Fucking out of the way hot french boys sucking and my husband fucks

Fucking out of the way hot french boys sucking and my husband fucks
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I was sitting at home watching tv when I got the usual Christmas call from my mom. Was I coming over this year? I tried my damndest to get out of it, complaining about bad weather and low funds, but eventually I lost and relented. Mom wanted me home because I was newly divorced and she thought I needed family around me to cure my loneliness.

Thing is, I wasn't lonely.


I was getting plenty of ass and was actually happy to have a quiet house without cats or someone whining about things that needed to be done. I packed a small bag and threw my stuff in the truck and started the 2 1/2 hour drive over the Sierras to get to her house. It ended up turning into a 4 hour trek because of snow and idiots who couldn't drive in the snow.

I got to her place at a little after 11pm and the party was in full swing. I greeted the family and decided to join in the drinking. While enjoying my beer I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned and was greeted by my cousin Lili, who I had not seen in a couple of years. She was a cute little thing, 15 years old with curly hair and olive skin. She wasn't gorgeous, but she had that innocent look I loved. She was thick, but seemed to have some nice tits on her. I shook those thoughts out of my head and gave her a hug and a kiss.

The rest of the family eventually decided to crash out, so I stayed in the living room to watch some TV. After a few minutes Lili walked in and asked if she could watch tv with me.

I had a nice buzz and was feeling friendly so I lifted my blanket so she could cover up from the cold. She was wearing a long t shirt and I briefly wondered if she was wearing anything underneath. She ran onto the couch and cuddled up next to me as we watched a movie. I flipped channels and stopped on some soft porn movie on Cinemax.

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Lili giggled. "Eew! Uncle George, that's gross!" I laughed and kept it on the channel. I noticed that while she covered her face, her fingers were spread so she could see the screen. She playfully smacked me a few times and moved up closer to me. I changed the channel and flipped through, but just couldn't find anything.

I handed her the remote. "Here, find something interesting". She took the remote and flipped backwards, landing on the channel we were just watching. "I thought this was gross?" I said with a smile. "It's not that gross. I've seen worse" she said with a smile. I looked at her a little shocked.

"You watch porn?" Even with only the tv lighting the room I could see that her face was turning beet red. "Maybe" she said coyly. "Are you practicing for your boyfriend or something?" She nodded her head no. "Boys don't like me." I turned to her. "What do you mean they don't like you? You're adorable!" "That's the problem. The boys want the hot skinny girls. Nobody wants the fat girl." I could see that this was seriously weighing on her.

I put my arm around her and pulled her closer. "Those boys are idiots. I never date skinny girls. I prefer girls built like you." She looked up at me. "Why?" "Well, because I like a woman with curves. I like nice boobs and a nice round ass.


Nothing worse than a bony ass." She giggled. Do I have a round bootie?" At this point I probably should have stopped, but the alcohol took over. "I dunno. I haven't seen your ass." She stood up and turned around, sticking her ass out.

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"There. How's that?" I decided to push my luck. "I dunno", I said. "I really can't see." She moved closer and shook it. "How about now?" "Sweetie, you have a shirt on, I can't see anything. To my surprise, she lifted up the back of her shirt, showing me her panty covered ass. "How about now?" I was glad that the blanket was still on me, because my cock immediately went to attention. "That is a nice ass", I said. She turned to look at me. "You can touch it if you want." My brain immediately began having an argument with itself.

One one hand, she was a minor and my cousin. On the other, she was a young girl offering her ass to me.


My hand slowly reached out and touched her cheek. I never broke eye contact with Lili as my hand touched her. She smiled and stepped back, moving her ass closer to me. I took both hands and began exploring her ass. It was so soft and pale. I took her panties and moved them up, turning them into a thong so I could enjoy her ass cheeks more. As I massaged her, she let out a slight moan. I took a chance and leaned forward, placing a soft kiss on her right cheek.

She let out a louder moan as I began placing more kisses on her bare skin. I pulled her closer and ran my hands up her belly. Her soft tummy shook as my fingers moved up towards her breasts. She gasped as my fingers touched the underside of her breasts.

I pulled her onto my lap and moved my hands over her young tits. I squeezed her puffy nipples and kissed and licked her neck. She suddenly jumped up and I thought I was done. She then turned and climbed on my lap, kissing my on the lips. She had obviously never done this before, which turned me on even more.

I smiled at her. "You've never kissed a boy, have you?' She lowered her head. "No. I'm sorry." She began to climb off of me, but I stopped her. "Where are you going?" "I don't know what I'm doing. I'm so sorry." I smiled again. "Well, then I guess we're gonna have to teach you, huh?" She smiled at me and wrapped her arms around me. "But," I said sternly, "You can never tell anyone.

Promise?" "Cross my heart and hope to die!" I pulled her close. "Follow my lead." I kissed her lips gently and opened my mouth. When I felt hers open, I slowly slid my tongue into her. After a couple of seconds, she reciprocated, wrestling her tongue with mine. She was a natural!

My hands slid back under her shirt and back up to her tits. I gently pulled on them as we kissed, eliciting slight mews from her.

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I felt her grinding her panty clad pussy down on my cock, moving back and forth but not really sure what she was doing. I laid back on the couch, pulling her on top of me. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt, waiting for some sort of sign she wanted me to stop.

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As the shirt came off, she sat up and covered her breasts. "What's wrong? Do you want to stop?" I asked. "No. I'm just embarrassed." "Embarrassed why?" "I don't like my body.

I'm fat." I smiled at her again and sat up. "Sweetie, if I was worried about that, would I be kissing you?" She nodded her head no. I stood up and looked down at her. I kissed her again and gently moved her hands down. My lips moved down her neck to her chest. I kneeled in front of her and looked at her perfect young tits. No sag, just standing there proudly. Her puffy nipples were nice and hard. I leaned forward and took a nipple into my mouth. I sucked and licked one and then the other, driving this little teen girl crazy.

My hand slowly slithered down her belly, reaching the waistband of her panties. I slowed my movements so I wouldn't freak her out and stopped when I felt a wetness. The crotch of her panties was completely soaked. I kissed down her belly to her panty covered pussy.

I grabbed the sides of her panties and slowly pulled them down, kissing the skin as it became exposed. I was greeted by a thick tuft of pubic hair. After having non stop shaved pussies, this was a welcome surprise.


I inhaled deeply, enjoying her musky smell. I pulled her panties all the way down and stood up again. She covered herself with her arms, but again I moved them to her sides. "You're perfect", I whispered.

She smiled and leaned up to kiss me. I removed my shirt and threw it on the couch. I then pulled down my sweats and stood in front of her in only my boxers. I began to take them off but she placed her hands on mine. "Can I?" I merely nodded as she kneeled in front of me. She copied my earlier move and began kissing the exposed skin as she removed my underwear.

She was not ready for my cock to catch on the waistband and smack her in the face. She yelped and covered her mouth to stifle her laughter. The light from the tv shone off of the pre cum that was on her chin and lower lip. She carefully wiped her chin with her fingers and touched it. "Is this cum?" she asked. "Pre-cum", I answered. "What's the difference?" "Pre cum gets a guys dick slippery enough to go inside a woman's pussy." She smiled at me.

"Does this mean you want to go inside my pussy?" My cock got even harder hearing this and flexed, bouncing up and down. Lili grabbed it and smiled. "I guess that's a yes." As much as I wanted to teach her about foreplay and oral sex, I wanted her pussy. I needed to pop her little cherry. She reached between her legs. "I think I'm slippery enough for the both of us. Do you want to?" I smiled at her.

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"Do I want to what?" She smiled and blushed. "You know. Do 'it'." I laughed at her innocence. "Are you sure? We are kind of doing a bad thing." "How's this bad?" she asked, still gripping my cock. "Well, you're my cousin and you're under age. If we get caught then I could go to prison for a long time." She crawled up my belly and kissed my lips. "I promise I won't tell." I laid her down on the couch and spread her legs open.

I kissed her inner thighs and gently licked her pussy from top to bottom, causing her to moan. "Please" she begged. I need you inside me. I moved up her body and placed the head of my cock at the entrance to her pussy. "Are you ready?" I asked. "Is it gonna hurt?" "It will at first. Like ripping off a band aid." I answered. "Ok, ok. I'm ready. Please be careful." I kissed her lips. "I promise." I slid my cock inside her, watching her face contort as she got used to having me inside her.

I pushed until I got to her hymen. "One the count of three, ok?" She nodded yes. "One. Two." I thrust inside her, mashing my lips to hers to contain her scream. I stayed inside her pussy and didn't move. She took some deep breaths and I wiped away her tears. "Let me know when you're ready honey." After about thirty seconds she looked at me.

"Ok, ok." I slowly began moving in and out of her. She grimaced for a bit, but then her eyes closed. She wrapped her hands on the back of my neck and pulled me towards her, kissing my lips. We kissed passionately as I began to speed up my thrusting. "Oh my god.

You feel so good! It feels so good inside me." I picked up the pace. "Oh god.I can feel something. Oh god oh god oh god!" I kissed her again as her first orgasm tore through her. Her pussy tightened up so much that she almost pushed me out. Her body thrashed around as her first ever orgasm shocked her system. As she came down from the high I began to pump faster. She locked her legs around me and ran her nails down my back.

I was in heaven. I pumped her harder and faster until I finally couldn't contain myself and filled her virgin cunt full of cum. She kissed me as she came again, our juices mingling together. Suddenly I panicked. I just shot my load inside of a 15 year old girl!

"Oh my god! I'm gonna get you pregnant!" She smiled. "The doctor put me on the pill about 6 months ago because my periods were so painful. You're ok." I breathed a sigh of relief and grabbed my t shirt, putting it under her pussy to collect our juices as I pulled out of her. I wiped her pussy with my shirt and then my cock.

"I should go to bed" she whispered. We kissed and got dressed quickly. "Can we do this again?" she asked. "Of course. But like I said, you can't tell anyone about this." She smiled and skipped up to her room, leaving me alone on the couch. I flipped the cushions and sprayed some febreze, then tossed the shirt in the outside garbage can before going into a comfortable sleep.