Japanese GAL Anna Downblouse and Wedgie on Camera

Japanese GAL Anna Downblouse and Wedgie on Camera
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Hannah Montana: Let's Get Crazy Chapter II I know at the end of the last story, I gave a little preview of what was going to happen. But the plan changed, so it's not quite the same. Rate and Comment! Miley woke up feeling satisfied. Her head was on her dad's chest and her long brown hair was splayed out across his chest.

Miley sighed, content with her life. She lay there for several minutes but she soon got restless and quietly left her dad's room and tiptoed downstairs. She grabbed her shirt and underwear and quickly donned them, and walked out the backdoor.

Miley walked down the short walkway, and approached the door of her room, and turned doorknob. When Miley opened the door, Oliver and Lily were facing away from it. Lily lay on the bed on her back, and Oliver was standing between her spread legs. He was pounding away with his ten inch cock, and Lily was crying out in pleasure.

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When they heard the door open they both looked over at it and Miley walked through, wearing a tank top and panties. Both of them feigned surprise. An hour ago, Oliver and Lily had crashed through the front door, kissing passionately. They made it into the bedroom and started to fuck when they realized that they needed something new to spice up their relationship. So they decided on a threesome.

And they decided that Miley was the perfect candidate. They also decided that the best way to get her to join them was to have her "accidentally" walk in on them having sex. So Oliver stood by the door, waiting for Miley to appear while Lily lay on the bed, naked. When Oliver spotted her walking across the backyard he rushed over to the bed and inserted his dick into her pussy, and started humping away.

Miley closed the door, turned around, and stopped in shock. She saw her two best friends fucking on Lily's bed, and all she could do was stare. She wasn't surprised so much at the fact that they were having sex, but more at the fact that she had just caught them in the midst of it.

And she was also surprised at the size of Oliver's cock. Even buried in Lily's snatch, it looked bigger that the one she had just fucked.


It was surprising, especially since Robbie Ray Stewart was around 40 years older. She stood their staring, unable to tear her eyes around from the sight of Oliver's large, pulsing cock retracted and reentered Lily's snatch.

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But when she didn't say anything, Lily felt like she had to prod her friend along. "Uhh Miley?" She asked, pretending to be nervous and embarrassed. Miley shook herself free from her trance. "Lily! Oliver! I'm SO, SO sorry! I didn't mean to…" "Miley! Its fine! It's our fault, really! We shouldn't have been doing it when you were home! Right, Oliver?" She asked pointedly. Oliver was staring at Miley, his eyes alternating from the revealing tank top to the thin panties she was wearing.

When he didn't answer, Lily prodded him with her finger. "Yeah, yeah of course!" Oliver said, his dick still submerged in Lily's hot cunt. "I…I'll leave now!" Miley said, her eyes glued to Oliver's cock and Lily's pussy.

"No Miley!" Lily said, a little franticly. "Stay! It's your room! We'll be done soon, and Oliver will be on his way." Miley nodded distractedly and moved across the large bedroom towards her bed, where she sat down and picked up a magazine. She pretended to read, while all the while she watched as Oliver resumed plunging in and out of Lily's pussy. Miley had never thought of other women in a sexual way before, at least not seriously.

But watching her best friend get stretched and pounded by her other best friend's gigantic cock turned her on, for some reason. She unconsciously began rubbing herself through her damp panties. Lily looked so hot, with her shaved pussy and perky, bouncing breasts.

And Oliver didn't look to bad himself, with his strong, muscular body and humongous cock. She began wondering what it would be like, having her recently-deflowered vagina filled with Oliver's huge member. Lily glanced over Oliver's shoulder and saw Miley with her eyes closed and her hand in her panties.

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She nudged Oliver and nodded at Miley. He looked back and saw her and smiled. "So what, is she just going to come over here?" He asked her quietly. "I don't know.


Hopefully." Lily said. "Hopefully." He said, wistfully. Lily noticed it and also the way he was looking at Miley. "Hey there big guy, I'm still your girl friend!" "I know! I'm just looking." Miley was working her fingers in and out of her pussy faster now, but she really wished it was either Lily's fingers, or even better, Oliver's cock.

The urge to go over there and join her two best friends finally became too great and she finally got up and walked over to Lily's bed. Miley knelt on the ground behind Oliver, and she eyed his swinging ball-sack between his legs.

His balls were almost the size of golf-balls, and looked heavy. She bent closer to Oliver's crotch and took hold of his nuts. Oliver jumped with surprise and his head spun around to look behind him. Miley put her mouth around one of his nuts and sucked it in. Oliver's head went back in ecstasy, as Miley took the other one in. Lily craned her neck to the side and saw Miley sucking on her boyfriend's balls. She looked up at Oliver, and winked at him. "Miley!" Oliver cried out, again feigning surprise, even though he didn't want it to stop.

Miley stopped what she was doing and stood up behind Oliver. "Miley!" exclaimed Lily. "I'm sorry Lily! But seeing you two here…I just couldn't help it!" Lily inwardly smiled.

"Well…I guess its okay, if it's okay with Oliver. Ollie?" "Well…" He said, "reluctantly". "Oliver. Please." Begged Miley. Oliver "gave in". "Okay. I guess." "Thank you! So much!" Miley explained. Oliver pulled out of Lily's pussy, his dick wet and slippery with her juices. Lily sat up at the edge of the bed and then dropped to her knees on the floor in front of him.

Miley also crawled into a position next to Lily, in front of Oliver. Lily placed her hands at the base of Oliver's cock and then put her mouth on the tip. She swirled her tongue around the crown of his cock, while Miley took hold of Oliver's ball sack, and then sucked half of it into her mouth. She licked his sack, and then did the same for his other nut. Oliver's head went back and his eyes shut as the two teenagers sucked and played with his junk.

Lily began taking more and more of Oliver's cock into her mouth, getting nearly halfway there before she had to stop and withdraw for air. She had never been able to get it all in. It had been a little disappointing for Oliver, but he accepted the fact that he had too big of a dick for that. While Lily was giving Oliver head, Miley slid out of her panties and top.

When Miley saw what Lily was trying to do, she stopped sucking on his nuts. "Here Lily, let me try." "Sure thing.

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Go for it." Lily replied, not really excepting her to get far. But little did she know, Miley had only hours ago deep throated her own dad's 9 inch cock.

She was determined to get Oliver's in as well. So she bobbed her head up and down it several times, getting a feel for the size and width. Then she pressed herself down farther, taking in a few more inches. She only had three more inches to go. Miley pushed her head forward, and Oliver fell back onto the bed with the force. With the bed providing an immovable force, Miley was able to press herself down the last three inches. Her nose was in Oliver's pubic hair and her chin rested on his ball sack.

Miley was able to hold herself there for a whole six seconds before her lungs finally lost air. She yanked herself off Oliver's cock, gasping for air. She breathed in deeply and exhaled several times, re-filling her lungs. She looked back up to see Oliver sitting on the bed and Lily standing next to him. They both looked very surprised. "What, guys? Did you think I was totally inexperienced, did you?" "Uhhh…" responded Oliver. It was clear that the deep throat Miley had just given him was leaving his mind blank.

"Well…yeah." Lily said. "We're best friends, and you've never said anything about it before." "We can talk about it later." Miley answered.

"But are we going to finish this, or are we done?" That brought Oliver back to the present. "I vote finish this!" Miley and Lily both looked at him.

"Okay okay, whatever you decide." He added, sheepishly. Miley and Lily looked at each other. "Well, I am pretty horny…" said Lily.

"So am I…" Added Miley. "So let's finish this." Finished Lily.

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Miley and Lily both moved up to Oliver, on either side of him. He put his arms out and grabbed hold of them as they pushed him back, so that he was lying flat on the bed. They fell down with him, lying on either side of his chest. Lily kissed him on the lips and then on the neck. Oliver turned to Miley and her mouth was right there.

So he moved his head closer and kissed her. Miley was uncertain at first, but then she responded.


Oliver's tongue left his mouth and moved to hers, where he drew it slowly around her lips and then dove in between them.

Their tongues touched and Miley became energized. She crawled back down Oliver's chest, kissing and licking his body as she did. Lily resumed kissing Oliver, as Miley resumed her treatment on Oliver's cock. She licked the length of his giant cock first, and then formed her mouth in the shape of an O and placed it over the tip of his penis, slowly drawing it up and down the length of Oliver's giant member.

Meanwhile, Lily threw her leg over Oliver's chest as they made-out furiously. As Miley's head went up and down Oliver's cock, but then she stopped as Lily's ass started bumping into her head as she unconsciously rocked back and forth. Miley took her hand and placed it around the base of his cock, and moved it around until it was poking at the folds of Lily's pussy. Lily felt it there and slowly settled back on his dick. Then she started rocking back and forth again, her pussy gliding up and down his length smoothly, as his dick was coated with a combination of Oliver's pre cum, Lily's own juices, and Miley's spit.

Miley crawled back up to Oliver's head, and gave him another kiss. Lily sat up straighter on Oliver's cock and grabbed Miley by the hand and guided her over to sit on Oliver's head.

So Miley threw her knees on the other side of his head, and tentatively lowered herself down on his face.

She immediately felt his tongue pressing against her sore pussy lips, and then sliding in between them. She jumped slightly as his tongue probed in deeper, and then she gasped as he hit her g-spot. His tongue went in circles against the inside of her vagina, and then he pulled out and licked her clitoris.

Miley gasped again as Oliver went to work. Lily was bouncing up and down on his cock now, and her breasts were bouncing up and down with her. Miley reached out with both hands and grabbed onto them, and squeezed.

They felt firm and supple, and soft. Then, impulsively, she leaned in and kissed her friend. Lily widened her eyes in slight surprise, but then smiled and returned the kiss. They began really kissing, biting each other's lips, and sticking their tongues in each other's mouths. Oliver continued to pleasure Miley with his tongue, probing deep into her pussy, as Lily continued to bounce up and down on Oliver's cock.

Lily began to moan and groan, as an orgasm began to build up inside of her. She started slamming down harder on Oliver's dick, so that her pussy rested directly on his pubic hair. She rose up again, and came down even harder. The third time she did that, she came to an orgasm violently. At the same time, Oliver licked furiously at Miley's clitoris, and caused her to cum at the same time. They both screamed with pleasure at the same time, as their orgasms erupted. When they both stopped screaming and moaning, they hopped off the bed and kneeled on the ground.

Oliver sat up on the edge of the bed, and then stood up in front of Miley and Lily and started to beat off, inches from their faces.

"Ughhh!" He groaned, as he came. Thick white ropes of his cum shot from the head of his cock, hitting their faces and open mouths and clinging on. He collapsed back on the bed with exhaustion. Lily and Miley looked at each other and smiled, and then melted into another deep kiss.

They passed the jizz in their mouths to one another, until Miley swallowed it. Then she licked it all off of Lily's face, and then Lily did the same for her. They both smiled at each other, glad that their friendship had turned into something else. Oliver sat back up and looked down and his girlfriend and her best friend, and his best friend, smiling gently at each other.

The moment was ruined when they heard Miley's dad's voice. "Honey!? Are you in here?" The three teenagers looked around franticly at one another. "Uhh yeah Dad! I'm…uhh…doing some make-up work!" In a lower voice, she said "Quickly! Oliver, get in the Hannah closet. Lily, get dressed!" Miley grabbed the remote to the Hannah closet and clicked the open button.

The dressing table swung to the side and the mirror went up, revealing the large closet behind it. "Can I come in?" Robbie Ray asked. "Uhhh no Dad, Lily's changing!" Miley motioned with her hands for Lily to get dressed quicker, and she herself threw her panties and tank-top back on, and then sat back on her bed with her laptop on her lap.

Oliver disappeared into the closet, and Miley clicked the close button. The mirror slid back down, and the table swung back against the wall. Lily finished getting dressed and dove onto her bed and grabbed a magazine from the floor. "Alright Dad, you can come in!" Miley shouted, catching her breath from the quick adrenaline rush. The door opened, and in walked Robbie Ray. He wore jeans and a tee-shirt, and his hair was wet, like he had just showered. "I just saw a car in the driveway.

whose is it?" "It's Oliver's, Mr. Stewart." Said Lily. "The tour's on break for a couple days so he's back, and he rented the car." "Where is Oliver now?" Asked Miley's dad. "Uhhh…" stammered Lily. "He went out for a run!" exclaimed Miley. "Uhhh yeah! He needs to keep up his shape for…uhh…his fans!" Lily added.

Robbie Ray seemed confused at this, but didn't pursue. He was too distracted by the sight of his daughter in her tight and revealing clothes stretched out on the bed. Even though he had seen her completely naked only a few hours ago, he wished he could see more. Lily too, he added silently. I wonder if her carpet matches her drapes… Them he shook himself out of his perverted daydream and said "Dinner will be ready in an hour.

Will Oliver be back for it?" "Yeah." Responded Miley. Her dad nodded, and left their room. Miley and Lily sat unmoving for several seconds, waiting to hear the sound of Robbie Ray reenter the house. When they heard the door shut, they both exhaled, and Miley raised the remote, and opened the Hannah closet.

Oliver walked out, still naked, his limp, but still large dick swaying as he walked. "Well that was a close one," he remarked. While all this was happening, Jackson was at his girlfriend Sienna's house. They had started out innocently enough, watching a movie on the couch. But then one thing led to another, and snuggling became a frantic rush to strip the cloths off one another.

Jackson ripped off his shirt, while Sienna stood up and wriggled out of her jeans. They unveiled two long, shapely legs and red, lacy panties that were still slightly covered by her tee-shirt. Jackson was still sitting down, and lifted his legs so that Sienna could pull off his cargo shorts, and then his boxers. His half-hard cock sprang free, and Sienna immediately grabbed it. She knelt down in front of him, and Jackson leaned back on the couch. She started jacking him off, and then placed her mouth over the tip of his quickly-growing cock.

Jackson groaned as Sienna swirled her tongue around the tip of his cock, which had now reached its maximum size, as modest 6 inches.

Sienna began bobbing her head up and down on his stiff member, and he prodded her along by placing his hands on the back of his head and forcing her farther down. After several minutes, Jackson reached down to the hem of Sienna's shirt and began to pull it off. Sienna removed her mouth from Jackson's shaft and raised her arms above her head so that he could pull it off.

He tossed it to the side, and Sienna stood up in front of him.

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She reached for the matching, red-lace bra, and slowly unbuckled the front clasp. When it came undone she let it drop, but kept her tits covered with the palms of her hands. She teasingly turned around, so that Jackson couldn't see her breasts while she hooked her thumbs in the waistband of her panties and wriggled her hips.

She uncovered half of her ass, and shook it teasingly. Jackson slowly milked his cock while he watched her perfect ass jiggle. And she should have a perfect ass! She's a bikini model! Sienna slowly turned around, and revealed her good sized tits and erect nipples, and the light brown almost blonde pubic hair peeking out of her panties.

Jackson's heart rate quickened as she moved her panties down, achingly slow. When they finally cleared her pussy, Jackson moved his hand quicker up and down his shaft.

She tossed them to the side, and straddled Jackson's hips. She shoved her breasts in his face, and he alternated sucking on each nipple.

Sienna threw her head back in ecstasy, as Jackson lightly pulled his teeth along each nipple.

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Then, she climbed off Jackson's hips and went on her hands and knees on the big couch. She waved her ass enticingly, and said seductively. "Put it in my ass, baby." Jackson grinned, and moved into position behind her. He placed the head of his cock against her tight, puckered asshole, and slowly pushed it in. Even though he had fucked her ass before, it was still amazingly tight.

Jackson groaned and Sienna moaned at the feeling of Jackson's thick, pulsating cock sliding down the juicy, lubricated walls of her ass. He began humping back and forth fiercely, his nuts slapping against her cunt every time he drove into her ass.

"YES!" Sienna screamed in ecstasy. "FUCK MY ASS!" Jackson knew that he wouldn't be able to last longer than five minutes inside her ass, so he gave it all he had. Sienna eventually came and her pussy juices exploded and her ass rippled as the intense wave of pleasure overcame her, and she screamed. "AHHHHHHHHHH…" Jackson could feel his own orgasm coming, so he pulled out of her ass and sat on the edge of the couch.

Sienna spun around as well and kneeled back in front of him, and placed her tits on either side of his cock. She moved them up and down, and Jackson yelled. "I'M COIMG!!" Sienna pulled away as Jackson's cock exploded. Thick ropes of cum shot from his dick and landed on her mouth, face and tits. When they finally stopped, Jackson fell back, exhausted, as Sienna licked the jizz off her tits.

Back at the Stewarts house, Miley was getting ready for her Hannah performance in her closet. Lily and Oliver had gone out for dinner, so she was alone. Or so she thought. Unknown to her, she had an audience.

Rico Suave was a younger teenager who had been enemies/friends with Jackson for years. He was several years younger than Miley, but as he was a child genius, he was in the same grade. And he'd long had a thing for Miley. He had had a boyish crush, which turned into a lustful want. And he knew from past experiences that she would have nothing to do with him. So his evil mind had come up with an idea. Blackmail.

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He'd find something incriminating, and hold it over her head. So here he was, peeking through her bedroom window with a video camera. He had watched her open that strange closet and walk in several minutes ago, and he was still waiting. The video camera was on; it had been on the whole time he was here. When the closet door reopened, he was ready for anything. Or so he thought. Because when the teenage girl walked back out, Rico gasped.

It was Hannah Montana. Rate and Comment. That's how I know if I should write the last installment.