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Hot indian wife cheating on hubby with her boyfriend
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It was Ms. Alyssa Fitch's first day teaching ninth grade phys.


ed. She walked into the girls side of the gym and blew her whistle yelling at the young women to line up. As she waited for the class to sort itself out she assessed who was who and quickly put them all into the clicks each belonged too.

Three of them she immediately knew were going to be the problem. They were the leaders of ninth grade women. She started the class going through the exercise routines to test their physical condition. The three soon proved themselves to be physically behind the others and she started pushing them. It was not long before the three prima donnas were bent over panting with exhaustion. Tina the leader of the other two said she has to learn her place as she wiped sweat from her brow. Yes the other two agreed and we must take that stick out of her ass and stick it somewhere else.

The three laughed but stopped when Alyssa stopped next to them and said if you have the energy to laugh then you have the energy for another lap ladies hustle it. A week later the girls were ready to put their plan into motion. That weekend Ms. Fitch had planned a coed sporting event for Saturday and Sunday and was surprised when her three brats volunteered to join the workout event. The three girls arrived early and stowed their packs in the gym storage room watching as Alyssa arrived.

Smiling they saw Ms. Fitch was wearing her usual out fit for working out. Her black tight short gym shorts were practically a part of her as her camel toe showed between her legs. And her white t-shirt stretched tight across her chest showing her braless upright breasts with her nipples standing out in the slight cold of the morning air.

Alyssa yelled out okay let's get started and had the group start doing warm up exercise routines to the side of the sports field just outside of the gyms entrance. Okay whispered Tina to the other two let's get this plan started.

Tina smiled as she pushed a button on her phone signaling some science geeks she had under her thumbs. The geeks flew four prepared drones out over Ms.

Fitch then ordered them to dump their payload on her. The drones dropped a rain of special chemicals that not only soaked her to the skin but also started her burning and stimulating the most sensitive parts of her body.

She dropped to the ground yelling that she was burning. Tina and the three girls rushed to her and as the group of young men and woman watched started stripping her.

Tina yelled to the others it must be toxic we have to get her clothes off of her and wash it off of her. Someone find a working hose quickly. Some of the others rushed to the side of the school and started pulling a hose from its case back towards the group of students standing around Ms. Fitch. Tina appreciated Alyssa's body as she slowly exposed it to everyone. Even better many of the group had pulled out their phones and were catching the activity in video. Everyone was looking at Ms.

Fitch staring at her petite five foot two body with her pony tailed long reddish brown hair flowing down to the center of her backher well tanned and toned physique her firm rounded barely c-cup breasts with quarter sized aureoles with hardened nipples standing out from the middle of each breast being exposed as her t-shirt was pulled from her body and thrown across the ground of the field. This also showed off her flat toned abs and then her clean shaven pussy with reddening nether lips as her shorts went the way of her shirt.

Tina quickly grabbed the hose and yelled to turn it on.

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As she felt the pressure in the hose increase she said flip her over and the ones holding her down did and she sprayed Alyssa from head to toe with the ice cold water causing her to scream at the cold.

Then Tina shoved the nozzle of the hose up Alyssa's anus filling her bowels with ice water then yanked the hose out of her and said flip her back which they did as Tina whispered to herself that should deal with that stick up this bitch's ass.

Now laying on her back Alyssa groggily looked around her as Tina sprayed her in the face shoving the shit coated nozzle in her mouth rinsing her body off from head to toe.

Finally she told the others to hold her down spread her legs wide so I can rinse that stuff off of her cunt. They did as instructed as Tina knelt down between Alyssa's legs and shoved the nozzle into her pussy it now being on full spray Ms. Fitch screamed as Tina started using the hose as a dildo and masturbated Ms. Fitch to her first orgasm. Screaming in pleasure and pain Alyssa felt her abdomen expand with the new water in her stomach joining the water left in her bowels.

The student around Alyssa and Tina watched and recorded as Ms. Fitch felt her first orgasm shake her body causing her to flush the water from her bowels and stomach.

Tina didn't stop there except to turn off the water. She continued to shove the hose in and out of Alyssa's pussy showing everyone as Alyssa experienced orgasm after orgasm. Many of the young men now sporting hard-ons asked Tina if they could help her. Smiling she said of course guys go ahead as she pulled the hose out and rose walking to the hose storage cubicle and placing it inside.

The first guy pulling out his now obscenely engorged penis he lined it up with Alyssa's pussy and shoved it into her. Hey don't be greedy stated the next guy in line lay down on her and roll over so she is on top he said.

The first guy did this and the new guy pulled out his dick lay down on her back shoving his hard dick up Alyssa's now exposed and open asshole. This continued through out the day as each boy took his turn and the next took his place. The whole thing was recorded by Tina's two companions and she watched every second. At days end as Ms. Fitch lay there Tina walked back over to herknelt down and shoving her fist into Fitch's abused pussy started fisting her as she said I think after today you will know your place won't you bitch.

Yes Ms. Fitch whimpered in reply. Good Tina said but just so you won't forget from now on you will come to school wearing a short black sports skirt no panties with a small operating vibrator shoved up your cunt you will be checked through out the day and punished if it is not there and working.

Do you understand bitch. Yesyes what yelled Tina yes mistress whimpered Ms. Fitch excellent Alyssa it seems you do learn. Next you will wear a white loose muscle shirt and you will not complain in fact you will comply with anyone that wants to feel your breasts or any part of your body.

Do you understand. Yes Alyssa saidyes WHAT Tina yelled shoving her hand deep into Alyssa's pussy. Screaming in agony Alyssa responded loudly yes mistress. The kids gathered around snickered as their teacher was taught who truly ran the school.

As the last bell rang Alyssa listened as Tina told her oh and don't even think about quitting if you do we will hunt you down and what we will do to you will make this seem like a spring break. Tina and her crew rose and left with the other studentseveryone going home leaving Ms. Fitch laying naked and spent on the ground in the middle of the schools sports field. Finally she gathered her strength going into the schools locker room she took a long hot showerdressed and staggered home.

That night she contemplated leaving but she took Tina's threat seriously. So the next morning she dressed as instructed pushing the small vibrator she had purchased at the local sex toy store the night before up into her cunt holding it firmly in place with her strong muscles.

When she walked into the school that morning she was greeted by Tina who walked up to her and shoved her hand up under her skirt right in the middle of the school hallway in front of all the kids and other teachers sliding her fingers into her pussy she felt the vibrator. Pulling it out showing everyone she laughed saying very good you take instructions well but let's try it in here instead spinning Alyssa around forcing her to bend over shoved the still vibrating tool deep into her anus.

Keep it there until told otherwise and walked away. Straightening up Ms. Fitch moaned as the toy vibrated in her asshole causing her cunt to become wet and start dripping.

She carefully walked to her office and sat behind her desk only rising to cover each of her assigned classes. Finally reaching lunch she joined the other teachers in the lounge as she sat down at the table one of the Male teachers smiled and said interesting outfit do you always dress like this. No she started to answer when she was grabbed by the female teachers on each side of her and forced face down onto the table they used their legs to force her legs apart and her skirt was pulled up out of the way.

What are you doing she sobbedit's time for the new teacher initiation said one of the Male teachers and continuing to speak said bring in the school mascot. She cried as they brought in a pony and had it mount her shoving it's long engorged cock into her pussy and it started to ride her as one of the women slapped the pony on the ass making it fuck her with great speed and force.

Once it was done they led it away and she limped bow leggedly to her next gym class. The next class started to whinny as she entered did you enjoy your lunch treat Ms. Bitch asked one of the girls then she walked up to Alyssa forced her to bend over and removed the vibrator.

Well nice to see it's still in place let's move it back. No screamed Alyssa please no but it was too late as she shoved her whole hand up Alyssa's very abused pussy. This extra pain caused Ms. Fitch to finally peak out on pain and pass out. The gathered students took advantage of this and set her up for more sex.

For the next two hours right up to last bell students and teachers freely fucked Alyssa's abused pussy and/or anus which kept her passed out from pain. When she finally came around she found Tina and her two cohorts standing in front of her holding a cunt plug and a butt plug.

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She was told to keep them in until they removed them in the morning. Then inserted them forcefully into her anus and pussy. This kept the sperm inside her with her not knowing that around forty men had just fucked her.

The next morning Tina met her in the hallway again and in front of the school first removed the butt plug from her allowing the trapped sperm to pour down her legs. Then she pulled the plug from her cunt and more sperm flowed down her legs. Well if that doesn't guarantee you have a kid in nine months I don't know what will Tina smugly stated leaving Alyssa standing in the middle of the gathered teachers and students not mention a pool of sperm.

Ms. Fitch went to her office and used the shower to clean up and douche. After which she had a good cry before going to her first class. As she entered her first gym class she realized Tina had done nothing to her and nothing happened for the whole day. As the last bell rang she thought maybe it's over maybe Tina finally tired of torturing me.

Alyssa went home that night slept well dressed in the morning and went to work. Again reinforcing her belief she was not met by Tina in the school hallway. That belief was shattered as she entered the gym that morning with the whole school seated in the bleachers around her. She walked to the middle of the gym where Tina waited with her two companions and four of the largest football players.

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Now what are you going to do to me asked Ms. Fitch. Ms. Bitch you are about to experience the ultimate abuse that can be done to one human being. Her eyes flying wide she spun and tried to run as Tina yelled at the football players grab her and restrain her.

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Which they did before she took more than four steps. A round open metal sphere was brought in and suspended from the ceiling.

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The football players forced her into the sphere spread eagled shoving dildo vibrators up her cunt and asshole. Then a large Male cat was bound in front of her face and they were connected together neither of them able to move. Her mouth pushed into the cat's crotch and her lips encircling its penis.

Then electrodes were attached to the cats balls and it howled as a low current started coursing through its balls into it's already stiffening cock and made her tongue tingle. Enjoy this Ms.

Bitch you are going to be the star of the internet see the cameras this is being shown live maybe you will go viral. Tina stepped back as she motioned for the device to be activated. She cried out as the dildo vibrators started getting shoved into and out of her pussy and asshole alternatively they both were large filling her up completely small tubes kept her well lubricated as the machine brought her to orgasms through out the day she never even noticed that every time she experienced an orgasm a bell rang programming her to have an orgasm every time she heard that bell.

Small tubes fitted over her nipples with tiny wires and cups over them and her breastscontinually sucked on her nipples sending a low electrical current into them and the cups squeezed and manipulated her breasts. Alyssa moaned as she had orgasms throughout the day her body continually stimulated sexually by the end of the day her breasts after being stimulated all day began producing milk that Tina had collecting every morning and sold to males with pictures of Ms.

Fitch's naked body. One afternoon Tina joined Ms. Fitch at the table she sat at in the cafeteria everyday for lunch. Well Ms.

Bitch are you enjoying the attention I've been paying you. Not caring much anymore Alyssa looked at her and said no. Tina laughed and said good you weren't meant to. From now on when you reach school you will go take a shower dry off and remaining naked spend the day as you usual do.

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Will you please tell me why have you treated me this way all this timewhat have I ever done to you. Nothing Tina said it's just you needed to be broken.

You are a or was a strong willed beautiful young woman with the wrong opinion that you knew your place in the pecking order. Now that you have been broken and that stick pulled from your ass we can all have fun. Let me ask you have you ever had more orgasms than you have had since we started torturing you. No Alyssa said no where near as many.


You are welcome slave now for today since its Saturday we have planned a trip to the towns mall your clothes have been layed out for you put them on and get the bus and pull it to the front of the school. Ms. Fitch went and took a shower dressing in the outfit she found hanging in her office. She never blinked at it as she put it on. She pulled on the very short side split burgundy silk skirt then pulled on the black thigh high socks then the matching thigh high black leather high heeled boots.

Then donned the silver metal belt placing it around her thin waist. Looking at herself in the full length mirror she appreciated the way she looked in this sexy outfit. Next she pulled on the thin silk burgundy sleeveless top that left her abdomen and décolletage exposed.

She found a bottle of what was labeled as a spray bottle of perfume a paper taped to the bottle instructed her to liberally spray onto her pussyanusand both of her nipples. Doing so she soon discovered her body parts warming up and starting to tingle.

She watched as her nipples hardened stiffening up and slowly dribbled milk. Then her nether lips started to swell becoming wet and aroused. When she went and got the bus she found that the buses vibrations had her on the edge of an orgasm all the way to the drive to the mall. Pulling into the mall parking lot Tina instructed her where to park so she pulled the bus into the spot and turned the bus off. Okay everyone let's hit the mall we will meet back here around five.

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Everyone except Tinaher two girlsand Alyssa went to the mall. Okay Ms. Fitch you will walk ahead of us and do everything we tell you to do Tina said as she handed Alyssa an ear phone.

This is synced with your phone and ours. Alyssa placed the ear piece on her ear turning it on. She flinched as it squealed connecting with the phones. She heard Tina in her ear as Tina said okay let's go ladies Alyssa walk a head of us and turn left going down the malls left branch.

Alyssa did as instructed slowly walking down passed the stores on that side of the malls aisle way. When she came to a large toy store she was told to enter.

She did so and bearing left walked down the farthest left aisle as she passed two teen age boys she was told to bend over at the waist and look at the toys along the base of the display. When she did this she heard the two boys gasping then she was told not to move no matter what.

As she stood there bent over she felt one of the boys put his hand up under her skirt sliding two fingers into her. Wow she heard one of the boys gasping what a slut. Then she heard three female voices ask what are you boys doing. One of the boys laughed and said just fingering this slut. Okay you can move continue on down this aisle and turn at the end walk past two end caps stop face that end cap and lean on it placing your hands on the left and right sides.

As she followed their instructions she heard the group of teens follow her.


She approached the indicated end cap doing as she was instructed. Leaning on the end cap two of the teen girls stood on either side of her grabbing her wrists holding her in place they used their legs to slide her legs apart holding her in place.

The third girl came up behind her and pulled up her skirt tucking it into her belt exposing her pussy and asshole. She then reached around unbuttoning her blouse and fixing it in place exposing her breasts to all.

She stepped back and told the two boys to go ahead and fuck her. The first boy stepped up and unzipping his pants pulled out his penis started thrusting into her until he orgasmed. Then he stepped back and the other boy took his place fucking her until he also ejaculated. As he moved back the girl moved back to her and shoving a toy rocket deep into Alyssa's asshole leaving only the tail find exposed she shoved a large action figure up into her vagina and a large rubber ball followed it into her.

It was large enough that it was not going to come out easily. There let's go guys it may soon become busy around here. The group of teens left the toy store and Ms. Fitch slowly followed them out. Flinching as each step nearly caused her to have a massive orgasm. She made it back to the bus but many people in the mall noticed her pre-orgasm juices freely flowed down her legs.

Alyssa was forced to wait seated on the bus till five when everyone returned. Tina told her she could start the bus and start dropping the students off at their homes.

Alyssa stuttered can I remove the things from my anus and pussy please mistress. No Tina said we will remove them when we get back to the school and we go to your apartment. Where you will pleasure us. Whimpering Ms. Fitch started the bus and put the bus in gear to take the other students home. When they were done the three teens and Fitch got into her car and once at her apartment the four women had sex for the rest of the weekend after removing the toys from Alyssa's orifices.