Schmutzigen Mädchen genießen den Hahn

Schmutzigen Mädchen genießen den Hahn
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PART 7: HELL inside a Motel I wake up startled. My head hurts all over again.this time it's a sharp pain in the back of my head. I try to open my eyes, but they're sensitive to the brightness of the room. My vision is blurred. I have a TERRIBLE headache that's pounding my head. I am very dizzy. This feels like my attack at the mall all over again! I try my best to get up.

I struggle in the process of doing so. I quickly realize that I'm stuck. I look down at my feet, as they are both duct taped to a chair. I can barely move them! My arms are also entrapped.

They are tied up behind me with ropes on the wooden chair I'm currently imprisoned on. "Whaa-what the fuck is happening?" I try to wiggle myself free from the tape and ropes. I then hear footsteps approach me from a corner. I see a figure stand before me. My vision is still blurry but quickly adjusts when I recognize Mr. Clark staring at me with a twisted smile on his face. "Hello again Luke.glad to see you're up and about." I open my mouth to say something when I stop and stare at a piece of metal he has in his hand.

It's a gun!! Clark sees me making eye contact with his pistol and he lets out a chuckle. "Oh don't worry.I'm not going to kill you.for now. We still have a lot to discuss." Clark steps to the side and allows me to look forward to the bed where Violet lays. She's passed out laying to her side facing me. Her face is covered in fresh cuts and bruises. Her make up is smeared from her tears. She wears ripped up yoga pants and a familiar undergarment for a shirt.

I realize she's wearing my undershirt from the night we had sex when I first got home for the summer! How stupid it was of me to have forgotten it! That shirt has caused me and Violet so much pain! "Clark.uhh Mr. Taylor.I'm sorry for the troubles I've been causing to you and Ms. Taylor. You're right about there being consequences to sleeping with a married woman. But this is.crazy! You can't possibly think you can keep getting away with this! I covered your ass when You assaulted me in a parking lot!

Now you're holding me and your wife as hostages in a shit motel! You can't possibly think you can get away with this! My parents are going to freak out if I'm not home soon!" Once again, Clark just smiles at me while he plays with his gun in his hand.

"Luke.don't worry about your parents. I let them know you're just fine. I took the liberty of unlocking your phone while you were out cold and texting both of them that you're out with your friends.

And just to make sure that they won't be a bother at all while we sit here getting to know each other.I'm going to ask for you to call your father and explain why you'll be out of town for a few days.more or less." My eyes widen in shock hearing this. A few days as a hostage? Stuck in a motel with this psycho?? "You're a PSYCHO! You can eat a dick if you think I'm going to lie to my dad for you!" I tell Clark with a confident boost of anger coming out. Clark leans into me and I hear a trigger.

He points the barrel of the gun at my forehead. Everything is starting to escalate way too fast! "Luke.let me rephrase what I just said.I'm not asking you to call.I'm TELLING you to call! And you best sound convincing that you're ok and not in any kind of danger! Believe me.I won't repeat myself!" He continues to point his weapon at me while he takes my phone out of his pocket.


He quickly walks around the back of the chair to take my thumb to unlock my phone with the fingerprint scanner. He walks back up to me and dials my dad.

He puts me on speaker continuing to hold the gun at me. Hello? "Hey dad!" -Luke? Everything ok? You've been gone for hours.

"Yeah.everything is good.sorry for not staying in touch. and Jacob are actually driving up to LA right now. We decided to uhh.visit some friends we made in Mexico during Spring Break." -You're on you way to LA? You didn't mention anything of that to your mom and I. Are you up to no good? " we're fine.

It was a last minute thing.Greg and Ethan are meeting us out there. Had to be uh.last minute because Greg won't be available the rest of the month because of his job." My dad just pauses for a moment.

-Well.I would really appreciate open communication here between your mom and I. Thanks for letting me know though.

I'll see when you get back. Love you. With that, my dad hangs up, leaving me alone with Violet and her psycho husband for the next few days.without any kind of worry of my whereabouts. "Ahhh.must be great having parents that don't really worry about your whereabouts and who you spend your time with.

You must have had a great time growing up, getting away with a lot of shit.having the 'time of your life' all throughout high school and college" Clark tells me. Pissed off, I start to scramble in my chair trying to free myself again. "CLARK! YOU SICK FUCK.what do you want from me???" Clark's face changes to his typical stern expression as he takes his gun and whacks me hard in the head.

Everything goes dark. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I start to regain my consciousness again. My vision is clear this time but my head feels like it's about to explode! The nausea is too much for me. I lean over to my side and start to vomit. My eyes felt like they were going to pop out of my head from the pressure of me puking my brains out!

This felt like I was waking up from the WORST kind of hangover ever! As I try to regain my breathe, I begin to smell the air in the room. I smell the aroma of bacon and maple syrup. I look to the corner and see Clark eating away at the little desk in the room. He has a to-go bag from IHOP with a large tray. He sits down eating pancakes with eggs and bacon. He looks up at me and smiles. "Oh hey Luke.rise and shine!

You must be starving! Why don't you get up and come grab a plate?" He laughs when he says that last part. He's completely right though.I'm starving and dehydrated! It's been about a day since I've been trapped here! I look over to the bed and see Violet. She's wide awake and is sitting upward with her back to the bedpost.

Still tied and gagged, she stares at me, silently weeping. Clark gets up and makes his way to me. He has a bottle of water in his hand. "Where are my manners Luke? You MUST be thirsty! Here.have a sip." Clark takes the bottle and dumps some water on my face. He chuckles as he makes his way over to Violet and does the same. "My beautiful wife must be thirsty take a sip." I'm FUMING on the inside with rage!!!

This bastard seriously thinks he's going to get away with holding us hostage.he has another thing coming. "HELP! SOMEBODY, ANYBODY HEEEEEEEELLLLLLPPPP!!!! I'm BEING HELD HOST-" I can't finish my sentence as Clark slugs me straight in the face. He punches me so hard, I bite my tongue and immediately start to taste blood.

"SHUT UP! STOP YELLING! You scream one more time, you're going to watch me beat my wife to a pulp! Understand??" I can hear Violet starting to weep louder in the background as Clark regains his composure. "Now.I think that you deserve some answers Luke. You've been here long enough and you're starting to piss me off with you agitation and questions. So.let us begin." Clark pulls another chair and sits across face to face with me. "Luke.I told you to stay as far away from Violet for your safety.but here's the catch: SHE is the reason why we are all here spending some quality time together.

You see Luke.Violet won't even make eye contact with me anymore. She won't talk to me at home, and does NOT make an effort to satisfy me when we're having sex! So.out of rage, I rough her up a bit demanding to know if she's still seeing you. And you know what she does??

Violet.My WIFE OF ALMOST 25 YEARS spits on my face and screams to me how she's in love with you.and how she can't STAND THE SIGHT OF ME!!!" I can see the look of anger and hurt on Clark's face.

I look to Violet as she starts to bawl her eyes out. My head is racing with millions of thoughts and regrets. I am flooded with a wave of guilt as I stare at Clark. His face is flashing red but I can see tears forming in his eyes.

"Luke.I've been away overseas for many months.the only communication with my wife being via phone and video chat. My whole marriage and having my kids.I've been in and out of their lives. Always away overseas.working. Committing my life and sacrificing my time with my family for this country. It's been an honor doing so but has NEVER been easy for me being away for months at a time from my family.

I've missed many important holidays, birthdays, graduations, you name it.then I decide I'm sick of always missing out on my family.and being away from my lovely wife who I LOVE dearly.and you know what I do? I spend the last TWO YEARS racking up furlough time and decide to come home and surprise my wife.and spend some quality time with her for six weeks.and guess what I come home to? An affair, emotional drama, and now.betrayal!" As I listen to Clark spitting his anger out at me, I sit with my head down to the floor, soaking it all in.

I know this is all my fault. He continues on. "'ve cost me so much in the very little time I've known you. You are to blame for wrecking my marriage.and taking away the love of my life." Clark gets up and walks to the desk. He picks up an object, and makes his way over to Violet on the bed. She stares at Clark while she tries to catch her breath from all the crying.

"So dear.Luke is the love of your life huh?" He takes the object and holds it upright in the air for the both of us to see. It's a knife! More specifically, a pocket knife with a large, sharp blade. He reaches into his pocket and pulls out a lighter and plays with the switch, exposing the flame. "I've suffered enough my dear.all this has been very painful for me.I figured it's time I shed some of that pain and suffering.and share it with the love of your life." My heart hits the ground in terror.

I don't know what he means when he says he wants me to feel his pain.but I'm guessing it involves his knife and lighter. I hear Violet start to shout, but her voice is muffled due to the gag.

Clark makes his way over to me. He pulls my chair forward to the bed and faces me to her. Nervously, I try to calm her down as she starts to whimper.

"'s going to be ok. Whatever happens." I look up at Clark as he laughs sarcastically. "Luke.I'm not so sure you will be.but it's a cute thought." He then takes the lighter and starts to heat up his knife in hand.

I start to break down. "Clark.please! You don't have to do this! I'll cut all ties with her I swear to God!!! I won't tell ANYONE about this!!! I'll.leave!! I'll spend the rest of my summer away from home and not come back!!!

Think about what you're doing Clark!!!" He shakes his head with a look of disapproval as he ignores me. I can smell the heat of the blade as he continues to fire it up. Violet shakes the bed as she tries to free herself from her cuffs, shouting for her husband to stop with her gag on. Clark then shows me the blade of his knife. It's so hot, it's red! He smiles as he holds the knife to my ear. I can hear it sizzling.

God.just make this quick.

This isn't the way I wanted to go out but please.make it quick. "Violet my as I make the TRUE love of your life.suffer!" With that, he takes out duct tape and covers my mouth as a gag. I try to scream for him to stop but my words come out muffled. Clark takes the knife and presses it against my cheek. It burns so bad! I scream in pain as he takes the blade off and presses it to my other cheek.

I can barely hear Violet as she hysterically begs for him to stop. Clark then takes the blade and begins to make slow but precise incisions down my face. I can feel the blood trickle down running along my neck as the pain starts to sting. I continue to scream from the pain of the burns and the slice wounds. Clark is still not done! He takes the knife, grabbing my shirt.

In one quick motion, he cuts down the middle, splitting my shirt in half. Clark then starts to rub the blade slowly down my chest to my abdomen. The burning sensation was enough to make me feel faint. I start to lose consciousness as I feel the knife carving into my skin. Clark slices me up with the blade, drawing lines down my chest and my arms.

I can still hear the faint cries of Violet as Clark continues to burn and cut me with the knife. I hear him shouting. "DO YOU LOVE HIM NOW?? HUH?? Is LUKE THE LOVE OF YOUR LIFE???" She begs of him to stop crying hysterically. Eventually, Clark stops. Seeing how weak I am, he yanks off the tape from my mouth. I have little to no energy left inside me to talk.much less scream for help. "So my bitch skank of a wife worth the pain and suffering you're starting to feel?

That's right.I said START.I'm not finished with you yet. I want you to feel.the EXACT amount of pain you've caused me.this right here is just child's play." I look up at Clark slowly as he stares at me with a disgusting grin on his face. With all the energy left inside me, I spit at his face.

Clark laughs aloud as he wipes away the bloody saliva off his face. "Oh.this is going to be so much fun Luke! You'll see." He winks at me, and begins to walk away. I'm able to let out a few words slip out. " do you plaa.plan on gee-getting away wi-with this? You caaa.can't expect me to ke.keep my mouth shut!" He stops, turns to me and walks back. He leans in and whispers. "I don't expect you to keep quiet." He looks to Violet, who continues to weep silently with a scared but apologetic look on her face at me.

"I'm going to kill you.slowly. I think it's my wife's turn to start to feel the pain and suffering we both have going on. Once I make you disappear, me and Violet are going back to my base overseas. She will live with me, where I will have complete control and be able to watch out for her EVERYDAY!" After the hell I've endured so far and the pain I feel getting worse.I don't try to fight or plead.

I saw this coming from afar. I take one last look at Violet before I feel the familiar strike to the back of my head with his gun. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I awaken the next morning to the sounds of crying and gagging.

I hear Clark grunting. I open my eyes. I can barely move. I look down my chest and see dried blood splashed over me. My slice wounds have began to clot. I can still feel the burn marks on my face, chest, arms, and abdomen.

My entire body is sore! I've lost all feeling in my legs, from being tied for nearly two days! My arms are weak from being tied behind me as well.

For a moment, I'm disoriented as I look at my surroundings not knowing where I am, only feeling the astonishing amount of pain I'm in. The sounds of cries, choking, and Clark's grunts and moans quickly bring me back to reality.or hell I should say!

I look over to the bed where Violet is. The sight that's in front of me leaves me in horror! I see Violet laying completely flat on her chest at the end of the bed with her head hanging over the edge. Her hands were cuffed behind her, while her feet were tied with rope up in the air. Clark stands at the rear of the bed, shoving his cock up and down her throat! He holds her head while he thrusts his dick in and out of Violet's mouth with violent force!

Her face is completely red, covered in sweat, semen, and spit. Clark stops his thrusting frequently to ram his rod all the way to the back of her throat and leaves it there while she gags and chokes, trying to escape his hold to breathe.

Only when she starts to turn purple, he releases himself from her throat and continues to violate her mouth. Violet has tears shedding down her face as she pleads for him to stop every time he takes his dick out of her mouth.

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She pleads and begs coughing and gasping for air. "Clark.please I'm going to pass out-" Clark then takes his dick and puts it back into her mouth. He begins to thrust in and out at a rapid pace! The sounds of his grunts and her choking and gagging drives me insane!!! "CLARK.STOP!" As weak and exhausted as my body is, I have the strength to shout again. Clark stops what he's doing and looks to me.

"Ahhh Luke! Glad to finally see you're awake! C'mon.the party is just getting started.I think you're going to like it!" Clark makes his way over to me completely naked. His body and massive, and covered with tattoos. His dick is almost twice my size and almost looks like another muscle as it's thick and veiny! He grabs his duct table on the desk along the way. He rips some off and covers my mouth, taking away my ability to speak.again. "Now Luke.come and watch as me and my wife, or your lover I should say, are just getting started." He takes my chair and pulls me closer to her next to the bed.

I look at Violet as she lays flat, her clothes ripped up even more. She doesn't look at me as she lays trying to catch her breath. Clark grabs her feet, taking off the ropes that bound them together.

He then grabs her and shoves her roughly upward. He removes her handcuffs, revealing bruises on both her wrists from the tightness of the grip.

Clark then picks up his underwear off the floor, and folds it into a ball. He shoves the underwear into her mouth gagging her up. Violet doesn't even try to fight anymore. He laughs while he turns her over leaning her forward to the bedpost.

Clark grabs the cuffs and ties both her hands to the bedpost. He takes her legs and spreads them. He positions her ass up into the air, as he tears off the remains of her yoga pants.

Clark then violently yanks off her panties, tearing them in the process. "Hmmm.I think I'll give these to a trophy" he tells me. Clark then rips off the duct tape on my face, and replaces it with her ripped panties in my mouth. With a smile on his face he spits on his hand multiple times and rubs his cock. He gets on top of the bed and bends down over Violet. It doesn't take a genius to know what's to happen next.

I hear Violet start to silently weep again as he grabs two of his meaty fingers and violently thrusts them into her asshole. I can barely make out the words she cries out but hear a "please stop" amongst other words with her cries. Clark grunts as he fingers her ass roughly taking them as far deep into her as he can and quickly releasing them out. He does this for a few minutes and then abruptly stops. "Now Luke.I need you to really focus's where the fun really starts to kick in!" Clark then takes his dick and positions it with Violet's tight asshole.

Once his tip is in, Clark rams the rest of this meaty cock all the way into her going balls deep! Violet screams in horror as he starts to thrust in and out of her ass violently shaking the entire bed. He fucks Violet with such force, she bumps her head against the bedpost each time he thrust into her. I close my eyes trying to block out the vision of this nightmare unfold before my eyes. I wish I could block out the sounds of her cries and his grunts!

He sounds like a fucking annoying animal! If only I could grab his gun right now and knock his lights out! As Clark continues to sodomize his wife for what feels like an ETERNITY, I finally hear him howl! He's reached his orgasm. "Ohhhhhh SHITT! HOLY SHIT LUKE! I just tore your lover's ass apart!!!

MAN is she tight!!" Clark pulls himself off of Violet and stands up next to the bed. Violet has her face to the pillow screaming in agony. Her legs shake on the bed while she shakes her body around in discomfort. I look at her ass which is starting to ooze out the remains of Clark's jizz.

"Well.Luke. She is your lover. I shouldn't be the only one here having all the fun! Now it's YOUR TURN!" With that, Clark comes forward and starts to grab my belt. He yanks it off, and unzips my pants. He pulls them and my boxers off as much as he can, revealing my cock which is completely hard to my surprise. Having a mind of its own, my erection formed at the sight of Violet's brutal assault.

I felt ashamed and dirty. "Would you look at THIS dear??" He grabs a key and removes her handcuffs from the bedpost. Clark grabs Violet by the hair and yanks her forward to the side of the bed where I'm facing. Her eyes are bloodshot, and face covered with tears and sweat. She looks at me weakly with no expression on her face.

It's as if her soul was already dead and there was just a being in front of me. I turn my head away as I feel hot tears start to form and drop down my face. The tears burn my cheeks making their way down my knife wounds and burns on my face.

"Look at your lover BITCH!! You see this??? Luke is AROUSED! He enjoys seeing a WHORE like YOURSELF getting treated the way you DESERVE!!!!" Clark continues to scream at Violet while she looks away. She's too weak to even cry. "Look Luke.look at your lover!

Look at this WHORE!! She's too weak to even try and continue our fun! Well.let's wake her up!" Clark grabs an opened bottle of water on the nightstand.

He grabs her face and opens her mouth. He pours water down her throat until she starts to choke and cough. He takes the remainder of the bottle, and dumps it at my face. I'm severely dehydrated, but the splash of water helps revive my energy a little more. He then starts to slap Violet. Hard! He slaps her face full force with the front and back sides of his hand. He grabs her neck and starts to choke her while roughly shaking her head back and forth. At this point, Violet begins to scream and cry again.

"Ohhhh.there we are! Now you're back! That's the way I like it! Ok Luke! Violet is ready to continue our fun!" I look away trying to ignore him. If I could untie myself right now, I would murder him.

Without a doubt. "Luke! It's time for us to fuck your lover.together!" I immediately start plead with him begging for him to stop. Telling him that she's been through enough, but he ignores me and laughs. "Luke you're obviously whether you like it or not.we are going to fuck this bitch together!" I look him straight in the eyes with a look of pure hatred and disgust.

"Go fuck yourself Clark! You're a fucking monster! You can kill me now if you think I'm going to participate in your sick game!" Clark just sighs and shakes his head with a smile on his face. "Oh Luke.I'm just trying to make this fun. Give you a little bit of pleasure before I kill you.Oh and I believe you. I know you'd rather I kill you before you participate with me.but trust me when I're going to fuck this bitch with me." Clark pulls his knife from the same nightstand.

I start to immediately feel the sensations of that burning blade on my body all over again. Instead, he takes the blade and slices Violet's exposed breast with it. Hard! Immediately I start to see a trickle of blood flow down her body to the bedsheets. Violet covers her face with one hand as she starts to sob in pain.

It's an ugly cry. I feel this rip inside my chest as I shout at Clark to stop. "OK OK!!!! I'll do whatever you want.just put the knife down!!" Clark grins as he puts down the blade. "That's what I thought. Now dear.get up and sit on top of your lover before I grab my gun and bust your head open." Violet weakly gets up and gets onto my lap. I wince when I feel her body press against mine due to my injuries. We both have a brief passionate moment as we stare at each other face to face.


She reaches up slowly to touch my face and feels my knife wounds. We press our foreheads together and close our eyes. Our brief moment of tranquility is interrupted when Clark yanks her upward forcing her to stand. He grabs my cock, still hard, and aligns it for her with her pussy.

He then grabs her shoulder and shoves her all the way down onto my shaft. Violet lets out a quick painful gasp as she closes her eyes. Tears begin to come down her face again. I close my eyes in horror as I try not to cry myself. "Now RIDE AWAY BITCH! Ride his dick!!" Clark commands. Violet slowly starts to move her body up and down my shaft. It kills me to admit how good it felt. Slowly she continues to ride me. Up and down. Clark stands and watches with a sickening look of pleasure on his face.

He starts to stroke his cock while watching her fuck me. After a few minutes of her weakly bouncing up and down on me, Clark tells her to pause.

"Ok.I think it's time I crash this party!" He then pulls her off of me and shoves her to the floor. Clark then grabs my chair and leans me backwards against the side of the bed. My back and my head lay against the bedside as the two front legs of the chair are up in the air. Clark then picks Violet off the floor and forces her to get back on top of me, this time facing forward like I am, with her back to me. She gets on top of me and sits back down on my cock, with no trouble.

"Uhhh.yeah. I told you I'm going to crash this dear I'm going have to ask you to switch holes. Put Luke's cock into your ass and imma put mine into your lovemaker." Clark had a very calm tone of voice when he said was sickening. Obediently, Violet pulls my cock out of her vagina and puts it underneath straight into her ass.once again with no trouble. Fuck was she tight! Last time I fucked her ass was during my last days of Spring Break!

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Of course.this was a very different situation though. One where I wish we both were not involved in. Clark quickly gets on top of of us and spreads open her legs. He grabs his cock and immediately shoves its entirety up her pussy.

"Luke, I know you're tied down but you can wiggle your hips and fuck this bitch with me in unison! So you better do so or else I'm going to take this blade and replace your dick with it and shove it inside your lover's ass.

Understand??" I reply back by weakly moving my hips up and down, fucking Violet's ass. Clark smiles as he starts to fuck Violet with me. I'm able to pick up the pace little by little.

I try my best to speed up my orgasm. The faster I cum, the quicker I can get myself and this bastard off of Violet. I try to flood my mind with positive memories I have had with Violet so far. Memories start to come of when we first met. How our first time having sex was due to her constipation, with me having to fuck her hard in the ass for her to finally be able to use the bathroom. Memories of her at the last minute being able to tag along with me and my buds to join us in Mexico for Spring Break.

Memories of me and my best friend Jacob fucking her together all over the beach. Memories of the random hookups I had in that time in Mexico. Memories of her sister Linda coming to town for a visit and getting to fuck them together. And then of course, memories of the night not so long ago we declared our love for each other. The weekend we spent together while her husband was away on a fishing trip.

Immediately I start to get the feeling in my sack of an orgasm.

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I pick up my pace, with all my energy left in me. Violet moans in pain while I continue to thrust up and down. I felt bad but I needed to finish so I can get Clark off of me and her. Clark starts to grunt like a wild animal again as he tries to stay at my pace. No such luck. With my hands tied behind me, and my legs tied in front, my hips are going berserk as I try to squeeze out an orgasm. "Ohhhhh.uhhhhhh.FUUUUUUCK!!" I screamed aloud. Violet's cries of pain actually calms down a bit with a silent groan of pleasure.

I kept grunting and moaning as I slowed down to let Clark know I've reached my climax. Eventually, he pulls himself off of me and her. He picks up Violet off my dick, popping it out of her asshole with my spunk dripping down my crotch. Clark tosses Violet onto the bed like a rag doll. He pulls my chair upward and foreword, away from the bed and turns it around, so I can face her. "My turn.again to cum on this bitch!" Clark pulls Violet towards him. He grabs her hair and yanks her to his cock as she strokes himself with intense force.

Violet closes her eyes as he starts to howl. Clark hits his orgasm and Violet is greeted with his masses of semen to her eye, nose, mouth, all over her face! This guy had an orgasm not too long ago and yet he spills on her face loads upon loads of semen!

Clark then takes his hand and rubs his spunk all over her face. "Now lick my hand off you sorry little cunt!!" Violet does what's she told and licks off Clark's jizz, finger by finger. With a look of satisfaction, Clark grabs his underwear gag he made for her and shoves it back into her mouth. He then grabs the cuffs, and ties her hands upward to the bedpost. He makes his way over to me and drags me closer to her. We both stare at each other. Both of us share the same look of apology and regret.

"I'll let you two lovebirds spend some quality time together." With that, he walks away to the bathroom whistling. Minutes later, he comes back out dressed up.

"I have some errands to both better be on your best behavior." Clark walks past us and then stops. He looks at me and smiles. "Can't forget this huh?" He reaches for Violet's ripped panties and shoves them back into my mouth, gagging me once again. "Just a little precaution to make sure you don't do anything stupid while I'm away. Now.take care of each other. If you behave, I'll bring you some water. You must be parched!" Clark winks at me as he steps out of the room and leaves us.

Funny.this is the only time I've ever seen him leave. Every other time, I've been knocked out cold. I stare over at Violet. She looks at me with sadness and tries to muffle an apology. She waves her head at me and nods in the direction of the door.her way of telling me to try and free myself and get out of here. I make an effort at loosening up my hands but make very little progress.

Between the knife wounds, dehydration, and starvation, my body was just too weak. My head was throbbing from the pressure of me shaking my myself back and forth. I'm almost positive I have another concussion from all the times I've been pistol whipped. I still haven't full recovered from my first one back a couple weeks ago in the parking lot!

"Luke.babe look at me." I'm shocked to hear Violet talking! She was able to spit out her gag. "Luke.I'm so sorry. This is fault." She takes deep breaths between each sentence as she talks. I can tell she's having difficulty talking to me because of her lack of energy as well. She's probably just as dehydrated and starved as I am. " need to fight. You need to fight your way out of here! Free yourself! You don't deserve any of this!

Right now.your life depends on it. Go be with your family.don't worry about me. I need you to find the strength and the courage to free yourself. I need you to live.I would never forgive myself if Clark gets his way and kills you. Please need to go!" I listen to Violet speak. I start to weep as she stares at me begging for me to leave. I can't just leave her! I love her! What will Clark do to her do to her if I escape and leave her behind?

Regardless if I convince her to come with me, we would have to run away. But life would just not be enjoyable knowing that he'd hunt her down.

Violet takes her right foot and extends it to my face. She turns her foot into a claw-like shape and grabs her panties that are lodged deep into my mouth. It takes her a few tries, but she's able to pull them far back enough for me to spit them out completely! Violet gives me a smile as she starts to cry.this time tears of relief.

"Talk to me baby." I look at her with tears in my eyes. "Violet.this man.this monster. I can't leave you here with him. If I leave, you have to come with me. He.he will kill you. Maybe not today. Nor tomorrow. He's dangerous.he's a deranged lunatic! You deserve deserve the world.YOU are my world! I love you with all my heart! I need you in my life and I'd rather die here than to live the rest of my life without you!" Violet gives me a passionate smile as she tells she loves me too.

I need to embrace her! I need to feel her touch and kiss her. My passion for her is enough to give me the strength to pull hard on the ropes behind me. I yank them harder and harder. I start to yell in pain as the ropes start to loosen up their tight grips on me.

The ropes burn and cut my skin as they start to snap. It takes me a good hour or so for me to really loosen up the ropes! I'm finally able to pull out my left arm from behind me! I grab my right arm and pull off the remainder of the rope.

My hands were free!! I reach over to the night stand and grab the knife. I start to cut away at the duct tape that has bounded me for days! Alas, I'm free!!! I stand up from my chair, and immediately fall over to my side.

My legs were too weak from the loss of blood flow from sitting in a chair tied up for days, having absolutely no movement! "Luke! Are you ok??" I stay on the floor for a few moments and finally reach up to the bed to use as support to pick me up.

"I'm ok.just need a moment to breathe." I'm slowly able to regain my balance. Immediately I grab a plastic cup next to the television and make my way to the bathroom.

I turn on the faucet and pour the tap water into the cup. I start to drink up and hydrate. Words cannot describe how dry my mouth is!!

After about ten cups of water, I pour a cup for Violet and make my way to her. I pour the water down her mouth for her. She drinks it down, relieved to finally replenish her thirst! "Luke.if you want me to escape with you, you're going to have to use that knife and cut these cuffs off of me! Clark always takes the key for the cuffs with him!

Just know's not too late for you to escape and run away! You have a full life ahead of you! If you don't leave in time, he'll kill us both! I'll always be here for you babe! I need you to know that!" I look at Violet, she's all bruised up.

I can see the look of fear and desperation in her eyes. I reach over and touch her face. I lean my head into hers and for the first time in a while, we share a kiss.

It's a deep passionate kiss, but it feels so different. It almost feels like a goodbye. Determined, I grab the knife. "I'll get you out of here Violet! I will NEVER leave you!" Violet smiles weakly and nods her head. She understood. I immediately starting slicing at the chain of the handcuffs cutting as hard and fast as possible. After going at it for what felt like an eternity, I was making little to no effort. My hand starts to get tired from the force of me trying it cut the metal chain in half.

I eventually decide to stop and figure out another plan. "This isn't going to work.there has to be SOMETHING else in this room to do the job!" Violet suggests I use a hair clip of hers on the desk to try and open up the latch where you would insert the key to lock and unlock the cuffs. When I grab the clip, I notice something shiny from the corner of my eye.

On the other side of the desk, I see Clark's gun! I grab it and take it with me, placing it on the nightstand where my chair is positioned. Violet looks at me with concern across her face. "Luke.I don't think that's a good idea.

Something bad can happen." I look at her taken aback. "Something bad can happen? Something BAD can HAPPEN?

Violet look at us! This is Bad! This is VERY BAD! This entire situation! As of right now, we're both screwed!" Before she can respond, we hear footsteps approach the room. Immediately I hide the gun. Violet tells me to quickly put the gag back in her mouth. I'm barely able to do so, as I hear the door start to unlock.

I grab the remainders of the ropes that tied me and place my hands behind the chair. Just as I'm stuffing my mouth with Violet's panties, the door swings open.

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We both pretend to be asleep as Clark makes his way over to Violet. I open my eyes slightly to see what he's doing. To my utter surprise, he takes the key to the cuffs and unlocks her from her grip to the bedpost. "Wake up!" He slaps her hard against the face. Violet jolts up in surprise. Clark then makes his way over to me with a bottle of water.

I see it coming but still act surprised when he splashes me with cold water to the face. "Did you both miss me while I was away?" I ignore him while I do my best to hide my arms behind the chair. Clark stops cold in his tracks when he looks down at my feet. I forgot about the duct tape! "What the?? WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING??" My heart is pounding. I see him! "WHAT THE FUCK??

GET BACK IN YOUR SEAT NOW BITCH!!!!!" He screams at me and reaches for his blade on the bed. That same blade that he has used to slash my cheek, arms, and chest. The cold water to the face gives me enough adrenaline to grab the gun on the nightstand. He shoves me to the floor. I hit my head with a loud thud! My vision starts to blur as we wrestle, both of us trying to overcome each other.

Suddenly, the gun goes off. BANG.BANG!!! ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I hear Violet screaming in the background.

I look over to my side. There lies Clark in a pool of blood. Dead. I feel the cold metal of the gun in my hand. I can't move. I'm starting to feel the familiar sensation of faint sweeping over me. "LUKE!!! Oh my God! Oh my God!!! Please don't die!" I hear Violet panicking over me. I want to get up and hug her, telling her everything is going to be okay. I try to move, but my body is paralyzed.

My head is spinning. My vision begins to shut down as I my last glimpses of Clark's corpse and Violet standing above me start to fade. I hear her in the distance. "Yes hello? JEFF! Oh my God, I NEED YOUR HELP! This is URGENT!! You need to send help right away!!" I hear the name Jeff one more time as Violet's frantic voice on the phone disappears. Then.complete silence. ••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• FIVE MONTHS LATER.

••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• I wake up to the sound of a monitor. I'm in a bed with an oxygen mask on my face, a bunch of tubes around me.

I register by the gown I'm wearing and the smells, that I'm in a hospital bed. "Welcome back Lucas." I turn towards the voice and see a very unfamiliar face sitting down besides me. He's a tall Black guy with a thick British accent.

"Where.where am I? Who.are you?" The guy smiles and introduces himself. "My name is Jeffrey Font. I'm an old friend of Violet Taylor's. You've been in a coma for five months!" I'm laying there trying to figure out what the last thing I could remember was.

All of a sudden, my mind flashes back to those final moments at the motel with Clark. I hear the two gunshots and Violet's screams. I remember her giving someone a call named Jeff right before I blacked out.

" I Mr. Jeffrey? Where is my family? Where's Violet?" Jeffrey gives me a sympathetic look. "Luke, I will give you an answer to all those necessary questions. For now, you must continue to heal. You lost a lot of blood that day.on top of the SEVERE blunt force trauma to the head you experienced. It's a miracle you're even alive! For now what I can tell you is that you're in a secure hospital room, in Washington DC, and that you're family is ok and Violet is doing a lot better each day." I'm thankful to hear that my family is safe and that Violet is well.but I'm still confused as to why I'm by myself on the east coast in the opposite side of the country.

"Umm.why is my family not here Mr. Font?" He smiles at me and asks me to just call him Jeff. "Lucas.I must warn you.what I'm about to tell you is not going to be easy, just bear with me ok?" I take a deep breath and nod preparing myself for the worst.

"Ok where do I begin? Your family and Violet are all safe. However, in order for us to keep it that way.we had to give you a new alias. Me and a team of people had to fake your death.don't worry about the details. Just know that your family believes that Lucas Kelly Smith (my full name) is dead." I'm horrified about hearing this news. "Jeff.why would you need to fake my death? It's not like I murdered Mr.

Taylor! It was all in self-defense!" Jeff continues. "I understand that. However, the US Military most likely wouldn't. Clark Taylor was a respected soldier amongst the Navy. He was part of an elite Special Ops team that did 'not exist' per say.

As of right now, his status is just MIA. Me and my team of people were able to properly dispose of his body and clean up all the evidence of him ever being at that motel the day you shot him.


If people knew he was and your family would be in danger for potential retaliation caused by any rogue military officials." I soak in all this new information.

I can't believe what I'm hearing. Jeff looks at me with understanding. "I know it's a lot to digest right now. I'll give you some time to think about all this. I'll check up on you in a little bit to give you your information about your new identity." With that, Jeff walks out of my room and leaves me.

I feel sick to my stomach. I've just awaken from a 5-month coma. I feel like I was gone for years! Nothing feels real anymore! A couple hours later, Jeff returns. He hands me a large yellow envelope. I open it up to find a new passport, social security number, ID, and a burner phone. I open up my passport and see a fairly recent picture of me.

The name reads, "Oliver Lucas Porter." "Sorry you couldn't choose the new name.we did allow you to keep Lucas with it." Jeff tells me. I look at my phone and open up my contacts to find only one name. "Heather P." "So Mr. you have any questions for me?" Jeff asks. I shake my head as I try to adjust myself to my new reality. The next day, I'm discharged from the hospital. I get into an SUV with Jeff. The driver takes us to a private airfield in Maryland outside of DC. Jeff explains to me along the way that I'm leaving the country.and have no chance of coming back.ever.

"Oliver, the day that Luke shot and killed Mr. Taylor, it sparked and created consequences that can never be fixed. The damage is done. To avoid paying the price for those damages, you must leave and NEVER come back. A lot of people were involved in faking the death of Lucas and giving you a new identity all while keeping a low-profile.

THIS is the only way you can keep Luke's family safe. Do I make myself clear?" I take a deep breath and acknowledge him.

It hurts that I never got to say goodbye to my family. I was going to miss them for sure. But in all fairness, I should be dead right now. It's a miracle I even recovered from my injuries I sustained while trapped in that motel. I tried to see the bright side in all this. I'm being given the opportunity to start fresh, a clean slate! A new name, new country, new me! We arrive at the airfield. The SUV takes us to a private hanger where I'm greeted to the sight of a private jet, two pilots, and a flight attendant.

Jeff gives me a suitcase before we step out of the vehicle. "You have all your important documents in this briefcase.

Additionally, you have in here your bank information with routing numbers and access to an offshore account we have given you to fund your permanent stay in Italy.your new home." We walk towards the plane as he continues to explain what I need to know. "Also Mr. Oliver will receive an automated text upon landing. It will reveal your new town of residence and how to get there.most likely by train. Once you get to your final destination, you are to text the only contact on your phone that you have arrived.

They will arrange your transportation from there to your new home." Jeff finishes what he has to say and asks with a smile if I have any questions. "No sir." Jeff extends his hand toward me.

"Well then Mr. Oliver work here is done. It's been a privilege and I wish you the best of luck in your newfound freedom." We exchange hands and part ways. I am greeted by the pilots and the lovely flight attendant as I step onboard the aircraft, bound for Italy.

It takes only minutes for the plane to reach the runway. As we accelerate down and become airborne, I take a look out the window.

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So long USA.forever. END OF PART 7 Thanks again for your patience to all those that have been reading the series! Took me longer than expected to rewrite Part 7!

Part 8 The Finale is in the works! I expect it to be released before December! As always, I appreciate your positive ratings and feedback. Stay tuned for more :)