Girl fingering pussy in shower

Girl fingering pussy in shower
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The Rogue's Harem Book One: Rogue's Sultry Women Part Three: Jealous Sister By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to B0b for beta reading this. Chapter Seven: Jealous Sister Kora Falk Despeir Foothills, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch I traced the vine tattoos that covered my body as I waited for my brother to finish talking with Princess Ava inside the tent, my heart still racing.

She'd almost caught me in bed with him. Making love to my brother was glorious. I reveled in the incestuous union of our flesh. Finally, I had him. We'd crossed the taboo line and burned so hot together.

But no one could know besides Zanyia. They wouldn't understand. We transgressed even if it was magical. Zanyia moaned inside the tent, meeting Ava through her statue, the lamia's pussy wrapped about my brother's cock.

Thank the gods it wasn't me riding him when Ava inhabited her proxy and climbed out of my brother's bag. My finger followed the vine wrapped about my left breast, the tattoo I received upon entering into my acolyteship of the Goddess Rithi; the first art to decorate my body. I designed it myself. The tattoo had to be over my heart, but unlike other priestly orders who determined the style of piercings or tattoos, Rithi let us create our own.

I loved the plant growing over my body, blossoming with the pink flowers of the bower vine. Katriana loved bower vines. She'd cultivated them to grow up a trellis to her bedroom window. When I had to design my tattoo, her smiling delight had inspired me to adorn my body in them. She'd gasped the first time she saw it, her finger tracing over my breast in innocent delight, something pure and sisterly. Not the way our brother touched me last night.

My hand brushed the ruby amulet Sven gave me last night, the treasure plucked from the slaver's tent. I'd never seen a ruby so large before, the size of a hen's egg. It swung from a gold chain between my breasts, the faceted faces catching the morning light. I should sell it. But Sven gave it to me. I smiled. After tracing the vines around my left breast, I moved to the other tattoos on my body, the ones I gained as I mastered the arts.

I had to excel at three to leave behind my acolyteship and enter the priesthood as a full Radiant. The vines entwining my right arm represented my skill at painting. I closed my eyes, missing the feel of a brush in hand, a piece of canvas before me. Katriana's smiling face appeared in my mind, my mother and father holding her.

The urge to paint her had built and built over the last year. But fugitives did not have the time to spend in one place working on an oil painting. The best I could do was sketch her in charcoal. And my sketchpad lay in the tent. Zanyia moaned louder, Ava's smaller gasps echoing. The vines that grew up my left leg and spilled over my hip represented my mastery of dance, of moving my body to music, expressing all my desires through the undulation and gyration of my form.

My finger followed the end of the vine as it crossed my hip. Then I crossed a few inches of bare skin to my last tattoo, the flowering vines sprouting from my pubic mound, reaching towards my pussy lips. My mastery of the sexual art. Since I believed I never could have my brother, I threw myself into pleasures to try to forget him.

I took any lover I could, male or female, learning the horizontal dance. I mastered it with the same passion as the vertical. But it never made me feel complete once the pleasure died.

Not like this morning. Zanyia mewled out her orgasm. I shuddered. My finger reaching the wet lips of my pussy, caressing up and down my shaved folds. I wanted to go in there and join them, to show the princess that I loved Sven, too. My finger nudged my clit. I shivered. And then the passion died. I crept forward, feet padding on soft grass. I pulled back the flap of the tent. Zanyia straddled my brother's chest still, her tail swishing as she squirmed her ass.

Ava's proxy sat motionless in the catgirl's hand. I could enter. "You ran," Sven smirked as I crawled in. "Embarrassed?" I flushed. "I didn't want to ruin things with you and Ava. We need her." Anger flared in me, burning hot, fueled by the image of Katriana and our parents choking in the fire, the flames devouring their flesh. "We can't let her know about us. She won't understand." "I think she would," Zanyia said, ears twitching above her tawny hair.

"I like her." "You do?" I asked, hugging the lamia from behind, rubbing my round breasts in to her back. Her tail swished between my thighs. When it brushed the lips of my pussy, Zanyia squirmed and, deliberately, rubbed the bristling hairs against my snatch. "Yes," she said while I moaned, savoring the feel of her cat-like tail caressing my pussy lips. Stiff hairs brushed my clit, sending sparks through me.

"She's a very sweet girl. The type of girl who needs to be rescued. And Master likes doing that." "Mmm, he does," I said, my body shuddering. My hands slid down the catgirl's stomach to her trimmed bush, feeling her pubic hairs. A hunger swept through me to be utterly wanton. With Zanyia, I didn't have to hide my desires for my brother.

We'd only known the lamia a scant few hours, maybe half a day, and yet her infectious presence made it feel so natural for her to be with us. "He rescued me," purred Zanyia, her tail rubbing hard at my pussy.

Such a tease. I tightened my arms around her. She squealed as I hauled her off Sven's cock. My brother groaned, his dick sliding out of the lamia's tight pussy. I wrestled the squirming catgirl to the bedding beside my brother, laying her out on her back.

I nestled between her thighs, stroking her silky flesh. My tits and the amulet dangled beneath me as I leaned over. "Are you hungry, Mistress?" Zanyia asked as I lifted her legs and threw them over my shoulders, my head nearing her pussy.

"I am," I grinned. "For something naughty." "Creampie?" I'd never heard the term before, but I understood what she meant. Eating that wonderful filling my brother pumped into her pussy, that delicious cream. I salivated as I leaned my head down, my blonde hair brushing her thighs before I pressed my lips into her tawny bush matted with combined juices.

"She's always ravenous when she wakes up," Sven said, grinning at me as I licked his jizz out of the lamia's pussy. "I can tell," moaned Zanyia, her small breasts jiggling as she shuddered. Ears twitched and her tongue licked across her pink lips before flashing a toothy grin. "Ooh, Mistress, yes, eat the creampie Master and I made for you." "So yummy," I groaned, savoring the combined mix of my brother's spunk and her sweet pussy.

My ass wiggled as I knelt their, my pussy cream dribbling down my thighs. I swiped my tongue over and over through her folds, her juices staining my lips and cheeks. My tongue gathered salty cum out of her depths. My brother's incestuous seed. Wicked shivers ran through me. I loved it. This wonderful delight of feasting on her pussy full of my brother's cum. His eyes watching, grinning with all his roguish charm. He ran a hand down his muscular torso to his cock thrusting from his sandy-blond pubic hair.

He stroked his shaft, glistening with the very pussy I devoured. "Look at you go, sister dear, just feasting like it's the best thing you've ever eaten." "Maybe it is, brother mine," I answered, giving him a wink. His grin grew. I literally watched his ego, already enormous, swelling larger. He loved it when women fanned it, submitting to his lusts, aching for his cock and his cum.

Lucky for him, he had a cock women ached for and such delicious jizz. He never lacked for companionship. I always ached to join him in bed with one of his conquests. Ava experienced that delight. He'd bring back so many women to her bed, fucking them both, making the princess and whatever doxy caught his eye that night scream their heads off. And now it was my turn. "Look at that ass shake, sister dear," he groaned, rising. "Just so wanton.

You got a hot cunt, don't you?" "I had to listen to you and Ava and Zanyia 'talking' in here," I groaned, lifting my face, smeared in pussy cream and cum. "I licked her little stone body," moaned Zanyia, her hips humping up and rubbing her pussy back on my face.

"But I couldn't taste her pussy. Does she taste yummy?" "Ask my brother," I groaned, plunging my tongue back into her snatch, reaching deep to find more cum.

"Ava tastes enchanting," Sven grinned, moving around me, his cock bobbing before him. "Just yummy." "Yay," moaned Zanyia, humping so hard against me, smearing that hot cunt on my mouth. I groaned when Sven found my hips. Such strong hands. He stroked my silky skin, sliding down to squeeze my rear. I wiggled my hips, pressing my butt-cheeks into his groping hands. Fire grew in my pussy, the juices boiling out of me, searing down my thighs.

"Fuck me, Sven," I groaned. "I'm so hot and wet. I need it. I had to wait outside of the tent, just aching to join you." "I'd have loved that," my brother groaned, rubbing his hard cock against my shaved pussy lips. I closed my eyes, pressing my mouth so tight against Zanyia's pussy. The catgirl's sweet musk filled my every breath as I savored my brother's dick sliding up and down my slit.

He nudged my clit, teasing me as he caressed my labia with his hard shaft. I wanted him in me, transgressing the natural order of the world. Most of all, I desired his cum to spurt into me.

I even wanted him to breed me. I wished my contraception enchantment didn't have another year left on it. Then he could breed me. Then I could carry my own brother's child. I let out a wanton moan, driving my tongue so deep into Zanyia's sweet cunt. "Mistress," the catgirl squeaked, her tears twitching.

Her tail spasmed, the fuzzy end brushing my breasts, caressing my nipples, batting the necklace and sending it swinging between my tits. "Oh, Master, she needs it. Fuck your sister, please! Give her what she needs." "Always," Sven grunted. He thrust. Rapture shot through my body as our flesh united. We came from the same womb. My pussy clamped down on his incestuous shaft. My eyes fluttered as I savored him filling me. His balls smacked into my clit, his crotch slapping my ass.

I wiggled, his pubic hair tickling my butt-cheeks. More delight added to the ecstasy raging in my pussy. I clenched down on his dick, swirling my tongue through Zanyia's pussy, as he drew back.

My back arched. I savored the friction. The tighter I squeezed, the hotter the pleasure burned. I moaned and groaned, wiggling my hips, stirring my hot cunt around his amazing dick. He let out a grunt his hands stroking my sides and hips. He thrust into me. "Oh, fuck her, Master," Zanyia purred, squirming, her tail rubbing on my tits, caressing them, wrapping about the dangling mounds before sweeping over them and caressing my nipples.

The gold chain rasped on my neck as she jostled the amulet. Every time she brushed my nipples, pleasure throbbed down to my pussy. My cunt tightened on my brother's plunging dick.

Pleasure rippled through me. I hugged Zanyia's thighs, clinging to her as the euphoria rippled through my body. "Gods, what a pussy you have, sister dear." His cock thrust harder.

"Pater's dick, you burn around me." I lapped harder. My tongue flew through Zanyia's folds. I ran out of cum to eat, but I couldn't stop licking her. Didn't want to stop licking her. She deserved to be pleasured. She brought us together. She showed us that we both wanted this incestuous passion.

That we loved each other. So I licked her. I nuzzled at her. I tongued her pussy and sucked on her labia. As Sven fucked me hard, ramming his amazing cock into my depths over and over, my mouth pleasured Zanyia. I found her clit, nipping it with my teeth. Her tail swished faster, teasing my nipples. Her yowls echoed through the tent. Her purrs rumbled from her throat.

"Are you going to cum on my sister's mouth?" Sven asked. "Huh, slave?" "Yes, Master," moaned Zanyia, her voice so sweet. "Oh, Master, your sister is eating my pussy. She is being so sweet to me. She's giving me pleasure." "My slave deserves pleasure," growled Sven, thrusting even harder into my pussy.

"Love you, Master!" I shuddered, my cunt drinking in hot friction. His balls thudded over and over into my clit. The heavy impacts had me shuddering. Pleasure shot through me. So hot and delicious. Waves of passion that had me dizzy with delight. I didn't want it it to stop. I wanted him to keep fucking me. To keep ramming his dick into me. My eyes squeezed shut. My pussy clenched down on his dick.

I moaned and groaned, bucking back into him so hard. I loved it. So much pleasure. It surged through me. It filled me. Zanyia's teasing tail assaulted my nipples. The stiff fur sent tingles racing to the building pressure in my pussy.

Juices boiled out of my pussy, pouring down my thighs as I trembled between the pair. My tongue flew through sweet snatch while my brother pounded my cunt so hard. His dick sent rapture sweeping through my body with every thrust. "Gods, yes," he groaned. "Pater's huge dick, yes!" "Cum in her pussy, Master!" yowled Zanyia, bucking and spasming. "Oh, do it, Master!" "Cum on her face, slave! Give my sweet sister what she wants." "Yes!" I moaned, my pussy clenching on my brother's dick.

Zanyia's orgasm triggered the passion in the tent. When she screeched out her pleasure, squeezing her small tits with her hands, she bathed my face with her sweet juices. I gulped them down, drinking in the proof of her rapture. I made this amazing, loving creature cum.

A heady rush shot through my body, ending at my pussy. My silky walls spasmed and convulsed around my brother's dick. He grunted, feeling my orgasm rage through my body, experiencing how my snatch hungered for his incestuous cum to flood my body. "Brother mine!" I howled, head snapping up from Zanyia's pussy, her cream dripping down my throat. "Oh, brother mine, cum in me!

Give me your love." "Yes!" he growled, thrusting so hard into my cumming pussy. Rapture washed into my mind. Stars danced before my eyes as I savored his dick plunging over and over into my climaxing snatch. I bucked into him. His every thrust sent new waves sluicing through my body, spilling ecstasy into my mind. "Sister dear, yes!" Hot, taboo cum spurted into my pussy. My eyes widened.

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A second orgasm spasmed through my body. I heaved, my tits swaying, brushed by Zanyia's tail. I milked his dick, loving every splash of his spunk against my cervix. "Sven, yes! Oh, brother mine, flood me!" "Flood her, Master!" yowled Zanyia, squirming on the bedrolls. Her ears twitched so violently. "She's so loving and wonderful. Give it all to her." "I am," groaned Sven, leaning over me, his dick spurting a final time. My pussy writhed about his girth, savoring him in me.

"She's my sister. I'd do anything for her." I smiled as his arms hugged me. He didn't pull out of me as he rolled us onto our sides.

He held me, cupping my breasts. My back pressed into his back as he kissed at my neck. "What did Ava have to say?" I murmured, coming down from my orgasmic high, lethargy sinking on me.

We'd only had a few hours of sleep after spending all night freeing the slaves. Freeing Zanyia. My hands clutched the amulet, feeling the ruby in my grip. "Just berating me for not telling her we succeeded," he murmured, voice sleepy.

"She was very displeased," Zanyia agreed, the lamia nestling up against me. I let go of the amulet to hug her. "Very displeased," Sven said.

"But I calmed her down. She wants us to go to Cheyvn. She's got a new proxy waiting for us at the Buxom Lass." "And are you eager to enjoy those buxom lasses?" I asked. "Always," he groaned, holding me and Zanyia in his strong arms. The catgirl purred, feeling like such a little girl now in my arms. Like Katriana. "Such a pig, brother mine." "It's what you like about me." I felt that ego hugging me, too.

I smiled, closed my eyes, and drifted off into sleep. Chapter Eight: The Princess's New Toy Princess Ava Echur, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch My awareness fell into my new proxy. I experienced a bodiless rush that lasted a heartbeat and then new, hard flesh cradled my thoughts.

The world swam for a moment before becoming clear, changed, my perspective so much smaller as I inhabited the jade beetle held in my own hand. I stared up at my towering self.

My face blank, my strawberry-blonde hair falling loose about my head. I hadn't bothered to put it in my usual braid this morning. I was just so sick with worry about Sven. I couldn't believe both he and Kora forgot to contact me back. My new body twitched. I had six legs, which felt weird. I could control each of them, twitching them while my carapace opened.

The delicate wings fluttered, but my body didn't fly. Though carved in a perfect likeness of a beetle by Gerhard, it couldn't fly, its body made of jade. But it could walk. "Let me put you on the ground, Princess," my buxom maid, Greta, said. She cupped her hands before my motionless one. I crawled off myself, leaving my body behind and into my maid's. She lowered me to the floor too fast.

The world grew dizzying. My jade wings rustled. And then the stone floor lay at the ends of her fingers. I scuttled out, moving quite easily on my six legs. Though I'd never possessed them, my imbuing powers always adjusted me to the quirks of my proxy, giving me surprising ability to move in them.


"I'll keep watch on your body, Princess," Greta said, a hungry sound in her voice. I tried to speak, but only a clicking sound came out. I had mandibles instead of lips. I couldn't form human sounds with its mouth. Well, I didn't need to talk right now.

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I needed to spy. I raced across my bedchamber's floor towards the close door. But I could fit through the crack beneath. I moved fast, about the speed I could walk as a human. My antennae twitched in excitement. I clicked more as I pressed tight against the ground and passed into the darkness beneath the door. In heartbeats, I entered my sitting room. The Naithan throw rug proved an obstacle. My tiny legs sank into the gaps in the colorful weave, slowing me down.

I had to move with care, putting my legs down on individual threats, balancing on them as I crossed the room. It felt so huge at this scale, the ceiling out of sight. I clicked in relief once I scurried off and reached my door. I squeezed through and raced down the edge of the wall to my father's study. This was the most dangerous part. If a palace servant saw me and decided to squash me, I'd lose my valuable construct and I'd suffer from a headache for most of the day.

I hated having my proxy destroyed while using it. Before I reached the end of the hallway, a distant feeling of heat washed through my insect body.

A vestigial sensation coming from my actual body. I let out a clicking sigh. The heat grew hotter, phantom sensations from body parts my insect proxy didn't possess washed through my awareness.

Fingers pinched nipples. A tongue lapped through my pussy. Greta played with my body. The naughty girl. I tried to ignore the feel of the tongue swiping through the folds of a pussy my current form didn't possess. A soft tingle raced across my thoughts, a growing prickling as my body responded to the stimuli of Greta's mouth. Her fingers pulled on my nipples. I clicked and scurried faster. If I were in my real body, I'd be panting right now, squirming, grinding my pussy against her hungry mouth.

Moans would escape my lips. Heat would be building in my cunt's depths, driving me closer and closer to my orgasm. But I wasn't in my body. So it was just an annoyance. Something I had to ignore as I navigated to my father's study.

Greta could have her fun. She could wiggle her tongue as deep into my pussy as she wanted, drinking down the juices, feasting on me. Thudding footsteps shook the floor. I let out a click of fright. Ahead of me, a servant trooped around the corner, carrying a box. I pressed my body flat into the joint where floor met wall. He loomed over me. Would he see me?

Would he squash me? I tensed, ready to scurry if he did. He came closer. My antennae twitched frantically before me. I worked my mandibles. My wings flickered beneath their protective carapace.

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He stomped past me, cursing beneath his breath. He didn't see me. I clicked in relief and scurried ahead, pushing my jade body to its limits. I needed out of the corridors. I reached my father's door, my body burning so hot now. I must be on the verge of an orgasm. I worked my mandibles in annoyance. I'd have to talk to her about this. She kept promising to stop, and she would, for a while. But then her predilection would have her eating my pussy while my body lay stupefied.

A prickling twitched my delicate, jade antennae as I stalked past the door to my father's study. Magic warded it, put in place by Shevoin, my father's master mage from Esh-Esh. No one but my father could pass through this door.

But I did find a crumbling spot in the mortar in the wall near the floor. A place where something tiny could scramble through. Excitement buzzed my wings as I scurried for it. I reached the defect and witness light spilling through the crack.

Daylight spilled from my father's study. He would be gone for days. I'd have time to search, to find the secret of his army of proxies. How could he control more than one at a time? Let alone the thousands he now had. With it, he had an army that could shrug off most attacks, who didn't feel pain or exhaustion. He abused the gift Krab gave our ancestors. As I squirmed through the crack, my thoughts fluttered.

My body came. I pictured Greta's blonde pigtails spread over my thighs, her mouth latched onto my pussy, her arms reaching up my body to pinch my pink nipples. My real body twitched, wordless moans escaping my mouth as she lapped up my juices, enjoying her illicit pleasure. Then she'd mount my face and grind her pussy on me until she came, moaning and gasping, those huge tits of hers bouncing.

I forced that picture down, grateful my insect body didn't get horny at all. If I were in a human statue, I'd be masturbating right now, rubbing a stone pussy with tiny fingers. I squeezed my jade body through the mortar.

My antennae twitched. I wiggled faster, working through the gap. Even as skinny as I was, it was tight. Stone scraped on the jeweled body. I winced, pressing myself as flat as possible, little legs pulling me along. I clicked and chittered, so close. And then I popped out on the other side. I gazed up at the bookshelves around me, my father's desk at the far side of the room. A painting of my mother hung above it, smiling in all her blonde glory, wearing a soft gown of blue cupping her large breasts.

I didn't inherit those. I stared up at the picture of my mother, missing her so much. She'd never have let father act this way, abusing his imbuer powers to conquer all of Zeutch. They both came from lines of imburers, uniting two different branches, creating me. I scurried forward. I had work to do. Chapter Nine: The Buxom Lass Sven Falk Cheyvn, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch "It's so different," Zanyia said as we rode through the streets of Cheyvn, a mining city outside the foothills of the Despeir Mountains.

It took us three days of riding to reach it, the sun setting as we moved through city, passing rough-dressed laborers. "Everyone just walks around like. like they can go where they want. No one moves fast. No one cringes as we pass." "Not a lot of cringing in Cheyvn," I told her. "It's the sort of place where you need to prove you're tough if you don't want your head cracked and your coin purse stolen." "Really?" Zanyia twitched, hugging me from behind.

She rode on my horse, Kora beside us. "Sven's exaggerating," Kora laughed. "Only most of the city is like that. The merchant quarter, where the men who own the mines and ensure that the goods are transported throughout Zeutch, have guards patrolling the streets and keeping that sort of thing to a minimum." "It's far worse in the winter," I added. "When the miners have to wait for spring to come, full of their pay and looking for drinking and whoring, brawls will rage in the streets.

They spill out of the bars. But most are at the mines working now." "Oh," Zanyia said, her arms tight against me, her head resting on my back. "Do you brawl with them?" "Sometimes. But I prefer to frequent establishments miners can't afford." "Nor can we any longer," muttered Kora. "Even with the gold Ava can give us and what we steal." "Liberate from that bastard's tax collectors," I said, the words coming out as a growl.

"Liberate," giggled Zanyia. "I like that. You liberated me and put me in your pocket." "I believe you climbed into my pocket and refused to leave." "I can't leave.

You own me." She purred as she rubbed her cheek into my back. "You are so funny sometimes, Master." "Yeah, so are you." "Hans!" an energetic voice called. I grinned, spotting Elli leaning out the second floor window of the Buxom Lass, her blonde, braided pigtails swaying about her energetic face.

She wore a low-cut, white blouse with a frilly neckline, her large tits swaying, almost falling out of her dress. I went by Hans in Cheyvn and elsewhere. Sven Falk had a bounty of his head. "There's pretty Elli," I grinned. "Did you miss me?" "I had the most boring customers," she laughed. "Merchant guards are such sour companions. They don't have any good stories to tell. But you. What have you done?" I winked at her.

"Should I tell you without Marita and Josefine around? They might get jealous." She pouted at me, shaking those big tits as I rode beneath the window. "They're not here, but I am. You can tell me something." "It involves the lamia behind me," I grinned. "Master liberated me from my cruel owner!" Zanyia called, bouncing with excitement. "He killed Therek!" My horse neighed in annoyance while the buxom lass's green eyes smoldered with excitement. Then her head vanished back inside.

I knew she'd be greeting me with a smile and a kiss by the time we'd walk into the inn. I loved the Buxom Lass. Such a comforting place.

All the barmaids, who were such friendly girls, had the biggest breasts in Cheyvn. The proprietor, a sour man named Gunter, only hired the bustiest girls to work for him and provided them dresses that showed off their wares. Kora sighed beside me as we rode around the back to the stables. "You're going to let those girls fawn all over you." "Of course, sister dear," I grinned at her, such a beauty with her hair in her complex braid, the amulet I gave her swinging beneath her breasts shown off by her low-cut, pink robes.

"It would unusual if I didn't. But I'll save some energy for you." Then, my voice pitched lower. "I love you, not them." That brought a smile to her lips. We handed over our mounts to the stable boy. My sister kissed her black mare on the nose before we swept towards the back entrance into the inn. Three buxom lasses waited, crowding the doorway.

Beside Elli, Marita with her curly, light-brown hair waited with a beaming smile and rosy cheeks, her hips swaying while curvy Josefine gave me sultry looks from the other side of Elli, her sandy-blonde hair framing her round face. "Back from another adventure, Hans?" purred Josefine, licking her plump lips. Everything about the girl was ripe from her ass to her large breasts almost tumbling out of her frilly bodice.

"You freed a lamia." "Did you fight Shizhuthian slavers?" gasped Marita, her body a quiver. "How dangerous." "That I did." My arms swept out wide. I scooped up Marita beneath my right arm and Elli and Josephine with my left. "Why don't we go inside, enjoy mugs of rich ale, and I shall make your naughty pussies wet with my exploits." They all giggled.

"So you kept the lamia?" Josephine asked, glancing behind her. "I'm Master's sl—" "Pet," I interrupted. No one liked slaves in the frontier lands. Not with the nagas on the other side of the mountains raiding farms and mining communities.

Most knew someone who had been snatched up by the serpent-women's raiders. "She's my pet. I decide to keep her since she's just so cute." "I am cute," purred the lamia. "Master is amazing. I love being his pet." "How kinky," Elli groaned. "Does she suck cock?" "I please my Master with every part of my body." Zanyia let out a wicked giggle. "He can use me how he wants." "Ooh, you naughty man. You'll be the envy of every man in Cheyvn with a lamia following you around," Marita said.

"I hope you won't forget about us." "How could I?" I asked, peering down her bodice. "You three are such striking girls. Your beauty is so prominent." They giggled again.


"Oh, a package arrived a few days back," Elli said. "I wanted to peak, but we left it in your room. Is it a gift from that rich admirer of yours?" I winked at her, glad Ava's new proxy had arrived.

But why did she feel the need to send me a new one? Her alabaster statuette still functioned perfectly. "When will you tell us who she is?" moaned Josephine. "Whose wife is she? Is he powerful?" "Of course. He'd tear the world apart if he knew his wife had spread her thighs for me. You should have heard her moan my name. If he weren't out hawking, why, he'd have heard her wanton cries echoing through his castle and come to try to finish me off." "But you'd have skewered him," Marita said, her hand grabbing my crotch.

"You're too skilled with your sword to lose." "I do have lots of practice," I groaned, my dick throbbing as she squeezed my leather pants. We entered the common room and the three bustled me to a seat.

I sat down, crowded around by them. Their hands rubbed my body, their breasts falling in my face as they cooed and moaned, begging to hear my story. "When I'm relaxed," I said, giving them knowing looks. "I know just what you need," Elli said, sliding to the floor before me. She pulled down on her bodice, her big tits spilling out. Two ripe, pillowy mounds topped by fat, dark-red nipples.

She squeezed them while Josephine undid the laces of my trousers. "You better wow us with this tale." "Only if you wow me with your tits," I grinned. "Have I ever failed you?" Elli asked, her voice purring. "Have I?" She giggled as Josephine drew out my cock. Elli wrapped her soft breasts about my hard cock. I groaned, leaning back in my chair, the wood creaking, and savored her. The smile on her face proved my words true. My stories always entertained.

"You better make him erupt," Marita moaned, reaching down to pinch Elli's left nipple. "I will," the buxom lass moaned, sliding her tits up and down my shaft. She shuddered, her blonde, braided pigtails sweeping about her bare shoulders. "Just enjoy those big tits sliding up and down our cock, Hans," purred Josephine into my ear.

She licked my lobe, sending a hot shudder down to my dick. "Just spill your cum all over her tits," groaned Marita from the either side, her breath warm and sweet. "I want to lick your jizz off her pretty breasts." "You girls spoil me," I groaned, my dick throbbing between Elli's soft mounds. Her green eyes sparkled as she worked her tits up and down my dick.

The massaging, silky flesh sent shudders through my body. I groaned every time her tits swallowed the crown of my dick. My balls grew tighter, my load of cum building and building. Marita and Josephine licked at my ears, nibbling on my lobes while their hands slid beneath my shirt. I savored their fingernails scratching at my torso, feeling my strength as Elli pumped her tits faster and faster on my dicks.

My hands went exploring. I slipped beneath Josephine's and Marita's skirts, sliding up their thighs. My hands reached Marita's hot, shaved pussy first, the shorter of the two lasses. Then I found the silky curls adorning Josephine's. I slid through her soft bush to find her snatch. My fingers penetrated both women. "Oh, Hans, yes," groaned Marita, her pussy hot and juicy about my fingers, clenching so tight.

"Mmm, I missed you so much." "So much," Elli echoed, sliding those heavenly tits up and down my dick. "It's been such a bore with out you," groaned Josephine, her hips wiggling, her pussy dripping juices down my hands as I pumped into her snatch. Her fingers scratched at my chest, leaving burning lines behind. I grinned at them, the pleasure building in my balls. Then Elli added a new delight. Her tongue swiped across the crown of my dick.

I groaned, the pleasure sweeping through my body. I squirmed on the chair, my dick aching and throbbing as she lathed her tongue over it every time my cock appeared from between her tits. Her hot tongue sent delight shooting down to my balls. I fingered Josephine's and Marita's hot pussies faster and faster. Their snatches grew juicier. Marita ground her clit into the palm of my hand, her body shaking.

Josephine pulled out her tits, pressing them into my face. I groaned, suffocating on her big tits and loving it.

She pressed her soft breasts around my cheeks, letting me kiss and suck on her creamy flesh. My dick throbbed between Elli's tits as I enjoyed Josephine's lovely mounds. My mouth found a hard, pink nipple, sucking on it. "Hans," Josephine cooed. "Ooh, yes, we missed you." "So much," Elli groaned then licked the tip of my cock. My dick spasmed between her tits.

"Yes, yes, yes," Marita gasped. "So much. Oh, Hans, I. Yes!" Her pussy spasmed about my fingers. Hot snatch convulsed, massaging my digits. I groaned, my dick aching and throbbing between Elli's delicious mounds, pussy cream flooding around my right hand. I savored the smell, such a sweet musk filling my nose as her tits heaved, still covered by her bodice. "What a slut," Josephine panted.

"Cumming already." "Uh-huh," Marita groaned, hips rotating. "Hans knows how to please a woman." "Yes, he does." Josephine licked her lips as I sucked and nibbled on her nub, loving the fat nipple between my lips. Her pussy clenched on my plunging fingers, growing hotter and hotter.

"Just cum on my tits," Elli moaned. "I want to feel your hot cream running over them. Oh, come on, Hans, give it to me." "Give it to her," groaned Marita, my fingers still plunging into her snatch, her convulsions dying as her orgasm passed. "Ooh, you just spoil us." "Yes, yes, yes," Josephine gasped. "Spoil us!" Her pussy spasmed hard on my fingers.

Her body bucked, heaved. Her nipple flew from my mouth, her tits jiggling above my head as she thrashed. She squeezed them as she swayed, her juices gushing out and drenching my left hand, filling the air with her tangy musk. "Hans!" "Cum on my tits, Hans," begged Elli. She sucked on the tip of my cock for a moment, shooting rapture down my shaft. "Please." "Yes," I groaned, staring down at her, green eyes shining, her tits jiggling as she worked them on my dick.

My cock twitched. "Gods, yes!" Cum fired from my dick.

I grunted with each spurt, watching the white lines splattered her face and splash over her heaving mounds. She squeezed her breasts on my cock so hard, squeezing out the jizz while the rapture spilled through my body. Gods, I would love for Kora to be here right now, joining us. And Ava, watching me with a woman way she loves to.

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"Biaute's perfect tits," I groaned. "What a pair you have, Elli." "Are you calling my tits divine?" she asked as she lifted a cum-stained breast. "I am," I groaned. She smiled, cum dripping down her face. Then she licked up the jizz adorning her breast. Her tongue slid through it, gathering the thick cream. Marita and Josephine flocked down to join her, their tongues gathering my cum as it spilled over their delicious mounds, cleaning it up.

My dick twitched as I watched them, their three eyes staring up at me, eager for my story. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Kora Falk I tried not to pout as I watched the three buxom lasses and my brother, their tongues sweeping up his cum. I couldn't compete with that. Not in public. Why did we have to introduce ourselves as brother and sister here? I could have been his lover instead.

Because neither of us knew the other had these incestuous feelings. So I was stuck on the other side of the common room, sipping my wine, wishing I could lick my brother's cum off Elli's magnificent bosom.

I'd lap up every drop I could find. I would drink his cum off her tits and revel in them. My pussy clenched so hard. "Another refill, Heidi?" asked another barmaid. Zanyia gave me a curious look as I said, "No." When the maid left, I whispered, "Hans and Heidi are the two names my brother and I go by here.

We're fugitives." The lamia gave me a toothy grin. Then she crawled into my lap, purring. She nuzzled her face into mine, her tongue lapping at my chin and lips while her ears twitched. I held her body, clothed in a light smock, the most amount I could get her to wear. She wanted to go naked everywhere.

"He loves you, you know that," she said after she finished bathing my face with her tongue. "I know that," I sighed, rocking her on my lap. I did enjoy holding her to me.

"But still." I loathed those three women right now, able to lap up his cum and get fingered by him in the middle of the common room. I wanted to be one of those whores he bent over a table and just fucked for all the world to see. My pussy burned so much for it. "I know what will cheer you up," Zanyia grinned then wet her lips. "What?" I asked. "Cumming!" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Princess Ava Echur, Kivoneth Princedom, Strifelands of Zeutch I scuttled through my father's study again.

I'd done this hundreds of times. But I can't find his secret. It had to be in here somewhere. But after three days of searching, I couldn't find it. I used every moment of free time I had, leaving the jade beetle hidden in the room. So long as my father was gone, no one would discover it. But he could return at any day. I had to find it. I crawled across the desk. I'd managed to open it up just enough for me to wiggle my body in. I crawled up the side, my little feet had these sharp claws and the wood, while looking smooth to me as a big human, was actually full of all these little grooves and bumps I could grip on.

No wonder insects could crawl on walls and ceilings. I scurried up the two body lengths to the top, how I measured everything. I perched on top of the drawer, looking around for a new place to explore, struggling to think where my father might have hidden his secret.

Unless it wasn't in here. My wings fluttered in agitation. It had to be in here. I needed to find this. He had to be stopped. He had to pay for the cruel acts he did. I'd searched through all the books on his shelves, looking for any hidden papers in them.

I went behind every piece of furniture, looking for anything hidden. I'd even wiggled my body beneath his throw rug, spending over an hour in the suffocating darkness going back and forth across the floor searching for a concealed trap door. Nothing. I sighed, crawling down the desk drawer three body lengths to the bottom and. Three body lengths?

I scurried back up it to the top and peered inside the drawer. I could see the bottom. Only a few loose quills rattled around in this drawer.

Nothing else. But. It wasn't as deep on the inside as the outside. Why? A hidden compartment? My antennae twitched. I crawled inside. I scrambled around the bottom, probing the wooden bottom with my antennae.

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And. There was gap. Between the bottom and the sides. It was a panel laid over a compartment. I clicked my mandibles and set about prying up the edges.

Finally. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Zizthithana, Istandar of Hizzithya Kozzithni, The Shahdom of Shizhuth My scales rasped together as I sat coiled on my battlements, staring out at the city of Kozzithni, the capital of the province I ruled. The humans scurried about their tasks while my soldiers patrolled the street keeping order. The sun set red over the Despeir Mountains to the west. I gazed at it, my forked tongue flicking out of my mouth.

"He's overdue," I hissed, not seeing anything on the road leading from the pass. "Yes, dread mistress," my lamia slave yowled, kneeling at my side naked, her leash held in my right hand. My left slid down my naked torso, crossing the boundary where my human skin met the scales of my lower body, the silky soft transitioning to polished marble.

"This isn't good." My tongue flicked again. Therek's cargo was too important to my client for it to be lost. My scales rasped louder, my stomach twisted.

I needed to keep my client happy. I needed the promised power to seize control of the Shahdom, to elevate myself from the ruler of Hizzithya and seize the throne for myself. "Perhaps he was merely delayed," Shilia purred, the lamia rubbing her cheek against my scales, the sensation rippling through my body.

I yanked on her chain. She let out a coughing whimper, her collar choking her neck, pain flaring in her slitted eyes. "Delayed? He knows the importance of his mission. He'd let nothing delay him." "Then. where. is. he.?" Shilia choked, face turning red, ears twitching violently. I hissed my frustration. "Send for Gorth'in. We leave in the morning." I gazed at the Despeir Mountains, tongue flicking the air, tasting Shilia's fear as she scampered away, her leash sliding out of my loosened grip.

I tightened my coiled lower body, the serpentine scales rubbing together. Only one thing could have stopped Warleader Therek: death. A chill sank into my heart.

My client would not be pleased at all. To be continued.