Her ass cant be left out of the fun so she inserts a buttplug

Her ass cant be left out of the fun so she inserts a buttplug
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Fbailey story number 373 Don't Tell Mommy When my brother asked us to watch his daughter for a week while he took his wife to Florida, of course I said yes and then I told my wife. Fortunately she was okay with it. So it came to pass that Summer showed up on Friday to live with us for a whole week.

She was my favorite niece, she was my only niece but she was still my favorite. I needed a very special and very long screwdriver to do a particular job. I had ordered it over the Internet and had received it. So when I went looking for it Saturday morning and couldn't find it I asked, "Honey. Where is my new screwdriver?" She replied, "I saw Summer playing with it last night." My wife and I are early risers even on weekends.

So by eight in the morning we had already had breakfast and we ready to do things. My wife was going to paint the fence around her flowerbed and I was going to attach my grandfather clock to the wall for safety, hence the special screwdriver.

So I went up the stairs and down the hallway to Summer's bedroom. Not having children and not being aware of certain boundaries I simply opened her door to ask her what she had done with my screwdriver. I stopped dead in my tracks. She was not aware that I was even there. She was lying on her bed, the covers were on the floor, her feet were over her head, and she whimpering as her orgasm rolled on and on.

My new screwdriver was sticking out of her pussy or more correctly into her pussy. She had both of her hands wrapped around the long metal tip and was pounding the big plastic handle into her own pussy. She was fucking herself with my screwdriver as though it were a dildo. I was impressed because that handle was a big one. It was a good two inches in diameter and at least six inches long and it was completely disappearing on every in stroke.

Summer was moaning in pleasure, I was watching, and she didn't even know it. I saw her close her eyes and I just continued to watch her.

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My wife broke the silence when she called up the stairs and asked if I had found my screwdriver. Summer opened her eyes and turned to look at me. Neither one of us said a word. My wife called out again to me. I called back to her, "Yes, I found it. Go paint your fence.

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Love you." Summer said, "Don't tell Mommy." I walked closer to Summer and she didn't even try to cover herself up. I reached down for my screwdriver. She watched me pull it almost all the way out of her pussy and then I pushed it all the way back in.

I asked her, "Does it really feel good?" Summer replied, "Yes, it does. It's the biggest thing that I have ever put in there. The long metal rod really lets me really fuck myself good too." I asked, "Can I fuck you with it for a while? Then I'll need to borrow it for a while. I'll give it back to you and you can even keep it if you want too." Summer asked, "Are you going to tell my Mommy?" I replied, "No sweetie.

Your secret is safe with me. I still masturbate every now and then too." Summer smiled and said, "You can fuck me with your screwdriver or you can just fuck me with your cock if you want too. I can see that you are hard." I asked, "Are you a virgin?" Summer said, "Of course I'm a virgin. I'm only fourteen years old and you know my Daddy. He doesn't let me out of his sight and he scares any boy that comes sniffing around.

You might be my only hope. What do you say?" I sad, "I guess after this screwdriver I couldn't hurt you any. What about birth control?" Summer laughed and said, "You know my Daddy. He had me on birth control shots every three months before I even had my first period. He doesn't trust me to take a pill every day." Throughout our conversation I had been fucking her teenage pussy with my screwdriver handle. I stopped and walked over to the door.

I closed it and I locked it. It wouldn't do to have my wife catch me with my forty-four-year-old cock sticking into a fourteen-year-old pussy. Especially when her own pussy is three times older than Summer's pussy is.

I walked back to the bed and gave the screwdriver a few more strokes before I got undressed. I got on the bed between her legs, pulled the screwdriver out, and replaced it with my tongue. Summer grabbed my head, pulled it tighter into her crotch, and said, "Oh Uncle Ted that feels so good." She tasted so good that I thought that I was in heaven.

Masturbating had caused her juices to flow heavily and the taste was quite potent. My cock was throbbing intensely. My beautiful niece's pussy was simply intoxicating.

I licked her dripping slit, I licked her fur-covered mound, and I licked her tangy asshole too. All the time her feet were over her head. Using my fingers from both hands I opened her pussy lips up and stuck my tongue right into the hole that was producing that nectar.

I rubbed her clit with my finger and gave her another orgasm. Finally out of shear frustration I shoved my cock into her and humped her for all I was worth. Honestly I wanted to give her pleasure but what I actually did was give myself pleasure. She was tighter than my wife was, she was even tighter than my hand, and in that position I rubbed hard against her pubic bone and her clit. Then I started to cum. I could feel it down in my balls as it boiled up my shaft and erupted out of my cock and deep into her pussy.

Summer grabbed my shoulders and cried out softly, "Oh Uncle, that was fantastic. No wonder Daddy never wanted me to try it. I love it. How soon can you fuck me again?" I smiled and kissed her and said, "Not for a while, maybe this afternoon if we can be alone long enough." I sat up on the edge of the bed and looked at her. Summer lowered her legs down to the bed and sat up too.

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That was the first time that I saw her wonderful little titties. They were terrific little hills growing out of her chest.


They were round and not quite the size of an orange cut in half. Her little nipples were hard, light pink, and the same color as her areolas.


I reached out and ran my fingers around the base of each little hill, and then I ran my thumb over her nipples. She enjoyed the feeling and asked me to do that as often as I could throughout the day if I couldn't fuck her. She also asked me to finger her pussy as often as I could get away with it.

Then we both got dressed. I watched as she just slipped a tight little T-shirt over her head and pulled it down past her tits.

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It didn't cover them by much. Then she pulled a tiny pair of shorts up her legs. They didn't come up too far above her pussy mound but far enough to hide the hair. She looked incredible.

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I dressed and then we went down stairs. I had to go back up to get my screwdriver. It smelled delicious so I sucked on it and licked it all the way back down the stairs. I managed to screw my grandfather clock to the wall as I had intended. When I finished my wife was standing behind me smiling.

It was a job well done. So I followed her out front to inspect her painting. It was another job well done. Then Summer came out with us. My wife took one look at her and asked, "Why is your crotch wet?" Summer smiled and simply said, "Don't tell Mommy.

I was masturbating with his new screwdriver and I guess I just got carried away." I held my breath until my wife started laughing and said, "Well honey I guess it's time that I bought you a dildo of your own so you don't have to use your mothers anymore." Summer looked shocked and asked, "Does Mommy have a dildo?" My wife laughed and said, "She sure does and more than one.

I've been with her when she bought some of them. Apparently she keeps them well hidden." Summer said, "Daddy wouldn't approve." My wife said, "There are a lot of things that your Daddy wouldn't approve of. I'm glad that your Uncle is nothing like his brother.


Your Mommy has told me lots of stories about your Daddy, about herself, and about you." Summer asked, "What has she told you about me?" My wife said, "Well mostly that you are one highly sexed young lady, that you are always sticking something into your sweet little pussy, and that you need to get fucked with a real cock just as soon as possible.

That's why she talked your Daddy into leaving you with us." There was a pause for that to sink in before she continued, "That is why I left the screwdriver on the table for you to find and why I sent your Uncle up to get it. I assume that he found you fucking yourself with it and maybe he fucked you with something else too. Well did he?" Summer blushed and covered her wet crotch with her hand. I nodded my head for her to tell her.

She replied, "Yes he did and it was wonderful. I loved having his cock in me but he said that we couldn't do it again right away because of you.

He didn't want you to catch him fucking me." My wife laughed and said, "Honey, I know exactly what goes through your Uncle's head…even his little head." Summer asked, "So you don't mind if he fucks me?" My wife laughed again and said, "You would be doing me a favor. For the last twenty-three years he has been trying to fuck me to death.

We do it on average about ten times a week because he keeps track of it on his computer. Frankly I could use a break." Summer smiled and asked, "So you want to do it again?" I took her hand away from her pussy where she had subconsciously been stroking her clit in front of us and replaced it with my own.

I said, "Summer I would love to 'do it' again with you." I took her hand and led her back into the house and up to her bedroom. She grabbed my new screwdriver as we walked past it just incase she needed some extra help.

I set a New World Record for myself that week. I managed to fuck Summer twenty-seven times in just seven days from that Saturday until the next Friday and I still had another day and a half to go.

I gave her my screwdriver when she went home and she thanked me for it by letting me fuck her in the dining room while her parents were right in the kitchen with my wife.

After that week, Summer and her Mommy found reasons to come over so that I could fuck them both. It seems that my brother didn't have my libido either.

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Summer accumulated her own stash of dildos but she insisted that none of them were as good as I was. The End Don't Tell Mommy 373

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