberly, we're not done. You still have 28 minutes left.

"I know, but I can't do this. I am sorry I have wasted your time" she said. "My time is yours, please sit. Let's continue." Her hand now on the door knob, shaking her head…she twisted the handle. My professional mind shut down and my cock took over. "Shut the fucking door, Kimberly." She turned to face me, eyes wide and questioning.

"Now!" I practically growled. Pushing the door the door closed she removed her hand from the handle. I was crossing the room as I spoke to her. Now face to face, she backed herself against the door. Her breath now accelerated my eyes focused on her rising breasts.

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"You see Kimberly; you came here today seeking guidance. Your hunger to be a whore, to be used and humiliated needs to be met." I wasn't sure where I was going with this, but I continued.

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"You need to be controlled and disciplined by a firm hand. I will take this control and use you for my pleasure.

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Her mouth now hanging open, as I imagined my cock between those full perfect cock sucking lips of hers. "Now you filthy little slut unbutton that dress, and let me take a good look at you." My conscious mind was screaming at me. What the fuck was I doing? This could ruin me.

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I searched my rational mind for a way out of this, and then…She raised her well manicured French tip fingers and began to unbutton her dress. Her fingers shook as she started. I stared at her in disbelief as she strengthened my resolve…"Yes sir", was all she said. I have never been so hard in my life. I watched as she finished the last button and her dress hung open.

She was magnificent. Her tits were pillowing out the top of her black laced bra. "Remove the bra", I said flatly. She dropped the dress to the floor and reached behind her and unclasped her bra. When it too hit the floor I had my first look at her huge chocolate nipples.

I grabbed both breast and squeezed hard. They felt wonderful, nice and firm.

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She took a deep breath and a slight moan escaped her perfect lips. I slid my fingers down to her pointy nipples and began squeezing harder and harder twisting the tight buds as I did. Something inside me had snapped and I loved it. I released her right tit and slid my hand down her well toned body. I grabbed a handful of her dripping wet pussy and squeezed it hard.

Her moans were now loud and she was gasping for air. I snaked my fingers under thong and into her dripping fuck hole. I couldn't believe how wet her shaved cunt was.

I pumped three fingers up her tight hole 6 or 7 times and continued to torment her left nipple. "You are a little slut aren't you", I asked as I felt her pussy begin to squeeze my fingers.

"That's it slut cum on my fingers, whore." Her whole body shook from the force of her orgasm. Her pussy juices ran down my hand and dripped to the floor.

I was completely amazed as I watched her eyes lose focus and roll back in her head. "fucking slut" I removed my fingers from her fuck box and immediately shoved them in her half open mouth. "Suck em", I commanded.

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She quickly latched on and began cleaning her cum from my fingers and hand. The sound of her slurping her cum off my fingers drove me crazy with desire. This was ownership, she fucking belonged to me. I shoved the bitch to her knees and dropped my pants and my boxers. I allowed them to fall to my ankles and I used her head as a crutch to step out of them. "Alright slut, suck my cock good, and I might keep you as my personal fuck and suck toy." She quickly filled her hungry mouth with my throbbing hard cock.

She licked and slurped my cock as if her next meal depended on it. It felt so fucking good, without thinking I rammed my cock deep in her waiting throat. I grabbed the sides of her head and fucked her face as if it was her pussy.

The more she coughed and gagged the harder I fucked her face. I was out of control for the first time in my life and it felt amazing. I was relentless. Long strands of saliva hung from her mouth, and dripped down to her tits. The sight was so fucking hot. "That's it whore, suck my cock, Fuck that's good." I wanted this to last forever, but I couldn't hold out any longer.

I came so hard deep in her throat. I pulled out and sprayed her face too. My knees buckled hard as I watch my hot sticky cum drip from her face. "Fuck" I grunted. That was the biggest load I'd ever had. My cloudy mind searched her face for regret, but I found none. She rubbed her fingers in the cum on her face and began, licking them clean.

When she finished she lowered her head to rest on my feet. Our time was over; glad it was lunch time, so I wouldn't have another patient until after one. I pushed her away from me and got dressed. She reached for her clothing. "Not yet cunt; we have a few things to discuss." I made her stand, and remove her soak and wet thong.

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I took both her thong and bra from her. The thought of her making her way home naked under that thin dress of hers to her unsuspecting husband made me wild. I couldn't resist twisting those perky nipples of hers again, pushing her body against the wall. "From now until I decide different, you belong to me, do you understand? I will do with you as I wish. "Yes sir", she stuttered.

"Tonight you will be back here at my office at 7pm. You will strip completely naked with your panties in your mouth and crawl on your hands and knees to my office.

Nod if you understand. She did. I allowed her to put her dress back on. I loved watching those huge tits jiggles under that flimsily dress. She walked toward the door, and looked back at me…only to face the door again. "What is it Kimberly" I asked. "Thank you sir for using my mouth and throat, will you be using my pussy tonight sir?" This bitch was absolutely incredible. I laughed, "Of course I will, that tight little ass of yours too.

And if you are any good, I might let my poker buddies fuck you too. Would you like that, my little fuck pig…nice hard gang-bang?" Her smile was magnificent, "Oh yes sir" she responded back. "We'll see you've got a lot to prove before you're ready for that