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Mike ficken nicole
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My wife Tina and I had just had the wildest sexual experience ever. I'm Fred, I figured it was time to introduce myself. Tina let me watch and take part as she sucked off and fucked a foot long, coal black cock.

Tina was worn out as I returned to our bedroom after seeing our guest, James, out. She opened her eyes and smiled as I entered the room. "We really did it didn't we, babe? Are you relly OK with what went on?" I assured her it was great and told her it was the hottest thing I could've ever imagined. "No regrets?" I told her that the thing I regretted was that I didn't have a video camera to record it all.

"Oh, god, that would've been hot - being able to see myself. I felt so wicked, like the biggest slut in the world. How does my pussy look, it feels like it's on fire." Tina spread her legs and her pussy gaped open. It was all red and puffy and there was white creamy gunk all over it that I knew was Jame's cum. I told Tina that her cunt looked like it had the shit fucked out of it. "It was, baby, it was - I've never even imagined a fuck like that, I can't believe I took all that black dick inside me." I was, believe it or not, getting turned on again.

I'd already had three or four orgasms and my cock was sore from stroking it so hard but, seeing Tina's freshly fucked pussy and hearing her talk about fucking black cock made me hard.


Tina couldn't believe it either. "I can't believe you're hard again, do you want me to see if I can suck it off for you?" I told her, no, I want to fuck that pussy, I want to feel what it's like after taking so much cock. Tina agreed but only after telling me to take it kind of easy. "I'm all torn up and I feel like my pussy lips have friction burn or something." I agreed and climbed between her legs and slid right in.

Tina had sex with a black guy before and I had fucked her after that too, but she wasn't nearly as stretched out then as she was now. I asked her and she told me Jame's cock had been much bigger than the other black guy.

" James was way bigger baby, and it was so fucking fat and, the head was gigantic, I could feel it throbbing inside me when he was fucking me." I was insane with lust and couldn't stop talking to her about it. I told her how kinky it was when she stuffed that black dick in her mouth to drink black cum.

"Oh god baby, it was so good, he shot so fucking much cum down my throat and I got off so good from knowing you were watching me be such a slut." Tina shivered and her pussy juiced from yet another orgasm. "I suck black cock baby, I swallow black cum, I'm a fucking whore, aren't I baby, aren't I?" Yes you are, you know what they call white girls who fuck black guys, don't you?

"What baby, what is it?" Nigger loving sluts. "Oh god, oh fuck, I'm cumming baby, you're wife's nigger fucking pussy is cumming all over your cock." Good, now it can mix with all the black cock cum that's covering it now. We were both thrashing against each other as we hit our mark together. Tina fell right out and I grabbed some blankets and fell asleep beside her.

We made arrangements to meet with James again. I took Tina out shopping for lingerie and picked out the outfit I wanted to see her get fucked in. I had purchased a video camera and I wanted the scene to be perfect. First, we got Tina a white sparkly garter belt and a pair of shimmering white, lace top stockings. Tina wasn't much in the breast dept.

so I got her a white, sheer mesh, see through bra.

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I told her that I wanted her in all-white so that there would be even more contrast against Jame's dark skin as he was fucking her.

Tina's face got a hazy look and she told me, "God, just hearing you say that has got me on the edge, let's go home baby, I need you to fuck me while you tell me what you want James to do to me." We were crazy with lust. As the day approached, I told her I didn't want to fuck her because I wanted her cunt hungry for cock. I shared that if she kept on fucking James that her pussy would get stretched out permanently.

She asked if I were worried about that and I told her, no, but we need to keep something special, just between you and me. I told her that from this point on she could suck off and fuck all the black cock she could get but, she had to save her ass for me. "I can do that, there ain't no way I would even try to let James stick that thing up my ass. It's yours, baby, any time you want my ass you just take it.

Of course, as soon as we got home we tore each other's clothes off and I fucked Tina's ass as I reached around and played with her clit. When the day came we were both so excited that we were almost jittery. I had rented a hotel room to avoid any curious neighbors from getting too nosey.

I had bought an extra battery for the camera and as I got everything set up, Tina went into the bathroom to change. She came out 1/2 an hour later and she was stunning. Her hair was curled and pulled back with white combs, the garter belt and hose really set off her fair complection and the see-through bra just brought it all together. She was wearing her fire engine red heels again and had put on lipstick that matched her shoes - she was hot and more stunning than most of the models I've ever seen in Playboy.

There was a knock at the door and Tina ran back into the bathroom as I went to answer it. It was James and he shook my hand with a big smile and told me he was really happy to be meeting us again. I asked him to go ahead and get comfortable and he immediately began to strip. Tina yelled from behind the door to ask if it was OK to come on out. I told her that she had a visitor and I watched the look that overtook James as Tina walked out.

She saw that James was down to his boxers and said, "I'm glad you left something for me to help you take off, but first, tell me what you think of my new outfit." With that she slowly turned and struck some provocative poses.

The effect on James was obvious as the front of his shorts became a tent. I was seeing it all through the lens of the camera and I was so turned on that the camera was shaking a little. James was sitting on the end of the bed and Tina kneeled down between his legs and pulled his boxers down by the waistband.

His cock sprung into view and Tina moaned at the sight of it. It was still unbelievable in size, even though I'd seen it before. Tina's head bent forward and she began to lick the head of his cock.

James leaned back and watched as Tina made the black cock-head shiny with her spit. She open her mouth and forced the head of that monster into her mouth as she let out a moan and quivered. Her jaws got a little more used to being stretched out so far because she was able to pump it in and out of her mouth, taking a good four or five inches, plus the head. Tina was very controlled this time and just kept up a steady sucking pace.

It was James who was going crazy this time and before long he was thrashing around on the bed, grunting as if he were in pain. James yelled, "There it is, oh fuck, I'm cumming already." He was bucking up into Tina's mouth even further than before and I heard her gag as the first spurt of cum hit the back of her throat. I zeroed in on her profile so I could capture it on film.

Tina kept up the up and down sucking as she drained those big, black balls dry. Everytime she swallowed cum, I was right there and it was so wicked to see her throat contract as she drank that black cock cum.

When she'd drained James dry she stood up and licked her lips, asking James, "How was that for starters?" James replied that he was glad his insurance was paid up. We had a shot of Jim Beam and washed it down with Coke.

James was sitting at the little table and Tina came over to me and had me feel her pussy. It was drenched and the lips were so puffy they felt like little baloons. "I'm ready to get fucked now baby, are you ready?" I told her she was the star and I would make sure that all her scenes were recorded like the works of art they were. She smiled at me and touched my cheek. "I love you so much for being so willing to please me." I told her I was getting into it too and that we were doing this together.

Tina walked over to the bed and laid down with her legs spread and her knees bent. "James, are you ready to fuck some real pussy? Is that big, black cock up to the job?" This was different, last time James had been the one taking the lead but now Tina was directing things. James replied that he was going to tear her little white pussy apart and Tina told him to prove it. He was between her legs in a flash and I was behind them both. I had a great view of that giant black head as he lined it up with Tina's cunt.

James rubbed his cock-head up and down her slit a few times until he found the opening he wanted. I watched that black cock-head force it's way into my wife's pussy and it was mind blowing. Tina told him, "Come on mother fucker, give me that dick, fuck me like a whore, like the little white slut that I am." James thrust as hard as he could and Tina screamed in pain and pleasure.

Tina was taking all that black dick on every thrust. She seemed a lot more controlled this time and wimpered each time James thrust into her. She had her hands on his ass and I could see that Tina was the one setting the pace by the way she guided Jame's ass back and forth. I heard her say, "Hold it baby, just leave it in there and let me feel it filling me up." James complied and Tina grabbed his ass and tried to pull him in even deeper. She was growling and wimpering, saying, "Oh god, I'm so full, I can't believe how fucking full of cock I am, oh god, you're cock is so big baby and so good, god damn it's good." James reacted to Tina's words and said, "I gotta fuck it girl, I gotta fuck that pussy, it's drivivg me crazy." James slipped his hands under Tina's ass and pulled her to him with every thrust he made.

Tina's mouth went slack and she was making gurgling sounds as her cunt got pounded by Jame's huge cock. James was grunting louder and louder as he fucked Tina and he said, "There it is girl, I'm cumming, god fucking dammit, I'm cumming." Tina didn't say anything for a moment but then her eyes shot open and she went wild, yelling, "I feel it, I feel you cumming in me, it's so hot, oh god, it's so hot!" Tina lost herself in an orgasm that left her in a state where she was screaming one minute and talking gibberish the next.

I made out some words, "Black dick. filling me up.so big, so hot, oh fuck, fuck, fuck, ahhhhhhhh!" They just lay there for a moment and I got up close with the camera to capture the sight of all that cum leaking out of Tina's pussy and running down her ass. They broke apart and James remarked that he needed another shot of whiskey. I turned the camera off and acted as bartender, pouring all of us a couple of fingers of JB and refilling the cups with Coke.

Tina joined us and remarked about me still having my pants on. I hadn't taken them off yet and while I hadn't actually got off, there was a big wet spot on the front of them from where I'd been leaking.

I unbuckled them and slid them off, along with my shirt. My cock was rock hard and Tina said, "Let me take care of that for you, you poor baby." She knelt down in front of me and took my cock, in her mouth all the way down to the balls. It only took a few strokes over those lips and I erupted so hard it almost hurt. I was yelling my head off and my cock got super sensative to the point where I had to make Tina stop sucking me.

When I looked at James he was stroking his cock and it was already hard again. He said, "That was pretty nice, man, she drank every fucking drop, didn't she?" I nodded in agreement and sat down on the bed from my knees being so weak.

Tina had poured another drink and trew it back like John Wayne. She looked at James and asked, "You got another load in that thing for me?" James replied, I got all the cum you can handle, little girl." Tina told him she was more woman than he'd ever had before and James laughed and said, "You know, I think you just might be right!" Tina turned and looked at me and asked if I were ready to go again. I told her I was and she said, "Tear my ass up then baby, let me take it on my back while James straddles my face and fucks my mouth.

Can you set the camera up to catch all that?" I put the camera on auto and set it on the dresser with the lens on zoom. James told me to go ahead and he'd join in once we got going.

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Tina laid down on the bed and I put a pillow under her butt to make her ass more accessible.I started to rub some spit on the head of my cock but saw that her asshole was already gooey from all the hot cum running out of her pussy, I lined up and slid in all the way in one stroke.

Tina moaned and I waited to allow her to adjust. I was slowly pumping in and out and it was so good. Tina was moaning and telling me how good it felt.

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"That's your ass baby, all yours, fuck it good, pound me full of cock." I loved talking dirty and we were saying all kinds of things to each other. I was calling her a little cock loving whore and she was telling me I loved her being a slut.

We'd forgotten about James but he had been watching us and jacking off at the sight me fucking Tina's ass. He came around the side of the bed and he was pistoning his fist up and down on his cock. He closed his eyes and I knew he was about to blow. Tina did too because she said, "Give it to me James, stuff that black mother fucker in my mouth and make me drink that load." James got on the bad and threw his leg over Tina's head as he continued to stroke his dick.

He let out a grunt and leaned forward, stuffing the engorged head of that black monster into Tina"s mouth, god, what a sight!

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He kept stroking it as he fucked the head in and out of Tina's lips. it was wild seeing her lips stretch each time he pushed the head over them and then he let out a groan and I saw the first squirt of his cum gush around her lips as he was pushing the head back in. He stopped the in and out motion and thrust his cock into Tina's mouth as far as he could. Man, talk about blowing a nut, seeing that black fucking thing, from that angle, along with the sight of his cum covering Tina's lips - I lost it.

I started pounding her ass for all I was worth and starting cumming and couldn't stop. James was grunting and moaning and trying to shove his cock deeper into Tina's mouth and she was struggling to try to breathe while she swallowed gob after gob of James hot sperm. Her pussy was squirting and her ass was contracting around my cock and I thought I would hyperventilate, I was gasping for breathe so hard.

We, all three, were in our own universes. Tina was muffled but, she was making a hell of a lot of noise. I was grunting and moaning and James was making animals noises like a dog attacking a bone.

Tina was doing her best to swallow James cum but it was oozing out and forming a ring around her lips. Every times James withdrew his cock the white jism on Tina's lips would coat the blackness and her lips would scrape it off every time he plunged forward. Seeing that made me start another orgasm right in the middle of the one I was experiencing. There was my petite little wife, getting her mouth shot full of black cum by a cock that was at least a foot long and as big around as a pop can.

Tina's pussy and ass continued to convulse as she sucked Jame's cock for all she was worth. I was lost in orgasmic stupor and barely heard James yelling that he couldn't take anymore and started to lift up off of Tina's face. As his cock pulled out of her lips there was actually a "Plop" sound and I could see where Jame's cum had run down Tina's chin and made a path along her jawline.

That sight sent a tingle down my spine and made my cock start to hurt from being so sensitive. I pulled out of Tina's ass and she let out a little squeel of surprise. Tina stretched her neck back from the cramped position it was in and said, "Jesus Christ, I'm all fucked out.

Never thought I'd say that but I never thought I'd ever have a fuckin like the one you guys just gave me.

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I need a long hot bath - I feel like I got beat up you guys fucked me so hard." James and I just smiled at each other as Tina excused herself and went into the bathroom. As the shower starting running James began dressing, saying he needed to get home and get washed off too, before his wife got home and smelled strange pussy all over him.

When James left, I hooked the camera up to the TV in the hotel room and hit the playback feature. There it was, all perfectly recorded. It was terrific, I could fast forward and rewind to watch parts over and over again. Tina came out and sat beside me on the bed.

Her reaction was as strong as mine and she rubbing her clit as I was stroking my cock. "Oh god baby, look at that, that's me, that's my pussy taking all that black dick. God, look at how stretched out I am, oh damn, I'm cumming baby, I'm cumming." That sent me over the edge one last time and as Tina rubbed and squirmed, I stood up and shoved my cock in her mouth. She grabbed my ass and took my cock all the way down to the balls as the first spurt of cum erupted.

I watched Tina's cheeks puff out with each squirt of cum that hit her mouth and marvelled at what a good cock sucker she was, swallowing every bit and not missing a drop. When we were both dressed and ready to leave, Tina stopped me at the door and said,"You really have been good to me and I want you to know you're the only man I want as my partner in life." I told her I felt the same way and that my love for her would never end.

Tina then told me that she had an idea that she thought I would like but that she wasn't going to say anything now because it was just an idea. That left me wondering at the time but when her idea came to fruition, well, it was better than I could've imagined.