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MY SEXUAL AUTOBIOGRAPHY PART 43 FIRST FUCK AFTER DELIVERY Now, my new born son is two and half months old and I became a normal lady after my delivery. I used to breast feed my child and have started my regular yoga to keep my body in sexy shape and fit for every work which a married lady should do.

I thank god for my safe and natural delivery. I am very lucky to have such a beautiful, healthy and smiling child son. My son always keeps smiling and playing whenever he awakes. He cries a bit only when he feels hungry or he needs to be clean or needs to be change in dry cloths.

Everyone in our family is happy and days were passing in its own speed. I was at my parents' house after delivery. My father in law and my mother in law used to visit me daily to see and play with their grandson. My husband also used to visit every week end. When my son became two months old, than my parents in law wanted me to stay with them for few days before I return back to Delhi. So, next day I come to my in law's house. My parents in law organized a lot of religious functions to welcome my child in their home.

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My father in law always used to take my son in his arms when he awakes. I always used to see my naked body in the mirror to see whether there is any change in my body after the delivery of the child. But I am very happy to note that my sexy body is as sexy as before my delivery. I am sure, if any stranger looks at me, no one can say that I am a mother of a new born child. I also saw my pussy a lot of times in the mirror and I was happy to see that my pussy returned to its original shape, thanks to my yoga and medical treatment after delivery.

Finally, the time had come and I was preparing to return to Delhi with my husband. My mother in law was also coming with us for few weeks to help and guide me. I love my mom in law so much that I was very happy to know that she will be with us in Delhi. She also loves me a lot like her own daughter.

I can proudly say that I feel that she loves me more than his son. (My husband) My husband planed his visit for the week end and I was waiting for him to meet him for my first sex after my delivery.

Only the thought about my husband made me horny and I could not control my feelings. My son was sleeping in the afternoon and my parents in laws ware also taking rest in their bed room. I was lying on my bed and was thinking about my husband.

As written, his thought made me horny and I started to feel wet under my panty. So, I locked the door of my bedroom. I grabbed a couple towels and pillow and sat on the floor opposite a full length sized mirror. I have removed my clothes from my body one by one and I was completely naked. Gently touching my well-shaped, milky boobs and pinkish nipples and giving them a firm light squeeze, I slowly moved down toward my freshly shaven pretty pink pussy and luscious lips, swelling with excitement.

I gently teased my clit; in a side to side motion. I could feel my nipples stiffening. Every few minutes, I would blow on them, keeping them erect. My pussy was starting to become very aroused with each passing second. My heart rate increased, my breathing quickened as I entered the first stage of excitement. My eyes were switching back and forth the mirror.

I keep touching and teasing myself, switching from rubbing my clit or running my fingers down at my slit and rubbing the outer part of my pussy hole and urethra and then back up to my slit, up my stomach, onto my hard as rock nipples and into my mouth to suck the juicy pussy cum off my fingers. Back down I go to my clit, rubbing and pinching it a little bit, and back down my slit to my ass hole, dragging the wetness down there. I slowly spread my pussy lips to expose my opening to myself in the mirror.

I realized that my sexy pussy is as sexy as it was before delivery. Watching myself, my naked body, my sexy pussy in the mirror, got me even wetter. As I sit there starring at my insides, I slowly insert my finger in to my pink wet pussy.

I felt that my pussy was so tight, but I knew that the wetness growing will soon make it silky and smooth. As I was rubbing and fucking my pussy with my finger, I imagine being fucked by my husband's huge cock. Removing my finger and pulling my hole open a few times, I inserted my two fingers this time.

I wanted to know tightness of my pussy. I twisted my fingers to the left, then to the right. I then begin the hither motion. and protruding from the interior wall, it was felt quite good and I felt it spongy as always. As I was relaxing into the warm sensation of the g-spot, I started to rub my clit with the other hand.

With two fingers in my pussy hole, I insert a finger into my asshole too, very slowly. I start squirming from my own fingers. I catch another glimpse of myself in my mirror, I was completely flushed all over, cheeks blushing, chest all red.

I could not take my eyes off of my fingers movements. Once I got used to two fingers in my pussy, I tried to work in three, rubbing all around. I was getting so close to Cumming all over the place, I stopped for just a second and only fingered my ass for a while, watching my facial expressions.

I moaned loudly at a wave of pleasure. I feel little waves all through my body, slowly building up in my core into one huge shockwave of explosive pleasure. I could feel my pussy juices running down to my ass. Shoving my fingers back into my swollen, throbbing pussy, I was increasing my pace of finger fucking of my own pussy.

I felt so much of pressure building up within me and the overwhelming feeling of releasing pussy juices in orgasm pleasure was not far away. Suddenly, while fingering my pussy, I reached to my desired destination and experienced a strong orgasm, first time after birth of my child. It felt so warm and satisfied. I just lay there completely naked on towel, wet with my own fluid. Finally, the long awaited day has arrived when my husband came to Goa on one week's leave.

He was to stay in Goa for a week and after that me, my son and my mother in law planned to go to Delhi with my husband. He arrived by early morning flight and was in bathroom for a bath. My son also gets awake and I was changing his dirty cloths. He was smiling like he knows about arrival of his father. I cleaned him and started to feed him milk from my breasts. He was sucking milk from my boob and I was feeling very good in my heart being a mother feeding milk to son from breast.

My husband came out of the bathroom and my mother in law entered in my room with a cup of black coffee for my husband. My husband always drinks tea with milk and coffee without milk. My mother in law saw me feeding my son on the other corner of the bed and she smiled. Without saying any word, she kept the cup of coffee on the corner table and went back immediately. It was very clear that she did not want us to disturb and wanted to give us full privacy because she understands all.

My husband took his cup of coffee and sat near me looking to my son with a lot of love in his eyes for his son. I knew, he wanted to take his son in his arms as soon as possible.

Suddenly, some crazy thing crossed my mind and I asked my husband "Why always you drink coffee without milk and tea with milk?" "Because, i like it in this way." He replied. "Don't you like milk in coffee?" I asked him.

"No. coffee is good for me without milk." He replied. He did not understand what I have in my mind. He was just talking casually. By that time, my son finished drinking milk from my breasts and was in my lap playing by moving his hands and legs.

I took the cup of black coffee from my husband's hand and hold it against my naked boob from which my son was drinking milk. Now my husband understood seeing the coffee cup against my naked boob and his eyes went wide in anticipating.

I pressed my own boob softly with my other hand. Milk came out form my boob through my nipple with speed and mixed in the black coffee. I pressed my boob again to spray some more milk in the cup and I made his coffee tasty with my breast milk and returned the cup to him. He looked at me, looked at coffee cup and took a sip of coffee from the cup.

"Wow. Wow. "Only he could say. "How is it? You like the taste?" I asked him. "It is fantastic. I never tasted any drink like this. Awesome!" He admitted. Here, I would like to inform my dear readers that after this, my husband like to have my breast milk in his coffee daily, at least once.

Some time he also drink milk direct from my boobs, but in very small quantity because we both knows it very well that my son have his first right on my breast milk. I think, many couple does like this. Many men must be drinking milk from their newly mother wife's boob. Any way. He played with our son for some time and then went out of the room to meet his parents and I was again busy with my son to get him sleep.

The day passed and night was welcoming us for a sex and fuck game, first time after my delivery. My new born son was sleeping and I was in bathroom taking shower after dinner.

I wanted to give a big surprise to my husband. It was about six/seven months when my husband fucked my ass. I knew he does not like to fuck my ass very frequently, but we enjoyed my ass fucking at least once in a week after our marriage.

My regular reader knows that we have a anal sex kit brought by us from Switzerland, which keeps my ass germs and dirt free. I took that kit with me in to the bathroom and pushed the chemical in to my ass hole to clean it and keep my ass ready for fucking by my husband. I took bath and sat on commode to drain out all the dirt from my ass as a result of using that anal sex chemical. Now my ass was ready to fuck by my husband without condom.

I did not notice when my husband came in our bedroom and was waiting for me. I came out of the bathroom, with just a towel on my sexy body. The mysterious chemistry began to work. History was going to repeat once again. Our eyes met for a few seconds which spoke to each other in an unknown language. We also became aware about our bodies. Our bodies were boiled up. Unknowingly, I do not know why, but I became a bundle of shyness and blush. As I hurriedly tried to cover up my bosom and pubic area with the towel, he came near me, like a somnambulist.

All hell broke loose as he touched me and hugged me tightly keeping his face buried on my neck. I did not know if he was kissing or licking my neck, as both of us were in another world. When his searching mouth covered my lips, I came to my senses.

My hot breath was all over his face. His kisses were very soft but sensual. His hands were caressing all over my naked back.

The temperature generated inside me was so much that my wet body dried up in no time. He led me to the bed, still holding me close to him. He made me lay on the bed. He sat on the bedside, looking at and admiring my nude body for a long time. Slowly, He come closer and began to kiss my naked and sexy body from head to foot.

I moaned when his lips touched my rosy lips, my erected nipples and my inner thighs. I noticed that he was careful and was not touched my pussy in first attempt. He planted hot, sensual kisses on my forehead, on my eyes, on my nose, on my cheeks, on my lips, on my neck, on my armpits, on my breasts, on my erected nipples, on my navel, on my thighs and on my foot.

Then he began to lick my naked, beautiful and sexy body, again from head to foot. He made me lay facing down and kissed and licked my nape and back.

On completion, he turned me over and concentrated on the erotic zones of my sexy body. First he took my each lip into his mouth and began to suck first softly and later harder. Then, he took my tongue inside his mouth and sucked it hard. Next, he moved to my firm, protruding milky boobs. My boobs were fairly bigger than what he used to see, little heavy due to milk inside.

He wanted me to sit on bed and feed him milk like a baby. So, I squatted on the bed, keeping his head on my left hand rested on my lap. I held my left breast with my right hand and slowly thrust the nipple into his mouth. He took it inside in his mouth and began to suck it delicately.

He cupped my right breast with his left hand and began to play, fiddle and squeeze it while he continued to suck some breast milk from my other milky boob. Though my nipples were soft and tender, but they became firm and erect as he began to suck it. Due to his squeezing, the flesh of my milky breast seemed to spill out through the gaps in between his fingers and we both could notice my milk was dropping out of my boob.

After sometime, He exchanged with my other breast for his milk sucking. As he sucked, I kept MY upper body bent a little backward in extreme pleasure. My eyes were closed out of the pleasurable sensation while he sucked and squeezed my breasts. This went on for quite some time. Once both of us were satisfied, I satisfied with feeding him some of my breast milk and he satisfied with drinking some of my breast milk, he made me lay on my back on the bed again.

We both knew that the first right on my breast milk is of my new born son and he took a very small quantity of by breast milk. Now, his mouth was making its downward journey from my bosom. As his mouth touched my cleanly-shaven pussy, suddenly I arched my body a little with a shrill moan. His mouth probed my entire pussy with frequent hot kisses.

Occasionally, he rubbed his chin and cheeks on my pussy giving me a titillations and pleasurable sensations. Then he began licking it madly.

This made me squirm in bed in utmost ecstasy. He licked my entire pussy the way one licks off chocolate from the wrapper. Then he separated my outer and inner labia with his fingers. He found my clitoris, took it inside his mouth and began to suck it.

Ohhhh&hellip.aahhh&hellip. I released a wild shrill and yell out of extreme pleasure of ecstasy as he continued to suck my clitoris hard. After some time, I observed and could feel that my pussy became very hot, wet and secretions almost oozing and dripping out. He separated my vaginal walls and slowly inserted his tongue into my love-tunnel. He began to twist his tongue and licked the inner walls of my vagina in a wild way. This made me go out of my mind as I moaned and bounced on the bed involuntarily arching my body frequently.

I held his head with the hairs, pulling them apart and pressing his head very hard to my pussy encouraging him to suck more hard. I was enjoying myself by sucking and gulping my pussy juice by my husband, first time after my delivery. He seemed to be thirsty since a long time the way he was sucking my pussy, he was eager to quench his thirst. I think the more he sucked, the more juice my pussy secreted.

Sometimes, his sucking was so intense and hard, it made whistling sounds. And the wriggling of my body was so wild; I thought I may nearly topple out of the bed. Suddenly, He changed his mind. He lay on bed on his back and asked me to sit on near his face. I understood what he wanted. Mounting and sitting on his face, I separated my legs and thighs as widely as possible and thrust my pussy on his face and mouth. As my pussy found its way into his mouth, I closed my thighs covering his face in a suffocating manner.

As he began to suck, I bounced and jumped in sheer ecstasy and pleasure thrusting my pussy very hard onto his mouth. His sucking of my pussy continued for a long time and he became aware that my body was completely gripped with lust and libido.

I knew I could not sustain any longer and I wanted the real thing soon and fast. He observed the burning desires reflected in my eyes, understood my expressions and body language. I lay on my back keeping my legs and thighs widely apart and rose, inviting him to penetrate and bury himself inside my body.

Suddenly, I noticed that he was wearing all of his clothes and I am completely naked. We were so excited that we did not notice this. I stood up and began to undress him. Once he was fully nude like me, I observed his hot and erect cock curiously after a long time.

I was unable to restrain any more with the burning desires; I wanted him to make love to me soon. But, he was having different thing in his mind.

He mounted on me, but not exactly sitting on my body, taking care not to put any weight of his body on me. I pressed my boobs together with my hands. He inserted his cock in the cleavage, between the breasts and started making thrusts.

As always, I felt his cock very hot and rock-like. He continued to fuck my milky breasts. Then I caught his cock, placed its tip on one of my nipples and drew the outer skin of his cock to cover my nipple. He made delicate thrusts with his cock to my nipple. It looked as either my boob was milking his cock or his cock feeding my boob. We were getting pleasure, indeed. He made me lay on my back keeping my buttocks close to the edge of the bed.

he kept a soft pillow under my buttocks and widened my legs and thighs maximum possible apart keeping the toes resting on the bedside. Yeah, this position made my velvet pussy elevated and very much revealing. He placed himself between my legs and kept the head of his erect cock at the opening of my vagina.

My pussy was slightly palpitating and throbbing, welcoming the entry of his cock pronto. He made delicate thrusts and pushes. I reciprocated releasing soft erotic moans. As my pussy was already wet and juicy, his cock penetrated smoothly, inch-by-inch, inside. Once fully inside, he made slow thrusts then increased his force and speed.

I was fully enjoying his love and fuck thrusts. As the momentum gained up, in extreme pleasure, I locked his body with my legs tightly around his hips and bounced to give upward reciprocating thrusts to match his thrusts. I immersed in the ocean of sexual pleasure as I released wild shrills out of sheer ecstasy.

Each time, our thrusts were coinciding and his cock was driven fully inside my love-tunnel shaking my body. I moaned fiercely each time he entered me, swaying my head sideways releasing ecstatic moans. Every time his hot cock went deep inside my pussy, it made soft plushhhh.plushhh. .plushhh. sound. In utmost ecstasy, I moaned: "Oh.dear.fuck me more hard.faster. .deeper.

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Aaahhhh. ooohhhh. I am getting extreme pleasures.You are a marvelous lover.You always takes me to Heaven." He responded and really accelerated, his cock now working inside me like the piston of a steam-engine running at 1000 kilometers per hour.

He shook my body and the cot each time he entered and withdrew in quick succession. This went on for quite some time. He knew, I was about to reach climax as I made spasmodic movements and gyrations with my body, my vaginal muscles gripped his cock tightly crushing it inside my vagina.

He also enjoyed it and in another few seconds, I made a loud shrill and cry and went limp. Yeah, I attained orgasm. As I opened my eyes a little later, they reflected my fullest satisfaction, as always in fuck with my strong husband. He was still licking my pussy juice from my pussy as an After-play.

I knew, I reached up to my orgasm in fuck but as always, he takes a lot of time to cum and milking his cock is a hard work and I am proud of it. I was sitting on his body near his thighs keeping my legs folded backward at each side of his body. I held his cock with my right hand and with the help of my other hand; I slowly guided it into my pussy.

With a little pull and push, it went fully inside. Then, I speeded up with violent and vigorous thrusts sending his cock deep inside me. I was bouncing and jumping in the act. The pleasure was too much for me as I leaned my upper body backward keeping my hands at the back of my buttocks, as a support, so that I could thrust my pussy forward with more brutal force. While I fucked him this way, he cupped my boobs and squeezed them.

I was reaching the pinnacle of sexual pleasure and ecstasy once again in fuck. Later I bent forward, hugged and kissed him passionately on his mouth as I continued my onslaught of vigorous lovemaking with my pelvic in a crouching manner. While I did so, He lovingly caressed my back. In another few minutes, I reached my second climax of the night. But he was still to fire cum from his hot rod. I could notice from his movement that he was not far away from Cumming, I continuing to fuck him mounting him, without stopping after my orgasm.

It was too much for him to control now and he also burst out flooding my love-tunnel with his cock milk. We lay side by side and rested for some time.

I knew that it is not all over and there will be another round of fuck game. Infect, I too wanted to have more fuck. I was being fucked by my husband after a long time of about 4/5 months and both of us were thirsty for it.

We both wanted to fuck each other as much as possible. Both of us knew that our fuck game will continue till late night or early morning. He gets in between my legs. My bare pussy illuminated by the full light in the bed room was looking very delightful. His hot tool, the fucking instrument, his long, thick and strong cock always looks fantastic to me.

He rubbed his hand on my juicy pussy. He also rubbed my clit in circles with his finger. Soon, my clit was finding its way into his mouth; He sucked my clit, gently, massaging it with his tongue, circling it as well.


He sucked on it in a very sexy way. He knows very well that how to turn me on within no time. He inserted a finger in my pussy and started pumping it feverishly. He was licking around my love hole and my clit with his tongue and was savoring his lips and my sweet nectar.

His finger was continuing its motion, in and out and in again. My hot and sweet juices were coating his fingers and easing its slide into my pussy. I moaned and put my one hand on my own breast and enjoyed kneading it, pinching my nipple, result of which milk drops were started to come out of my boob. I was enjoying his action my naked sexy body by closing my eyes and was moaning in ecstasy. I was feeling that my next orgasm was approaching in my pussy. I started convulsing; my pussy was automatically tightening around his fingers.

I told him that I was about to cum and I started releasing my pussy juices on his fingers, shivering and shaking my sexy naked body. I took his fingers out of my pussy and licked them dry and have tasted my own pussy juices from his fingers. He got on top of me in 69 position. His hips were hovering on my head. I took his hot rod in my hands and took his hot tool, his long and thick cock in my mouth without any delay. I tasted his pre-cum and moaned with my mouth full of his prick.

His mouth started working on my bare pussy, taking my clit in his mouth again, licking it round and round. He continued spreading my legs and also my pussy lips with his hand. He licked and sucked my pussy. He gently bit on my clit, sucking it, licking around it, and my lips were working on his cock. He could be feeling my tongue licking the tip of his erected cock. We both continued playing with each other's sexy fuck tools for a long time. Now it was the time for a practical fuck game. I told him to lie down on the chair.

I came on top of him with my knees on either side of his legs. I lowered myself on his standing and saluting prick, taking his long cock in my pussy inch by inch. I was like dancing sitting on his long pole. Soon I had his entire long cock in my pussy. I felt my pussy stretched by accommodating his thick cock. I started moving up and down on his shaft by moving my ass.

Each time his cock filled my pussy entirely. I started moving faster and faster, up and down. I was moaning in excitement and in fuck pleasure.

My hands were on his chest for support, I moved my hips in circles on his cock looking at him deep in his eyes. I bit my bottom lip with my teeth in extreme pleasure and I resumed my up and down motions. My bare pussy was glistening with my own dripping juices.

I could feel that his balls were became sticky caused by my pussy juices. I moaned louder and louder, mmmmm? His large shaft was working well in my pussy, coming out and going in again. I liked the feeling of his moving cock in to my pussy.

I pinched his nipples in excitement and he reached up at my milky breasts and took them in his hands. He started kneading them, pinching my nipples in his hands as well. Again I noticed some milk drops on my nipples by his pinching and pressing my milky boobs. I leaned down on him and allowed him take over for further fucking.

He started pumping his cock in and out of me at a great speed. His hips just pumping up and down meeting mine with each of his stroke. My pussy juices were splashing every time his balls touched and knocked my ass. My lips were pressed against his and he was kissing me with all the passion of the moment and our tongues were playing with one another. I climbed off of him, in a daze, my legs barely able to keeping me up. He looked at my ass swaying from side to side as I walked over to the edge of the chair.

I pat on the end, touching my pussy. I bend down my ass towards him. He put my hands to my ankles and scoot back a little bit letting my ass into his face. He put his hands on my ass cheeks and parted them tenderly and immediately he noticed that my ass is fully ready for fucking duly cleaned. His hands on my ass were kneading it and parting it wider and wider.

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He probed his fingers into my pussy and my asshole, in both the holes together. He started to move his fingers in and out in both the pussy and ass hole.

I could feel him all the way inside both of my holes and my pussy juices started coating his fingers. I spread my legs to either side of him and started squatting over his hips. My hands were spreading my own round and firm ass cheeks. I took the head of his cock into my pussy and pushed my ass down and his cock traveled about two inches into my juicy pussy.

I pulled his cock back out of my pussy as my intention was only to make his cock wet with my pussy juices so that it will go in to my ass without much trouble. I reached out for his erected hot cock, took hold of it and pointed it to my ass open ass ready for fucking. I lowered myself slowly down sitting on his standing cock, pointed right on my ass hole.

He leaned back resting on his elbows and was watching my ass taking in his whole pole cock slowly slowly.


I put my hands on his hips and started rocking my hips from side to side allowing his hot cock glide in and out of my sexy, beautiful ass. I moaned and screamed feeling him deep inside of my ass. I was moving my hips up and down, harder and harder.

He moaned as he felt tight grip of my ass around his cock. I moved my hips in circles on his prick and was moaning harder. I continued moving up and down. Both of us were moaning in pleasure as we were experiencing this wonderful pleasure after a long time. My pussy was already fucked by him for a long time just before starting of my ass fucking and I was feeling myself very near to my orgasm. I started to rub my own clit with my own fingers in circular motions and I told him that I am about to reach.

He started pumping my ass with his hot tool with a great speed now and I was in heaven. I rubbed my clit feverishly in circles and my body tensed up, my thrusts on his cock intensified and my moaning got louder as my orgasm overcomes my body, making it shake and shiver throughout my limbs and pussy.

I got up and let his cock out of my satisfied ass. I turned around with a towel and wiped his dick off. I received multiple orgasm during his fucking and the latest I received by getting my ass fucked by him. His cock was looking like dancing in the air and it was the time to take my fucking husband up to his fucking destination and to make him cum for his fucking pleasure.

Without any delay, I started deep throating his cock immediately by taking his cock head in my mouth. It is impossible for me to take his entire shaft in my mouth, but I took as much as length of his long cock I could.

I saw his head bobbing up and down in sex pleasure I was providing him by sucking his cock. My hand started playing with his balls, rubbing his scrotum while I was sucking his cock head. I too enjoyed sucking his cock and I moaned with his cock in my mouth.

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His pre-cum released in my mouth by his cock was dancing on my taste buds. One of my hands moved on my pussy in excitement and I started rubbing my pussy and inserting a finger deep into my own pussy. My tongue was sticking out and licking from base to top of his shaft. His hands were behind my head holding me tight on his cock.

I was continuing licking his cock. His shaft was completely wet by my saliva and his pre-cum. He understood that I wanted his load of cum in my mouth. I started deep throating again his shaft disappearing as much as possible in between my lips. My hand was still on his balls playing with them. I was licking them and kissing them, taking them in my mouth while my fist moves up and down holding his shaft tightly. He leaned his head back and moaned hard in extreme pleasure.

I could feel that his cum started to boil within his balls. I could also feel that it starting to come up to his shaft. Suddenly, he met out a deep moan and I tightened my lips around the head of his dick. His cock started thickening in my mouth and started firing squirt after squirt of his cum shoots into my mouth. He smiled wide looking at me and I was swallowing his sweet juices.

We came to the bed again hugging and kissing each other, now a little tired and exhausted. He sat keeping his back resting on the side-rail of the bed, while I sat in front of him keeping my back resting on his chest and my legs and thighs separated.

His one hand was busy squeezing one of my boobs while his other hand played with my pussy. We were talking how we passed our time away from each other. He told me about how he used to masturbate holding and shaking his cock with his hands keeping me in mind. I told him that I did not do much because of my pregnancy and have told him about my lesbian sex game with my friend Angelina, just few days before my delivery when she visited me to shave my pregnant pussy.

We were talking for a long time and we went to sleep as we ware. I woke up in the morning by hearing crying of my son. I lifted him and cleaned him. I noticed that he was feeling hungry, and I was already naked since last night fucking with my husband. I took my son in my arms and put my naked boob's nipple in to his mouth and immediately, he started sucking my nipple. Last night, my milky boobs were sucked by his father and now he was sucking them.

He went sleeping again while sucking milk from my boob. May be he felt his stomach full. I lay him sleep on the bed again beside my husband's naked body.

He too woke up noticing some movement. He looked at his naked body and then he looked at my naked body.

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Both of us could not control our smile. We went to the bathroom. We stood under the running shower hugging and kissing each other. After both of us were fully drenched, He took me to the bathroom wall and kept me back leaned and resting on the wall, in doggy style. He widened my legs and thighs so that my pussy became visible to him from behind.

He inserted his hot long cock inside my pussy slowly. With a few pull and push, it went full inside of my pussy. He moved his right hand and caught the flexible shower, making it turned to spray water on our bodies. Then he started his real assault of his cock inside my pussy, sending his cock deep inside my pussy and started fucking me hard from behind. We always enjoyed lovemaking and fucking under the running shower. Within a few minutes, I attained orgasm and he kept his entire cock fully thrust inside my pussy deeply at that moment.

Once again, i sucked his cock and masturbated him under the shower to take him up to ejaculation. I took my morning drink from his cock. We came out of bathroom in hurry after taking the shower because my son started making noise as he woke up again.