Hot babe strips and fingers her snatch

Hot babe strips and fingers her snatch
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"Do you think you can really control her?" Wilma Grafton asked while glancing over at her sullen niece, Rebecca. "Well," Gwen Caine replied gently, "it really isn't a matter of controlling her." "What we can do is only try to help her through this very difficult time in her young life." "I see," Wilma said with a frown.

"I was really hoping for more…&hellip." "I understand that," Gwen replied with a nod, "but let's be realistic, your niece's problems are endemic and can't be easily erased by the waving of a magic wand." "First of all, let's go over exactly what we're up against!" "Well, it's been like hell on earth for me," Wilma Grafton sighed.

"Sexually, Becky's totally out of control!" "I'm at my wits end!" Gwen sat passively while the distraught aunt went on, "She's been having sexual relations with just about any boy that will have her!" "I've talked until I'm blue in the face but it's like talking to a brick wall!" "The last straw was when I caught her with a girl up in her bedroom!" "My god, they were, well uh, they were doing very naughty things to each other!" "I see," Gwen replied gently.

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"So you thought that we could maybe do something to help her?" "Good grief!" Wilma nearly shouted. "With all those diseases floating around out there it's like playing Russian Routlette!" Gwen nodded in a knowing way, and after writing down a few notes, turned her attention to Rebecca and asked softly, "So tell me, young lady, what do you have to say for yourself?!?" Becky shifted uncomfortably in her chair and muttered under her breath, "I didn't want to even come here, it was all her idea!" "Is what your mother says true?" Gwen asked.

"I guess so," the eighteen year old insolently replied. For the first time since their conversation had begun, Gwen's voice turned hard and even as she snapped, "Sit up when I'm talking to you!" "And if you know what's good for you, you'll give straight answers to my questions!" "Got it?!?" Both aunt and daughter were stunned by the out burst, but Becky quickly turned docile as she replied softly, "I-I'm sorry, ma'am." "That's better," Gwen replied a little more gently.

"Now stand up and remove all of your clothing." "Y-you mean right here, and now!?!" Becky asked nervously. "Did I stutter?" Gwen Caine shot back.

"Now do it!" The busty young eighteen year old rolled her eyes for a second before standing up and slowly removing every stitch of her clothing.

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"Now come over here," Gwen ordered firmly. Becky shot a quick glance at her aunt before slowly shuffling her way around the large desk until she was standing directly in front of the head mistress.


Carefully Gwen reached out with both hands and separated the lips of the young woman's extremely hairy vagina. "Ohhhhhhhhhhh……" Becky moaned as the older woman probed her by now gaping organ. "Just as I thought," Gwen said a matter of factly. "Thought what?" Wilma asked quietly.

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"It's her whole vagina and clitoris," the head mistress replied. "What about them, is there something wrong?" Wilma asked worriedly. "No, not wrong," Gwen replied, "but I'm afraid that all of your nieces's problems are directly related to her vagina and clitoris." "Are you sure?" Wilma asked doubtfully.

"I don't understand&hellip." "Come over here and see for yourself," Gwen offered.

"It's really quite obvious." "See what I mean?" Gwen asked as Wilma dropped to her knees for a better look. With her eyes widening Wilma gasped, "My god, I never had a clue!" "And why would you?" Gwen asked. "I'm afraid that your niece has been cursed, or blessed, depending on your point of view, with unusually large sex organs!" For a few moments no one spoke a word, that is until Wilma looked up at her daughter and said softly, "I'm sorry, baby, I had no idea…&hellip." "That's okay, Aunt Wilma, I didn't even know myself until Jill showed me hers." "And that's why she need so much sex?" Wilma asked dumbly.

"Exactly," Gwen replied. "She can no more control her desires that she can control the sun and the moon." Gwen turned her attention back to Becky and asked softly, "How often do you need it dear?" "Tell me the truth." "A-at least three times a day," she answered with her head hung down. "What gives you the most satisfaction, a penis or tongue?" the older woman asked. "Well, I love them both, but I really like to be penetrated by very large erections," the young woman answered red faced. "Is your clitoris always engorged like it is right now?" Gwen asked while letting her fingers gently flick over the bulging little head.

"Ohhhhhhh myyyyyyy!" Becky gasped as she grabbed the older woman's shoulders for support. "I-if you do that again I'm going to cum!" "See, Mrs. Grafton?" Gwen said softly. "Your niece's clit is so large that it constantly is being chafed by her panties or her oversized labia." "There is no possible way that we can suppress her sexual urges." "All we can do is to make sure that she is satisfied in ways that are not degrading or unsafe." Wilma Grafton nodded her agreement as she stood up and returned to her seat.

"What's next on the agenda?" Wilma asked. "First all we have to get rid of all this hair!" Gwen said with a smile. "You're gonna shave me?!?" Becky asked nervously. "Yup!" Gwen replied quickly. "Don't worry, I've never lost a patient yet!" Ten minutes later Gwen returned hand in hand with Becky, who was to use the old phrase, "clean as a whistle"!!!

When Wilma finally focused in on Becky's vagina she gasped out loud and blurted, "My gosh, I've never seen anything like it!" "It is incredible, isn't it?" Gwen said while stroking the young woman's long blonde hair. Becky literally purred as the older woman caressed her body, which in turn caused her vagina to bulge even more obscenely than it would have normally done! "Okay, dear," Gwen said quietly into Becky's ear, "only one thing left to do." She then directed the young woman to sit on the edge of her desk with her legs spread wide apart.

"Now, this is going to be just a little painful, but not too bad," the head mistress said while opening a desk drawer and removing a covered shoe box. "What's in there?" Becky asked weakly.

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"Well, since you're going to be one of our family," Gwen said. "We are installing a sliver ring through your clit." "Ohhhhhhh mommy!" Becky groaned. "I don't want too, please don't make me!" "Shush, child!" Gwen scolded while spraying the shaken girl's enormous clit with a topical antiseptic. Becky quickly shut her mouth and stared down at her groin while the head mistress, in a very workmanlike manner, pierced her clit with a stainless steel needle and then carefully guided the shiny silver ring through the just created opening.

Then as both Wilma and Becky looked on, Gwen finished up the job by soldering the tiny opening closed, effectively locking it in place for ever! "So, what do you think?" Gwen asked while putting away her tools. "It looks fabulous!" Becky gushed. "I'm not sure, but I think it makes my clit even more excited." "It's supposed to," Gwen replied with a smile.

"You have a very special clit that deserves as much attention as it can needs!" "Your clit ring will only accentuate the positive!" "Oh, dear!" Becky gasped while cupping her heavy breasts. "I-I think I'm going to cum!" "Would you like some help?" Gwen asked softly. "W-what do you mean!?!" Becky moaned. "Would you like someone to suck you off, I mean would you like someone to tongue your vagina?!?" Becky kneaded her breasts while twisting her pink nipples and begged, "Oh yes, please suck me!!!" "Very well," Gwen replied while pressing her face into the magnificent pussy.

"I'm going to suck your fat clit!" Almost from the second Gwen's tongue wrapped itself around the protruding little organ, a series of massive orgasms racked her pussy until she was literally a quivering mass of jelly. "Oh thank you!" Becky sighed as her climaxes subsided. "I needed that soooooooooo badly!" "Would you like something a little more substantial?" Gwen asked while wiping Becky's juice from her face.

"What do you mean?" the young woman asked dreamily. "Of course I mean would you like to be filled up by a large penis," Gwen Caine replied evenly. Just the thought of having a huge cock inside of her caused her pussy to lurch several times, inducing a long low moan from the excited young woman's throat. "I'll take that as a yes," Gwen said dryly. Gwen smiled at Becky and then turned to face Mrs. Grafton and ordered, "Would you please come over here, I need your help!" A slightly confused Wilma Grafton stood next to her very aroused niece and asked nervously, "What is it you need, Mz.

Caine?" "Take off your clothes, please," Gwen said a matter of factly while pulling a truly massive strap on dildo out of a desk drawer. "Now see here!" Wilma sputtered. "What are you going to do with that!?!" "I'm not going to do anything with it," Gwen answered calmly, "you are." "I am!?!" she retorted. "I certainly will not!" "Oh yes you will," Gwen Caine replied evenly. "It's time that you helped Becky instead of finding fault with every little thing she does!" "Now do I have to call a guard to come in here and "help" you out of your things?" Wilma's shoulders visibly sagged when she realized that it useless to argue with the head mistress, so with a great deal of trepidation she began removing her dress.

Both Becky and Gwen waited a little impatiently until the older woman finally stepped out of her panties, leaving her totally nude, just like her teenage niece. "Well, I can see where Becky gets her chest!" Gwen said while casually hefting one of Wilma's heavy udders. An embarrassed Wilma audibly gulped but still managed to stammer, "T-thanks!" "Okay," Gwen went on, let's get on with it!" A slightly confused Wilma stepped into the harness and lifted her arms up and out of the way while Gwen adjusted the straps.

"There, how does that feel?" Gwen asked while giving each strap one more tug.


"Uh, good, I guess," Wilma replied quietly. "Now what?" "I think you know what," Gwen said softly.

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"Now you're going to take that big rubber cock and fuck Becky's fat cunt like she was a little whore!" "I-is that what you want, dear?" Wilma asked softly. "Becky moaned while staring at the thick monster, and with her breathing becoming more labored, she begged, "P-please auntie, fuck my pussy, it needs it so baaaaaaaad!" Wilma looked down at the brutal looking pecker hanging between her thighs, and then after taking a deep breath slid the head of the monster into her daughter's incredible cunt!

"Oh sweet mary mother of god!" the young woman gasped. "Fuck me, you bitch, make me your fucking whore!" Stunned at her niece's's saucy language, Wilma momentarily froze in place only to have her hot pussied daughter grab her by the ass and jerk her hips forward! It soon became readily apparent that Becky was a slave to anything big and hard inside of her needy cunt!

Slowly at first, and then more quickly Wilma began powering the thick marauder in and out of the just shaven vagina, educing sighs and moans from the super excited girl. Then as if a light switch had been turned on, she suddenly became a raving maniac whose pussy began to devour the massive pecker like it was but a twig!

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"Fuck my cunt, whore!" she gasped. "Is that all you got, slut?!?" "I could do better with my own finger!" "You mouthy little slut!" Wilma retorted.

"T-take that, and that!!!" The aunt and daughter duo was now locked in a contest of wills as they desperately tried to fuck the other one under the table!" Their huge breasts bounced crazily between them as Wilma shoved her daughter down onto her back so that she could mount her just like a man!

Gwen was shocked at the performance the two were putting on, and almost involuntarily she shoved her hand inside of her panties and began masturbating wildly! The blunt end of the dildo was rubbing relentlessly against Wilma's on fire clit, and as she rammed the thick hardon into her daughter's cunt with brutal ferocity, her own pussy lurched out of control as a massive orgasm engulfed her like a wave on the ocean!

Sensing her aunt's impending cum, Becky's pussy convulsed wildly around the murderous invader as orgasm after orgasm racked her shaking body! "M-my god!" she gasped.

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"I've never had such a hard cum…………" Wilma finally could take it another second and collapsed on her daughter's chest while the two of them reveled in their mutual satisfaction! They were still pretty much out of it when Gwen's pussy finally caught up and spasmed in a stunning cum of its own! After taking several minutes to recuperate, Gwen managed to mumble, "Like I was saying, we can't suppress it, we can only control it!" THE END