Gay boy self fisting Wanting more Aiden arches Axel over and bangs

Gay boy self fisting Wanting more  Aiden arches Axel over and bangs
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Mom and Aunt Cathy had just gotten home. Aunt Cathy was yelling before she had stopped the car. I got dressed and went to see what the problem was. When I got to the house the three girls were in the living room.


Aunt Cathy was in a rage, she called them sluts,whores,scum, and bastards. I stepped in front of Aunt Cathy, took her by the shoulders and just held her til she calmed down enough to talk.


Her and mom had stopped the motel on the highway to get coffee and a sandwich before they came home. While they were there they saw Megan and Julies's mom go into one of the rooms. They thought it strange because she had moved to the other side of the country for a new job, thats why the girls were staying with her til school was over.

Mom said they went over to say hi. They knocked on the door and yelled room service. The door opened and who should be standing there in a robe? It was Cris father, Uncle Jim. Mom and Aunt Cathy pushed their way into the room and found the girls mom in the bed naked.

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During all the screaming and yelling at each other, it came out that Uncle Jim was the real father to Megan and Julie They had been sleeping together since before either was married. The heart of the matter was that Aunt Cathy wanted the girls out of her house, She had thought she was being a friend to their mom, but she was just a baby sitter for her husbands bastard children.

Cris jumped in and tried to calm her mom down, telling her she was punishing Megan and Julie for something that wasn't their fault. Aunt Cathy didn't want to see them they had to go. It was decided that the girls would spend the night in my apartment, I would sleep on the porch because it was a warm night and I liked the stars. Mom and I took the girls over to my rooms above the garage. We got them settled in and I took my sleeping bag outside.

Mom talked with them awhile and as she went back to the house, she stopped and told me that this was why she now hated men.

She realized that she was treating me badly because of this. She bent down to give me a hug and said she wished I was a girl. I lay there a long time thinking about this, figuring I should just leave and she would be happy.

In the middle of my funk Megan and Julie came out to sit with me. We talked about all that had happened and how shitty we all felt.I said if we're not going to sleep lets go sit and talk. I made some coffeeand we sat on the living room floor.

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Both of them were mad at all the parents, They were paying a big price for their parents fucking around. Megan had a bottle of baileys that she had taken from the cabinet. We opened it up to go with the coffee. We were getting pretty blitzed when Julie said that if our parents could screw up our lives, we could too. Julie got up and went over and locked the door. She turned around and stripped to nothing.

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She came over, sat down on my lap,and started kissing me. It wasn't long before I was kneading her tits and sucking on them. I was getting hard again, Julie stood up and pulled my clothes off of me. We sat back down and my dick was sliding between her pussy lips.

I kept playing with her tits and then I picked her up so she sat with my boner starting to go inside her.

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She was tighter than I thought was possible. It was a struggle to get the head of my dick inside. She was getting wetter and it was easier now. I lengthened my strokes as she got wetter, I was halfway in when it felt like I had hit bottom. Megan came over and said that JUlie was a virgin and I should be nice and tender with her.

I took short strokes and tried not to hurt her. Julie told me to go in as far as I could and stop, I did that and she spread her legs out farther.

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Then she took a deep breath and forced herself down, she gave a little scream and started rocking back and forth on me. I leaned her back and began long stokes that started her whimpering. She got her feet under her and got into a position that made her come very quickly. I increased my pace and finally came deep inside her.

It was on of the most intense orgasms I ever had. Julie slid off onto the floor, Megan came over and asked her how she felt now. Julie took Megan in her arms and pulled her down on top and said she was happy to be alive and she wanted to taste her sister. I sat and watched as the two girls started playing with each other.

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Julie kissed her way down Megan, taking a lot of time on Megans tits before moving farther down. They rolled over and Julie took Megan into her mouth. Megan reached down and wound her fingers into Julies hair. Julie was licking and working her fingers in Megans pussy. It didn't take long for Megan to reach climax, Julie was a machine once she got going.

Megan came all over Julies face and hands.

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Julie apologized for making her come so fast, but she didn't know how to slow down once she got going. Megan sat up and kissed Julie. She told her it was ok they would work on it.

I was hard once again and I sat down next to Julie and began kissing her. She had Megans taste on her face and I licked and cleaned it off.

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Julie started playing with my dick when Megan came over and kissed Julie and then began playing with me. She bent down and sucked my nutsack while she stoked my cock.

Julie started licking the shaft and running her tongue over the head of my dick. The girls started taking turns sucking me down to the base of my shaft. Julie then fondled my sack while Megan ran her tongue around the head of my dick. The come started from the bottom of my sack and seemed to get hotter as it got closer to the top. I felt myself ready and I told Megan she was getting a mouthful. She backed off and I started coming on her face, Juliemoved over and I shot on to her face too.

When I was finally finished the girls licked each other clean and went to take a shower together. I was going to go in and watch, but fell asleep on the floor.