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You are being upgraded to mom room
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Hank was tied up and couldn't move, his legs held apart by a bar, arms tied behind his back and then to another bar above his head.

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"Ok, bitch", Paul said to him, "time to have some fun!' "Suck his dick," he ordered as Bill moved his dick towards his face.

"Go to hell!" he said pulling his face away. "Ahhh" he moaned as Paul slapped his dick hard. "I said suck, bitch!" Bill moved in again, and again he moved his head only to get another hard slap across his dick and balls.


"We can do this all night mother fucker," said Paul as he squeezed one of Hanks nipples between his fingers. "In fact you're going to beg him to let you suck his dick before we're through!" "The hell I am," he proclaimed. Smack, came another hard blow to his dick, fallowed by two more.


Paul then grabbed his dick hard. It felt like he would pull it right off of him. He yanked it again, then held it up and smacked his balls a few times. "Are you ready to suck Bitch", he asked. "Fuck you" Hank answered.

"Oh don't worry, you will" said Paul laughing. Paul stepped away for a few minutes, leaving Bill alone with him. "You know you really should do what he ask", he said. "I fought for a long time too, but all it got me was a lot of pain.

And once you get used to it, it can really feel good. Here let me show you." Bill leaned down and took Hanks dick in his mouth and began to suck.

"Get the fuck away from me you fag!" screamed Hank. He hated knowing some guy had his dick in his mouth. And he hated it even more that after all the hits he had taken it actually felt good. "Get the hell away from him!" ordered Paul as he stepped back into the room. "I never told you, you could suck him." "Sorry sir", answered Bill, holding his head down.

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"Part your legs", ordered Paul. Bill did as ordered, standing straight up with his legs parted. Smack! Paul's hand came down hard on his dick.

"Don't ever think you can do as you want bitch!" he said and spit in his face. "Now, where was I", he said to himself as he reached into the box he had brought into the room with him. Reaching in he pulled out some nipple clamps. He squeezed Hanks nipples hard, first one then the other, leaned over and took them in turn into his mouth and sucked hard. Then taking a clamp in one hand and Hanks nipple in the other he let the clamps teeth bite down.

"Ahhhhh", yelled Hank. The pain was intense. He had used them on women before, and now he was finally seeing what it was like.

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"You probably think I'm going to ask you to suck his dick again, but I'm not. In fact I'm not going to let you suck it, until you beg for it!" he said as he slapped Hanks dick again. Paul continued hitting on his dick and balls for what seemed like forever.

He dick throbbed with so much paid, he almost forgot about the nipple clamps hanging from his chest. The whole time Bill just stood there watching and stroking his dick and balls.

It was beginning to look like Paul may not be able to break him. "Come here bitch", he ordered Bill, "Suck my dick." Bill kneeled, taking Paul's dick in his mouth and began to suck him deep and hard.

"Harder, deeper, gag on it!" he ordered, while continuing to slap Hanks dick all the while he was being sucked. Bill could feel Paul's dick begin to jerk in his mouth and knew he was about to come. He prepared himself for the load he would be required to swallow, when suddenly Paul pulled his dick out, turned towards Hank, and shoot his load all over Hanks dick.

"There that's what you needed Bitch, a little cum. Now you can be a real cum whore.", he said grabbing Hanks dick and rubbing the cum into it. "Ok, we're getting closer." He announced. "You've had your dick in another man's mouth, you've had cum on you, we'll that's two. Now its time to get fucked in the ass!" "No, no, no", pleaded Hank in desperation, as he watched Paul pull a huge 3-inch wide dildo out of the box and lube it.

Paul walked around behind him and began spreading his ass cheeks. "Keep smacking his dick while I fuck his ass", he ordered. Hank felt intense pain as Paul began to push the huge toy against his but hole. "Ahhhhhhh" he yelled, "stop, please!" "You know what it's going to take to make me stop bitch." Paul answered as the fake dick began to penetrate his ass.

"Ahhhhhh", he continued to scream and pleaded for him to stop. "I'm gonna fucking rip your ass up bitch" was Paul's only response. "Ok, ok, just stop," said Hank, in a desperate attempt to make the pain stop.

"Ok, what bitch?" "Ok, I'll do it, just stop" he answer. Paul pushed the rubber dick in further. "Ahhhhhhh, stop I said I would do it" yelled Hank. "No way bitch, you don't get off that easy, you got to beg for Bills dick! Beg him to let you suck him," answered Paul shoving it in a little more. Bill was getting really excited at this point.

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He like watching Paul shove the huge dildo into Hanks ass. Liked the thought of sticking his dick into Hanks virgin mouth, and the more excited he got the harder he smacked Hanks dick, and the harder his own now throbbing dick got.

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"Ahhhhhhhh" Hank screamed again, reacting to the increased pressure of Bill's slaps. "Ok, just stop! I'll do anything, just please stop." "Say it bitch, you know what I want to hear" ordered Paul. Hank took a breath, still reluctant, but the next push into his ass finally did it. "Let me suck your dick" he said. Paul continued the assault on his ass, "Not good enough, you have to beg. You have to sound like a filthy little cum whore and beg for his dick." "Ahhhhhhhhh" the pain was unbearable.

"Please, please let me suck your dick." "Ahhhhhhh" Paul still had not stopped. "Make it dirty whore," he ordered. "Please, please let me suck your fucking hard dick. I want your big hard dick in my mouth. I want you to fuck my mouth like a pussy.

Jam your dick in my mouth till you shoot your cum and make me drink it" he was desperate to make Paul stop. "Fuck my mouth, please" "Ok" said Paul he stopped pushing into Hanks ass, but still didn't pull it out. Bill walked in front of Hank and offered his dick. "Suck it bitch" ordered Paul, and this time Hank eagerly engulfed Bills dick with his mouth.

"That's a good little cum whore" said Paul watching him devour Bills dick, and with his own growing hard again.

"I can bring you pleasure or pain," he said, as he kneeled and took Hanks aching dick into his own mouth. Paul loved to suck dick, and years of practice had made him an expert. Soon Hanks dick was hard and throbbing eager to explode. "See how much you like it, see how hard your fucking dick can get in another man's mouth" he said, pulling Hanks dick out momentarily.

Bills dick was throbbing now. On the verge, he jammed his dick hard into Hanks mouth, and then began to spit his cum into Hanks now willing mouth. Moments later, Hank's dick began to jerk and sputter. But instead of drinking is cum, Paul stood up and let it all spit onto his own dick. "Oh, yea, that's it whore, cover me with your cum" moaned Paul, now rubbing all over his dick. Pushing Bill aside, he brought is cum covered dick to Hanks mouth.

"Beg me to let you suck your cum off my dick bitch" he ordered. "Please, please let me suck my cum off your dick" answered the now broken Hank. "Not filthy enough whore" snapped Paul as he slapped him.

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"Please, please I just want to suck my cum off your dick while you fuck my mouth. I want to drink my dirty fucking cum off your hard fucking dick until you cum in my filthy mouth." With that Paul brought his dick to Hanks lips, "lick it off whore, lick your cum off first, then I'll let you suck me." Hank stuck his tongue out and dutifully began to like his cum off Paul' swollen dick.

He knew now he would always be Paul's bitch. He thought about what Paul might do to him next as he lapped up the salty sticky goo.