Young straight jerk boys cumshot vids xxx gay Not only does Zidane

Young straight jerk boys cumshot vids xxx gay Not only does Zidane
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This story stands on its own, but is a continuation of "A black cock for mom." Read the story if you want, or here is a recap: Kate Smith leads a happy life as a wife and mother. She is a beautiful 36 year old with a 16 year old son and twin 14 year old daughters.

Time had been gentle to her, as her 5'6'' frame remained petite and her face clear of most wrinkles. Her hair was as thick and dark as when she was a young girl, and her eyes were a piercing green. Kate's husband, Jeff Smith, had generously paid for a "breast rejuvenation" at 35 that made her 32C chest more perky and beautiful than when she was her daughters' age. She has grown bored with her sexual relationship with her husband.

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In her position as a bank manager, she meets Buck, a 5'11'' 160 pound black man applying for a janitorial position. Long story short, she needs her pussy stuffed by his thick ten inch cock. They meet at a hotel where he reams her, thus securing the position as janitor and Kate Smith's master. This story begins the next morning at the Smith family house… Kate had arrived home the previous evening showered and fresh after her sexual adventure.

She offered a lame excuse of a late management meeting, which her husband accepted. He requested sex but she declined on account of the black semen Buck had pumped inside her. Drifting off to sleep, Kate was nervous and excited for this new chapter in her life.

The next day was casual Friday. While Kate normally wore jeans and a nice blouse, she wanted to make Buck's first day at work one to remember.

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Her husband left for work early with the children, dropping them off at school. She snuck into the twins' room and selected a nearly-scandalous, tight short skirt and low-cut top from her daughter Rachel's closet. The panties she had worn the night before were soaked with leaking cum, and thus she ran a small load of laundry. Emptying the dryer, Kate found a sexy black thong and pair of heels on the floor to match the outfit.

Admiring herself in the mirror, she exclaimed, "Girl, you are a sex goddess." The workday was filled with furtive but knowing glances at the new janitor. As she strutted by Buck on her way to grab lunch, she innocently mentioned that her office was rather dirty. "Maybe you can drop by after the branch closes to give it a thorough cleaning.

It really needs some attention." The day dragged on until five o'clock finally arrived. Her favorite teller, Ashley, stopped by to say goodbye for the weekend. "Kate, you're normally the first one out the door on Friday. Anything I can help you with before I go?" "No, but thank you," Kate replied. She added honestly, motioning to the paperwork on her desk, "I'm really going to get rammed once I can get started on this stuff.

Have a good weekend." "You too, goodnight." Finally, at 5:45, the last employee left the building. Kate was alone in her office as the janitor, a very diligent employee, sauntered towards the door. "You needed some work done?" "You know exactly what I need," she replied standing up from her chair and walking towards the black man. Buck walked in, shutting the door behind him. "Good, cuz I've got blue balls from staring at that tight ass all day.

Get on yo knees bitch and worship this black cock." The boss turned into a slave girl, kneeling on the floor and crawling to Buck. She unzipped his dark blue workpants and fished for the hole in his boxers. Kate found it on the first try, making contact with his flaccid six inch member. She pulled and it flopped out. As Kate licked and sucked, she felt it swelling into a monster almost twice its original size in her mouth.

While sucking on Buck's balls, she marveled at his cock's length and girth as it lay across her face, the bulbous head protruding past her forehead. Looking up at him with eyes of desire, she begged, "I need it now." "What do you need? Say it like the slut you are." "I need this big cock inside me." "Better." "I need this huge black rod in my white pussy." Juice running down her legs, Kate was rubbing her clit through her thong in anticipation.

"Better." Like a bitch in heat, she yelled, "I need your monstrous black cock to stuff my slutty white cunt! I need you to destroy my little white fuckhole with your black rod! I'm a fucking white whore so start treating me like one!" "That's right bitch." Buck cleared the papers off Kate's desk. He pulled down his pants and sat on the desk. "Show me how a white slut works a black cock." Kate immediately climbed on top of the muscular dark skinned man. Straddling him, she pulled the tight skirt up above her waist, exposing her lacy thong and freshly shaven pussy.

The mom of three shook with excitement as she pulled the thong aside and maneuvered the monster cock towards her pleasure hole. Staring downwards, she said, "I love the look of my creamy white thighs resting on your dark body. I love the purple head of your cock on the precipice, just before it plunges in." He ripped off her shirt and bra. "And I love watching my strong black hands rubbing your big white tits and tiny pink nipples." Kate moaned in pleasure as he squeezed. The moaning became louder as she dropped her hips lower, accepting his head inside her still sore cunt.

She began to ride the monster up and down, inching lower with each thrust. Kate screamed with pleasure and pain as she came closer to the hilt. She finally felt the impact of her pussy lips on his pubic hair and a painful sensation in her cervix. "I need to have an orgasm, master." "Feel free, slut. You're doing great." With his permission, Kate furiously massaged her clit while riding all ten inches of Buck's cock. The rod glistened with her juices as Kate's office was filled with increasingly loud screaming, complimented by the rhythmic slapping of a white ass against black thighs.

She reached climax and gushed all over her lover, fluids dripping onto her desk. Kate was ready to milk Buck's member dry when she heard a faint noise behind her. It was a click and then a man's voice. "Are you ok?" "Oh fuck" was Kate's only thought.

It was Jake, the 25 year old assistant manager she had just recently promoted. He looked on the scene in absolute confusion, stammering for words. "What the fuck is going on here? What about your family?" Jake and his wife had gone on several double-dates with Kate and her husband. The two couples were becoming close. Buck's cock had gone soft inside Kate.

She toppled off him as he pulled up his pants and pushed past Jake out the door. "I'm…so…sorry" was all Kate could think to say.

"How long has this been going on?" "It just started yesterday. Listen, please don't tell anyone about this. I can't lose my job and my family. I'll do anything, please." It was as though Jake hadn't heard a word she said.

"Why did you decide to cheat on your husband with the new janitor?" "I don't know. I was bored, it was just a stupid spur of the moment thing." "Was it because he is black?" "What? No, not at all. Well…I don't know." "Answer the question or I call corporate right now." Kate finally noticed she was standing naked in front of Jake and started dressing."Fine. Yeah, I guess it was. I liked the idea of being owned by a black man." "You liked?

So just because you got caught you don't like it anymore?" She was getting annoyed. "Yeah. Well…no. I don't know, what is the point of this? Are you going to tell anybody or not?" "That depends. I have a huge, terrible secret over you. I could think with my brain and milk this for all it's worth, or think with my dick. Should I go for promotions, bonuses, and vacation days, or the hope of satisfying my biggest sexual fantasy?" Kate was surprised, but saw an easy out.

"What is your fantasy?" "I want to watch my wife fuck a black man. I have been talking about this for a while and she is on the edge. I think you and your friend there can push her over the edge." "You want me to convince Becky to have sex with Buck?" "Yes and no. You also have to be there…involved." "And you won't tell anybody and will drop this for good?" "Swear on my life." "You've got yourself a deal." Kate and Jake spent the next two months working out the details of the plan.

She suddenly got much closer to Becky, turning from acquaintances to friends over a few weeks. The friendship reminded both of them of their college days, when they would spend party weekends with the girls flirting with frat guys.

Buck was a more than willing participant, thinking he had been fired for his conduct. Becky was a striking beauty. Fresh out of college, the 22 year old was tall, 5 feet 8 inches, and petite, 125 pounds. Her cute 32/B breasts perfectly complimented her figure. She was tan with beautiful long blonde hair and blue eyes. In terms of age it was a unique friendship, but their matching personalities meant Kate and Becky got along perfectly. The plan came together on a Saturday.

Kate planned a girls' night out with Becky, stopping by a few bars to get loose before they would "accidently" run into Buck. Everything went well and at ten o'clock the pair stopped into the Roundeye bar. Kate was excited when Buck, playing the role of handsome stranger, walked up next to the girls. He sat next to Becky and introduced himself.

Kate, carrying out the plan, immediately began flirting openly with Buck. Freed from the bonds of social convention by the alcohol and encouraged by her adventurous friend, Becky joined in.

The talk shifted from lighthearted flirting to sexual matters, encouraged by Kate and Buck. "Is it true what they say about black guys?" Becky questioned "I don't know. What do they say?" She shot him a devilish grin. "You know, about&hellip.down there," Becky giggled. "What about it?" "Yeah, what about it," added Kate with a sly smile. "Well…" Becky's face had turned red from embarrassment. "I heard that it is pretty big." "Ohhhhh.

No, that is just a myth," responded Buck. "It isn't pretty big, it is huge." Both girls squealed with delight. Kate asked, "can we see it?" Becky was shocked. She leaned in close to Kate and whispered, "What are you doing? We're married!" "What's wrong with a little fun?

I deserve it, don't you?" "I guess&hellip." The smile returned to her face. "So can we see it?" "Of course you can, girls. I just happen to have a hotel room two blocks away. We can walk if you want to." "I don't know if we should do this." Becky was apprehensive.

"Is this right?" "Of course it is. Would your husband really mind?" "No. Actually, he has wanted me to do this for a while. You're right, let's just see what happens." The threesome paid their tab and walked to the hotel.

They flirted in the elevator and on the way to the room, number 416. "We're here," said Buck as he unlocked the door and led the beautiful women inside.

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The black man had already experienced Kate, so he didn't need to guess what lay under her clothes. Becky, on the other hand, was still a mystery, though her tight bar-hopping outfit of leggings and a camisole left little to the imagination. Kate could tell he looked forward to exploring her tight young body.

The three sat on the king-sized bed. "What did you ladies want, again?" Kate answered, "We want to know if what they say about black guys is true. Can I get a peek?" "Maybe, but what do I get out of it?" "What do you want?" "I know what they say about black guys. Did you know they say something like that about white girls? I heard that all white girls have tight little holes that crave black cock. Is that true?" "I don't know," said Becky. "Maybe let us take a look at what you're working with first, and then we'll see." "Fine." Buck pulled down his pants and boxers, revealing his rock hard ten inches.

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Kate smiled when she saw the look on Becky's face. "I can't believe it is that big. How does it even fit?" "Do you want to find out?" Becky's simple answer surprised Kate. "Yes. I need it." She lunged forward and buried her face in his groin, lapping hungrily at his member. "You are such a man." She had turned into a black cock slut. Kate stood up and undressed as Buck removed his shirt.

He had to restrain Becky, which only made her want his cock more. "Calm down girl, you'll get what you need." He removed her shirt, bra, and then leggings. She squirmed on the bed in her panties as Buck held down her arms. "What do you want?" "I want your black cock to defile my tiny white holes." "You can have it, but you to put on a show for me first. Makeout with your friend." Becky did as she was told. Slipping out of her panties, Kate climbed on top of her.

Their nude bodies pressed together, breasts smashed and hips grinding as they kissed. "Are you a whore for black cock?" "Yes," Becky answered. "Prove it." She watched as Kate got up and rummaged through her purse.

The mom retrieved a black permanent marker. Kate removed the cap and wrote across Becky's chest, "Blacks Only." "Wait!" Becky was scared. "How can I explain this to Jake?" Kate replied, "He already knows. He arranged this whole thing and is waiting in the lobby. Should I call him up?" Becky replied with indifference.

"No, I've got everything I need right here." The girls giggled as they took turns writing on each other's bodies. "Negroes enter in rear," "This hole for black use only," "White Slut," "Black hoe," and Becky's personal favorite, "Black Babymaker." "You know, Buck and I have been at this for months now. I missed my period and got a positive pregnancy test two weeks ago.

I'm carrying a little brown baby inside of me." "Wow, that is incredible." Becky asked, "Are you sure it isn't your husband's?" "Positive. Buck is the only man who has filled me with his seed. With how many times he has shot his load into my pussy, I would be surprised if I wasn't knocked up.

Now it's your turn." "Not yet," Buck chimed in. "I want to see you white trash hoes do something nasty." Kate had something good in mind. In a sitting position, facing Becky who was lying on the bed, she interlaced their legs and began tribbing: rubbing their pussies together. Both girls were moaning and gyrating when Kate lifted her leg, stuffing her foot into her lesbian lover's mouth.

Becky did likewise and the girls sucked each other's toes and licked the soles of their sweaty feet. After a few minutes, Buck couldn't take it anymore.

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The sight of Becky's thin body swaying in motion with Kate's, her small breasts bouncing on her chest, her moans of pleasure muffled by Kate's sexy foot in her mouth, the words "Black Babymaker" written across her stomach.

It all drove Buck wild. Speaking to Becky, he said, "It's time, white slut." Kate asked, "Are you ready to be initiated into the sisterhood?" "What?" "The sisterhood of white girls who live for black cock. Your hole has two jobs now: to accept big black cocks and pump out brown babies. Are you ready?" "Yes." Kate positioned herself behind Becky, holding her with her arms wrapped around the girl's waist.


"This will hurt, probably worse than your first time, but it is the only way for you to become a sister." Becky spread her legs to accommodate Buck's muscular dark body. He lay on top of her, ready to initiate missionary-style sex.


"You can scream if you want to." The head of his huge rod traced the outline of Becky's shaved pussy lips. It found the hole and Buck thrust his hips, hammering into the tight young slut. "Ohhhhhhhh fuck that hurts!" Kate laughed. "I know sweetie, I've been through it too." Buck worked slowly, pushing his cock deeper and deeper inside Becky with each thrust.


She writhed with pleasure and pain, pinned between Buck's muscles and Kate's large breasts. For several minutes all she could do was hold on to Buck until the pain began to subside.

Her breathing became less shallow as her cunt stretched to accommodate its new extra-large master. "Does my little white fucktoy enjoy being banged by a big nigger cock?" "Yes master." "Do you like having your tiny white pussy ruined?" "Yes master." "Good. Now get on your hands and knees. Kate, get your slut face under her pussy." The slaves complied. Buck entered Becky from behind, Kate's face only a few inches away.

She lifted her head and stuck out her tongue, lapping up Becky's juices on Buck's huge cock. Becky screamed into the pillow as Buck turned her white cunt inside out. "Are you ready babe?" "Yes master. Fill me with your seed." "What do you want?" "I want you to shoot your black jizz straight into my cervix.

Get me pregnant." With that, Buck groaned as he unleashed a torrent of cum inside Becky. It was more than she had ever felt before. She cried with happiness as Buck pulled out, her pussy slick with a combination of her juice and his semen.

Kate lapped up sweet juice that dripped from Buck's cock. The trio found Jake sitting in the lobby. He was furious that Kate never called him to the room, but his anger subsided when he saw the look of fulfillment on his wife's face.

Speaking to her husband, Becky said, "Everything is different now. I'm a slut for big black cock." Six months later, both Becky and Kate were sporting matching pregnant bellies.

Buck's seed had planted inside the girls, forever cementing their status as white sluts for black cock.