Cutie teen blonde stepsis Velvet Rain railed by stepbro

Cutie teen blonde stepsis Velvet Rain railed by stepbro
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Part 8. Authors note: This part is about Jenny while Lori was being fucked in the previous part. Lori and John had left, knowing what was gonna happen between the two of them.

She got up walked over to her dad, George and whispered in his ear.

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"I want you daddy, here and now. and with Hank" Jenny had whispered.

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George looked up to Hank then back to his daughter and back to Hank again as he thought of how to approach that subject. As he looked back down to his still topless daughter, he turned her around towards Hank and let his hand cup her tit. "ya know Hank I haven't thanked you enough for letting Jenny and I use the spare room. and think it's time that were to happen." he gave Jennys nipple a squeeze and she let out a soft moan that had Hank turn to see what was going on.

"And what did you have in mind George?" He was looking at Jenny, he had been fantasizing about his best friends daughter. Having been able to watch George fuck her senseless those two times they were over to screw.

"Perhaps a payment in kind.

I fucked Jenny while over here, now you get to fuck her. I know you've probably been dying to on those days we were over here. Now is your chance.

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" George gave Jenny another squeeze of her tit and she let out a low seductive moan of pleasure. "Please Hank. I want to thank you too for it. Even though I was a little upset at first you knew." Jenny reached out and took hold of Hanks cock thru his swim trunks and led him thru the double doors into the house towards the living room.

As soon as the door closed and they were in the living room Jenny pulled down Hanks Swim trunks and gently gripped his cock, slowly stroking it. He let out a small groan as this teen nympho stroked him painfully slow to full hardness. Finally she went to her knees and looked at his hard 7 and a half inch cock right in the eye before swallowing the head in her hot wet mouth, she began to suck on it like it was a lollipop, running her tongue along the underside.

While Hank was being sucked, George decided to join in, pulling his daughters bikini strings off and pulling the more modest fabric away from his little girls bottom and got on his back and slid under her until he was face-to-face with her cunt.


Reaching up with his tongue he could taste her wetness already as he licked up and down her slit slowly causing her to moan around Hanks cock.

Hank was in heaven, he has wanted Jenny for a long time now, such young flesh, but now he has his daughters best friend sucking him off while her father eats her pussy. Jenny begins to quicken her pace on Hanks cock, taking about half of it right now sucking hard on it while her hand slides up and down the rest of the throbbing shaft, her other hand reaches up and rolls Hanks balls around gently.

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Soon she tries to take more of his shaft into her mouth, gagging on the length of it before she pulls back and plunges her head down on his shaft, forcing her self to take it all feeling it hit the back of her throat as she tries to swallow him down. George decided to up the speed on his licking and begin to force his tongue into his daughters young twat. Parting the lips and pushing his tongue into her, and fucking her with his tongue causing her to moan louder around Hanks cock as she deep throats him.

Hank begins to push his hips into Jennys mouth forcing her to take his long cock down her throat, gagging her at times. His hands on top of her head making her take it holding her with his cock deep into her throat. George slips a finger into his little girls pussy, a swift fluid action of burring his finger into her and begins to fuck her hard, his tongue swirling around her clit, flicking it getting her to wiggle and writhe on his face.

Jenny was enjoying the attention her dad was giving her, but wanted a cock and not a tongue in her, her head bobbed up and down faster as she sucked even harder on Hanks cock, she could feel his balls churning and getting ready to erupt in her mouth.

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She whimpered and moaned trying to coax the cum out of Hank as he thrusts his hips faster shoving his cock into her throat. Hank was on the edge, the excitement of this hot teens lips wrapped around his shaft was too much he forced his cock into her mouth before erupting what felt like a gallon of cum into her throat.


He pulled back and let her taste his seed in her mouth as he pumps a little bit more into her mouth. Panting as he slips his still hard cock out of Jennys hot mouth he sits in the chair to watch his friend eat out his daughter. George really tongues his girl, licking and lapping at her cunt, swirling around the clit and parting her lips with his tongue. Jenny moans and licks her lips getting all of the cum that was just given to her as she rocks on her fathers face.

Her moans grow louder, as she gets closer and closer to cumming, her father fucking her tight pussy with his finger, pushing her closer and finally over as she cries out loudly as she cums, her juices trickle into her fathers mouth.

Hank is sitting in the chair stroking his still hard cock watching this teen cum on her fathers mouth. He gets up and goes over to Jenny and picks up her petite body and takes her to the couch and bends her over the back end of it while she lays limp over it in post orgasmic bliss. George gets up and kneels on the couch pushing down his trunks as his cock springs up to Jennys mouth, she takes him into her mouth and sucks firmly on her fathers cock.


Hank was lining himself up with her still quivering cunt, the head of his cock was red and the shaft just hard as it was when it was in her mouth and Hank pushed himself in firmly. Jenny moaned around her fathers cock, feeling herself being split open by Hanks larger cock. To weak from her just recent orgasm to protest, even if she wanted to as she hung limply over the back of the couch, two cocks filling her up, and everything she wanted and more.

Hank was quick to speed up, placing his hands on her hips and pulling himself deep inside of her, making sure his balls slapped up against her clit with each thrust into her.

George took hold of his daughters head and begin to fuck her face and throat, using her like a slut and Jenny loved it, loved her father, and in love with Hank now as well.

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She couldn't move, she was pined by two cocks, not that she had the energy as she was limp over the couch as the two men pounded away at her, she could only moan as she sucked on her fathers cock, as her best friends father pounded at her cunt, wanting him to fill her up, needing him to fill her up. Hank was moaning with each thrust into the barely teen girl, her cunt surprisingly tight considering shes been fucking her father and brother for over 3 years now.

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She is even squeezing his cock, trying to milk his cum out of his balls as he digs into her hips and pulls himself deeper into her, moaning at how her hot walls grip his shaft. "I'm going to cum soon." Jenny would have answered to cum in her but her mouth was full of her daddys cock, it too ready to explode from Jennys sucking.

Groaning loudly as George cums in his daughters mouth, forcing himself down her throat at the same time Hank cums deep into the nubile teens cunt, flooding her with his hot seed even having cum down her throat earlier. Jenny too cums as well feeling her body being filled with hot cum she shakes and her screams muffled by a cock, and squeezes the seed out of the cock that fills her pussy up.

The three of them collapse around the couch, recovering from the threesome they just had. Hank comes around in front and gathers up Jenny and lays her down on the couch, towering over her as he kisses her on the lips passionately, lust filled, tasting the cum that George just pumped into her mouth and throat still. Then quickly moves down her body and kisses and nibbles on her breasts, biting them firmly but not hard to hurt her too much.

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Soon Hank lays next to the young girl, caressing her body as he thinks of his daughter Lori, and what she could be doing up stairs with John, and the thoughts that run thru his head makes his blood boil, thinking that John might be fucking her right now, or her lush lips wrapped around his cock.

He shakes his head to push those thoughts away, knowing he'll get first crack at her virgin cunt as he has seen and heard in the videos of her as she fucks her self and cries out. He thinks to himself tonight, not on her birthday he's going to fuck her tonight.