I fuck my sister in pool

I fuck my sister in pool
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Frank's nuts ached; he had been in and out of at least ten porn parlors around Times Square and had spent upward of $40 on the video peeps. Now he was sitting in a nice cool bar with a martini in front of him deciding if he wanted to do it or not.

'What the hell.' He thought and turned the copy of the underground newspaper he had bought to the Transexual/Shemale section and began to read the ads, trying to decide which one to call first.

Frank had taken the opportunity of his wife being out of town to visit Manhattan and the porno parlors, telling himself that he wouldn't visit a shemale prostitute again. But the fever was in him and the martini was lowering his resistance.

'Of course I was going to do this, that's why I took all the money out of the bank.' He found an ad that looked appealing and retrieved a couple of quarters of the bar, and went to the phone in the back and called. No luck. Try the next one, again no answer, after all it was Sunday evening what did he expect. Finally on the tenth call he got an answer.

'Yes, she did in call' She gave him a cross street address, the usual pattern, and told him to call her from there for further directions. He gulped the last of his martini, poured the balance out of the carafe and downed that for good measure and was off.

The address was only about six blocks away, five up and one over, so no need for a cab. He hoofed it quickly, luckily it was September and not too warm. He found the phone she mentioned and called her again. She gave him the street number and apartment number and told him to call from the intercom outside and she would buzz him in to the apartment building.

Frank did as he was told, and was soon nervously riding up the elevator to the seventh floor. The building was well maintained, clean, no druggies hanging around, perhaps this choice wasn't so bad.

He arrived at the apartment and knocked softly. The door opened and a low toned voice asked: "Frank?" "Yes." He replied. "Come right in dear, I'm Shasta." Said the TS, and he was ushered in to a very nice apartment, well appointed, very neat and clean.

Shasta was taller than Frank by a good two inches, blond hair, dark brown eyes, and very well developed tits.

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"I hope you don't mind Frank, but my friend Tilda is visiting, you don't mind now do you?" Tilda was short and somewhat squat in shape, and could probably stand to loose a few pounds, short dark hair in a gamin cut, fine ivory skin, ample breasts, clad in a one piece jumper. "Ah no, whatever." Came Frank's nervous reply.

"Let's get the nasty old business out of the way first, the going rate is $100 for a half hour, $200 for a full hour and $500 hundred for an overnighter.

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Now before you decide let me show you something." Said Shasta, and she lifted her short skirt to reveal herself to Frank. "Oh my." Was all Frank could think to say as he viewed her charms. "I take it you like that part of me Frank, so what's it going to be hon?" "All night." Came Frank's reply. Shasta had what he wanted a long cock, at least nine inches, almost cone shaped it was small at the head but broadened out to and unbelievable width at her groin.

He fumbled out the money and handed it to the TS, who quickly placed it in the drawer of a coffee table. "Frank, why don't you sit on the couch and get acquainted with Tilly, while I get us some refreshments." Frank not thinking that much of it, but hoping the fat girl would leave sat down tentatively on the couch.

"Are you married Frank?" Asked Tilly. "Ah yes, I guess I am." "Just kinda have the urge now and then do you?" "Urge now and then, that is a good way to describe it." "You know Shasta wasn't expecting company tonight, that's why I am here, if you don't mind I'd like to stay." Frank was a little disappointed since he hadn't wanted an audience, but being a gentleman he assured her that she could stay.

At about this time Shasta returned with three glasses of wine, which she passed out then gave Frank and Tilly a small blue pill. "What is this?" Asked Frank politely, not wanting to seem unknowledgeable, still he wasn't into drugs. "Its Viagra Frank, it will help us all keep up all night, I took mine in the kitchen." Without hesitation Tilly swallowed her pill.

"What does Viagra do for you?" Frank asked Tilly. "Oh you will see, you will see." Tilly leaned forward and kissed Frank, she shrugged her jumper down so her breasts were exposed.

Meanwhile Shasta started working on Frank's trousers, which were soon off. Frank responding to the kiss was getting erect. Finally the kiss broke and Tilly leaned back.

"This is what the Viagra is for Frank." Tilly lifted her skirt to reveal a large cock between her legs. It was not as long as Shasta's but what it lacked in length it made up for in girth, it reminded Frank of the beef stick one buys at the mall. "Like it" "It is very impressive." Frank was more than impressed; he was in awe of the large cock.

It was the largest piece of meat he had ever seen, and the un-circumcised head seemed to wink at him and say: 'Come on down boy.' "Then get better acquainted with it." Replied Tilly as she held the cock up and pulled the foreskin back.

"Suck me Frank, suck my big clit." Tilly spread her legs and pushed Frank's head into her lap, he began to kiss and suck the large cock.

"Oh baby you have done this before haven't you, get down on your knees and eat me." Giggled Tilly. As Frank assumed the classic cock-eaters position between Tilly's legs Shasta had removed his trousers, shorts, shoes and socks so his ass was waving in the wind as he gobbled Tilly's large sausage like dick.

"Tilly and I figure a married man like you Frank can stick it in whenever he wants, but tonight you want it stuck in you." Said Shasta as she felt Frank's cock and balls. "You suck Tilly off and Shasta will do you from behind, this is going to be the ride of your life." Frank let go of the cock he was eating and started to get up.

"No I don't do that, it hurts too much." "Shush now Frank," Said Shasta as she pushed his head down on to Tilly's cock, "you know you want it in the ass, just take care of Tilly and I will take care of you. " Shasta began to lick and bite Frank's ass, all the time playing with his cock and balls. Then she concentrated on his rectum, licking and inserting her tongue until he started to relax and concentrated on the cock he was sucking.

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"Kiss my balls Frank, suck em honey." Ordered Tilly as she stroked his head. Frank licked the balls taking first one then the other in his mouth, enjoying the sensation of that and having his ass eaten. Then he felt Shasta's finger probing him, first one then two and he tried to relax. "Oh god that hurts, please don't." Said Frank as Shasta put her well lubed cock into him.

"Be quiet Frank, you can be a man at home tonight your going to be my girl, now I am going to fuck you like a little girl you want to be. When I am done Tilly will take a turn on you." Shasta drove all of her massive cock into Frank's rectum.


Frank groaned and tears came to his eyes as he felt the cock probing his guts. Tilly now had a firm grip on his head and was actively fucking his mouth. "Oh Frank, I'm going to cum, finish me off with your tongue." Sighed Tilly. Frank did as he was told and sucked the engorged cock until he got his reward and the cock spit in his mouth. Cum leaked out around his mouth and he continued to suck. Once the final contraction hit, Tilly grabbed his head and fucked his mouth.

Her cock was so large that it just about choked him. As he tasted Tilly cuming ins his mouth his ass took on a life of its own and began to pump Shasta's cock, at the same time he spontaneously dropped his load on the carpet. Meanwhile Shasta had gotten into a squat and was pounding out her orgasm on Frank's butt high and tight, she pounded so hard that he collapsed under the weight.

Finally she came and after a moment withdrew. They all rested for a moment catching their respective breaths. "Here Frank drink some wine and get the fish sauce taste out of your mouth." Said Shasta, as she removed the condom from her cock. Frank took a gulp of wine and it cleared his throat. "Frank would you like to clean me up dear." Shasta waggled her cock at his face and then reached out and drew him forward to suck here.

"Fair is fair, you sucked off my guest, now suck me off." Frank went ahead and sucked Shasta off, and while he was so engaged, Tilly got her second hard-on and after donning a condom mounted him from behind. She was so large that he had several small tears in his rectum after she got through fucking him.

Later they laid Frank out with his head over the end of the sofa and took turns fucking his throat. All in all they fucked Frank four times, as much out of the effects of Viagra as anything else. He sucked them off three times, not including a long bout of annilingus on each of the girls, while the other fucked his ass. Monday came and Frank could barely walk. Not only were there several tears in his rectum, he had several sprained tendons in his legs from being spread so wide for his fucking's.

He had gotten Tilly's phone number and promised to call. She was not a hooker, but rather a shemale that was passing and had a good job a bookkeeper at a trucking firm. By Wednesday Frank was feeling better and he called Tilly and invited her out for a drink. She gave him the address of a club on 43rd St and promised to meet him there at 6 PM.

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Frank got there early and ordered a beer. He had read of this place in the underground newspapers, it was a hangout for those of dubious gender. There were signs on the walls of the restrooms warning patrons not to grope one another. With his wife still out of town Frank had the whole evening free, but he also knew he had to get some work done, as he had pretty much goofed off Monday and Tuesday while his orifices healed.

He had been giving a great deal of thought to the fact that he had ejaculated from having a dick in his ass and when a cock spit in his mouth. He had to make some serious decisions here. Six o'clock came and so did Tilly. She got him to leave the bar and move to a booth where Frank bought her a beer.


There wasn't much of a happy hour crowd, specialty bars like this don't really start coming alive until well after 9 PM. With no crowd and only a bit of noise from the jukebox they began to get acquainted. Tilly told him of her life, he decision to live as a woman, her operations to feminize herself. While she hung out with Shasta from time to time, she had never hooked, and instead only bedded those she liked. There was she told him a large underground of shemales like her in NYC, not transsexuals but shemales.

"I have no desire to get rid of my cock or my balls Frank, but I love dressing and living as a women." Frank filled his background, married, two children, good job, ete. etc. In the past more or less what he had done was 'queer-out' if he couldn't get a woman, he would settle for a man.

Then he discovered shemales, and he was lost to them, they had the just the right combination of femininity to assuage any misgivings he might have about sucking a cock or taking it up the ass. Now he was loosing interest in his wife. He went on to tell Tilly that Sunday had been the best sex of his life, and the most satisfying. "No one touched my dick or balls, but they responded to Shasta, and to you Tilly.

When you came in my mouth they just let go." "That's so sweet Frankie, just talking like that is getting me all excited." Tilly took his hand under the table and placed it under her skirt so he could feel her cock. The cock jumped when he touched, Frankie lost control and came in his pants he was so excited. Frank excused himself and went to the men's room to clean out his drawers. When he returned Tilly told him she had to make it an early night since she had to work then next day, and said she would take a cab to her Greenwich Village Apartment.

"I can't let a lady take a cab, my car is on the lot right over on 42nd and 8th let me drive you home." "To bad you still sore Frank otherwise after you drive me home I could drive it home in you." "Yes, but I am just beginning to walk without pain." Said Frank as he left the tip and headed for the door. The ride downtown was uneventful; Tilly jerked Frank off as he drove, which did nothing for his concentration on not running over pedestrians that were jaywalking.

When he pulled up in front of her brownstone they necked for a while and he fondled her marvelous instrument. Finally they broke Tilly invited him to come down Saturday and take a tour of the Village.

So another date was set. Frank arrived Saturday at 11 AM and true to her word Tilly took him on a walking tour of Greenwich Village. The sights and people amazed Frank who could not distinguish between unisex couples male and female and hetro couples.

They stopped for a pretzel from a sidewalk vendor and lunched on kosher hotdogs. Finally at about three they returned to Tilly's efficiency apartment. With a glass of soda apiece Tilly said: "Lets play dress up Frank, then have a sort of coming out for you. We'll hit a couple of bars for Saturday happy hour and put you on display." "I'm not sure I follow you." "Trust me Frank, I'm going to fix you up as Francis, or Frannie, lets see if you can pass a little while." "Okay I guess, fat chance of my running anyone I know down here." "Right, and like Shasta said you want to be a girl at least for a while and do girlish things, so lets have you dress the part, let me get my make up." Frank's hair was stylishly long so Tilly didn't think he needed a wig, she just puffed it up in a more feminine manner.

Then she applied a depilatory to his face; luckily he was fair and didn't have a heavy beard. Once the twenty minutes was up Tilly washed him off and Frank's face was smooth as a baby's bottom.

Then she went to work, modest eyebrow plucking, foundation, lip-gloss and sealer, then a white strip down the center of his nose to de-emphasize its masculine size. "If you ever change and want to become Francis full time the first thing you have to do is get a nose job. Since you seem to like being the fem, hormones would give you nice tits, it does keep your dick soft, but you can still ejaculate." "I'll keep that in mind." Said Frank who was enjoying all the pampering.

Tilly had him strip to his shorts then she shaved his legs with an electric razor, then a light coat of leg makeup. "Just about done there Francis, or would you prefer Frannie." "I think I'd really like to be Francis tonight." "Okay, now put, now take off your shorts and put these on." Tilly handed him a pair of cutoffs jeans that barely covered his cock and balls. "At these get togethers, no shorts, or panties, it lets interested parties know your available, sort of free advertising." Tilly finished off the ensemble on Frank with a white blouse tied in the middle, leaving him with a bare midriff.

"There you go Francis, take a look in the mirror, oops almost forgot your nails." Quickly Tilly did his nails in a blood red. Frank walked over to view himself in the full-length mirror and was amazed at the transformation. "Well at least I don't look like a truck driver in drag." "I'd like you even if you did Francis, now some high healed shoes to give you a nice wiggle and we will go trip the light fantastics." Tilly found a pair of two-inch heels that fit and had Frank practice walking around the apartment.

"Until you learn a bit more, try not to talk too much tonight, but if you do, keep you voice up in your throat." "Suddenly I'm scared." Lisped Frank. "Don't be, the girl in you has got to come out sometime, tonight's as good a time as any. Don't drink too much and we will leave if you start feeling too uncomfortable. Tilly will be right here with you to guide you along, now I need to freshen my make up." Tilly went ahead and touched herself up.

Then removed her panties and put on a fresh jumper. The head of her cock peaked out just a bit below the hemline.

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"Like the look Francis?" She grinned at him. "Yes very much, its kind of inviting me to get down and my knees." "Later dear, later. Ready?" "Yes, but hold my hand I am so nervous." "All good little girls are nervous at first, wait till everyone gets a load of my new bitch." Off they went with Frank having a death grip on Tilly's hand, as much out of fear of falling off her shoes as for his drag. "There will be a big afternoon crowd here Francis, left over from shopping and exploring, that will slowly melt into the evening crowd.

Lots of people here will be looking to get laid or blown, so a couple of words of advice from someone that has been around the track a few times.

One, stick to wine spritzers, keep your wits about you, you wanna get blasted we will do it back at the apartment. Two, don't take any pills from anyone, this is New York, the Big Apple every screw loose in the world gravitates here soon or later, you could wind up orbiting around Jupiter." "Okay dear, I'll just stick close to you." Lisped Frank.

"That's good Francis just a little higher, you'll have every fag chaser in the place trying to hop on your buns." "Gee do you think so, I wish I had better tits." "Fuck, I've seen fashion models with smaller tits than you have.

Just take it one step at a time, here we are." Said Tilly as the walked into a glass fronted old fashion bar. It was just about packed and quite a few people seemed rip roaring drunk. Tilly seemed to know quite a few in the crowd and introduced Frank as Francis her new protégée. "Girls." Screamed someone that pushed her way through the crowd; it was Shasta the shemale hooker.

"Hi, Shasta, taking the evening off I see, slumming down here in the village from up town." Grinned Tilly as they pecked each other on the cheek. "And who may I ask is this tender young piece?" Scanning Frank up and down.

"You really don't recognize him? This is Frank your client that you fucked silly last Sunday." Responded Tilly. "My but aren't you just bitching, good drag, I'd have never known." Said an astonished Shasta.

"Going all the way are we?" "I don't know yet, but so far I really like this." Frank replied in his best lisp. "Keep working on the voice kiddo, that'll voice will get you a couple of yards of cock up your ass." Said Shasta with a smile.

They stood and chatted, as Frank looked over the crowd. It was at times pretty hard to tell who was who, there were shemales, transsexuals, twinks, lesbians, bull dykes and a couple of members of the Dykes on Bikes that were down right scary in their full colors. An occasional hand brushed against his crotch as the owner of the hand walked by. Several individuals tried to chat him up, and tried to be as responsive as possible with out getting embarrassed. Many of the patrons were dressed as he and Tilly were, that is their sex plainly visible either under very short skirts or cutoffs.

This made choosing the gender your were interested in easy, since one could become very confused quickly here. A constant stream of local's greeted Tilly and made inquiries about her new bitch.

Most were just friendly how are you, some were really interested. Tilly finally got caught up with Shasta's week. Shasta disappeared into the crowd looking for some excitement on her night off. Turning to Frank, Tilly asked: "Are you getting over your embarrassment." "Yes, still a little nervous but I am having the time of my life, it feels right to me, like I have come home." "Well you have stirred up a lot of interest, wanna dance, there's a slow one on and the crowd is thinning." "I give it try, but who leads?" "We will figure that out as we go a long." Said Tilly as she led him to the dance floor.

The number was a slow oldie they clinched and swayed to the music. "Lots of interest in you Francis." Whispered Tilly into his ear. "Yes, its been and education, I've been goosed six times, offered free rides and one guy in a suit told me my lips were made for fellatio." "Well you wanted a social life." Grinned Tilly.

"I can feel your cock Tilly, how about we get out of here and see if my lips were really designed for fellatio." Murmured Frank as he hardened from the dancing. "Don't do that Francis, I'll get a hard on and we will have to stay on the dance floor till it goes down." "Speaking of going down, lets go soon." "One more drink and we will go, then I'll try out your lips.

I think I have created a monster here." "No, not a monster, just someone that has found their place." "And what would that place be?" "Under you." "I told you cut that out, your giving me a stiffy, my skirts going to look like a camping tent in a minute." Frank just giggled; he was getting more and more into the mood.

They danced a couple of more times, Shasta stopped back with a young red hair boy in tow, no more than twenty one or two and bought them another round, so by the time the girls left it was 10:30.

They both shivered as they stepped out into cool autumn air. "We should have brought a sweater." Said Tilly. "Yes, I'm kind of sweaty." Replied Frank as they walked hand in hand towards Tilly's apartment. "So what did you think of your first night in drag?" "It was delicious, I felt really at home for the first time in my life, thank you for taking me and showing me off." "Oh no thanks are necessary, I enjoyed doing it." "I want to stay like this." "In drag you mean." "That's it, bring out the women in me, I'm going to leave my wife." "Drastic step, are you sure." "Its unfair to her to keep myself hidden any more, it's a sham, she deserves better, and I found tonight where it is I belong.

She doesn't repulse me; she just doesn't interest me in that way anymore, this last week with you has been a revelation. I'm going to be Francis from now on." "Have you worked out how far you are going to go?" "No, I guess just like this for the time being, you know Saturday night drag.

Have to keep my job. But what I really think I want first is collagen injections in my lips, I want them nice and puffy and cunt like so you will want me to blow you all the time." "I want you right now Francis." "Do you really think my lips were made for fellatio?" "Yes they were." Tilly stopped and drew Frank to her and kissed him, they explored each other's mouths, and by the time they broke both were breathing hard.

"I like your face all nice and soft." Whispered Tilly in his ear." "I do too, can I keep it like this." "Sure, now lets get back to the apartment so we can get it on." They hurried the remaining distance to the apartment, both anxious to get at the other. Up the stoop in the front door they went. "I have to pee, and have something special to put on for you Francis, just one light is all we need." Tilly disappeared into the bath, then the unmistakable sounds of a satisfying urinination filled the quiet apartment.

(When writing stories of this sort, it is always a problem referring to the proper gender. Tilly is referred to throughout as feminine, at this point since Frank has decide to reveal his inner woman, he will be referred to as a she.) Francis gasped audibly as Tilly emerged from the bath.

She was naked from the waist down revealing her long thick cock; she still had on her high heels though, which caused her cock to swing like a pendulum as she walked towards Francis. She had put on a black tank top in which had emblazoned on it in silver letters: 'BOYS SUCK'. "Like?" Asked Tilly. "Love it, you really know how to turn a girl on don't you." "I should hope so." Tilly grabbed Francis and they kissed passionately.

her hands got busy and soon she had the cutoffs down freeing the cock underneath. She pulled their two cocks together and slowly massaging them as they kissed.

They broke, coming up for air. "That feels wonderful Tilly." Francis whispered as she lightly bit Tilly's neck. "When I do this its sort of hard to tell which cock belongs to who isn't it?" "No tonight your cock belongs to me. Do you really think my tits are okay?" "Mmmm yes, let me suck them and I'll show you." Replied Tilly as she lifted Francis blouse and began to suck and bite the nipples revealed. "Yessss, yesss, that has me quivering all over, bite them." Encouraged Francis.

After exploring Francis's nipples until she they hardened in her mouth, Tilly straightened and whispered in Francis ear: "Someone mentioned fellatio, its time." She then put her hands on Francis shoulders and gently pushed downward.

Francis went to her knees and took the waiting erection into here mouth; with her hand she massaged the balls hanging down. "Pull the skin back Francis, I like to have my suckers rim me, its feels so good and is so sensitive there." Francis slid the foreskin back and with just the head in her mouth ran her tongue over the edges; Tilly shivered, and got harder.

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Tilly tried not to buck, Francis mouth felt so good, she wanted to grab the head that was eating her and ram the cock down her throat. Francis was going at it full bore, one hand massaging Tillys balls, the other holding the massive cock in her mouth her tongue rimming the flared head.

Francis could taste the leakage from the cock she removed her head while continuing the hand action, looking up pleadingly at Tilly she said: "I want to be your bitch Tilly, I want to be your girl, fuck me please." She rolled onto her back pulling Tilly with her and raised her legs. "Are you sure dear, it hurt you last time." "Hurt me again, I want you to hurt me, the pain is so delicious, I want to feel you inside me. Ride me, ride me bareback, make me bleed." Whispered Francis. Tilly worked her cock into Francis rectum and fucked her.

It was hard on both of them, no lubricant; they loved every second of it. Tilly embraced Francis and kissed her as they fucked, trapping Francis cock between them.

Finally Tilly started to cum, she broke the kiss and ran her tongue into Francis ear whispering: "I'm coming lover, fuck harder." She then clamped her teeth down on Francis neck.

Francis ass went into high gear pumping Tilly's cock until she ejaculated into him and held him solidly as her fluid went into him. Francis cock went off too, between the two bodies. They lay locked together in this fashion for several minutes. Tilly started to soften and withdrew rolling onto her side on the carpet beside Francis. "You are good Francis, you can stay a girl." "It was good for you." "You know it kid, really super." "My tits are okay then?" "They are fine." "Lips, my lips really were meant fellatio then?" "Yes, they were, they fit my cock perfectly, you are a born cocksucker." "Good, I am so unsure of myself at this point I need lots of reassurance." "That's just your girlish nature coming out, you'll get better as time goes on, meanwhile I am a mess." "I'm sorry, it's all my fault." "Relax dear, I like mess." "Here let me clean you up." "Are you sure, it is really a mess." "I like messes too." Francis reversed herself and worked her way down Tilly's body.

Sucking her tits till the were hard, then she licked the belly clean of her own cum, then she took the head of semi erect cock in her mouth and began to suck it again.

Tilly moved Francis hips so she was exposed: "I like cocks to dear." With that she commenced to make love to Francis cock with her mouth, licking, squeezing and finally taking it down her throat. Francis looked up for turning slightly she said: "I won't be satisfied until I can swallow you entirely, I want the entire thing in my throat." That sort of set Tilly off and they went to work on one another in the 69 position; fucking each other's mouths until the both came. After a long period of post coital playing, Francis moved into Tilly's arms and they kissed again.

"I can taste myself in your mouth lover." She said. "Hmmmm, yes it tastes so good doesn't it, you can taste our love making." Murmured Tilly. "I love you Tilly." "Its too soon for that dear, you don't know your own mind yet. Just be happy with tonight." "Do you know what would make me really happy?" "What." "If I were to lay on my stomach and you were to see just how deep you could get in me." "You're a little slut puppy aren't you." "I don't know about that but I do want you inside me again, fuck me please Tilly, do me again." The talk had gotten Tilly excited again so when Francis rolled onto her stomach, Tilly had no problem driving her cock home deeply and continuously while Francis screamed with pleasure and pain.

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Because it was her third time it took Tilly forever to cum, with Francis ass pumping her for all it was worth. They sort of collapsed and awoke the next morning in almost the same position. After a shower they went out for breakfast of bagels, and came back to the apartment. Francis had to get back upstate, so she gave Tilly one more blowjob after being reassured that her lips were perfect for the task of cock sucking. EPILOGUE: Francis (Frank)'s wife did not take the news well. No one likes to be told that their spouse prefers someone else, and worse of the same gender.

She cried screamed and told Frank that the kids probably weren't really his. Frank's wife went a little crazy over the next year fucking anything in pants that could raise a hard-on and blowing anyone that couldn't. She finally realized that she had to change when she found she was sucking off the 15-year-old paperboy that had come to collect for the paper.

She calmed down and married a nice real estate salesman. Francis got his collagen injections and hormones. The hormones changed the appearance by increasing her breast size, giving her a nice ass, a bonus. The collagen kept her lips full and gave everyone of that persuasion a hard-on when she went out in drag. The hormones did remove her ability to get an erection, which was no big deal, since she could cum from being fucked, or when sucking Tilly.

The two, Tilly and Francis became an item, and lived together. If you go to the village on a Saturday night visit the drag bars, you will probably see them. Francis in cutoffs, and Tilly with her short skirt with just a hint of cock head peeking out at you.