Glamcore lezdom toyed in her ass and pussy

Glamcore lezdom toyed in her ass and pussy
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Her heartbeat quickened as she approached the entrance. Her mind raced with doubts yet her body moved forward. Wild thoughts zipped through her mind as to what kind of place she was walking into.a dark dungeon, seedy, dirty in her mind's eye.definitely not the kind of place she would normally frequent.

The lure, though, was her curiosity about the art of tatooing - the people, the artistry, the reason why people repeatedly punish their bodies with reverberating needles; why they would want their bodies forever marked in this way.

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She was on an assignment, but she was personally curious as well. One last deep breath for courage and then she turned the knob. When she pushed the door open, she was surprised to see a stark, clean waiting area - much like what one would find in a doctor's office. Though this didn't confirm the mental picture she had already drawn, she still was reserved about the whole process. A young blonde receptionist asked if she could help her and she stammered through her introduction and said she'd like to find out more about getting a tatoo.

After filling out the necessary paperwork, the blonde showed her to another room where she could look at some designs. Again, she was astounded by the artistic quality and variety of designs.

Still unsure as to whether or not she was actually going to go through with getting a tatoo, she selected a small butterfly and asked to talk to the tatooist. She was then led into the back room. It was a large area divided into four open-spaced cubicles brightly lit and clean - not at all what she had pictured. All but one area was occupied with customers in various stages of completion.

The instruments hummed and buzzed as the artists created their masterpieces.


Not one of the patrons was uttering a sound, so she figured her assumption that it was painful must also false.

She was approached by a large man with multiple tatoos. With some effort, she pulled her eyes away from the sight of his colorfully-decorated forearms and lifted them to his face.

His smile eased her tension a bit and she nervously introduced herself. She said that she was possibly interested in getting a tatoo but she had lots of questions first. He calmly answered all the questions she tossed at him, such as.does it hurt, will it get infected, can I ever have it removed.etc. etc.

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and when she was satisfied with his answers, she agreed to let him tatoo the butterfly she had chosen on her right hip. He led her to the empty space and told her to remove her skirt and shoes. Her thong could stay on, since it wouldn't be in his way. She lay down on the table on her stomach and together they chose the exact location for the tatoo.

He began by rubbing a cool antiseptic over her skin which sent shivers throughout her body. When his big, warm hand firmly gripped the meaty flesh of her ass, she jumped and clenched her cheeks together. She was so scared, she wanted to bolt from the table.

In a soothing voice he told her to relax. She complied by taking a deep breath and laid down, turning her face to the opposite side. Again, his hand took hold of her ass and she heard the instrument hum to life. Beads of sweat formed on her forehead and her heart pounded like a drum in her ears as she braced herself for the onslaught of pain.

She was not prepared for what happened next.

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The rapid fire of multiple needles penetrating her skin created an erotic heatwave that engulfed her body. Her muscles began to tremble and jerk uncontrollably - her legs, her ass, her pussy all were electrified by the painful/pleasurable assault. Sweat poured from her face, from her underarms, between her tits, and her thong quickly became saturated with cum.

She screamed out in ecstasy, overcome by the conflicting sensations, drawing the attention of the other patrons and artists. When she raised her upper body up and arched her back, the tatooist paused so her movement wouldn't distort his creation.

She was panting and yelling for him not to stop.


In an attempt to hold her still, he gripped her ass tighter, burying his fingers in the crease of her ass. Every nerve was on overload and she shuddered and squirmed when his fingertip brushed over her bud.

She pushed against his finger when he resumed his work, desperate for some relief to the erotic agony that gripped her. She shouted, "Harder! Harder!!! Do it harder!" Although her behavior was having a serious effect on his growing cock, he maintained the same pressure with his tool. He obliged her by pressing his finger tighter against her asshole, rimming her as he worked. She went ballistic! Her body spasmed and shook as a flood of cum gushed from her pussy. "Fuck me!

Fuck me NOW!" she screamed. "Shove your finger deep in my ass and fuck me hard!" He couldn't resist her pleas any longer.

He laid his tool aside and grabbed the strip of her thong and yanked it, pulling the fabric so tight it disappeared between her pussy lips before it snapped apart. The other men stopped what they were doing and gathered around with their flys open and cocks in hand. Amidst her screams and moans she balanced herself on her knees and shoved her gorgeous ass toward her horny male audience. "Fuck meeeeee!" she pleaded again, and instantly there were six more men eagerly offering their beefy cocks to put out this babe's fire.

Her shirt disappeared in a flash and four fumbling hands scooped her heavy tits out of her bra, squeezing and pinching her erect nipples while stuffing as much tit flesh as they could into their mouths. She shuddered with another orgasm from their roughness as they sucked and bit her mounds. The tatooist kept pace pounding as many fingers as he could get crammed into her ass, plunging and probing her hot tunnel.

She bucked her hips against his hand until she felt a hot, sticky cock penetrate her fiery snatch. The two together sent her off and the cock driver had to hold her up by her hips. He pounded her with long hard strokes, shaking whenever he bumped against the fingers in her ass through the thin wall between.

Not to be left out, the other men took turns stroking and licking her clit - alternately pinching it with their hands and biting and swirling it between their teeth and lips.

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Her cum gushed in every direction and there was plenty to be licked off her drenched inner thighs. No one felt safe enough to actually snake his cock down her throat for fear of being her unmuffled screams echoed throughout the entire room. Hearing the commotion, the receptionist rushed in to see what was going on.

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She was immediately turned on by the scene that greeted her and straddled the muscular shoulders of the tit-suckers to spread her own cunt open for a lustful licking. Now that the sex-crazed woman was totally occupied, another artist seized the opportunity before him, picked up the tatooing instrument and continued the design. She squealed and bucked and went totally nuts - pounding her fists and spewing cum like a geyser as she fucked the meat and licked the pussy that was so generously offered.

Before it was over, she had fucked each and every one of the seven men, either taking their hard cocks up her ass or milking them with her insatiable pussy. Needless to say, that may have been her first tatoo, but it definitely wasn't her last! She now keeps regular appointments and the place is usually packed with men willing to help when the blaze of needles sends her over the edge!