Old man fucks teen girl hard more years of pipe for this fantastic brunette

Old man fucks teen girl hard more years of pipe for this fantastic brunette
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I came home from the office to find a tumbler with a generous serving of scotch on the kitchen table. An envelope and a black silk scarf had been placed next to it. I smirked as I picked up the note. Who would be pulling this sexytime stunt. A couple of months ago I was out at a bar in LA with Heather when she flashed me strategically, her recent purchase; crotchless panties that showcased the lips of her pussy.

Unwilling to wait until they got home, I fucked her in the car the instant their drinks were consumed. The note's instructions said to enjoy my favorite scotch before entering the living room. I was then to sit in the chair she had placed in the middle of the floor. I picked up the tumbler, inhaling the sharp scent of the alcohol before pressing the glass to my lips. I could only imagine what was up. Currently I dream about Heather most nights and awake with a burning lust consuming me.

We have met once, yet we talk every day and have sent many intimate pictures to each other. I save all her pictures in my phone and can't help but rub my cock every time I see her pictures. I want her so bad it hurts. I am anxiously waiting to see who is surprising me tonight. Finally, I see Heather standing in the door way, dressed in black lacy negligee. I'm already so hot my cock is growing hard and throbbing.

" Don't worry baby, I can help you with that," I whisper to her as she comes closer. Heather can't speak as I take her hand and take the opportunity to pin her against the wall and kiss her. Heather moans into my mouth and wraps her arms around me, sliding them down and squeezing her hot ass. We pause only to sit down on the coach. Our tongues collide and massage each other, teasing, tasting, wanting.

I slide my hand down to her breast and start to tease her nipple and she groans " oh god." She is so close to cumming already. She has been waiting for this so long and her body is oversensitive to my touch. I chuckle at her wantonness and she feels my hard cock pressing into her stomach. " I want to taste that beautiful cock," She tells me breathlessly. " Get down on your knees and beg for it, you know I like it when you beg," is my reply.

Instantly Heather is on her knees ready to worship every part of my body. I know she likes to beg for it. I know how hot and wet Heather is right now. She wants to be mine more than anything else. " Please let me taste you, I want your cock more than anything.

I will do anything;" licking her lips now, " I want your hot cum in my mouth. I want to lick you clean. Choke me with your beautiful cock. Please, pretty please can I taste you?" I start to unzip my pants and my hard thick cock springs out at her, begging for attention. Her eyes filled with lust as she flicks her tongue out ready for the first taste.

She licks the tip, tasting the pre-cum I have waiting for her. Groaning, she licks along my shaft making it nice and wet for the face fucking I'm about to give her. She looks up into my eyes and I smile at her. She knows I'm ready. I grab her hair and pull her head towards me, sinking my cock deep into her throat.

Heather starts to choke and can't breathe well, we both know that will pass. I allow her a minute to get use to my size and to allow her gag reflex to relax.

I can tell when she is ready and I start to pump my cock into her mouth, her throat, faster and harder. Face fucking her is really turning her on and she can't help herself as she begins to cum.

Heather feels my cock grow inside her mouth and she struggle to swallow all of the seed I spill inside her, wanting to taste every little bit. My essence is her nectar of life and she can't get enough. " You really are a wanton little slut aren't you?


You came without even being touched," I say to me with a naughty smile. " Only for you," She moans. " I would do anything for you." I start to undress her, bending to suckle and tease her sensitive nipples.

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I know she can't take much of this without being restrained. Heather is already trying to pull away from the onslaught of stimuli overload. I push her up against the wall and pushing her arms up above her head. Heather starts to blush as she realizes how well I know her already even though this is our second meeting.

I slide my hand into her panties, feeling her wetness, her passion for me. I continue to undress her and suddenly she is completely naked before me and her body is humming in expectation.

Heather hopes I see the desire burning inside her. She wants only me, for as long as she can have me. I cup my hand against her pussy, her delicate clit, and start to rub in long hard strokes. Heather is squirming and trying hard not to cum again so quickly. She wants everything to be perfect for me. Suddenly my hand is off her pussy and before she can react I'm pinching both of her nipples hard and rolling them between my fingers.

My orgasm rips through me as she screams my name. " OH JOHN.OH GOD JOHN." " I'm not done with you yet, we have all night to make this last," I say to her, looking into her eyes. I pull her arms down from above her head and lay her onto the carpet. She tries to get a hold of herself.

She is shaking from the orgasm I gave her. I lay next to her and kiss her neck as she reachs out for my cock, hard as ever and waiting for her. I know she wants to feel it inside her, filling her up with a burning intensity.

" Please fuck me," Heather whimpers. " I want you inside me now." My eyes go dark and I groan, " I love it when you say please, when you beg for my cock." Heather is on her back with me above her, our eyes locked together in passion. She feels the tip of my hard long thick cock trying to push into her. I'm trying not to hurt her, she wants me to claim her as mine.

Heather puts her arms around me and pulls me into her hard. The tightness of her pussy has me ready to cum, I hold back. Her pussy is aching to accommodate my size and she feels like I will rip her in two. Heather does not care. She loves the way I fill her up, I groan " Oh Heather, I love your tight pussy," starting to pump in and out of her, her lips holding tightly to my cock with each stroke.

Heather wraps her legs around me and meets my thrust for thrust as hard as she can. She wants to feel me as deep as she can inside her. She wants my cum to fill her full and drip down her thighs when we are done.

My thumb finds her hard clit and I start to rub her sensitive little bud making her cry out and beg for more. " Oh God.John.Fuck Me.Fuck Me." My mouth is suddenly on her breast and I nibble and then pull on it with my teeth as my other hand squeezes and teases her other nipple. She feels the building orgasm as it starts to come in waves.

She thinks she may pass out from this overload on her senses. As she hits her peak she starts to shake and whimper my name. " aaaah.john.aaaaahhhh.john.mmmmmmmmm." I continue slamming into her as she is turning into a molten mass beneath me. Suddenly, she feels me growing harder inside her and she feels my cock throbbing and jerking wildly as my hot cum is coating her deep inside.

Her orgasm explodes into something she has never felt before and she can't help but cry out. Tears are running down her face and she is shaking uncontrollably.


Heather can't stop cumming. I pull her close and kiss her. " I love that cock," She half whispers, half moans." " John.I want you to fuck my ass." Heather whispers.

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I knew this was going to be challenging, though Heather had decided she really wanted to try and experience some new sensations. I look at the vision before me and sigh, I was such a lucky man. I could not get enough of such a sexy woman, and we had talked jokingly about this for so long.

Heather knelt down on the floor in front of me, perfect firm naked ass stuck high in the air. I was about to play with, her firm ass cheeks. We both knew that this was just the warm up this time, and her flooded pussy was going to be stretched again before the night was finished.

I knew I needed to take it slow and at Heather's pace, heed any requests, so she fully enjoys the new sensations. I slowly dribble a light oil onto her upturned cheeks. The silky feel of her flesh under my hands was divine.

I begin to work the oil around, massaging her ass cheeks back, forward around, in and out, working the muscles under my fingers and slowly easing her cheeks around. Heather groaning her pleasure as I work on her gorgeous ass. Her rear hole is so tight, puckered and inviting, and oil is dribbling around it for now I stay clear.

Slowly my hands stray onto the tops of her thighs, working around the flesh, in between and close to her smooth pussy so recently plundered by my cock. Back and forth, oily hands sliding easily over the smooth flesh now working in towards the tight hole for the first time. Lightly touching it, oil trickling around and down, teasing gently the flesh around it, tracing my fingers down below and on towards her pussy before coming back to rub around the tight ring again.

Finally stopping and gently easing the tip, just the tip, of a slick, oily finger into the tight ring of muscle. Heather shuddering and I stop, Heather whispers, " Its fine, please, go on. " so I resume my progress. More oil, the slickness helping the single digit ease a little further in until it is up to the first knuckle.

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Pulling it in and out a little I work on making the entrance to her ass just a little more easy, before working the oily finger a little further. Now I feel the tightness of her virgin ass as my finger slowly works in and out of her ass, sinking further and further, gently penetrating her and filling her up.

Heathers's breathing is shallow as she struggles to accommodate this, to enjoy this and I lean over and whisper my question, " Still OK?". She nods, smiling, and mouths, " Better than I thought. so far. you better not stop now." I take her at her word, and begin easing my finger slowly in and out of her now slick ass. More oil and the finger slids easily into her tight tube, bringing groans from Heather, but not of pain or distress, so I work my finger further in until I was using the full length, sliding it around in her tight asshole and working the ring of muscle at the entrance.

Taking plenty of time and oil, her ass iss now taking my finger easily, and unconsciously Heather is starting to rock her hips slightly to make full use of its short length. After a minutes I ease the single finger out to its tip, then sit the tip of a second finger alongside the first and gently push at the well lubricated entrance to her ass. Heather squeals a little as the tips of two fingers widen her ass a little more than before, breathing heavily and settling back on her elbows.

With my free hand I work her cheeks again, all the time slipping the tips of two fingers in and out of her. I dip the fingers of my other hand between her fantastic thighs and along her pussy lips. They were soaking, parted and leaking her honey in a heady mix with my own cum from earlier. Her parted pussy lips are engorged with blood as her excitement is still high, so I concentrate on the new sensations, and using plenty of oil again working two fingers in to the first knuckle.


In and out these two digits went and slowly but they work a little further in, stretching the muscles of her pert ass and accommodating my fingers more and more easily. Her ass feels slick and tight, ready for my next trick, ready for something a little longer.Heather's ass glistens with the oil liberally spread across it, her cheeks taut and spread as my two fingers work steadily in and out and increasing their penetration of her ass.

Finally the two are embedded in her as far as the first one and Heather is beginning to pant a little as I work the oil onto my fingers and steadily fuck her ass with them.

For her part she works back and forth onto my fingers, reaching under herself to tickle her pussy with one hand as her ass takes my fingers more easily. I lean forward and stroke her left nipple lightly as I whisper, " More?? Are you ready??" Heather flinchs as my fingers pull gently at her erect nub of flesh, her nipple betraying her aroused state. She just nods.

I stop my playing with her nipple and ease the fingers to the entrance to her slick ass. As my fingers leave I slip the first, small bead past the ring of muscles, lodging it just inside her.

Tugging on it, feeling the pull as it stays inside her, I fed the second, ever-so-slightly larger ball in and the first went deeper. Heather grunts a little as I fed the third one in, again a slightly larger bead, and now her sexy butt has three beads filling it, each one slightly bigger than the other but none of them as wide as the two fingers she had so recently accommodated.

I tug at the beads, widening her anus a little with the last bead, then letting it slide back. Again and again, just playing the muscles at the tight opening of her perfect butt, the sheen of the oil on her tight cheeks making the whole of her ass glisten in the light.

Finally, letting the third one settle back I ease the next one. Heather gasps, " No. ooohh. nernoooo. oh god. yes." as the fourth bead, larger still, pops into her increasingly full ass.

The fifth one is easy, Heather expecting it now as the widest bead she has taken slids easily home. I roll her cheeks around leaving the beads in place. There is more, two more, these will wait for another time as the length of the string and the width of the last two might spoil what is clearly a good feeling.

Heather is groaning beneath me as I play with her cheeks, pulling them apart, pushing them close, fondling the firm, shiny flesh and enjoying the sensations under my fingers. Sliding a finger down between her cheeks, past the fullness of her ass onto the flesh between her ass and pussy then finally, dipping between overflowing pussy lips. As I touch her clit. Heather explodes, falling a little forward, as the sensations overcome her.As her orgasm takes hold I start to tug the beads from her ass, knowing the sensation of these easing out will heighten her feelings.

Her orgasm seems to go on for ages, as each of the five beads are popping out of her well oiled ass. As the last one comes out Heather shudders, the last throes of her climax over. I use a little more oil and gently stroke her cheeks, thighs and back working the muscles again, lightly touching the flesh and easing her back down from her high.

I look over this incredibly sexy woman and take in her ass cheeks, the recently plundered rear hole still a little wider and shining with all the oil used. Her long firm legs covered in oil glistening. Her full, ripe breasts naked, her aroused nipples erect and prominent without much playing. Heather is looking back at me as I smooth my hands around her body, working again on her ass, opening and closing her cheeks and getting it ready for the first time to night.

" Thank you, that was so much better than I expected.", she whispers, " I think I would like to do something similar again some time!" " Good, I have one more surprise for you now, one which I hope you will like and I know I will." I reach to the side and find the small, starter butt plug.

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Flexible silicone base, it was only about 5 inches long and not too wide, a little wider than the last bead. The conical shape is lightly ridge, and I oil it up before inserting just the tip into her waiting ass. Heather didn't flinch this time, easing back as if to try to suck it in more quickly.

Toying with her ass, teasing it, sliding the tip in and out, fucking her ass with the plug slowly, ever so slow I was working more and more of it into Heather. As she realises what is going on she looks back at me, raising her eyebrows in question.

I nod, knowing she is asking me if I thought she is able to take it. She will, and I coat the last inch, the widest part, with a little more oil before turning it slowly around and putting a little more pressure on. Heather's breathing quickens, she holds still as the widest part stretchs her anal muscles a little more than before, then finally it pops in and the flange of the plug nestles sexily between her glorious ass cheeks.

Heather wiggles her ass at me, pleased she has taken it all and seemingly enjoying the sensation of having her ass full. I'm now ready myself, and my cock is back to full hardness after its earlier exploits. Oiling it a little, I start to play with Heather's pussy lips from behind, sliding my finger up and down without penetrating, all the while collecting her glorious juices on my finger.

Reaching forward I let her taste some, licking my finger clean as if giving my cock a seriously sexy blow job. I edge forward on the floor positioning the head of my cock, then slid it up and down between those pussy lips again. Heather realises what is about to happen, and looks startled, I press gently forward before she can scoot away. An inch of my cock finds its way easily between her lips and into her waiting pussy. God this feels tight, the constriction given by her full ass was playing havoc with my cock, already teasingly close on the sensations alone.

Heather relaxs, and I slid a little further in, feeling the plug as I did so.

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Her pussy is tighter than earlier, and the pressure on my cock is greater as I work slowly in and out, penetrating deeper each time. Finally I fill her completely again, and Heather presses back to make sure before squealing surprise as the motion pushes me onto the flange of the plug.

The plug and my cock move inside her, I feel Heather tense and shudder with a mini orgasm at the unexpected nature of this. Slowly I pull out a little before thrusting gently back in. Each inward thrust ends with a push on the plug, driving it into her ass as her pussy is stuffed full of my cock. Heather is writhing now, and I strive to hold onto her back, her waist, her hips, as I reach a steady rhythm, gently pounding away at her pussy and hitting her plug-filled ass with each thrust inward.

Finally I feel I was getting close to my own orgasm and I speed up, Heather responding by thrusting back to meet me and reaching under us both to flick at her clit as she hits an enormous orgasm. She clenchs hard around my cock and the plug as the waves sweep through her, and I can't stop. Finally I cum, spurt after spurt of my cum filling her tight pussy, her gorgeously full pussy as I pulse time and again into her waiting folds.

Finally we collapse, my cock embedded in her pussy, the plug pushing against me and her as I lay on her back, stroking her neck and whispering, " Fantastic, that was amazing, you were amazing.

I came so hard, and you seemed to like it too??" I was checking Heather was OK with what had gone on, I needn't have worried.

She turns and smiles, nodding in agreement and said, " Mmm, I can't remember ever being so full. but do you think I could be fuller??" " Yes, next time I will fuck your ass with my cock." I whisper to her. I smile at all the things we have talked about and haven't tried yet. She can't wait until our next meeting, already trying to map out how long she will have to wait for me. She is hoping I don't make her wait too long. We get cleaned up, put our clothes back on.

Heather wishes she could stay with me, but we both know she can't. Heather cherishs our time together and can't wait until we meet again.