Enculee dans un train Liege-

Enculee dans un train Liege-
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The Brady Kids Play Dress Up It was early afternoon when Greg pulled his battered station wagon into the Brady's driveway. The seniors had a half day, so his younger brothers and sisters were still in school for another few hours.


He stepped through the back door and strode into the kitchen. "Oh hi Greg, you're home early." Alice was just putting on her hat and gloves.

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"Seniors had a half day today." Greg opened the fridge and helped himself to a soda. "I'm going out to dinner with Sam the butcher, your dad is still away at his conference and your mom is at a charity event, so you are the man of the house until she gets home late tonight. Dinner is in the refrigerator just heat the roast for a half hour at 350." Greg did not relish the idea of having to serve his siblings and he knew once the girls got home, they'd want to take over the kitchen anyways.

"I'll take care of everything, have fun on your date with Sam." It was no secret that Sam was giving Alice his large salami every night, so she'd be out for hours. Alice nearly floated out the door and Greg pushed the answering machine button. "Mom, Greg this is Jan, I'm staying at Melanie Schwinger's house tonight, and we're modeling our prom dresses getting ready for junior cotillion next week. Oh and Marcia is staying at Barbara Hamilton's house they are attempting to give each other makeovers!" Jan could hardly suppress her giggles.

"Be home for dinner tomorrow, Love you!" BEEP! "Hey Greg this is Peter, I wanted to let you know that I'm staying over at Jimmy Parson's house tonight, his parents are taking us to Water World and for pizza.

I've already told Mom, but just wanted to let you know, see you tomorrow!" BEEP "Awesome", Greg thought to himself. "Three down and just the two youngest ones to deal with." It was hard for Greg to think of Bobby and Cindy as the babies anymore. Bobby's voice was already deepening and Cindy was starting to develop curves that signaled she was just blossoming into womanhood.

Greg knew he had a few hours before the little brats made it home from school so he ran up to his room to roll himself a joint. Now that Greg was a senior Mike and Carol decided to let him and Jan have separate bedrooms up in the nearly finished attic. A flimsy sheet separated the two rooms but each knew better to cross over into the other's room. Greg lit up his joint and pulled his mattress up to his hidden stash of Hustler magazines.

"I'll get high, look at some slutty naked chicks and maybe have a wank." He was about to put the joint to his lips when he suddenly had to pee badly. After a long satisfying piss he was about to go back to his room when he decided to take a quick shower. He stripped off his clothes, opened the hamper and was about to toss his clothes in when he spied Jan's pink nightie on the top of the pile of clothes. He paused for a minute thinking of how girls had nice soft pjs and undergarments, while the boys had just tighty whities.

Greg quickly finished his shower and tied a towel around his still dripping body. He paused again at the open hamper and on a whim reached in to take out Jan's nightie. "I'll bet this would be nice and soft to sleep in, instead of my grandpa pajamas." Without a second thought he wrapped up Jan's nightie, tucked it up in his towel and ran up to his room.

Still wrapped in his towel, Greg lit up the joint and inhaled deeply. He stared at the pink nightie spread out on the bed and imagined Jan's soft curves filling the fabric. Greg was tall and athletic but kept his body smooth and shaved out of habit from the swim team.

He slipped the nightie over his head and shuddered as the soft fabric touched his skin. He finished only half the joint but that was all he needed. He immediately became high and super horny. He ran his fingers up and down his body imagining for a moment he had soft breasts and curves like his younger sister.

His hand grazed his cock which instantly became rock hard.


He wrapped his now shaking hands around his dick and began stroking gently at first but harder and more intense as the feeling of Jan's soft pink pajamas caressed his body. Greg moaned aloud because he had never before been so turned on by a jack off session. While one hand was firmly wrapped around his cock, his other hand teased and fondled the rest of his body.

Without warning spurts of hot cum shot out all over his belly staining Jan's nighty with his hot seed. For a moment Greg did not know what to do. He had never shot that much cum before and now it was dripping all down the front of Jan's pjs. He ran his fingers down the front and scooped up the sticky jizz. He had forgotten to grab a sock or Kleenex and there was cum everywhere.

Just then the screen door banged open and he heard Bobby and Cindy's voices echo through the downstairs. Greg panicked and without thinking licked the creamy cum off his hand to hide his mess. He stripped out of Jan's cum stained nighty and tucked it under his mattress for the time being.


He threw on shorts and a tee just in time to hear Bobby and Cindy stomp upstairs. "Greg! We're home!!" Cindy and Bobby stepped through Greg's doorway looking tired and hungry. "Where is everybody?" Greg for the first time noticed that when Cindy lisped it was kinda sexy. He shook his head, still feeling the effects from the joint and knew that even though he and the girls weren't blood related he was starting to think naughty incestuous thoughts about his youngest sister and how she would look wearing Jan's now cum-stained nighty.

"Dad is still at his conference, Mom will be at a charity event until late and Jan, Marcia and Peter are all at sleepovers. That means I'm in charge!" He glared at his two younger siblings. "Now don't bother me until dinner!" The two youngest Bradys scurried out of Greg's room and disappeared. Greg, still high was now hornier than ever. He snuck over to Jan's side and began exploring Jan's clothing, makeup and perfume. He knew he shouldn't but he began opening Jan's drawers and running his hands over her pink frilly underwear.

His hand bumped against something soft and rubbery and was stunned to pull out Jan's giant black double ended dildo. Greg knew from his magazines just exactly what girls did with them and as he pictured Jan and her sexy friend Melanie using that monster on each other he instantly became hard again. He reached back further and found a secret panel under Jan's drawer. He didn't think it possible but he got even harder when he wrapped his hand around Jan's hidden strap on. Another image of Jan and her friend flashed through Greg's mind and Greg actually felt slippery pre-cum ooze from his cock.

He knew he needed to cum again soon and a wicked idea flashed through his mind. "Bobby and Cindy get up here right now!!" Greg hollered at his two younger siblings and they came running upstairs. Greg still had a wicked smile on his face. "You two are going to do whatever I say tonight, or you won't get dinner! And if you tell mom or dad or anybody, you know what will happen." Cindy and Bobby had suffered Greg's beatings before and they both began to whimper and shake.

"Shut up before I really give you something to cry about!" Bobby and Cindy froze.

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"Now here's what we're gonna do. Bobby, go into Cindy's room and go pick out her cutest outfit, shoes and everything. Cindy, go into Bobby's room and get a pair of his shorts, a tee-shirt, tube socks and sneakers and bring it all up here!" Bobby and Cindy looked stunned but knew better than than to say a word. They ran downstairs and quickly returned with what Greg had ordered. "Bobby, take off all your clothes and put on Cindy's training bra her panties and that cute top and short mini dress." Bobby started to protest but one look from Greg stifled him silent.

A tear ran down Bobby's cheek which made Greg even hornier.

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"Cindy, get naked and put on Bobby's shorts and everything. Bobby and Cindy could not believe what their older brother was making them do, but as they put on their respective outfit, both could feel an excitement and thrill they had only felt under the covers late at night.

Both had recently discovered the joys of masturbation but this was hotter than any time they touched themselves. Bobby actually looked pretty sexy wearing Cindy's clothes and Cindy looked like a 12 year old boy once she tucked her pigtails under Bobby's Angels cap. Greg was so horny by now he could hardly stop touching himself but he had bigger plans in mind. "Cindy, come over here." Cindy strutted over to her big brother and wondered what was next. Before she knew what was happening, Greg had grabbed her and slipped Jan's giant black strap on around Cindy's tiny waist.

Cindy gasped. She had seen pictures of women wearing these fake plastic dicks but had never been this close to one. She instinctively ran her tiny hands up and down the shaft and instantly became wetter than she had ever been before. Her eyes rolled up into the back of her head and she moaned softly. Bobby by now had tears streaming down his face, but as he turned to look at himself in the mirror he was amazed to see this sexy teenaged girl looking back at him.

Suddenly Cindy's panties caressed his balls as he turned and gave him the hardest boner he had ever had in his life. Greg by now had lit the rest of his joint.

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He blew smoke rings at Bobby and Cindy and laughed as they coughed and tried to bat the smoke away. Bobby or Cindy had never smoked weed. Before they both knew it, they were laying seductively on Greg's king sized bed touching each other, exploring each other's bodies.

The second hand smoke Greg had blew on them left them relaxed and new feelings were starting to flow all over their teenage bodies. Bobby's five inch cock was now hard as steel and Cindy's wet hairless pussy was beginning to drip like never before. Before Greg could utter another command, Cindy and Bobby's lips touched and within seconds Greg could see open mouthed French kisses and their hands touching, rubbing, pulling, fondling and caressing each other's young teenaged bodies.

Bobby could not believe this was actually happening! He had dreamed of this moment ever since Mike and Carol had gotten married. He had always thought Cindy was super cute and now they were pre-teens, he had lusted after Cindy's body ever since she started developing womanly curves and soft budding breasts. He moaned softly and his cock got even harder as Cindy's lips touched his. Soft kisses turned into hard french kisses. Gentle caresses turned into fondling, rubbing and touching all over soft teen bodies.

Bobby didn't even remember he was dressed up as a 13 year old girl as he slid his finger down Cindy's shorts and instinctively started rubbing her smooth now dripping pussy. Cindy moaned as she felt her brother's fingers explore her soaked slit under her big sisters strap on. "Oh my god" she thought, "I wish I had Bobby's fingers in me every night!" Cindy's hand drifted down towards Bobby's rock hard cock.

She had never touched a boy's penis before, but she had seen plenty of them in Jan's magazines. She gripped the base and somehow knew how to rub, caress and stroke her brother's cock. She knew she was doing it right because Bobby moaned in pleasure and put his hand over Cindy's to help.

Now two soft hands were all over Bobby's cock touching and stroking in unison. Every so often their hands would touch gently making Bobby drip pre-cum all over each of them. They continued to kiss, no longer soft innocent pre-teen kisses, now hard intense lust filled french kisses that turned each of them on like never before. "Bobby, turn around and lay the other way facing your sister!" Greg commanded.

"Pull down her shorts to her ankles, Cindy you do the same to Bobby's panties." Cindy and Bobby felt the cool air over their exposed naughty parts. Neither of them had seen a pussy or cock up close before and they stared at each other's parts not quite knowing what to do. "Lick each other!" Greg bellowed and before they knew it each of them were sucking and licking each other down below.

Cindy's soft lips licked and kissed Bobby's cock. Her hands explored his shaft and balls planting soft wet kisses from his soft balls all the way up his dick, now hard as steel.

Bobby grabbed the rubber dildo with one hand and lifted it up to allow access to his baby sisters pink pussy.

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One hand stroked the fake cock up and down and at the same time ate out his sister his tongue licking hungrily as if it was his last meal. Suddenly Bobby's cock poked through Cindy's mouth and as he felt her tongue underneath his dick he began thrusting in and out of her wet mouth.

Meanwhile Cindy pulled Bobby's head closer to her pussy and nearly fainted from the pleasure of Bobby's wet greedy tongue. Cindy felt feelings she had never experienced before.

Her eyelids fluttered. Her head spun, her pussy got wetter and wetter until suddenly pussy juice exploded out of her tight hole and she screamed in ecstasy as she experienced her very first orgasm. Bobby could feel the familiar pressure from the base of his cock and knew he was going to cum soon. He was too busy drinking Cindy's sweet pussy juices to warn her. He exploded in her mouth and at first Cindy stopped sucking but soon began lapping up Bobby's cum just as he had drunk her juices.

Cindy and Bobby turned to look up at Greg with creamy glazed faces not knowing what to do next. Greg was rock hard and knew he was about to cum soon and cum hard. "Kiss each other and share each other's juices! Don't stop kissing until I tell you to!!" Bobby and Cindy kissed passionately letting their juices spill into each other's mouths. Cindy let Bobby's hot cum slide out of the corner of her mouth down on to his tongue.

Bobby dripped Cindy's sweet juices into Cindy's waiting wet mouth. Tongues darted in and out of each other's mouths covered with each other's cum. Bobby and Cindy could not stop kissing even if they wanted to. They had never shared a wet messy sloppy kiss like this before, and the more they kissed, the more their juices mingled into a creamy mess between their little wet mouths. Without warning, Greg shot his creamy cum over Cindy and Bobby's lips while were still licking and sucking each other.

Greg's cum splashed between them and their tongues greedily licked it up and continued to share the creamy mess. Greg was spent. He had never cum that much before in his entire life. The sight of his two younger siblings sharing creamy cummy kisses was the hotter than any pictures in his girlie magazines and sexier than any porn he had ever seen.

"You two get in the tub and take a bubble bath together. Leave your clothes and everything on! I'll figure out what to do with you later." Bobby and Cindy staggered hand in hand into the bathroom. Greg lay down on his bed and as he drifted off he thought to himself. "I probably should start dinner…but I already have ideas for dessert!"

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